Wicks and Pennington win Lumberjack 100

Roubal tops singlespeed division

According to Race Director, Rick Plite, it was perfect weather for a race. "The temperature was about 50 degrees at the start and mid-70s for the highs and overcast most of the day. The course was quite sandy and dry and there were also a lot of leaves and sticks still on the trail due to a late start to the biking season in the Manistee area this year. Manistee had some of the highest snowfall totals for the state this year and a cold April kept the snowpack in the woods way longer than normal."

The Founders Lumberjack 100 sold out with a packed field of solid competition in every division vying for the re-known hatchet award.


Alice Pennington (Kona) took top spot in the women's division, crushing the field in 7:51:15. Michigan native Danielle Musto (Salsa/Twin Six) held on for second place in 8:26:11, just 10 minutes ahead of Miki Kedo (Gvc/ Cycles De Oro), who placed third in 8:59:38.

According to Musto, "This was my first race of the season after racing all winter, and I was excited to race on awesome trails and see what sort of fitness I was in. Initially I was planning on racing my singlespeed but opted for gears after hurting my ankle two weeks prior. I passed a few women within the first couple of miles but after that, I never saw Alice Pennington or Miki Kedo. If anything, my battles were mostly with myself and the Manistee National Forest that day."

"On the second lap, I hit my pedal on a tree stump and slammed into a tree. It was one of those crashes that took a few minutes to get up off of the ground. Unfortunately my derailleur also got bent in the process so I had shifting issues for the rest of the race. Even with the crash and mechanicals, I had a great day racing and feel like I got rid of all the 'first race of the season' cobwebs. Now my goal is to recover in time to race the Chequemegon 100 next weekend."

Kedo said, "My friends introduced me to the race in 2009 as a challenge just to finish the race. We were in veterinary school then and used the race as something to focus on and work towards as we were usually stuck indoors studying. When I came in on the first lap, some lady in the woods yelled something about 'good job girl, you're third'."

Ohio Mountain Bike Series Champion, Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) improved her eighth place standing last year, moving up to fourth place and finishing sub-nine this year at 8:59:38. Tenwalde is now in third place overall with three other top 10 finishes at Cohutta, Syllamo's Revenge, and Mohican.


Barry Wicks (Kona), 31, managed to singlespeed his way into a close race that ended in a three-way sprint finish with Wicks finishing 6:42:25.

"Last year, Lumberjack was the first 100-miler I had done. Now I have done three, so it must be pretty all-right. Actually, I loved it. The trails are super fun and the event is super well organized and awesome. Having such a low key yet professional vibe is totally refreshing. The Lumberjack 100 keeps it real. And that is nice."

"Mike [Simonson] rode a very good race and was looking strong all day. I knew he would be the guy to mark in the last bit of singletrack, so I just stuck on his wheel and snuck around him at the finish."

Simonson (616 Fabrications) finished just a split second later, following his first ever NUE Series win just two weeks ago at the Mohican 100. "I always look forward to representing my home state on the national mountain bike stage, and it's awesome we have so many great races right here in Michigan. This race always gets off to a quick start and this year was no exception. I made sure to stay right near the front because the bottleneck into the singletrack can get a little sketchy."

A group of five quickly formed off the front during the first lap. It was Wicks, Drew Edsall, Christian Tanguy, Kevin Carter, and Simonson. The trail was pretty dry, and there were a ton of sticks popping up everywhere as they made their way through the Udell Hills trail system.

"As we neared the finish line, I was leading it out with Wicks in second and Tanguy sitting third wheel. My plan was to keep the tempo high and just go for it out of the last turn into the finishing straight," said Simonson. "Tanguy at third wheel would be too far back, and Wicks on the singlespeed wouldn't have the gear to get around me. It was the perfect plan. We hit the turn and I stood up and went for it. I came around the bend and I could see the finish line, I dug deep and drove the bike forward but Wicks wound that gear of his up and got me on the line by half a wheel."

