Tour de Langkawi: Bos avoids crash to win in Marang

Belkin rider beats Guardini and Van Hummel

Theo Bos (Belkin) won another crash-marred sprint on stage 8 of the Tour de Langkawi in Merang, ahead of Andrea Guardini (Astana) and Kenny van Hummel (Androni Giocattoli-Venuzuela).

Bos was forced to chase back onto the bunch after he was nearly caught up in a crash in the final kilometre of the race. With the help of his lead-out man Graeme Brown, who saw his sprinter struggling, the Dutch rider got back to the front and proved too strong for Guardini.

“With the corner to the left, I think at 500 metres there was a big crash. I nearly went down, I was so lucky. Graeme Brown saw it and waited and I came back. It was a bit of a hard effort and later I waited for a while and then we went,” said Bos at the finish.

“It’s a left hand corner and everybody wants to go in on the left hand side. The front takes the shortest way and there is a big bottle neck and then one guy can create it. I saw it and I thought that it would be dangerous but I was so lucky.”

With two stages remaining at the Tour de Langkawi, Belkin have already achieved what they set out to do. “The sports director said three (stage wins) so we’re happy. There are two more to come, so hopefully we can get another good result.”

While not as bad as the two that affected the race’s second stage, a number of riders needed tending to by the medics at the finish including Malaysian sprinter Anwar Manan (Terengganu). Manan is the only Malaysian to win a stage. Race leader Mirsamad Pourseyedi Golakhour (Tabriz Petrochemical) was also caught up in the crash at the finish. He was unhurt in the incident and didn’t lose any time, as it was in the final three kilometres.

After two fast stages the peloton decided to take things a little easier on stage 8 from Kuantan to Marang. With only a handful of kilometres ridden, the breakaway began to take shape. Manan and Morgan Lamoisson (Europcar) made it up the road, quickly followed by Choon Huat Goh (OCBC Singapore), Elchin Asadov (Synergy Baku) and Zhi Hui Jiang (Giant Champion System).

Eventually Manan was brought back by the peloton, with his team hoping to save him for the sprint finish. The remaining group of four riders set to work and, who were more than happy to let Tabriz do the chasing. With the group taking it a little easier the break built up a lead of 4:10 over the peloton.

