Throdahl and Wilson claim Bailey Hundo titles

Sunny skies greet riders in Colorado

The Bailey Hundo made its NUE Race Series debut on Saturday with 400 racers divided between the full Hundo and the Hundito, a shorter 50-mile race option. Both races began with mass start in downtown Bailey at 6:00 am under sunny skies and frigid temperatures.


In what would become the closest finish of the day, 23-year-old Nate Wilson (Honey Stinger/Bontrager Off-Road) claimed victory in 6:50:18. "After the typical start of race chaos, it pretty much sorted out with me, Greg Krause, and Jake Wells at the front," Wilson said.

"Jake was out-descending us for sure, but it was close enough and there was enough climbing that we kept rolling back on the climbs. After about 50 miles though, I made a mistake on one techy section and went over the bars and lost those guys. Eventually, we popped out on the road at about mile 60. I was solo from there for a while until I caught those guys on the long climb up Stony Pass. I caught up to them midway up the climb and was able to put a gap on them.

"After that, I nearly lost it, though, because I thought it was all downhill from the top of the climb so I didn't eat anything more because I was pretty cracked on eating. It was still another hour with a lot of hard rollers so I had a two-minute gap for a while, but started to come apart the last few miles. It was down to just twenty seconds in the end but I held on for the win. It was a super tough race that suited me because, overall, the singletrack was tame enough that I was able to stay close then nail it back on the road sections. I haven't done any other 100 milers, but it was a cool/brutal experience, and I definitely enjoyed it."

Twenty-two seconds later, Greg Krause (Groove Subaru) rolled through the finish arch at 6:50:40.

Five minutes later, after leading the race as far as Aid 4, Jake Wells (Twenty2/Stans NoTubes) hung on for third finishing 6:55:33, one of just three to go sub seven hours on the day.

Thirteen minutes behind Wells, Carter Shaver (Cycleton) took fourth in 7:08:34. Five minutes later, David Krimstock (Basalt Bike & Ski) claimed fifth in 7:13:11.


Molly Throdahl (Avout Racing) of Denver won in the women's division in 8:22:47. "The 2014 Bailey Hundo was my third ultra mountain bike race so, before the race, I had to replay my strategy for long distance in my head, 'do not go out too hard, do not go out too hard'."

"It was a thrilling experience to win my first ultra-endurance race and I know I will be pursuing long course events in the future. I am drawn to the magnitude of challenge ultra endurance racing provides both physically and mentally."

NUE Race Series point leader, Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)  finished just over a minute back at 8:23:56. "I did not expect to be able to compete for a win because of the altitude and the huge field of many super strong Colorado locals," Simril said. "I was honestly just looking for an epic adventure and a good tune up for Lumberjack next weekend. To come so close to winning this race is a big confidence boost for me that will help for the upcoming races, especially the other ones that are at similar altitude. With about five miles to go, a few people told me that Molly was just up ahead so I completely buried myself to try to bridge up but couldn't quite get there."

Thirty minutes behind Simril, Tina Martinez took third in 8:53:16 as one of just three women to go sub nine hours on the day. Kristin Riley-Lazo (Old School Racing/RacerX) from Denver and teammate Carla Hammer from Evergreen finished third and fourth respectively at 9:09:33 and 9:10:16. Four minutes later, Jennifer Barbour (Naked Women's Racing) drew the attention of the crowd finishing fifth at 9:14:46.


NUE Race Series contender, AJ Linnell (Fitzgeralds Bicycles) crushed the field winning the singlespeed division in 7:09:52 and placing fourth overall on the day. Jason Hilgers (The Adrenalin Project) captured second in 7:31:53.

Carlos Vulgamott (Gates Carbon Drive) finished third at 7:38:11. Dan Durland (ProCycling) finished fourth in 7:55:51, one of just four to go sub  eight hours on the day.