2011 NUE Champion Christian Tanguy (Team CF) held on to the third spot. In 2011, many will remember that it was Tanguy who edged out three-time NUE Champion, Jeff Schalk (Trek) by 10 minutes to get his first win at Lumberjack before going on to win the series title.

Edsall (Kenda/Felt) finished fourth just a minute later at 6:43:21. "The highlight of my day was marking off one of my goals for the race: to ride the 'hike a bike' section again."

Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing P/b Dogfish Head Alehouse) finished fifth in sub-seven hours at 6:56:27


Three time defending NUE Series champion Gerry Pflug (Salsa/pro Bikes) decided to sit this one out following four straight NUE Series wins this year that have put him squarely in the driver's seat heading into mid-season.

In 2012, 28-year-old Hal Batdorf claimed his first NUE Series singlespeed victory at Lumberjack in 7:11:16, breaking the course record set by the four-time NUE Series Champion, Gerry Pflug, in 2011. This year, 32-year-old Jan Roubal (Velorution) would not only claim victory, but also set a new course record in the process at 7:06:22

Just four minutes back, 41-year-old Dwayne Goscinski (Dogfish/cyclewerx/dch/noah's Foundation) placed second in 7:11:57, "The start and the first lap was brutal! Mike Montalbano and Jan Roubal seemed to be constantly attacking each other and all of us. Trevor Rockwell was right in there on the fun as well as a few others. Peat Henry was hanging on to the back of us and I was doing my best to capture all of it with the bar cam. Trevor and I finished up the first lap, only down from the overall leaders by three minutes, with Jan and a few geared guys only about 10 seconds up. With about 18 miles to go, Trevor hit a root, went down really hard, and taco'd his wheel!"

"Not far from the end, (men's open) Greg Kuhn dropped me going into the last climb. With the 38x18 I was running, I wasn't going up the steep pitches very fast. It was awesome to get the alone time to really feel closer to my son which seems to happen when I push as hard as I do at these races."

Minutes later, Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) placed third in 7:22:53 followed by Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) at 7:27:11 andGavin Clark (Racing Greyhounds) rounding out fifth at 7:35:11.

NUE Masters 50+

Fifty-one year old Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) got his first NUE Series win of the season and his second at the Lumberjack 100 finishing 7:32:13. Last year, Sanborn set the course record of 7:18:04, more than 40 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor!

"As much as I was looking forward to this race, I had some concerns as well. I was going to be racing against Robert Herriman, a former Masters Champion of the NUE Series (2010). We had not competed against one another yet and I had been hearing some talk of people wanting see a head to head match-up between us. Luckily, I found him early and held his wheel until I was able to get by during the first climbing portion of the race."

"From there, I was able to bridge up to the first chase group, and settled in for a fast lap with of some open men and top singlespeeders. After lap one, I payed the price a bit for my initial pace and had to ride solo for most of the rest of the race fighting off the building fatigue. I only gave up a couple of spots during the last two laps to some SS and Open men, so I knew I had my second Lumberjack masters title in hand."

52-year-old Robert Herriman (Trek/wsc/acfstores.Com) came in just six minutes later to finish second at 7:38:45. Four minutes later, the eldest finisher in the Masters, 63-year-old Jack Kline (McLain Race Team) captured the third rung of the podium finishing 7:42:09.

