Favata and Sornson win Wildcat 100

NUE Series visits New York

For the first time, The Kenda NUE Series blew into upstate New York for the Wildcat 100, the third stop of the 14-race series. Located in New Paltz and Rosendale, it is a region well known for providing most of the limestone used in the construction of New York City. Highlights along the The Wildcat race course included William's Lake, the Larsen loop, Gardiners apple farm trails, Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Mohonk Preserve, home to the Shawangunk Mountains.

Fortunately for racers, the thunderstorms in the late afternoon forecast failed to materialize. However, wet, rainy weather and insufficient course markings both would play a role in the outcome of the race. As course conditions worsened during the race, race director, Gunter Spilhaus made a late decision to remove the remaining few miles of singletrack for the safety of racers and to reduce impact on the trail.


NUE Women's Champion Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) achieved her third straight victory in 8:19:52, following wins at both True Grit and Cohutta.

"Although I saw the forecast, I was truly leaning towards the 40% chance that it wouldn't rain. Oh well, we can't have everything, but at least it would be warm," said Sornson.

"I had not been to this area before and was excited for the adventure. It did not disappoint. The area is really beautiful and everything was in bloom. Along the ride you saw apple blossoms and smelled the sweet scent of lilacs. Then there were the absolutely chilling caves, stunning water falls, and moonscape rock surfaces along a lake. If it had been a clear day, it would have been all the more striking."

The course was a mix of raw singletrack, manicured singletrack, apple orchards, farm pastures, roads, and rail beds. Rain unfortunately turned some of it into peanut buttery mud.

Vicki Barclay (Stan's No Tubes), Selene Yeager (Team CF) and Kathleen Harding (Team CF) started together with Sornson. "It was a little frustrating for all of us, at first, because of the poor course marking that began as early as when the lead out car pulled off to let us go and no one knew where to go," said Sornson. "This turned out to be the theme of the day with many riders going astray at different points."

Sornson went off course at one point, losing the lead to Barclay. Back in the lead again at 15 miles, Sornson did not see another female competitor all day.

"It is always hard to be out front and unsure of what is going on behind you. I worked hard to keep a good pace when on the road, rail beds, and doubletrack then stayed conservative when riding in the sketchy, muddy, slippery sections."

Barclay finished second in 8:53:46 while Harding, Team CF, finished third in 9:01:50. Yeager and Linda Shin rounded out the top five.


Christian Favada (Favada TRT Bicycles) a local favorite from Rosendale, New York, captured his first-ever NUE Series win as a first time 100-mile racer, completing the course in 7:15:03.

"I used to be a struggling mountain bike racer. I had a few good results over the years but eventually I needed a job, so I took over a shop that I used to work for that is now called Favada's TRT Bicycles," said Favada. "The TRT stands for Table Rock Tourism Bicycles, the previous name of the shop. It is named for a cool rock formation on the ridge."

Favada switched his focus to 'cross racing after figuring out mountain bike racing and running a shop were not compatible. "When I learned that the NUE Series was coming to my home town, I decided to give it a try."

The eventual winner flatted two miles into the race and lost seven minutes on race leaders. He caught a small group that included Matt Timmerman, SS racer Seamus Powell, and Westley Richards.

"By the time we got out of the park and on the road, I moved through that group and was still chasing. I managed to catch up to Justin Lindine (Redline) in Gardner, and we rolled together for a good 30-35 miles. Then, on one of the last techy sections, I was leading through a rock garden and Justin suffered a flat, giving me the opportunity to solo in for the win. It was really hard but a great course and, I think, knowing the course was a huge advantage for me."

Lindine placed second on the day at 7:21:19, with Westley Richards taking third in 7:39:50. Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing) was fourth (7:57:33) while David McCutcheon rounded out the podium in fifth in 8:04:20.

2011 NUE Series champion Christian Tanguy went off course while leading the race. He ended up on the 100km course instead of the 100-mile course.

"As I was leaving the aid station, somebody said: "Wow, the first competitor for the 100k!" My friend, who was a volunteer at the station, immediately informed the race organizer of the mistake but I was already out of reach," said Tanguy. "However, the event crew responsible for the aid gave very vocal instructions to the two persons that were supposed to direct the participants on the proper courses (100k or 100 miles). I honestly did not see those two persons even from the corner of my eye...the only thing I feel good about is that my misfortune helped everybody behind me."