Men's Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nate Wilson (Honey Stinger/Bontrager Off Road)6:50:19 
2Greg Krause (Groove Subaru)6:50:41 
3Jake Wells (Twenty2/Stans NoTubes)6:55:33 
4Carter Shaver (Cycleton)7:08:35 
5David Krimstock (Basalt Bike & Ski)7:13:11 
6Christopher Jones7:27:47 
7Chris Alstrin7:31:24 
8Vincent Davis (Old School Racing/RacerX)7:35:23 
9Todd Johnson (Pearl Izumi Factory Team)7:35:23 
10Mark Currie (CSU)7:37:06 
11Curt Wilhelm (92Fifty)7:38:53 
12Jason Hilimire (Smokebreak Collective)7:40:46 
13Keith Collins (Old School Racing/RacerX)7:44:38 
14Chris Munro (GO Orthopedics)7:44:58 
15Trapper Steinle (The Adrenalin Project)7:47:13 
16Troy Howard7:50:31 
17Joel Mischke (Basalt Bike & Ski)7:51:54 
18Jason LaPointe (Basalt Bike & Ski)7:56:47 
19Samuel Morrison (Red Ace Organics)7:57:44 
20Jeff Kerkove (Topeak Ergon)7:57:47 
21Scott Engstrom (92Fifty)8:03:21 
22Nat Ross (COMBA/IMBA)8:08:24 
23Brian Hollister (TEAM BODY SYNC)8:10:50 
24Patrick Coady (Pikes Peak Velo)8:11:31 
25Donny Warbritton8:11:42 
26BRett Donelson (The Cycle Effect)8:12:44 
27Thomas Veitenhaus (Avout Racing)8:13:37 
28Chris Memelink (Pearl Izumi Factory Team)8:15:50 
29Mark Gouge (Real D-Amgen)8:16:18 
30Ernie Johnson (Zen Planner Cycling Team)8:22:41 
31Tony Buoncristiani8:24:52 
32Matt Anderies (Team Mooseparts)8:26:39 
33Ben Hobgood (Ptarmigan Group)8:33:54 
34Pat White (Old School Racing/RacerX)8:39:21 
35Neil Popovich8:40:04 
36Jeremy Woolf (Pedal Pushers Racing)8:41:43 
37Craig Cormany (Golden Bike Shop)8:41:44 
38Matt Javernick (ProCycling)8:41:55 
39Benjamin Miller (FCCT)8:42:55 
40Tom Bondurant (First City Cycling Team)8:42:55 
41Steve Aseltine (Zen Planner Cycling Team)8:44:16 
42Henrik Forsling (Zen Planner Cycling Team)8:44:19 
43Kent Carlson8:44:30 
44Lee Simril (motor mile racing)8:46:03 
45Justin Noel (Feedback Sports)8:46:54 
46Nathan Collier (Pedal Pushers Racing)8:51:52 
47Reed Maxwell8:52:39 
48Jesse Crock8:53:06 
49Geoff Shaffer (Trips For Kids)8:55:51 
50Brett Ebben (Rocky Mountain Racing)8:55:52 
51Brian France (Old School Racing/RacerX)8:57:22 
52Mike Moreland (Zen Planner Cycling Team)8:58:16 
53Scott DeMers (Green Mountain Sports)8:58:26 
54Patrick Medlin8:58:32 
55Justin Hilgers8:58:52 
56Walter Bleser (Handlebar Mustache)9:01:40 
57Cal Killham (BHFS)9:01:56 
58Joshua Maximon9:03:25 
59Scott Liversedge9:06:57 
60Andrew Christman (Pedal Bike Shop)9:07:07 
61Patrick Bacalis (CO HS League)9:09:01 
62Bradley Swenson (Primal-Audi Denver)9:10:04 
63John Richards9:11:50 
64John Hutchinson9:13:25 
65Robert Brudenell (The Natural Way Racing)9:13:41 
66Tomoichi Muto9:16:57 
67Patrick Peddy9:17:48 
68Kevin Cahn (ProCycling)9:18:44 
69Clay Strickland9:18:46 
70Remo Marti (Zen Planner Cycling Team)9:21:19 
71Bryan Eckert9:30:00 
72Derek Hamby (Protech Bicycle Shop)9:30:33 
73Jeremy Hyatt (Ptarmigan Group)9:31:51 
74chad McCray (twin six metal/pedal)9:34:01 
75Dan Dillman9:35:09 
76Frank Diaz9:36:37 
77Trent Cooper (Pedal Pushers Racing)9:40:41 
78Andrew Jung (Team Skaven)9:44:33 
79Robert Hagan (Willas Wheels)9:45:06 
80Noah Aptekar (BOD)9:46:23 
81John Haddock9:48:39 
82Michael Comer (Avout Racing)9:48:57 
83Tim Kenkel (Tokyo Joes)9:53:12 
84Matt Hubach9:53:30 
85Jamie Malin (The Kind Bikes and Skis)9:53:42 
86Peter Gabel10:02:54 
87Kevin Spinelli10:03:57 