The next stop for the NUE Series at one of three new venues this season will be held on Saturday, June 29 in the badlands of Sturgis, South Dakota at the Tatanka 100.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Barry Wicks (Kona) 6:42:25  
2 Michael Simonson (616 Fabrications) 0:00:00  
3 Christian Tanguy (Team CF) 0:00:01  
4 Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt) 0:00:56  
5 Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing P/b Dogfish Head Alehouse) 0:14:02  
6 Greg Kuhn (RBS Mtb Team) 0:26:21  
7 Garth Prosser (Specialized Factory Racing/ Ashford Surgical/ Pura Vida Adv) 0:32:08  
8 Rick Mezo (Rbikes.Com) 0:35:54  
9 Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 0:37:52  
10 Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:43:13  
11 Stefano Frascaroli (Racing Greyhounds) 0:43:39  
12 Kelly Sugg (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:46:49  
13 Jonathan Card (Team Card) 0:59:15  
14 Mitch Moen (R-Bikes.Com) 0:59:53  
15 Dominic Bosco 1:01:13  
16 Ed Serrat (Cycletherapy Racing Team) 1:02:30  
17 Joberon Brewchampski (Caffeine Soul Productions) 1:03:21  
18 Frederick Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds) 1:03:54  
19 CJ Brish (Cycletherapyspecialized) 1:05:58  
20 Tony Gwin (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 1:09:28  
21 Raymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycle) 1:09:41  
22 Brad Rogers (Y-Not Cycling) 1:12:05  
23 Greg Giles (Racing Greyhounds) 1:12:17  
24 Curtis Prohaska (Team Fraser) 1:14:09  
25 Grant Matthews (Cycle Symphony, Carborocket) 1:14:48  
26 Chris Goddard (Fraser Bicycle) 1:15:17  
27 Michael Seaman (Specialized) 1:15:18  
28 Jon Dub-Nine (Twin Six) 1:15:19  
29 Tom Stritzinger 1:16:52  
30 Marc Brunette (McLain Race Team) 1:17:13  
31 David Messing (Team Fraser) 1:20:52  
32 Brent Krmpotich 1:21:54  
33 Brad Majors (Johnny Sprockets) 1:24:48  
34 Thomas Novitsky (Racing Greyhounds) 1:32:11  
35 Jeremiah Johnson (Speedway Wheelman) 1:32:41  
36 Chris Kreple (Leadout/west Michigan Bike) 1:33:25  
37 Jeff Holland (The Bonebell) 1:35:39  
38 Greg Witt (Rbs Mtb Team) 1:38:28  
39 Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery) 1:39:29  
40 Ed Bagley (Rhythm Racing) 1:40:08  
41 Brian McCabe (Motor Club) 1:40:38  
42 Shaun Welch (Paint Creek Bicycles) 1:45:33  
43 Robert Crooks 1:47:16  
44 Kelly Jedynak (R-Bikes.Com) 1:47:20  
45 Alex Schultz 1:50:11  
46 Butch Welke (Treadhead Cycling) 1:50:18  
47 Jim Dewent (West Michigan Coast Riders) 1:50:24  
48 Charles Ganske 1:50:40  
49 Jon Zoutendam (McLain Race Team) 1:51:36  
50 Matt Whalen (Whalemo Racing) 1:52:40  
51 Tim Raymond (Freewheeler Racing) 1:52:41  
52 Karl Emmerich (Racing Greyhounds) 1:53:05  
53 Rob Mitzel (Team Rjr / Hometown) 1:54:38  
54 Nick Demek (Trail's Edge) 1:55:32  
55 Tony Hersberger (Cyclefit Sports Club) 1:57:09  
56 Nathan Kearns (Tree Fort Bikes) 1:57:48  
57 Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds) 1:57:53  
58 Chris Knight (Team Apex Multisport & Racerracer Pedal Sports) 1:59:15  
59 Shawn Crowley (Founders Racing) 1:59:16  