Seamus Powell (Giant Mid Alantic Off Road Team) took his first NUE Series win, completing the course in 7:30:36. Patrick Blair (Adventures for the Cure) was second in 7:54:27 while Mike Montalbano (Bicycle Tech/Eleven Madison Park/Gu) took third in 8:19:52.

Masters 50+

Race winner Al Blanchard (CRCA Blue Ribbon Restaurants) captured his first NUE Series win in just nine hours flat.

"Cyclo-cross is my specialty, but I've really caught the MTB bug," he said. "I only started mountain biking last June, working my way up to Cat. 1, but never anything like the Wildcat 100. So, needless to say, this was my first NUE race."

Terry Blanchet (N A V - North American Velo) was second in 9:24:58, and Michael Johnson was third (9:57:25), the last master to finish sub nine on the day.

The next round of the NUE Series, #4, will be held at Syllamo's Revenge on May 18. It is a 125km/75-mile race in the Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Christian Favata (Favatas TRT Bicycles) 7:15:04  
2 Justin Lindine (Redline/ NBX) 0:06:15  
3 Westley Richards (Clemmons Bicycle) 0:24:47  
4 Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing p/b Dogfish Head Alehouse) 0:42:30  
5 David McCutcheon (favatas trt) 0:49:16  
6 Daniel Sturm (black bear cycling) 0:51:54  
7 Michael Tabasko (DCMTB) 0:57:06  
8 Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing) 0:57:33  
9 Alby King (Bikeman.com) 0:58:12  
10 Jesse Kelly (Team CF) 1:04:51  
11 Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor) 1:15:08  
12 Scott Hannan (empire brewing-syracuse bicycle) 1:18:21  
13 Matt Timmerman (Cannondale) 1:18:22  
14 Bruce Stauffer (Cycle Works) 1:22:11  
15 Dan Kotwicki (RBS Cycling Team) 1:27:15  
16 John Kuhn (Cranford Bike Team/CTS) 1:29:10  
17 Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 1:29:26  
18 Jeff Mandell (Finkraft Cycling Team) 1:30:10  
19 Roger Foco (Bicycle Tech Racing / Eleven Madison Park / VTC) 1:32:14  
20 Christopher Cyr (Bikeman.com) 1:32:32  
21 Jeffrey Stevens (Trestle Bridge Racing) 1:35:48  
22 Lorenzo Serra (pawling cycle sport) 1:41:20  
23 Ilya Cantor (MTBNJ.com - Halter's) 1:43:20  
24 Joe Johnston (Black Bear Cycling) 1:56:58  
25 Gordon Davies (Eleven Madison Park / Bicycle Tech Racing / VTC) 2:01:19  
26 Kirt Mills (MTBNJ.com - Halter's) 2:01:22  
27 Marco Mora (Teamora Ecuador) 2:03:22  
28 Paul Fronhofer (Grey Ghost Bicycles) 2:04:07  
29 Andrew Atkins (Team Army-USAC) 2:04:38  
30 Nat Rockett (Overlook Mountain Bikes) 2:06:09  
31 Travis Cardoza (Trestle Bridge Racing) 2:06:46  
32 Wayne Tice (Overlook Mountain Bikes) 2:06:47  
33 Dan Fronhofer (Grey Ghost Bicycles) 2:07:05  
34 Matthew Hill (Sids / NYCMTB.com) 2:08:57  
35 Peri Garite (Team PC) 2:09:07  
36 Sascha Marbury (Watchung Wheelmen) 2:11:43  
37 Colin Martin (Team Bikeway) 2:13:55  
38 John Meyerle (Bethel Cycle) 2:17:03  
39 Jack Anderson (Team BBC) 2:18:09  
40 Daniel Humm 2:21:11  
41 Alex Schultz (Main Street) 2:21:18  
42 Tom Hanrahan (Silent Sports) 2:22:31  
43 Luis Rivera (NYCMTB-SIDS) 2:28:29  
44 Harry Precourt (Twin Six) 2:28:48  
45 Chris Colt (Team Bicycle Doctor) 2:45:55  
