Milano-Torino 2018

October 10, 2018, Magenta, Piemonte, Road - 1.HC

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Patrick Fletcher


  1. 13:52:48 CEST

    Hello there. The autumn Italian classics are coming thick and fast, and it's brilliant, isn't it? 


    Milano-Torino today, the focal point being the double ascent of the Superga, with its picturesque finish in the shadow of the Basilica. 

  2. 100km remaining from 200km

    13:57:58 CEST

    As we pick up the action, approaching the half-way mark, we have a breakaway of four riders with a lead of six minutes.



    Thomas De Gendt (Lotto Soudal)Willie Smit (Katusha-Alpecin)Umberto Orsini (Bardiani-CSF)Krists Neilands (Israel Cycling Academy)


  3. 13:58:24 CEST

    Here's the race profile



  4. 14:02:16 CEST

    As you can see, the route is largely flat, but the twin ascents of Superga in the final 25km will make for a really tough race. It's 4.9km long with an average gradient of 9.1% and a maximum pitch of 14%. The first time up is slightly shorter as the riders peel off and descend before coming up again and turning up the final road to the Basilica. 


  5. 14:03:33 CEST

    The new world champ is here. 



  6. 14:12:02 CEST

    This is the latest in a series of autumn Italian one-day races, which started with the Giro dell'Emilia last Saturday and will end with Il Lombardia this coming Saturday. And then that's it for the European season, with the Tour of Guangxi the only thing left after that. Enjoy it while you can - cyclo-cross is coming. 


  7. 14:13:13 CEST

    We did a full preview/run-down of these one-days, by the way, and you can find it at the following link.

    From Giro dell'Emilia to Il Lombardia: The final act of the European road season


  8. 14:16:57 CEST

    Here's the break



  9. 14:39:44 CEST

    Valverde, Pinot, Yates, Moscon, Lopez, Fuglsang, Zakarin, Martin, Aru, Wellens, Mollema, Kelderman, Jungels, Mas, Majka, Sosa...


    Another stacked field, and I'm sure I've missed someone out, so head over and check out the full start list here


  10. 70km remaining from 200km

    14:50:02 CEST

    The pace has picked up in the peloton and the gap to the four leaders is down to 2:20.


  11. 14:53:46 CEST

    It's the FDJ and Mitchelton-Scott teams - of Thibaut Pinot and Adam Yates, respectively - doing the bulk of the work at the head of the peloton. 

  12. 15:01:49 CEST

    Yesterday we were in Varese for the Tre Valli Varesine. It was a great race, it was won by Toms Skujins, and you can read all about it in our race report, which also contains full results and a gallery of photos. 


    Skujins wins Tre Valli Varesine


  13. 63km remaining from 200km

    15:04:04 CEST

    The peloton is strung out almost completely in single file as FDJ and Mitchelton continue to collaborate in chasing the break. The gap stands at two minutes.


  14. 55km remaining from 200km

    15:12:51 CEST

    The peloton is lined out but, perhaps not wanting to make the catch too early, or risk counter-attacks, they are losing ground to the breakaway quartet. The gap is up at 2:40


  15. 15:22:15 CEST

    Thomas De Gendt breakaway klaxon


    The break is the Belgian's second home. He's one of the best in the business and earlier this year he told us how he does it. We tend to roll this piece out in our live blog every time he gets up the road, and today will be no different. 


    De Gendt: The art of the breakaway specialist


  16. 48km remaining from 200km

    15:22:46 CEST

    Less than 50km to go now and the gap has stabilised at 2:30 as we continue the flat approach to Superga. 


  17. 15:32:51 CEST

    Our top story today concerns Jan Ullrich, who has written an open letter in which he opens up about his troubled past few months. 


    The former Tour de France winner has struggled with substance abuse and has twice been arrested recently, but he now appears to have halted his downward spiral and set down the path to recovery, recently returning from a rehabilitation centre in Miami. 


    "I have built the foundation for my new life with detoxification," he writes. "I will be the old, new Jan, who will do everything and will fight to defeat his demons and to rediscover the light with new energy and zest for life."


    Click here for the full story

  18. 15:36:09 CEST

    Mitchelton-Scott still taking responsibility in the peloton. We grabbed a word with Adam Yates this morning, and here's what he had to say. 


