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Bishop and Barclay win Hampshire 100

Ryan O'Dell

Pflug tops singlespeed category

Men's Hampshire 100 podium

Men's Hampshire 100 podium

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Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) and Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes) won the Hampshire 100 this weekend in New Hampshire.


Following up on her recent win at the Wilderness 101, Barclay led the way, earning her second NUE win this season on Sunday finishing in 9:17:20.

"Things were going really well until about 25 miles in, when I went to shift and my rear cassette and was stuck in the hardest gear. I stopped a few times to try and fix it, but it turned out the cable had snapped," said Barclay.

"The camaraderie of NUE races meant that people were willing to stop and try and help me when they saw me pushing my bike up some of the steeper climbs. Two guys helped move the gearing up a couple in the rear, and tie off the loose cable but, unfortunately, that only lasted a few miles before it slipped back to the hardest gear again.

"I stopped at the aid station at mile 48, and the volunteers tried to help there too. The gearing slipped a little again, but I was able to power up most of the climbs. In the end it was actually a challenge which I enjoyed, maybe more with hindsight!"

Elizabeth Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports) stayed within 12 minutes of Barclay through 62 miles, holding on for second place in 9:48:58 and improving on her fourth place finish last year. Just ten minutes separated the three other podium finishers Linda Shin (Crankskins/Blacksmith Cycles) 10:38:54.

Anne Pike (Brands Super Awesome Racing Team) finished fourth in 10:48:24. "My second 100-mile mountain bike race was at the New Hampshire 100, and I can happily say it was a really fun day out in the saddle. The course was a nice mix of some good fast flat sections broken up with plenty of fun trails with fun descents and challenging short sharp climbs to keep it interesting." Robyn Duke (Lapdogs Cycling Club) took the final podium spot at fifth in 10:58:13.

Leading the NUE Series with six wins, so far, this season, two-time (2008 & 2012) NUE defending women's champion, Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) still holds the series top spot with three races remaining. However, the battle for second and third place overall is far from over.

Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) currently holds second place in the point standings following two second place finishes this year, plus her first NUE win at Pierre's Hole 100. However, with two wins plus a second place finish at the Wildcat, Barclay may decide to challenge Simril for the number two spot.


NUE defending champion, Jeremiah Bishop, (Sho-Air/Cannondale) redeemed his loss last year to the 2011 NUE Series Champion and current NUE Series leader, Christian Tanguy (Team CF).  Bishop finished in 7:14:40.

Displaying the #1 plate following his impressive win over Bishop last year, Tanguy stayed within minutes of the leader through 62 miles this year to finish second in 7:32:00.

"The first 40 miles was just a blur. I had fun and was still feeling energized although Jeremiah did an excellent job of making me work harder. Each time I would bobble on some tricky sections, I did a mini sprint to latch back to his wheel. However, by mile 55 or so, I paid the price for all those additional efforts. I was barely past the halfway point and I was hurting," said Tanguy, who leads the NUE series with two wins and two second place finishes this year.

Fifteen minutes later, Dereck Treadwell (Dr. Naylor's Racing) finished third at 7:47:27. Five minutes behind Treadwell, Rob Spreng (Team CF) rolled into fourth in 7:52:13 "A big group rolled together until we got to the first steep climb then things started breaking apart from there. Once we got to the power line, it really broke apart, and this is where I lost touch with the lead group. The New Hampshire singletrack is awesome and even the double track is technical enough to keep things interesting."

Singlespeed men

Last year, Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing) took it to the defending NUE Champion to capture his first NUE Series win at Hampshire. This year, the four- time defending NUE Singlespeed Champion, Gerry Pflug (Team CF) returned to crush the singlespeed field, the only singlespeeder to go sub-eight at 7:59:53, good enough for seventh place overall.

"I managed to get in the lead group and stick with them for about the first 20 miles. I didn't see any other singlespeed riders in the group, so I was able to gain valuable time. My main goal was to beat the 8 hour time mark, so I kept my pace high and was able to achieve my goal," said Pflug.

Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) finished second in 8:39:07. Nine minutes later, Paul Simoes ( finished third in 8:48:05. Charlie Beal (Createx-Benidor)  finished 9:06:26 to capture fourth place. Fourteen minutes later, Craig Fleetwood (Blacksmith Cycles) from Bolton, ON too fifth in 9:20:53.

With six wins so far this season, Pflug leads the NUE series and controls his own destiny. His closest rival, AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Misfit Psycles), who would need a win at both the Park City P2P and Fool's Gold to take the title, may be the only racer standing between Pflug and his fifth straight NUE Series title!

Masters men

Following a big win at Mohican this year and hammering away in the TransAlp, 51-year-old Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Bay Hill Capital Management) took it to the field on Sunday a forty one minute margin of victory, 8:08:39.

"It was a pretty big field overall for 100 milers compared to last year. This is my seventh out of seven Hampshire 100s. I think the Hampshire 100 is one of the harder 100 milers out there and certainly harder than Leadville, minus the altitude, which I competed in the last couple years."

53-year-old Tyler Munroe (ccb/Volkswagen) finished second in 8:49:48, one of just two masters to go sub-nine. 50-year-old Jukka Jokela (Medilaser-Specialized MTB Team) crossed 11 minutes later to finish third in 9:00:37. Referring to the younger Jokela, Munroe said, "I was climbing real well today and Jukka was right behind. We left the youngster every climb, but he would catch on the descents."

