Peters wins NZ cross country cup in Wellington

Hanlen rides to women's win

The cross country portion of the NZ MTB Cup got back into gear on the inner city slopes of Mt. Victoria on Sunday. A tough course, again with a long pedigree of national level competiton was set for competitors, with the morning age group races setting the tone for the elite and U19 junior races in the afternoon.

The elite men's field was at top strength on Sunday, and like the downhill, contained several visiting international riders having a shot at New Zealand's best and also the Category 2 UCI points on offer. But just as at the national championships two weeks ago, Rotorua's Dirk Peters wound on the urgency and aggression to lead from start to finish in the six-lap feature.

Peters was reasonably comfortable during the mid stages of the race, but a fast finishing Mike Northcott (Tokoroa) provided some suspense over the last two laps. Northcott rapidly worked away at national champion Peters' lead, first passing Carl Jones (Rotorua) and then chipping away at the one-minute buffer that Peters had built over the first four laps. By race finish, Northcott was only 22 seconds back, but Peters wrapped up another win on the circuit to head into the Cup final in Napier with some dominance over the rest of his competition.

The elite women's race was missing Rosara Joseph (Wellington), however the absence of the Beijing Olympian seemed to only spur on Whakatane's Karen Hanlen, who demolished the women's field to win by nearly 10 minutes. The recently crowned national champion was never threatened and showed pace and poise to simply outpace and outrace the rest of her competition - Samara Sheppard (Wellington) holding down second place and the best of the chasers.

Woodend's Anton Cooper again cleaned out the U19 junior race, winning by three minutes from Te Awamutu's Sam Gaze. Gaze was happy to limit the gap to the 2011 junior world championships silver medalist to a margin this close, and both Cooper and Gaze lapped the tough Mt. Victoria course in times that would have had them circulating within the top five elite men. Cooper displayed his outright speed during the last lap for the four lap U19 race, to post the quickest lap time and only sub-15 minute lap by any rider.

Rotorua's Amber Johnston easily won the U19 junior women's three-lap race.