    "It’s a race I like, I’m motivated and feel good, we’ll see at the end. It’s a pretty easy race until the last 30km and then it’s about if you have the legs. There’s a lot of strong riders here, there’s big long list, with guys likes Pinot and Lopez going well. Hopefully I can compete for the win."

  19. 35km remaining from 200km

    15:38:01 CEST

    35km to go and the gap is falling once again. It's down to 1:52. 


  20. 15:38:56 CEST

    A reminder that the first ascent of Superga begins with 24 kilometres to go (so in around 10km time). The pace will only increase between now and then. 


  21. 15:41:34 CEST

    Our second top story - and an altogether more bizarre one - concerns Geraint Thomas and his Tour de France trophy. Well, it's not his anymore - someone has nicked it from a bike show in the UK. Yes, really. 


    Geraint Thomas' Tour de France trophy stolen


  22. 15:43:05 CEST

    More teams are moving up now. They says thanks to FDJ and Mitchelton for doing the heavy lifting before moving their leaders up into a better position. 

  23. 15:45:30 CEST

    While FDJ have moved back to the middle of the bunch, Mitchelton are holding firm on the left-hand side of the front of the bunch. It's spread across the road now with multiple teams setting up mini trains - Lotto Soudal, BMC, and Bora chief among them. 


  24. 29km remaining from 200km

    15:46:31 CEST

    The gap is down to one minute as the breakaway riders head into town. 


  25. 15:48:30 CEST

    Want to see the Superga climb in more detail? Of course you do



  26. 25.5km remaining from 200km

    15:50:33 CEST

    The pace is really high in the peloton now. Domestiques are almost sprinting, and the gap is plummeting. 30 seconds. 


  27. 15:51:25 CEST

    Lotto Soudal are on the nose. They have Tim Wellens and Tiesj Benoot as two quality Belgian cards to play today. 


  28. 15:52:32 CEST

    It's all breaking up in the break. Orsini and Smit have gone clear. De Gendt drops Nielands and jumps across. Neilands is cooked and almost comes to a standstill. 

  29. 15:52:39 CEST

    The climb begins!


  30. 15:52:59 CEST

    Smit kicks on and drops Orsini as the gradients immediately bite. 


  31. 15:53:34 CEST

    De Gendt is caught now.

  32. 15:54:09 CEST

    Attack from Bardiani, who essentially swap out Orsini for a fresh face. It's Luca Wackermann who breezes past his teammate. 


  33. 15:54:41 CEST

    Wackermann makes his way over to Smit but they're only 10 seconds clear of the peloton. 


  34. 15:55:04 CEST

    Wackermann drops Smit. 


  35. 15:55:31 CEST

    Smits is reabsorbed into the peloton. 


  36. 15:56:03 CEST

    Astana take it up as a few riders start to drop out of the back.


  37. 15:56:55 CEST

    Mas comes to the front for Quick-Step before peeling off. Wackermann is only a few seconds ahead.


  38. 22km remaining from 200km

    15:57:19 CEST

    Wackermann is caught. All together.


  39. 15:57:33 CEST

    Kreuziger is dropped for Mitchelton. 


  40. 15:58:11 CEST

    World champion Valverde is climbing third wheel, behind two Astanas. Yates is on his wheel. 


  41. 15:58:39 CEST

    Valverde attacks!


  42. 15:59:03 CEST

    An early move from the new world champion, who's providing some spectacle in his rainbow bands.


  43. 15:59:16 CEST

    Wellens springs away to track Valverde down. 


  44. 15:59:36 CEST

    The rest of the riders look around, and Hugh Carthy decides to go after it. 


  45. 16:00:02 CEST

    Valverde, Wellens, and Carthy are moving clear. 


  46. 16:00:37 CEST

    Pinot and FDJ respond now and the trio is brought to heel, though the bunch has split up massively. 


  47. 16:01:15 CEST

    Formolo, Pinot, Gaudu, and Pozzovivo are in a front split of around a dozen riders. 


  48. 16:01:35 CEST

    Aru is right at the back of the bunch. His miserable season seems to be continuing. 


  49. 16:02:16 CEST

    The gap is plugged at the front of the race but there are only around 30 riders in the mix here. 


  50. 16:02:49 CEST

    Majka accelerates, and the FDJ dup of Pinot and Gaudu go with it. Valverde is alive to it as well and those four go clear. 


  51. 16:03:06 CEST

    Dan Martin sets off now and drags it back. 