88Michael Franco (GMSV)10:04:06 
89Kelly Feagans (Cannondale/Epic Endurance)10:04:43 
90Wade Housewright (Zen Planner Cycling Team)10:07:13 
91Christian Long (Alchemist)10:08:21 
92Mike Schultz (Highland Training)10:09:33 
93Matthew Wimmer (Avout Racing)10:10:46 
94Sam Mancini (Audi)10:13:32 
95Bret Poppleton (Trips for Kids)10:15:17 
96Timothy Schardein (Vital Chiropractic)10:16:51 
97Kedith Bounmark10:17:03 
98Christopher Weiland (Brownstein Hyatt Farber)10:17:47 
99Derek Scott (Zen Planner Cycling Team)10:18:45 
100Michael Baraga (Blue Sky Velo/BMBP)10:19:13 
101Jamie Henkel (GMSV)10:24:22 
102Alexander Dismore (Salvagetti/Happy Coffee)10:24:27 
103Paul Phelps10:24:43 
104Rob Redmon10:33:15 
105donald meyer10:33:52 
106David Newcomer (Pactimo - Kuni Lexus)10:37:02 
107Brian Bergeler10:39:32 
108Daniel Owen (Avout Racing)10:40:31 
109Andrew Brannon (Trips for Kids Denver)11:06:40 
110Jonathan Currie (Trips for Kids)11:09:01 
111Robert Trussell11:12:35 
112Troy Lewis11:23:21 
113Mark Stillwell11:24:01 
114Greg Grossman (Blue Sky Velo/BMBP)11:25:13 
115howard pollack11:25:20 
116Travis Willock (Brownstein Hyatt Farber)11:25:21 
117Adam Johnson11:37:03 
118James Flanagan (Disaster Response Manage)11:37:35 
119Justin Rayburn (Avison Young)11:55:59 
120Christopher Schnur12:53:25 
DNFScott Tietzel (Specialized - Cuore)  
DNFMike Ratliff  
DNFDavid Lytton (Pedal Bike Shop)  
DNFScott Leonard (Mountain Flyer magazine)  
DNFMel Ladewig  
DNFBlake Frye (Zen Planner Cycling Team)  
DNFSean Franklin  
DNFDrew Edsall (Pros Closet / No Tubes)  
Women's Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Molly Throdahl (Avout Racing)8:22:48 
2Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)8:23:57 
3Tina Martinez8:53:16 
4Kristin Riley-Lazo (Old School Racing/RacerX)9:09:33 
5Carla Hammer (Old School Racing/RacerX)9:10:17 
6Jennifer Barbour (Naked Womens Racing)9:14:46 
7Colleen Cameron9:35:53 
8Jennifer Gerow9:39:18 
9Annie Fox (Team Kappius)9:40:27 
10Kelli Scoville9:45:34 
11Rachel Scott (Naked Womens Racing)9:49:09 
12Kara Durland (ProCycling)9:49:09 
13Jennifer Sliney10:06:26 
14Susan McCotter10:36:22 
15Cristienne Beam (Tough Girl Cycling)10:50:22 
16Petra Storm11:06:33 
17Katerina Straskraba11:12:46 
18Maria Perez11:25:37 
DNFLeila Worth  
DNFFrancine Tadra (Old School Racing/RacerX)  
DNFTamara Donelson (The Cycle Effect)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1AJ Linnell (Fitzgeralds Bicycles)7:09:52 
2Jason Hilgers (The Adrenalin Project)7:31:54 
3Carlos Vulgamott (Gates Carbon Drive)7:38:12 
4Dan Durland (ProCycling)7:55:52 
5Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation)8:06:36 
6Kelly Leinen (Old School Racing/RacerX)8:14:15 
7Scot Stucky8:28:01 
8Ken Davis8:29:53 
9Richard Long (CycleSmart Grassroots)8:52:54 
10Mark Nesline (CycleEffect/Street Swell)8:59:26 
11David Benjes (Alchemist)9:01:02 
12Samer Khodor (The Natural Way Racing T)9:02:09 
13Steve Riggle (Golden Bike Shop)9:16:16 
14Lance Palumbo9:30:23 
15Tony Song (Bicycle Outfitters)9:47:45 
16Daniel Boromisa9:50:58 
17Jon Harman (The Gear Exchange)10:13:18 
18Terry Wickland (Old School Racing/RacerX)10:21:28 
19Jeffrey Youngberg (Coal Creek Brewing)10:42:19 
20Benjamin Vanberg11:03:44 
21David Nice (Borealis Fat Bike Co)12:33:47 
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