The cross country NZ MTB Cup will wrap up this weekend February 24-26 in Napier, New Zealand.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Dirk Peters (NZl) 1:35:44  
2 Mike Northcott (NZl) 0:00:22  
3 Carl Jones (NZl) 0:01:13  
4 Tom Bradshaw (NZl) 0:03:56  
5 Brendon Sharratt (NZl) 0:04:22  
6 Brad Hudson (NZl) 0:08:54  
7 Samuel Shaw (NZl) 0:10:57  
8 Adrian Retief (NZl) 0:11:31  
9 Patrick Luthi (Swi) 0:11:38  
10 Max Houtzager (USA) 0:11:39  
11 Josh Page (NZl) 0:12:00  
12 Dave Sharpe (NZl) 0:12:56  
13 Mathew Waghorn (NZl) 0:13:43  
14 Harley Going (NZl) 0:13:48  
15 Darry Stevens (NZl) 0:16:10  
16 Miles Davies (NZl) 0:19:03  
-3 laps Ash Hough (NZl)    
-3 laps Markus Peboll (Aut)    
-3 laps Matt Andrew (NZl)    
-3 laps Mark Dunlop (NZl)    
-4laps Fabien Cousine (Fra)    
-5laps Nick Miller (NZl)    
DNF Edwin Crossling (NZl)    
DNF Philippe Depault (Can)    
DNS Alex Revell (NZl)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Karen Hanlen (NZl) 1:30:26  
2 Samara Sheppard (NZl) 0:09:17  
3 Raewyn Morrison (NZl) 0:15:17  
4 Sasha Smith (NZl) 0:16:05  
5 Bridget Lodge (NZl) 0:16:53  
-2laps Melissa Newell (NZl)    
-3laps Celine Ernst (Swi)    
-5laps Katherine O Neil (NZl)    
DNF Kate Fluker (NZl)    
DNF Fiona MacDermid (NZl)    
DNS Jeanette Gerrie (NZl)    
Junior U19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Anton Cooper (NZl) 1:00:44  
2 Samuel Gaze (NZl) 0:03:29  
3 Tom Filmer (NZl) 0:05:15  
4 Nigel McDowell (NZl) 0:06:14  
5 Craig Oliver (NZl) 0:08:42  
6 Elliot Pearce (NZl) 0:11:13  
7 Brett Stockman (NZl) 0:11:20  
8 Tom Fox (NZl) 0:12:56  
9 Simon Lawson (NZl) 0:15:12  
10 Frank Sutton (NZl) 0:18:34  
11 Ryan Hunt (NZl) 0:20:18  
12 Guillaune Cauvin (Fra)    
DNF Josh Parkin (NZl)    
Junior U19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Amber Johnston (NZl)    
2 Toshiko Knight (NZl)    
Junior U17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ben Oliver (NZl) 1:06:23  
2 Gareth Cannon (NZl) 0:04:19  
3 Jack Compton (NZl) 0:05:59  
4 David Ashby-Coventry (NZl) 0:06:36  
5 Mitchell Campbell (NZl) 0:08:51  
6 Tom Coombes (NZl) 0:09:11  
7 Cameron Howell (NZl) 0:10:55  
8 Sam Dakin (NZl) 0:11:03  
9 Ethan Jacobs (NZl) 0:13:11  
10 Andrew Bamford (NZl) 0:17:39  
11 Nathan Johnston (NZl) 0:21:41  
12 Gregor Wilson (NZl) 0:21:45  
13 Ben Friel (NZl) 0:27:11  
DNF Jordan Anderson (NZl)    
Junior U17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Olivia Miller (NZl) 1:10:53  
2 Harriet Bevan (NZl) 0:01:14  
3 Elizabeth Stannard (NZl) 0:05:45  
Junior U15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Eden Cruise (NZl) 0:55:52  
2 Paul Wright (NZl) 0:06:38  
DNF Benjamin Eagle (NZl)    
DNF Cody Simpson (NZl)    
DNS Robert Stannard (NZl)    
Junior U15 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Zia MacDermid (NZl) 0:46:38  
Masters 1 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gavin McCarthy (NZl) 1:29:39  
2 Tom Keith (NZl) 0:03:06  
3 Callum Kennedy (NZl) 0:06:52  
4 Steven Bale (NZl) 0:07:27  
5 Jonty Taylor (NZl) 0:09:03  
6 Ross Weston (NZl) 0:11:15  
7 Struan Robertson (NZl) 0:12:48  
8 Jon Shutt (NZl) 0:17:39  
-2laps Jared Scollay (NZl)    
DNF Nick Kennedy (NZl)    
Senior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andy King (NZl) 1:36:07  
2 Stephen Butler (NZl) 0:01:01  
3 Michael Brown (NZl) 0:10:47  
Masters 2 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Clive Bennett (NZl) 1:15:50  
2 Rob Kilvington (NZl) 0:00:20  
3 Jason McCarty (NZl) 0:01:17  
4 Stephen Owens (NZl) 0:04:20  
5 Stephen Grenside (NZl) 0:08:33  
6 Jerome Sheppard (NZl) 0:13:24  
7 Tom Bamford (NZl) 0:15:47  
8 Dave Hicks (NZl) 0:20:16  
9 Steven Lawson (NZl) 0:40:25  
Masters 3 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ian Paintin (NZl) 1:18:15  
2 Geoff Notman (NZl) 0:02:39  
3 Ant Bradshaw (NZl) 0:04:12  
4 Marco Renall (NZl) 0:04:45  
5 Gary Moller (NZl) 0:08:32  
6 Paul McDowell (NZl) 0:09:15  
7 Peter Reynolds (NZl) 0:09:38  
8 Dave Wallace (NZl) 0:09:51  
9 Ash Sparks (NZl) 0:11:44  
10 Scott MacLachlan (NZl) 0:13:12  
Senior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kathryn Campbell (NZl) 1:15:18  
Masters 3 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sarah Beadle (NZl) 1:16:34  


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