  52. 16:03:18 CEST

    Moscon dropped. That's a surprise. 


  53. 16:03:42 CEST

    Valverde attacks again


  54. 16:03:58 CEST

    Gaudu is straight onto it, with teammate Pinot in the wheel.


  55. 16:04:28 CEST

    They're almost at the top now, and Majka and Lopez have made it up. Another group coming across now. 


  56. 16:04:57 CEST

    Egan Bernal is there for Sky and now Moscon is out of the picture the responsibility lies squarely on his shoulders. 


  57. 19.4km remaining from 200km

    16:05:16 CEST

    Valverde leads the race over the top of the climb and straight onto the descent. 


  58. 16:05:52 CEST

    Valverde, Pinot, Gaudu, and Majka are out front in a leading quartet as they fly downhill. 


  59. 16:09:15 CEST

    Yates, Bernal, Martin, Carthy, Lopez, Fuglsang, Formolo, Sosa are among a small chasing group.


  60. 16:09:41 CEST

    Lopez has made it over to the lead group and more are doing the same now. 


  61. 16:10:56 CEST

    There has been a regrouping and we have 14 riders out front. 


  62. 16:12:42 CEST

    It's Mattia Cattaneo for Androni - not Sosa. Reichenbach is in there to make it three for FDJ. 


  63. 16:14:07 CEST

    Full list:

















  64. 16:14:33 CEST

    But more riders are getting back in now as we come to the foot of the descent. 


  65. 10.5km remaining from 200km

    16:15:09 CEST

    Wellens is among them and he has shot straight out of the front as the road flattens out. 


  66. 16:19:17 CEST

    As well as Wellens, the riders to make it back in are:


    Martinez and Fernandes (EF)

    Carboni and Ciccone (Bardiani)

    Mollema and Stetina (Trek)

    Hermans (Israel)

    Barguil (Fortuneo)

    Pozzovivo (Bahrain)



  67. 16:20:17 CEST

    It's kicking off on the approach to the climb and Fuglsang, Gaudu, and Martinez have snipped off the front of that group of 23. 


  68. 16:20:36 CEST

    Martinez won't contribute, much to Fuglsang's disgust. 


  69. 5.5km remaining from 200km

    16:20:54 CEST

    600m to the foot of the climb.


  70. 16:21:04 CEST


  71. 16:21:26 CEST

    FDJ do a brief bit of work before remembering Gaudu is up the road. They then let Trek close it down. 


  72. 4.9km remaining from 200km

    16:21:47 CEST

    Here we go then!


    The climb begins and we're heading for the basilica.


  73. 16:22:26 CEST

    Stetina is on the front of that group but Martinez, Fuglsang and Gaudu have a lead of 15 seconds. 


  74. 16:22:58 CEST

    Stetina is forced to chase and Pinot is poised on the American's wheel. 


  75. 16:23:29 CEST

    Valverde and Yates are biding their time in the middle of the group but the trio are moving clear. 20 seconds. 


  76. 16:23:39 CEST

    Wellens attacks.


  77. 16:24:00 CEST

    Hermans drags the Belgian back. 


  78. 16:24:28 CEST

    The gradients ease and still it's Fuglsang on the front. Gaudu takes his gloves off. 


  79. 16:24:43 CEST

    Barguil accelerates from the group behind now, and they're making their way back. 


  80. 16:24:57 CEST

    Gaudu comes through now and bashes out a steady tempo.


  81. 16:25:03 CEST

    Yates attacks!


  82. 16:25:40 CEST

    The Yates twins don't know any other way, and Adam fires out of the front of the group. Like his brother at the Vuelta, it's immediately effective as he leaves the rest behind. 


  83. 16:25:51 CEST

    Yates makes it across to make it a lead group of four.


  84. 16:26:08 CEST

    Pinot sets off now! And also makes it across. The Frenchman is looking so strong. 


  85. 16:26:32 CEST

    So a front group of five, with Pinot, Gaudu, Yates, Martinez, Fuglsang. 


  86. 3km remaining from 200km

    16:27:06 CEST

    3km to go and Gaudu sacrifices himself for his teammate. Mollema accelerates behind. 


  87. 16:27:20 CEST

    Valverde attacks now!


  88. 16:27:31 CEST

    And Mollema is shot out of the back almost immediately. 


