Pendrel wins Windham cross country World Cup

Neff secures World Cup overall title with one round remaining

Catharine Pendrel (Luna) won the elite women's cross country race at the Windham, New York round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on Sunday afternoon. Pendrel finished ahead of Tanja Zakelj (Unior Tools) and Annika Langvad (Specialized).

"It feels good to be back on the top at a World Cup. I was trying not to get distracted by that while out there racing," said Pendrel to Cyclingnews. "I felt good today."

From the start, Pendrel and World Cup leader Jolanda Neff (Liv Giant) set the pace, but Pendrel was climbing better than last weekend's Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup winner Neff.

On the second lap, Pendrel climbed away from Neff and Langvad, who together chased the Canadian.

"Yes, it was my strategy to go from the start," said Pendrel after the race. "I could tell Jolanda was breathing hard on the first climb. I think it hurt her on the descent because I was like 'oh I can pass you now'. I was able to open a gap. Then it was nice not to have people pushing me the whole way. I felt better being off the front."

Neff paid for her early efforts and started to fade, dropping as far back as seventh place mid-race.

Zakelj, on the other hand, only got stronger as the race went on.

Pendrel's strategy worked as she would spend the entire race off the front solo, without pressure from anyone too close to her.

Going into the final of five total laps, Pendrel led Langvad by more than 30 seconds and Zakelj by one minute.

Neff got a second wind and worked her way back up into the top five as she raced with her teammate Maja Wloszczowska (Liv Giant) and Blaza Klemencic (Feenstra Felt PB Kenda Bike Team).

On the final lap, Langvad crashed as she transitioned from a bright ski slope to a dark, wooded singletrack section, but she quickly picked herself up and kept racing.

"I crashed on the last lap where it went from light to dark," said Langvad. "My front wheel slid out in a corner, but I was on my feet in like two seconds."

However, Zakelj proved too strong and the determined Slovenian surged to pass Langvad at the top of the last climb. Zakelj would hold on during the descent to take second place behind Pendrel and ahead of world marathon champion Langvad.

"It was an amazing last lap. I think if I couldn't have seen Annika, I would not have been able to go so far out of my zone. I knew Jolanda was strong behind me, too," said Zakelj. "On the last downhill, I stepped on my pedals and went as hard as I could. I gave it everything I had, but tried to be careful and not make mistakes on that last descent. I had my mind in the right place."

Langvad said, "Tanja passed me on the last climb to the feed zone. I'm still in a build-up phase to the Worlds. I can't afford too many of those surges so I just stayed within my limits and kept my rhythm. It was my tactic from the beginning and I executed perfectly, so I'm pleased."

Neff and Klemencic attacked each other several times on the last climb, each one wanting to get ahead of the other going into the final descent. Neff ultimately won out over the fatigued Klemencic and rode to the finish in fourth place.

Neff said, "I just tried to do a good race today. I went too fast in the beginning, but in the end I could go fast again."

Klemencic was still happy to finish fifth for her best World Cup finish of the season.

"Four years ago, this was my first race on the podium. It's the first time this year I'm on the podium, so I'm happy," said Klemencic. "This is one of the best courses for me, with lots of climbing - it's not so technical."

Davison finished as the top American rider at the home US World Cup, even after stopping for a wheel change at the beginning of second lap. Though she lost some time and places, she worked her way back up to seventh place.

"I don't know if I had a flat actually," said Davison after the finish. "I have this thing at this course where I'm always on the gravel up through the start/finish thinking that my back wheel feels squishy and that I don't want to ride up this whole hill on a soft tire."

"So I changed it. I kind of regret that because it turns out that it wasn't really flat. It was my mind playing tricks on me. But the important thing is that I had a great start and good legs and I fought back from barely in the top 20."

With her top five finish, Neff secured the elite women's World Cup overall title. She has 1050 points to Pendrel's 790. Last year's World Cup winner Zakelj is in third with 788 points.

"It's amazing that I took the overall World Cup at this race," said Neff, who is still technically an under 23 racer.