However, when Belkin took to the front the gap was quickly reduced and the race was all together with 11km still to run to the finish. Belkin tried to make life difficult for the other sprinters teams by sending a couple of their number up the road. They were quickly reeled in and the group was together again for the final kilometre. As the race hit 300 metres to go the road quickly narrowed and took a sharp left bend, causing a number of riders to crash.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Theo Bos (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team5:01:58 
2Andrea Guardini (Ita) Astana Pro Team  
3Kenny Van Hummel (Ned) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
4Michael Kolar (Svk) Tinkoff-Saxo  
5Robert Forster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
6Aidis Kruopis (Ltu) Orica Greenedge  
7Daniel Klemme (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
8Yannick Martinez (Fra) Team Europcar  
9Francesco Chicchi (Ita) Yellow Fluo  
10Omar Bertazzo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
11Mohd Harrif Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
12Youcef Reguigui (Alg) MTN - Qhubeka  
13Brett Lancaster (Aus) Orica Greenedge  
14Ruslan Tleubayev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
15Alexsandr Porsev (Rus) Team Katusha  
16Matt Brammeier (Irl) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
17Ken Hanson (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
18Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team  
19Graeme Brown (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team  
20Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Malaysia  
21Merhawi Kudus (Eri) MTN - Qhubeka  
22Burr Ho (HKg) Hong Kong - China  
23Heksa Priya Prasetya (Ina) Indonesia  
24Esteban Chaves (Col) Orica Greenedge  
25Marco Haller (Aut) Team Katusha  
26Patrick Facchini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
27Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team  
28Pavel Brutt (Rus) Team Katusha  
29Leonardo Duque (Col) Colombia  
30Mohd Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
31Mohd Zamri Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
32Carlos Alzate (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
33Luigi Miletta (Ita) Yellow Fluo  
34Pawel Poljanski (Pol) Tinkoff-Saxo  
35Jeffry Romero (Col) Colombia  
36Yonnatta Monsalve (Ven) Yellow Fluo  
37Chao Hua Xue (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
38Aiman Cahyadi (Ina) Indonesia  
39Dennis Van Winden (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team  
40Ying Chuan Gu (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
41Lok Chun Wu (HKg) Hong Kong - China  
42Suhardi Hassan (Mas) Malaysia  
43Alessio Taliani (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
44Mohd Saiful Anuar Aziz (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
45Jacques J.V. Rensburg (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka  
46John Ebsen (Den) CCN Cycling Team  
47Agung Ali Sahbana (Ina) Indonesia  
48Tural Isgandarov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
49Mohd Adiq Othman (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
50Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia  
51Ariya Phounsavath (Lao) CCN Cycling Team  
52Hari Fitrianto (Ina) CCN Cycling Team  
53Alexsandr Rybakov (Rus) Team Katusha  
54Isaac Bolivar (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
55Damien Howson (Aus) Orica Greenedge  
56Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
57Jing Yang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
58Robin Manulang (Ina) Indonesia  
59Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Team Katusha  
60Kwong Lau (HKg) Hong Kong - China  
61Jason Christie (NZl) CCN Cycling Team  
62Danill Fominykh (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
63Dmitriy Gruzdev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
64Michael Valgren (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo  
65Tsgabu Grmay (Eth) MTN - Qhubeka  
66Gianni Bellini (Ita) Yellow Fluo  
67Roberto De Patre (Ita) Yellow Fluo  
68Gianfranco Zilioli (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
69Duber Quintero (Col) Colombia  
70Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica Greenedge  
71Yihui NI (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro0:01:31 
72Aldi Afriani (Ina) Indonesia  
73Rick Flens (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team  
74Abdul Rashid Ibrahim (Mas) Malaysia0:01:38 
75Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
76Carlos Jose Ochoa (Ven) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela  
77Louis Meintjes (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka  
78Yoshimitsu Hiratsuka (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:01:54 
79Evgeny Petrov (Rus) Tinkoff-Saxo  
80Alexsandar Dyachenko (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
81Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia  
82Ching Yin Mow (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:01:56 
83Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
84Ghader Mizbani Iranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:02:02 
85Ghaffari Vahid (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
86Jesper Hansen (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo  
87Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team  