Nine minutes later, Terry Blanchet (No American Velo/Blue Sky Bicycles) took fourth at 9:09:33. Blanchet is currently holding down fourth place in the NUE Standings in the masters division. Fifth place went to 55-year-old Brad Young ( in 9:14:45.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) 7:14:40  
2 Christian Tanguy (Team CF) 0:17:20  
3 Dereck Treadwell (Dr. Naylor's Racing) 0:32:47  
4 Rob Spreng (Team CF) 0:37:33  
5 Will Letendre (Mason Racing) 0:38:40  
6 Mike Barton (Mason Racing / Strava) 0:40:09  
7 Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing) 0:51:33  
8 Jesse Kelly (Team CF) 1:12:19  
9 Chris Gagnon (Mtbmind/Crosscycle Fitness) 1:15:10  
10 Jeffrey Stevens (Trestle Bridge Racing) 1:24:38  
11 Adrian Husemoller 1:26:38  
12 Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team) 1:28:29  
13 Matthew Merkel (Dcmtb) 1:29:06  
14 Jeff Mandell (Finkraft Cycling Team) 1:36:32  
15 Andrew Bennett (Team Psycho) 1:48:54  
16 Jonathan Anderson (Essex County Velo) 2:06:09  
17 Scott Smith (Family Bike) 2:07:32  
18 Jeremiah Macrae-Hawkins (Kittensrgr8) 2:11:44  
19 Nat Rockett 2:11:46  
20 Christopher Parrish 2:12:09  
21 Arthur Leray 2:13:43  
22 David Pike (Brands Super Awesome Racing Te) 2:22:11  
23 Chris Michaloski (Halter's Cycles) 2:24:18  
24 Lorenzo Serra (Pawling Cycle & Sport) 2:24:54  
25 Zack Vogel (North American Velo (Nav)) 2:33:16  
26 Joseph Bulger 2:43:41  
27 Ian Carleton 2:50:48  
28 Luis Rivera (Brands Super Awesome Racing) 2:52:30  
29 Don Dauphinais (Danielson Adventure Sports) 2:52:43  
30 Mike Shields (Greenfield Trails Association) 2:53:07  
31 Raymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycl) 2:55:39  
32 Jerry Jackson (Adventures For The Cure) 2:56:04  
33 Greg Rittler (Adventures For The Cure) 3:01:43  
34 James Wholey (Aaa Cesspool Of Li) 3:01:55  
35 Thomas Hanrahan (Silent Sports) 3:03:42  
36 Peri Garite (Team Pc) 3:05:56  
37 Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing) 3:06:12  
38 Douglas Wilson 3:21:19  
39 Dan Giroux (The Bswc)    
40 Grant Matthews (Toasted Head Racing) 3:23:48  
41 Brett Mckay (Unattached) 3:24:01  
42 Gary Hoehne (Team Deathrow Velo) 3:24:11  
43 Shannon Surdam (Greenfield Trails Association) 3:24:53  
44 Kaleb Guinn (Greenfield Trails Association)    
45 Bryan Wright (No Mt Woodworks/Black Dog Bike) 3:30:17  
46 Ernie Lozeau (Mtbmind.Com) 3:37:07  
47 Ezra Mullen (Dg Cycle Sports) 3:40:35  
48 David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racin) 3:55:43  
49 Jeremy Larsen (Rose Bike) 4:01:13  
50 Randy Shoogs Larrison (Cadre Racing) 4:31:53  
51 Michael Brunken (Brands Cycle) 4:43:44  
52 Jeffrey Robert (Team Bicycle Alley) 4:49:48  
53 Brian Mcinnis (Jra Cycles) 5:04:59  
54 Richard Rizza 5:07:38  
55 Benjamin Schott (Coos Cycling Club) 5:19:26  
56 Phil Villegas (Axiom Advisors) 5:22:23  
57 John Sheehan (Livingston-Hughes Surveryors) 5:45:09  
58 Todd Downer 6:02:08  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Vicki Barclay (Stan's Notubes Women's Elite Team) 9:17:20  
2 Elizabeth Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports) 0:31:38  
3 Linda Shin (Crankskins/Blacksmith Cycles) 1:21:34  
4 Anne Pike (Brands Super Awesome Racing Team) 1:31:04  
5 Robyn Duke (Lapdogs Cycling Club) 1:40:53  
6 Lenka Branichova (Lapdogs Cycling Club) 1:47:13  
7 Jocelyn Linscott (Toasted Head Racing) 2:15:43  
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gerry Pflug (Team CF) 7:59:53  
2 Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 0:39:14  
3 Paul Simoes (Bikeman.Com) 0:48:12  
4 Charlie Beal (Createx-Benidorm) 1:06:33  
5 Craig Fleetwood (Blacksmith Cycle) 1:21:00  
6 Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing) 1:44:08  
7 Chris Bryce (Dark Horse Flyers) 2:18:29  
8 Doug Trojan (Bike Loft East) 3:33:58  
9 Joseph Delaney (No Mt Woodworks/Black Dog Bike) 3:48:27  
Masters men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alec Petro 8:08:39  
2 Tyler Munroe (Ccb/Volkswagen) 0:41:09  
3 Jukka Jokela (Medilaser-Specialized Mtb Team) 0:51:58  
4 Terry Blanchet (No American Velo / Blue Sky Bi) 1:00:54  
5 Brad Young (Nycross.Com/Vomax) 1:06:06  
6 Odd-Aage Bersvendsen (Top Notch Inn) 1:07:57  
7 John Mosher (Wheelworks Racing) 1:13:59  
8 Derek Griggs (Recycled Sports) 1:35:56  
9 Phillip Kenealy (Unh) 1:44:08  
10 David Wrona (2 Tired Cycling) 2:20:08  
11 Jon Mullen (Dg Cycle Sports) 2:50:16  
12 Tony Papandrea (Team Mt. Airy) 3:32:43  
13 Bill Salmon (Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center) 3:53:20  
14 Dave Hughes 4:10:58