60 Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds) 1:59:17  
61 Cooper Fowler (Bcd Racing) 2:02:19  
62 Brian Parker (The Bonebell) 2:02:42  
63 Arthur Haan (Drt Racing) 2:02:48  
64 Samuel Ruff (Team Nebo Rigde) 2:03:49  
65 Todd Anthes (Team Priority Health) 2:03:50  
66 Mike Wolford (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness) 2:03:58  
67 William Shaver (Freewheeler Racing) 2:03:59  
68 Jim Leikert (Trails-Edge.Com) 2:09:35  
69 Brian Klomp (Dte Energy Racing) 2:11:16  
70 Neil Long (Racing Greyhounds) 2:14:35  
71 Adam Naish (Rbs Mtb Team) 2:14:38  
72 Brent Wegscheid (Johnny Sprockets) 2:16:22  
73 Matt Vander Sys (West Coast Riders) 2:16:45  
74 Jared Medler (Morgans Garage) 2:16:56  
75 Casey Abston 2:17:06  
76 Joe Stoner (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 2:18:12  
77 Michael Sadler 2:18:43  
78 Dean Murphey (City Bike Shop) 2:20:41  
79 David Kempeinen 2:26:56  
80 Chris Maltby (Terry's Cycle Of Alma, Michigan) 2:27:06  
81 Chuck Kovick (Aberdeen Bike) 2:27:18  
82 Todd McNeilly (Racing Greyhounds) 2:30:34  
83 Justin Ham 2:31:15  
84 Mike Sealey (Rbikes.Com Racing) 2:34:32  
85 Arthur Whitney (Racing Greyhounds) 2:34:34  
86 Tom Stoner (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 2:34:50  
87 Steven Hecht (Toasted Head Racing) 2:35:43  
88 Gregory McDaniel (Team Mcdaniel) 2:36:07  
89 Ben Merritt (Leadout Racing) 2:36:39  
90 Grant Hammons (J'S Bikes/ihop) 2:37:07  
91 Michael Henry (Pr Multisport) 2:37:16  
92 Dan Marshall (Eager Beaver 100) 2:38:41  
93 Paul Johnston (Aberdeen Bike) 2:40:17  
94 Ryan Flesher (Terry's Cycle Of Alma Mi) 2:41:24  
95 Chad Schut (McLain Cycle Racing/quiring Cycles/sram) 2:41:56  
96 Tim Fargo (Wolverine Sports Club) 2:42:49  
97 David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 2:42:54  
98 Mark McClanahan (Asc) 2:43:06  
99 Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors) 2:43:24  
100 Peter Henry 2:43:57  
101 Douglas Schmidt (J'S Bikes /ihop) 2:44:19  
102 Charlie McKeiver (Team Apex Multisport) 2:45:01  
103 Mike Coffman (Aberdeen Bike) 2:45:09  
104 Kevin Leitner 2:46:19  
105 Adam Swann (D2 Racing) 2:51:15  
106 Harrison Webb (Speed Merchants Bike Shop) 2:52:05  
107 Joshua Plowman (McLain Race Team) 2:52:06  
108 Shawn Beeton (Brbc) 2:54:09  
109 Mark Wiederkehr 2:54:19  
110 Matt Rouse 2:56:37  
111 Mike Riffe (Team Fraser) 2:56:45  
112 Mark Farmer (Team Six One Four) 2:57:16  
113 Kevin Van Veelen 2:58:28  
114 Aaron Rieder (Racing Greyhounds) 2:59:20  
115 Mark Boden (02/cadieux Bc) 3:03:08  
116 Robert Ballantyne (Chicago Fire Department) 3:05:33  
117 Krystian Pac (Rbikes.Com / Polska Miodu) 3:07:45  
118 Trenton Thompson (Kailey's Krew - Pedal Of Hope) 3:08:29  
119 Jeff Eckert (Bike Stop Cycling) 3:08:59  
120 Rodney Reed 3:09:25  
121 Shawn McNamara (McLain Race Team) 3:11:08  
122 Todd Thurmes (Freewheel Bike) 3:11:28  
123 Craig Anible (Team Apex Multisport) 3:13:32  
124 Harvey Elliott (University Of Michigan) 3:15:14  
125 Randy Pierce (Racing Greyhounds) 3:18:44  
126 Richard Allesee (Father Time) 3:20:50  
127 Steve Bassett (Team Hot Dog) 3:22:32  