88Steven Kruijswijk (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team  
89Amir Kolahdozhagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
90Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
91M Pourseyedigolakhour (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
92Antoine Duchesne (Can) Team Europcar  
93Romain Guillemois (Fra) Team Europcar0:02:52 
94Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar  
95Natnael Berhane (Eri) Team Europcar  
96Jack Bobridge (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:03:12 
97Samuel Bewley (NZl) Orica Greenedge  
98Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Indonesia  
99Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
100Patrick Lane (Aus) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
101Behnam Khalilikhosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:03:36 
102Cameron Bayly (Aus) OCBC Singapore0:03:50 
103Eric Sheppard (Aus) OCBC Singapore  
104Dene Thomas Rogers (NZl) OCBC Singapore  
105Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore0:03:50 
106Mohd Rauf Nur Misbah (Mas) Malaysia  
107Anuar Manan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team  
108Mohd Nur Rizuan Zainal (Mas) Malaysia  
109King Wai Cheung (HKg) Hong Kong - China  
110Siu Wai Ko (HKg) Hong Kong - China  
111Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
112Michael Schweizer (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
DNFChristophe Kern (Fra) Team Europcar  
DNFLi Jun Bai (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
DNSThomas Rabou (Ned) OCBC Singapore  
Intermediate Sprint 1:Kemaman  
1Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project5 pts
2Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore3 
3Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar2 
4Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro1 
Intermediate Sprint 2:Kerteh  
1Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project5 pts
2Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro3 
3Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar2 
4Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore1 
Intermediate Sprint: #3Dungun  
1Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project5 pts
2Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore3 
3Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar2 
4Mohd Nur Rizuan Zainal (Mas) Malaysia1 
KOM Cat. 4: Bukit Anak Dara
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project4 pts
2Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore2 
3Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro1 
KOM Cat. 4: Kijal
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project4 pts
2Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro2 
3Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela15:05:54 
2Orica Greenedge  
3UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling  
4Belkin-Pro Cycling Team  
5Team Katusha  
6Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
7Terengganu Cycling Team  
8Astana Pro Team  
9Yellow Fluo  
10MTN - Qhubeka  
14Hong Kong - China  
15CCN Cycling Team  
16Giant-Champion System Pro  
18Team Europcar  
19Tabriz Petrochemical Team  
20Aisan Racing Team15:07:48 
21OCBC Singapore15:09:44 
General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1M Pourseyedigolakhour (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team30:19:00 
2Merhawi Kudus (Eri) MTN - Qhubeka0:00:08 
3Isaac Bolivar (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:00:11 
4Esteban Chaves (Col) Orica Greenedge0:00:20 
5Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Team Katusha0:00:36 
6Jacques J.V. Rensburg (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka0:00:40 
7Steven Kruijswijk (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:00:52 
8Gianfranco Zilioli (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:01:09 
9Ghaffari Vahid (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:01:27 
10Louis Meintjes (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka0:01:41 
11Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia0:01:46 
12Yonnatta Monsalve (Ven) Yellow Fluo0:02:14 
13John Ebsen (Den) CCN Cycling Team0:02:33 
14Amir Kolahdozhagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:03:03 
15Pavel Brutt (Rus) Team Katusha0:03:09 
16Ariya Phounsavath (Lao) CCN Cycling Team0:03:39 
17Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:03:47 
18Jesper Hansen (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo0:03:52 
19Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica Greenedge0:04:11 
20Natnael Berhane (Eri) Team Europcar0:04:38 
21Duber Quintero (Col) Colombia0:04:47 
22Patrick Facchini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:04:57 
23Alessio Taliani (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:05:33 
24Eric Sheppard (Aus) OCBC Singapore0:05:59 
25Leonardo Duque (Col) Colombia0:06:04 
26Ghader Mizbani Iranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:07:40 
27Hari Fitrianto (Ina) CCN Cycling Team0:09:26 
28Alexsandr Rybakov (Rus) Team Katusha0:10:22 
29Mohd Adiq Othman (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:10:35 
30Patrick Lane (Aus) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:10:42 
31Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Malaysia0:11:06 
32Jeffry Romero (Col) Colombia0:11:44 
33Jason Christie (NZl) CCN Cycling Team0:11:51 