  89. 16:27:42 CEST

    Valverde makes it up as Martinez falls away. 


  90. 16:27:52 CEST

    Barguil is dropped. 


  91. 16:28:03 CEST

    Lopez is coming across now.


  92. 16:28:38 CEST

    We're talking about Pinot, but how good is young David Gaudu looking this week. He's still leading the way and piling on the pressure.


  93. 16:28:54 CEST

    Gaudu is shredding the race! He's dropped Yates and almost everyone else.


  94. 16:29:14 CEST

    Valverde, Fulglsang and Lopez are the only ones who can follow Gaudu and Pinot. 


  95. 16:29:44 CEST

    This could well be the final selection. Bernal is chasing behind but swings over. Carthy is next up. 


  96. 2km remaining from 200km

    16:30:13 CEST

    2km to go and it's a lead group of five: Gaudu, Pinot, Valverde, Lopez, Fuglsang. 


  97. 16:30:25 CEST

    The gap is 11 seconds back to a thinning chase group. 


  98. 16:31:09 CEST

    Kelderman, Formolo, Reichenbach, Carthy, Bernal, Martinez, Pozzovivo Yates are among the chasers. Aru clawed his way back but is now losing contact again. 


  99. 16:31:23 CEST

    Carthy attacks the chase and is in lone pursuit of the five leaders. 


  100. 16:31:43 CEST

    But still Gaudu continues his charge. He's out of the saddle and giving it everything. 


  101. 1.3km remaining from 200km

    16:31:56 CEST

    And Gaudu drops Fuglsang. 


  102. 16:32:01 CEST



  103. 16:32:12 CEST

    Gaudu and Lopez are on the deck! Drama!


  104. 16:32:49 CEST

    Gaudu was pulling off and looking over the other shoulder, and as he slows he goes clattering into Lopez. Both of them are out of the equation, surely. 


  105. 16:33:04 CEST

    No waiting around now. Pinot is on the attack.


  106. 1km remaining from 200km

    16:33:17 CEST

    Pinot leads the race solo into the final kilometre. 


  107. 16:33:34 CEST

    Lopez is back up and on the move. He reaches Valverde and drops him!


  108. 16:34:05 CEST

    Pinot has a handy margin but Lopez is close at hand. 


  109. 16:34:26 CEST

    Pinot turns left onto the final haul to the Basilica. 600m to go. 


  110. 16:34:49 CEST

    Lopez knows all about chasing down a leader on this finish. He beat Michael Woods here two years ago. 


  111. 16:35:06 CEST

    Pinot comes into the final 250m and he has a sufficient advantage. 


  112. 16:35:30 CEST

    Pinot zips up the jersey and raises his arms. 


  113. 16:35:36 CEST

    Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) wins the 2018 Milano-Torino


  114. 16:35:44 CEST

    Lopez takes second, 10 seconds down.


  115. 16:35:57 CEST

    Here comes Valverde for the final podium place, 28 seconds down. 


  116. 16:37:42 CEST

    Great win for Pinot. Talks of his chances at Il Lombardia on Saturday have already been bubbling away quietly but now there's no hiding it - the Frenchman will be considered one of the very top favourites for the final monument of the season. 

  117. 16:41:25 CEST

    1 Thibaut Pinot (Fra) Groupama-FDJ 04:43:36
    2 Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team 00:00:10
    3 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar Team 00:00:28
    4 Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec 00:00:36
    5 Sébastien Reichenbach (Swi) Groupama-FDJ 00:00:38
    6 Wilco Kelderman (Ned) Team Sunweb
    7 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Bahrain-Merida 00:00:41
    8 Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Astana Pro Team
    9 Fabio Aru (Ita) UAE Team Emirates 00:00:43
    10 Egan Bernal (Col) Team Sky 00:00:45


  118. 16:45:11 CEST

    "It's a great victory for me" says Pinot. "Milano-Torino is a race I really like. I really like the classics so to finally win one is very important for me."

  119. 16:56:51 CEST

    "I came here to enjoy it," says Valverde. "I knew it would be very difficult to win and what I wanted to do was break up the race. In order to win, I'd have had to save more energy, but today the important thing for me was to enjoy it and provide some spectacle."

  120. 16:59:31 CEST


  121. 17:00:11 CEST

    Here's our report page


    Pinot wins Milano-Torino


  122. 17:09:21 CEST

    Gaudu before the crash



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