Westra wins Dutch time trial title

Vacansoleil man pips Terpstra

Lieuwe Westra (Vacansoleil) extended his time as Dutch Time Trial champion, beating Niki Terpstra by a mere four seconds to get his second title in a row. Tom Dumoulin (Argos-Shimano) was third.

The win comes only a few weeks after Westra crashed out of the Criterium du Dauphine, but showed he is on track to perform at the Tour de France.

"From my fall in the Dauphiné I had a cracked ribs, and had to do very focused training at home," Westra said. "I may have started a little too quickly, but I was able to fend off a strong attack by Niki. I went very deep today, but it was all worth it. This win is special. Now I can on to the Tour.“

"I'm happy with the second place," Terpstra said. "But, while it's also true that I lost for only 4 seconds, it hurts a bit. At half way I was 30'' behind. I did a great final but it wasn't enough. Lieuwe Westra is one the the best time trialists around, so congratulations to him. I have no regrets. It was for sure one of my best time trials ever. It means that I'm in good shape for Sunday. I'm confident. I'm happy, I was going for the podium and I made it. I want to also thank all the people who were with me today: Mechanics, masseurs, and friends who really supported me perfectly."

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lieuwe Westra (Vacansoleil-DCM) 1:03:59.10  
2 Niki Terpstra (Omega Pharma-Quickstep) 0:00:04.51  
3 Tom Dumoulin (Argos-Shimano) 0:00:40.86  
4 Lars Boom (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:01:03.08  
5 Stef Clement (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:01:20.08  
6 Peter Koning (Metec) 0:01:20.90  
7 Martijn Keizer (Vacansoleil-DCM) 0:01:42.23  
8 Dion Beukeboom (De Rijke-Shanks) 0:01:44.72  
9 Wilco Kelderman (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:02:07.79  
10 Jens Mouris (Orica - Greenedge) 0:02:11.52  
11 Rick Flens (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:02:21.41  
12 Marc Goos (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:02:28.18  
13 Berden de Vries (Jo Piels) 0:02:53.48  
14 Jan Lof (WTC De Amstel) 0:03:32.88  
15 Wieger van der Wier (WV De Kannibaal) 0:04:16.85  
16 Jarno Gmelich Meijling (UWTC De Volharding) 0:04:49.72  
17 Rick van Breda (Ruiter Dakkapellen) 0:05:10.87  
18 Jos van Emden (Blanco Pro Cycling) 0:05:23.37  
19 Erik van Lakerveld (LRTV Swift) 0:05:55.18  
20 Quinten Winkel (GRTC Excelsior) 0:06:02.77  
21 Josbert de Vries (Gaul !) 0:06:24.49  
22 Jeroen Visser (BRC Kennemerland) 0:07:03.93  
23 Yannick Janssen (Parkhotel Valkenburg) 0:07:16.44  
24 Ruben Dorren (West Frisia) 0:07:50.13  
25 Marco Massink (Stormvogels Veendam) 0:09:05.21  
26 Peter Merx (NWV Groningen) 0:09:06.91  
27 Elias de Bruijne (UWTC De Volharding) 0:09:12.96  
28 Pieter-Paul de Weerd (De IJsselstreek) 0:10:31.19  
29 Marko Jeletich (UWTC de Volharding) 0:10:44.61  
DNF Ruud Kooijmans (Cicli Basso Vicenza - Reasons)    
DNF Rik Houwers (Restore Cycling)    


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