34Brett Lancaster (Aus) Orica Greenedge0:12:03 
35Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:12:08 
36Juan Pablo Valencia (Col) Colombia0:12:34 
37King Wai Cheung (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:12:39 
38Burr Ho (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:12:49 
39Pawel Poljanski (Pol) Tinkoff-Saxo  
40Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore0:12:58 
41Aiman Cahyadi (Ina) Indonesia0:13:48 
42Ying Chuan Gu (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro0:14:03 
43Yoshimitsu Hiratsuka (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team  
44Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:15:00 
45Mohd Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:15:02 
46Mohd Rauf Nur Misbah (Mas) Malaysia0:15:40 
47Tural Isgandarov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:16:15 
48Tsgabu Grmay (Eth) MTN - Qhubeka0:16:50 
49Luigi Miletta (Ita) Yellow Fluo0:17:02 
50Agung Ali Sahbana (Ina) Indonesia0:17:27 
51Omar Bertazzo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:17:40 
52Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro  
53Lex Nederlof (Ned) CCN Cycling Team0:18:08 
54Michael Valgren (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo0:19:06 
55Chao Hua Xue (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro0:19:19 
56Yannick Martinez (Fra) Team Europcar0:19:39 
57Jack Bobridge (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:19:54 
58Youcef Reguigui (Alg) MTN - Qhubeka0:20:07 
59Jing Yang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro0:20:38 
60Andrea Guardini (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:20:56 
61Theo Bos (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:20:58 
62Ruslan Tleubayev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:21:05 
63Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:21:12 
64Antoine Duchesne (Can) Team Europcar  
65Ken Hanson (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:21:19 
66Daniel Klemme (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:21:20 
67Aidis Kruopis (Ltu) Orica Greenedge0:21:27 
68Evgeny Petrov (Rus) Tinkoff-Saxo0:21:42 
69Robert Forster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:21:53 
70Bambang Suryadi (Ina) Indonesia0:21:54 
71Dene Thomas Rogers (NZl) OCBC Singapore0:22:01 
72Francesco Chicchi (Ita) Yellow Fluo0:22:04 
73Roberto De Patre (Ita) Yellow Fluo0:22:33 
74Siu Wai Ko (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:22:53 
75Carlos Alzate (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:23:07 
76Kenny Van Hummel (Ned) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:23:21 
77Mohd Saiful Anuar Aziz (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:23:22 
78Damien Howson (Aus) Orica Greenedge0:23:52 
79Carlos Jose Ochoa (Ven) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:24:10 
80Matt Brammeier (Irl) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:24:37 
81Alexsandr Porsev (Rus) Team Katusha  
82Mohd Nur Rizuan Zainal (Mas) Malaysia0:24:38 
83Michael Kolar (Svk) Tinkoff-Saxo0:25:11 
84Graeme Brown (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:25:43 
85Danill Fominykh (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:26:17 
86Suhardi Hassan (Mas) Malaysia0:26:27 
87Mohd Zamri Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:26:44 
88Alexsandar Dyachenko (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:26:58 
89Robin Manulang (Ina) Indonesia0:27:36 
90Michael Schweizer (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:27:57 
91Heksa Priya Prasetya (Ina) Indonesia0:27:58 
92Cameron Bayly (Aus) OCBC Singapore0:28:11 
93Mohd Harrif Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:28:26 
94Anuar Manan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:28:57 
95Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:29:53 
96Marco Haller (Aut) Team Katusha0:30:23 
97Behnam Khalilikhosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:30:28 
98Dmitriy Gruzdev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:30:37 
99Ching Yin Mow (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:30:43 
100Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team  
101Lok Chun Wu (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:30:57 
102Dennis Van Winden (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:32:11 
103Aldi Afriani (Ina) Indonesia0:32:17 
104Romain Guillemois (Fra) Team Europcar0:34:59 
105Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar0:35:09 
106Abdul Rashid Ibrahim (Mas) Malaysia0:36:10 
107Kwong Lau (HKg) Hong Kong - China0:36:18 
108Yihui NI (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro0:40:27 
109Samuel Bewley (NZl) Orica Greenedge0:40:56 
110Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team0:43:13 
111Rick Flens (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:43:55 
112Gianni Bellini (Ita) Yellow Fluo0:47:47 
Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aidis Kruopis (Ltu) Orica Greenedge71 pts
2Michael Kolar (Svk) Tinkoff-Saxo69 
3Theo Bos (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team62 
4Kenny Van Hummel (Ned) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela57 
5Andrea Guardini (Ita) Astana Pro Team56 
6Matt Brammeier (Irl) Synergy Baku Cycling Project43 
7Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project40 
8Francesco Chicchi (Ita) Yellow Fluo39 
9Dene Thomas Rogers (NZl) OCBC Singapore37 