128 Brian Czarnecki (Crash Test Dummies) 3:23:13  
129 Mike Neeley (Crash Test Dummies)    
130 Michael Moscato (Wnymba) 3:24:59  
131 Christopher Barkow (Cheese Sammich) 3:25:13  
132 Drew Hartman (Perfpro Studio) 3:25:51  
133 John Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 3:26:03  
134 Josh Boyd (Fcn, Inc) 3:26:25  
135 Chris Daniels (Bloomington Cycle & Fitness) 3:26:40  
136 James Taylor 3:38:35  
137 Robert Lucia (Main Street Bicycles) 3:41:05  
138 David Hintz (Aux) 3:41:36  
139 Shane Hindenach (Team Apex) 3:43:34  
140 Scott Bosley 3:48:18  
141 Nathan McFarren 3:48:36  
142 Eric Cook (Team Active Wsi Racing) 3:49:41  
143 Gavin Shipley 3:50:11  
144 David Lynch 3:54:12  
145 Kurt Brendley (Team Tree Farm) 4:02:05  
146 Andrew Erickson (Beat The Train) 4:02:33  
147 Jamie Rytlewski (Revolution Racing P/b Midland Brewing Company) 4:06:06  
148 Kirk Graham (Bissell/abg) 4:07:54  
149 Andy McDonald (D2 Racing) 4:08:30  
150 David Daprato 4:08:32  
151 Nathan Kade 4:10:02  
152 Brandon Worden (McLain Race Tea,) 4:12:28  
153 Scott Hubbard 4:15:19  
154 Steve Vigneau (Big Ring Coffee) 4:20:46  
155 Dan Clasen (Team Moosen) 4:22:52  
156 Thomas Varvaro (Team Moosen)    
157 Jason Kuhn 4:23:25  
158 Robert Bennett (Racing Greyhounds) 4:26:07  
159 Thomas Wideman (Macatawa Cycling Club) 4:27:20  
160 David Tippy (Team Rjr) 4:28:47  
161 Mike Lewis (Tree Fort Bikes) 4:32:48  
162 Charles Elder (Team Active Wsi Racing) 4:37:06  
163 Michael Remsburg (Team Fraser) 4:38:13  
164 Matthew Janiszewski 4:41:06  
165 Jeff Morris 4:52:25  
166 Terry Price (Dte Energy Racing) 4:53:25  
167 Danny Ackert 5:12:40  
168 Derek Dykstra (Shut Up & Ride Club) 5:15:34  
169 Robert Stoner (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 5:18:21  
170 Brian Smith (Racing Greyhounds) 5:38:07  
171 Darren Tillbrooke (Leadout/west Michigan Bike) 5:38:11  
172 Bob South (Motion Cycling) 5:40:16  
173 Brad Ellison 6:11:04  
174 Nicholas Ellison    
DNF Brian Schultz (Velosports Racing)    
DNF Pascal Tremblay    
DNF Michael Clark (Lakeside Motorsports)    
DNF Michael Adams (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Chad Smith (J'S Bikes / Ihop)    
DNF Michael Schneider (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Kevin Soules (Team Apex Multisport)    
DNF Tak Kakiuchi (Trails Edge)    
DNF Badger Beall (Tri-City Cyclists)    
DNF Eric Schmidt    
DNF Ben Doohan    
DNF Ryan Trierweiler    
DNF Dave Dewitt (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Kevin South    
DNF Stephen Clark (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)    
DNF Scott Irwin (Velorution)    
DNF Joshua Neider (McG Trails Edge)    
DNF Steve Sams (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)    
DNF Tim Yuska (Iron Cycles)    
DNF Steve Haakenson    
DNF David Hofmann    
DNF Jurrien Davison (Shine)    
DNF Lou Sabino    
DNF Zack Jordan (Blacksheep)    
DNF Jack Miner (Wsi Team Active Racing)    
DNF Brian Roginski (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Thomas Klaver    
DNF Marco Pagni (Trail's Edge)    
DNF Camden Bowman    