46 David Lattimer 2:48:37  
47 Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 2:51:59  
48 James Wholey (Aaa Cesspool Of Li) 2:53:18  
49 Adam Krop (NYCMTB) 2:54:48  
50 David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 3:01:28  
51 Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing) 3:05:43  
52 Jason Haight (Chobani - Syracuse Bicycle) 3:24:44  
53 Chris Broekaert (Bicycle Tech Racing / VTC / Eleven Madison Park) 3:25:19  
54 Roy Vaccaro (Elite Endurance) 3:25:21  
55 Derek Hilton (Bikeman.com) 3:37:28  
56 Gary Hoehne (Team DeathRow Velo) 3:37:31  
57 Kevin Maldonado (Overlook Mountain Bikes) 3:45:39  
58 Russell Petts (Racing Greyhounds) 3:48:27  
59 John Rohrer (Team BBC) 3:56:11  
60 Eric Capers (MTBNJ.com - Halter's) 3:56:24  
61 Jeffrey Robert (Team Bicycle Alley) 3:57:06  
62 Walker William (Bicycle Tech/Eleven Madison Park/VTC) 3:58:52  
63 Scott Molnar 4:04:54  
64 Nelson Aldana 4:06:00  
65 Greg Rittler (Adventures for the Cure) 4:06:46  
66 Gregory Drumm (Empire Brewing - Syracuse Bicycle) 4:25:27  
67 Jonathan Chester 4:25:27  
68 Randy Shoogs 4:39:57  
69 Michael Brunken (Brands Cycle) 4:44:46  
70 Jody Mazur (Cadre Racing) 4:49:17  
71 Dustin Geraghty 4:49:18  
72 Christopher Barkley 5:04:37  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) 8:19:52  
2 Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) 0:33:54  
3 Kathleen Harding (Team CF/Elite Team CF) 0:41:58  
4 Selene Yeager (Team CF) 0:58:56  
5 Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycles / Crankskins.com) 1:12:13  
6 Jane Pearson (Yorktowncycles- Raw Revolution) 1:33:28  
7 Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 1:47:09  
8 Susan Lynch (Union Velo) 2:20:34  
9 Anne Fallows (Infinit Nutrition) 2:59:46  
10 Jocelyn Linscott (Toasted Head Racing) 2:59:50  
11 Rebecca Frederick (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) 3:01:23  
12 Cindy Copley (Toasted Head Racing) 3:41:00  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Seamus (Gient Mid Alantic Off Road Team) 7:30:36  
2 Patrick (Adventures For the Cure) 0:23:51  
3 Mike (Bicycle Tech/Eleven Madison Park/Gu) 0:49:16  
4 Ernesto (Pivot Cycles) 1:02:15  
5 Craig (Blacksmith Cycles) 1:05:25  
6 Nathan (Sid's Bikes NYC) 1:06:05  
7 Will (Bicycle Tech Racing / Eleven Madison Park / VTC) 1:11:17  
9 Daniel (NYCMTB-SID'S) 1:48:05  
10 Richard (Team CF) 1:48:35  
11 Scott (Toasted Head Racing) 1:56:25  
12 Stephane (NYCMTB-SID'S) 2:41:45  
13 Joshua (Roam Life) 2:55:49  
14 Scott (Cadre Racing) 3:07:51  
15 John (NYCMTB) 3:34:22  
16 Arthur (Team TOAB) 4:29:27  
Masters men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Al Blanchard (CRCA Blue Ribbon Restaurants) 9:00:00  
2 Terry Blanchet (N A V - North American Velo) 0:24:59  
3 Michael Johnson 0:57:26  
4 William Dooley 1:04:44  
5 Charles Buki (Team CF) 1:05:16  
6 Gregory Cimmino (Bethel Cycles) 1:11:30  
7 Jud Speer (Dr. Naylor's Racing) 1:15:25  
8 Ralph Pruitt (Pawling Cycle and Sport) 2:38:18  
9 Ray Ruyack (Hammer Nutrition) 2:44:25  
10 Jon Mullen (DG Cycle sports) 2:59:01  


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