Full Results

Elite women cross country
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team1:25:47 
2Tanja Zakelj (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:29 
3Annika Langvad (Den) Specialized Racing XC0:00:32 
4Jolanda Neff* (Swi) Liv Pro XC Team0:00:36 
5Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team0:01:24 
6Maja Wloszczowska (Pol) Liv Pro XC Team0:01:45 
7Lea Davison (USA) Specialized Racing XC0:01:52 
8Emily Batty (Can) Trek Factory Racing0:02:01 
9Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:02:24 
10Irina Kalentieva (Rus)0:02:36 
11Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:02:45 
12Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team0:02:59 
13Annie Last (GBr) Trek Factory Racing0:03:22 
14Katarzyna Solus-Miskowicz (Pol) Kross Racing Team0:03:23 
15Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team0:04:22 
16Julie Bresset (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC0:04:29 
17Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing0:04:59 
18Githa Michiels (Bel) Trek-KMC Trade Team0:05:08 
19Daniela Campuzano (Mex)0:05:10 
20Sandra Walter (Can)0:05:23 
21Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing0:05:45 
22Janka Keseg Stevkova (Svk)0:06:17 
23Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Specialized Racing XC0:06:19 
24Chloe Woodruff (USA)0:06:25 
25Erin Huck (USA)0:06:33 
26Rose Grant (USA)0:06:50 
27Lene Byberg (Nor)0:07:02 
28Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Trek Factory Racing0:07:45 
29Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:08:03 
30Larissa Connors (USA)0:08:37 
31Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Team Colnago Sudtirol0:09:07 
32Raiza Goulao-Henrique (Bra)0:09:28 
33Karla Stepanova (Cze)0:10:09 
34Hanna Klein (Ger) BH-Suntour-KMC0:10:19 
35Adriana Rojas (CRc)0:10:41 
36Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze)0:11:01 
37Isabella Moreira Lacerda (Bra)0:11:28 
38Laura Lorenza Morfin Macouzet (Mex)0:11:47 
39Agustina Maria Apaza (Arg)0:12:02 
40Erika Fernanda Gramiscelli (Bra)0:12:58 
41Cindy Montambault (Can)0:13:21 
42Evelyn Dong (USA)0:13:31 
43Amanda Sin (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing  
44Mandy Dreyer (Can)0:16:14 
45Erica Zaveta (USA)0:16:45 
-1lapRebecca Beaumont (Can)  
-1lapAmy Beisel (USA)  
-1lapErica Tingey (USA)  
-1lapMio Suemasa (Jpn) Unior Tools Team  
-1lapAlexandra Gabriela Serrano Rodriguez (Ecu)  
-2lapsAndréanne Pichette (Can)  
-4lapsLaura Valentina Abril Restrepo (Col)  
DNFEva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Sudtirol  
DNFMikaela Kofman (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing  
DNSKarlee Gendron (Can)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luna Pro Team75 pts
2Specialized Racing XC64 
3Liv Pro XC Team56 
4Trek Factory Racing44 
5Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team44 
6Unior Tools Team35 
7Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team28 
8Ghost Factory Racing24 
9Kross Racing Team17 
11Trek-KMC Trade Team13 
Elite women cross country World Cup standings with one round remaining
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jolanda Neff* (Swi) Liv Pro XC Team1050 pts
2Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team790 
3Tanja Zakelj (Slo) Unior Tools Team788 
4Emily Batty (Can) Trek Factory Racing700 
5Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team680 
6Maja Wloszczowska (Pol) Liv Pro XC Team668 
7Annika Langvad (Den) Specialized Racing XC660 
8Irina Kalentieva (Rus)610 
9Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor) Multivan Merida Biking Team560 
10Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team545 
11Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing519 
12Eva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Sudtirol512 
13Pauline Ferrand Prevot* (Fra) Liv Pro XC Team500 
14Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing481 
15Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team449 
16Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team437 
17Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Specialized Racing XC403 
18Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing393 
19Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Trek Factory Racing387 
20Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team380 
21Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team378 
22Hanna Klein (Ger) BH-Suntour-KMC316 
23Julie Bresset (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC312 
24Daniela Campuzano (Mex)296 
25Katarzyna Solus-Miskowicz (Pol) Kross Racing Team286 
26Lea Davison (USA) Specialized Racing XC270 
27Githa Michiels (Bel) Trek-KMC Trade Team258 
28Mikaela Kofman (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing202 
29Janka Keseg Stevkova (Svk)198 
30Erin Huck (USA)187 
31Kate Fluker (NZl)186 
32Lene Byberg (Nor)180 
33Serena Calvetti (Ita)178 
34Annie Last (GBr) Trek Factory Racing170 
35Evelyn Dong (USA)154 
36Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler - Ixs Team152 
37Barbara Benko (Hun) Focus XC Team150 
38Paula Gorycka (Pol) 4F Racing Team148 
39Sandra Walter (Can)146 
40Ekateryna Anoshina (Rus)145 
41Mariske Strauss (RSA) Orange Monkey Pro Team144 
42Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC138 
43Karla Stepanova (Cze)131 
44Tory Thomas (Aus)125 
45Laura Lorenza Morfin Macouzet (Mex)117 
46Chloe Woodruff (USA)116 
47Nina Wrobel (Ger)112 
48Vera Andreeva (Rus)112 
49Alice Pirard (Bel) Team Merida Wallonie MTB111 
50Chengyuan Ren (Chn)108 
51Agustina Maria Apaza (Arg)106 
52Samara Sheppard (NZl) KTM Houffalize Team104 
53Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze)104 
54Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Team Colnago Sudtirol102 
55Cindy Montambault (Can)102 
56Mio Suemasa (Jpn) Unior Tools Team95 
57Rose Grant (USA)88 
58Raiza Goulao-Henrique (Bra)87 
59Anne Terpstra (Ned) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team82 
60Amanda Sin (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing65 
61Isabella Moreira Lacerda (Bra)65 
62Katherine O'neill (NZl)64 
63Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer-BMC58 
64Qinglan Shi (Chn)56 
65Andréanne Pichette (Can)55 
66Karen Hanlen (NZl)54 
67Peta Mullens (Aus) Team Colnago Sudtirol54 
68Anna Oberparleiter (Ita)53 
69Erika Fernanda Gramiscelli (Bra)53 
70Rocio Martin Rodriguez (Spa)52 
71Sarah Riley (Aus)50 
72Tracy Moseley (GBr)48 
73Larissa Connors (USA)46 
74Rebecca Beaumont (Can)46 
75Mandy Dreyer (Can)45 
76Anna Szafraniec (Pol) Kross Racing Team44 
77Elisabeth Brandau (Ger)40 
78Iryna Popova (Ukr) Cycling Club Roma MTB Team39 
79Amy Beisel (USA)38 
80Alexandra Gabriela Serrano Rodriguez (Ecu)37 
81Adriana Rojas (CRc)36 
82Marie-Helene Premont (Can)36 
83Laura Valentina Abril Restrepo (Col)36 
84Anna Villar Argente (Spa)29 
85Lucie Vesela (Cze)27 
86Pavlina Sulcova (Cze)26 
87Nataliia Krompets (Ukr) Isd MTB Team24 
88Erica Zaveta (USA)23 
89Erica Tingey (USA)20 
90Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol)18 
91Elisa Otter (USA)15 
92Hielke Elferink (Ned)15 
93Marine Groccia (Swi)14 
94Lenka Bulisova (Cze)9 
95Elvira Khayrullina (Rus)9 
Team World Cup Standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liv Pro XC Team411 pts
2Luna Pro Team302 
3Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team278 
4Ghost Factory Racing273 
5Specialized Racing XC253 
6Trek Factory Racing234 
7Unior Tools Team161 
8Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team115 
9Multivan Merida Biking Team102 
10Team Colnago Sudtirol95 
12Kross Racing Team55 
13Trek-KMC Trade Team41 
15Scott-3Rox Racing20 
16Orange Monkey Pro Team20 
17Wheeler - Ixs Team19 
18Focus XC Team17 
194F Racing Team13 
20Ktm Houffalize Team11 
21Team Merida Wallonie Mtb8 
22Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens Mtb Racing Team7 


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