DNF Chad Aiello (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF John Muenzenmeyer (616 Fabrication)    
DNF Eric Schlorff    
DNF Filip Filipovic    
DNF Joseph Pepples (Performance Bike)    
DNF Gary Lunsford (Cannondale Midwest Racing)    
DNF Scott McBain    
DNF Pierre Neron    
DNF Jeremy Coleman (Red Bike)    
DNF J. R. Johnson (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Jeff Smith (Trails Edge)    
DNF Henry Loria (Lactic Acid)    
DNF Jackson Payer (Maltedbarley.Org)    
DNF Steve Peters    
DNF Jeff Wymer    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alice Pennington (Kona) 7:51:15  
2 Danielle Musto (Salsa/twin Six/) 0:34:56  
3 Miki Kedo (Gvc/ Cycles De Oro) 0:55:08  
4 Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 1:08:23  
5 Mindy Fernando 1:13:41  
6 Laurel Peak 1:18:59  
7 Jennifer Wolfe (Hollyloft/alfies) 1:19:03  
8 Christie Simon (Wild Bettys) 1:20:07  
9 Marilyn Kamp 1:37:10  
10 Cindy Copley (Toasted Head Racing) 1:46:49  
11 Shannon Ancel 1:54:23  
12 Sarah Temby (Rbs) 1:58:49  
13 Bonnie Karas (Bk Training Systems) 2:15:07  
14 Summer Olmstead (Freewheeler Racing) 2:30:41  
15 Amanda Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds) 2:30:46  
16 Jeni Roosen (Bishops) 2:41:17  
17 Carrie South (No Boundaries/human Powered Adventures) 4:31:25  
18 Kaat Tahy (Shut Up & Ride Club) 5:06:23  
DNF Julie Whalen (Shine)    
DNF Courtney Roberts    
DNF Meliane Rogers (R-Bikes.Com)    
DNF Tracey Worden (McLain Racing)    
DNF Dawn Cluchey    
DNF Kris Verschoor    
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jan Roubal (Velorution) 7:06:22  
2 Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation) 0:05:35  
3 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) 0:16:31  
4 Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 0:20:49  
5 Gavin Clark (Racing Greyhounds) 0:28:49  
6 Jimmie Colflesh (Mom And Pop Racing) 0:28:58  
7 Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation) 0:37:46  
8 Joseph Seidl (Klm/cold Stone) 0:39:14  
9 Trevor Smela (No Boundaries/ Twin Six) 0:39:58  
10 Todd Ace (Racing Greyhounds) 0:40:46  
11 Brad Lako (Klm/cold Stone) 0:46:05  
12 Bryant Cook (Cycle Solutions / Atomic Bikes)    
13 Jody Jernigan (Bellman Oil Co.) 0:51:23  
14 Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing) 1:00:06  
15 Collin Snyder (Michigan Youth Cycling) 1:09:55  
16 John Lionberger (Pony Shop Cyclocross) 1:10:00  
17 Mark Bowers 1:17:39  
18 Scott Peipert (Team Seagal) 1:25:26  
19 Dave Demaegd (Spin Zone Racing) 1:26:22  
20 Neil Nicholson (North Central College Cycling) 1:38:14  
21 Charles Snyder (Trail's Edge) 1:42:18  
22 Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds) 1:44:21  
23 Todd Blumerick (Mom & Pop Racing/ Sweet Bikes) 1:44:29  
24 Patrick Barrett (Algoma Bicycle Company) 1:46:42  
25 Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds) 1:48:06  
26 Ian Dunlop (Algoma Bicycle Company) 1:52:41  
27 Erik Garland (Trails Edge Cyclery) 2:01:19  
28 Steve Demidovich (Algoma Bicycle Company) 2:02:21  
29 Tom Crimp (Aux Racing) 2:35:00  
30 Mike Kozlowski 2:39:49  