10Youcef Reguigui (Alg) MTN - Qhubeka35 
11Duber Quintero (Col) Colombia34 
12Robert Forster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling34 
13Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling25 
14Anuar Manan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team25 
15Yannick Martinez (Fra) Team Europcar24 
16Ken Hanson (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling23 
17Daniel Klemme (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project23 
18Behnam Khalilikhosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team22 
19Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore22 
20Louis Meintjes (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka20 
21Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling20 
22Graeme Brown (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team19 
23Omar Bertazzo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela18 
24Marco Haller (Aut) Team Katusha18 
25Brett Lancaster (Aus) Orica Greenedge16 
26Mohd Harrif Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team15 
27Eric Sheppard (Aus) OCBC Singapore14 
28Carlos Alzate (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling14 
29Mehdi Sohrabi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team13 
30Leonardo Duque (Col) Colombia13 
31Alexsandr Porsev (Rus) Team Katusha13 
32Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar13 
33Yonnatta Monsalve (Ven) Yellow Fluo10 
34Steven Kruijswijk (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team8 
35Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro8 
36Ruslan Tleubayev (Kaz) Astana Pro Team8 
37Jacques J.V. Rensburg (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka7 
38Taiji Nishitani (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team7 
39Mohd Saiful Anuar Aziz (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team7 
40Michael Schweizer (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project7 
41Yihui NI (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro5 
42Esteban Chaves (Col) Orica Greenedge4 
43Chao Hua Xue (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro4 
44Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team4 
45Jeffry Romero (Col) Colombia2 
46Tural Isgandarov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project2 
47Suhardi Hassan (Mas) Malaysia2 
48Mohd Zamri Saleh (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team2 
49Gianni Bellini (Ita) Yellow Fluo2 
50Ghader Mizbani Iranagh (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team1 
51Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Malaysia1 
52Burr Ho (HKg) Hong Kong - China1 
53Mohd Nur Rizuan Zainal (Mas) Malaysia1 
54Alexsandar Dyachenko (Kaz) Astana Pro Team1 
Mountains Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Brammeier (Irl) Synergy Baku Cycling Project34 pts
2Isaac Bolivar (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling31 
3M Pourseyedigolakhour (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team25 
4Merhawi Kudus (Eri) MTN - Qhubeka20 
5Ghaffari Vahid (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team16 
6Elchin Asadov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project14 
7Esteban Chaves (Col) Orica Greenedge12 
8Steven Kruijswijk (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team12 
9Ariya Phounsavath (Lao) CCN Cycling Team12 
10Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Team Katusha11 
11Yonnatta Monsalve (Ven) Yellow Fluo9 
12Jacques J.V. Rensburg (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka9 
13Duber Quintero (Col) Colombia8 
14Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling8 
15Jack Bobridge (Aus) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team8 
16Gianfranco Zilioli (Ita) Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela7 
17Louis Meintjes (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka6 
18Mohd Saiful Anuar Aziz (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team5 
19Carlos Quintero (Col) Colombia5 
20Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling5 
21Tural Isgandarov (Aze) Synergy Baku Cycling Project4 
22Choon Huat Goh (Sin) OCBC Singapore4 
23Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Giant-Champion System Pro3 
24Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Malaysia2 
25Daniel Klemme (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project2 
26Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica Greenedge1 
27Mohd Saufi Mat Senan (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team1 
28Marco Haller (Aut) Team Katusha1 
29Behnam Khalilikhosroshahi (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team1 
30Morgan Lamoisson (Fra) Team Europcar1 
Team Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1MTN - Qhubeka90:59:47 
2Tabriz Petrochemical Team0:01:38 
3Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela0:08:52 
5Team Katusha0:11:05 
6CCN Cycling Team0:11:14 
7Orica Greenedge0:11:52 
8UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:14:33 
9Giant-Champion System Pro0:26:34 
10Belkin-Pro Cycling Team0:26:49 
13Yellow Fluo0:34:25 
14OCBC Singapore0:34:49 
16Team Europcar0:35:55 
17Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:44:20 
18Terengganu Cycling Team0:44:54 
19Hong Kong - China0:45:34 
20Astana Pro Team1:03:57 
21Aisan Racing Team1:13:25 
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