31 Chris Brower (Freewheeler Racing) 2:51:43  
32 Brian Vallie 3:28:48  
33 Michael Chambers 4:30:21  
DNF Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/decorah Bicycles/twin Six)    
DNF Richard Trent (Dickhouse)    
DNF Robert Higgins (Johnny Sprockets)    
DNF Steve Tafelsky (Team Apex Multisport)    
DNF Ryan Snyder    
DNF Bruce Anderson (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Mike Montalbano (Eleven Madison Park/bicycle Tech)    
DNF Kevin Laroe    
Masters men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) 7:32:13  
2 Robert Herriman (Trek/wsc/acfstores.Com) 0:06:32  
3 Jack Kline (McLain Race Team) 0:09:56  
4 Dennis R Schueler Jr (Rbikes.Com/fleettruckparts.Com/lanajewelry.Com) 0:28:47  
5 Jeff Doerr (Mc Clain Cycle & Fitness) 0:31:13  
6 Mark Olin (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:35:25  
7 David Jolin (Stark Velo) 0:36:15  
8 Roger Sutton (First Place Racing / Brick City Bicycles) 0:45:09  
9 Charles Buki (Team Cf) 0:45:44  
10 Charles Nicholson (Fraser Bike Shop) 0:54:45  
11 Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds) 1:03:08  
12 Gerry Naski (Wolverine Sports Club) 1:04:59  
13 Jeffrey Scofield (Rapid Wheelmen) 1:10:32  
14 Craig North (Aavc) 1:24:57  
15 Arcadio Ramirez (Tree Forte Bicycles) 1:25:29  
16 Denis Hall (Hometown Cycling, Brighton, Michigan) 1:27:42  
17 William Botens (Rbs Cycling) 1:36:31  
18 Scott Main (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 1:38:53  
19 Mark Boese 1:40:01  
20 Robert Larson (Team Befit) 1:54:21  
21 David Tietz 1:55:45  
22 Dennis Murphy (Founders Racing) 2:01:41  
23 Al Lake (Cad Team O2) 2:03:05  
24 Steve Toorongian (Ingram Micro /tom's Pro Bike) 2:09:06  
25 Dan Mock (Wheels On Fire) 2:11:07  
26 John Kowalczyk (Rapid Wheelmen) 2:11:08  
27 Brian Orwat (Wnymba) 2:13:09  
28 Jim Core (Hardcore Racing) 2:15:44  
29 Lloyd Lind (Rbs Cycling Team) 2:23:54  
30 Tim Morgan (Morgans Garage) 2:25:27  
31 Carl Foltz (Bk Training Systems) 2:34:09  
32 Jeff Warner (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 2:35:07  
33 Greg Hintz (Aux) 2:35:19  
34 Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club) 2:37:23  
35 Michael Boruszok (Klm Coldstone) 2:43:18  
36 Jim Sarks (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 2:44:41  
37 Jeff Smith (Relationship Not Religion) 2:49:28  
38 Eric Vogt (Rbs Cycling) 2:51:15  
39 Mike Clark (Jdrf) 2:56:12  
40 Dennis Howell 3:00:51  
41 Doug Smith (Maumee Valley Wheelman) 3:01:06  
42 Michael Iannonem (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 3:02:39  
43 Tom Uber 4:48:19  
44 George Fulkerson (Aux) 4:51:12  
DNF Dave Komives (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)    
DNF Robert Karalis    
DNF Rick Mace    
DNF Stan Brish    
DNF Paul Pasanen (Klm Bike And Fitness)    
DNF Jay Jones (Cycletherapy/specialized Racing)    
DNF Kristopher Ouvry (Cannondale Midwest Racing)    
DNF Robert Gaddis (616 Fabrication)    
DNF Jerry Behl (Rapid Wheelmen)    
DNF Andre Riopel (Velorution)    
DNF Dave Verschoor    


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