Tanner takes finale

Lill kills it in Tombstone RR

As Fly V Australia teammate David Tanner added his name to the list of stage winners in this year's La Vuelta de Bisbee, Darren Lill secured his second consecutive overall victory.

Lill, shepherded by his Fly V Australia teammates, rolled in safely in the main pack to maintain his place in the leader's yellow jersey and rights to the top step of the podium.

Tanner took the final 84-mile Tombstone Road Race from the remnants of a long 11-rider breakaway that shredded on the final eight-mile climb up Mule Pass.

"I wasn't until the last two kilometres of the climb that it really split," said Tanner after the finish.

The break contained Tanner and Fly V teammate Charles Dionne, Maxim Jenkins and Marc DeMaar of UnitedHealthcare presented by Maxxis, Christopher Hong of Team Exergy, Jonathan Garcia (Team Rio Grande), Marsh Cooper (Trek Red Truck), Joshua Bartlett (Rubicon-Orbea), Diego Yepez (Bicycle Religion), Andres Diaz (RaceMenu.com) and Michael Mathis (AZA Equitable).

Leading over the top of Mule Pass were Tanner, Jenkins and DeMaar, who were rejoined by a few riders on the descent around the Lavender Pit Mine before turning back to the finish.

Dionne attacked and gained about 10 seconds before being dragged back the UnitedHealthcare riders. Tanner countered with about 800 metres go to and led in the strung-out lead group to the finish.

Mathis was second, Dionne third, Dias fourth and Garcia fifth. The main pack containing GC leader Lill came in at 2:20.

Roman Kilun (UnitedHealthcare), Christian Helmig (Metro VW), Ian Holt (Team Rio Grande) and Jared Gilyard (RideClean) followed Lill in the overall standings, the South African praising the efforts of his Fly V teammates who delivered him to the finish.

"We were happy having those two in the break," he said. "I was just following Roman around." And like many riders in La Vuelta, Lill is aiming at a good showing at the upcoming SRAM Tour of the Gila. "I'm positive about Gila for the whole team," he explained. "We're going to make a strong showing."


Pro men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Tanner (USA) Fly V Australia3:19:59 
2Michael Mathis (USA) AXA Equitable0:00:02 
3Charles Dionne (USA) Fly V Australia0:00:04 
4Andres Diaz (USA) RaceMenu.com0:00:07 
5Jonathan Garcia (USA) Team Rio Grande0:00:10 
6Marc De Maar (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:00:12 
7Maxim Jenkins (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:00:21 
8Marsh Cooper (USA) Trek Red Truck0:00:30 
9Christian Helmig (USA) Metro VW0:02:15 
10Jared Gilyard (USA) RideClean0:02:17 
11Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia0:02:19 
12Corey Collier (USA) Bahati Foundn0:02:20 
13Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthcare  
14Matthew Cooke (USA) Mountain Khakis  
15Chris Winn (USA) Team Rio Grande  
16Ian Holt (USA) Team Rio Grande  
17Ian Gray (USA) Team Rio Grande  
18Carson Miller (USA) Veloforma  
19Darren Lill (RSA) Fly V Australia0:02:22 
20Roman Kilun (USA) UnitedHealthcare  
21David Glick (USA) RideClean0:02:25 
22Diego Yepez (USA) Bicycle Religion0:02:30 
23Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Metro VW0:03:03 
24Chris Aten (USA) Bicycle Haus  
25Benjamin Bradshaw (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:03:04 
26Evan Hyde (USA) Bahati Foundn  
27Stevie Cullinan (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri  
28Jeff Zygo (USA) MVP Healthcare  
29Kevin Rowe (USA) Team Exergy  
30Corey Carlson (USA) Team Rio Grande  
31Brad Bingham (USA) Team Rio Grande  
32David Paquette (USA) Team Wisc-MC2  
33Christopher Hong (USA) Team Exergy0:03:31 
34Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare  
35Victor Riquelme (USA) TriSports.com0:03:42 
36Sean Mazich (USA) Jelly Belly0:04:04 
37Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia  
38Travis Mccabe (USA) Bicycle Haus  
39Taylor Kneuven (USA) Adageo Energy  
40Thomas Jondall (USA) Landis/Trek  
41Dylan Jones (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri  
42Jonathan Awerbuch (USA) Team Exergy  
43Cody Stevenson (USA) Adageo Energy  
44Chris Stuart (USA) Team Exergy0:04:51 
45John Salskov (USA) Pactimo  
46Coulton Hartrich (USA) Santo-MegaCycle  
47Alan Adams (USA) Hagens Berman  
48Patrick Caro (USA) Bicycle Religion0:04:57 
49Brandon Lynch (USA) Team Exergy  
50Daniel Rooke (USA) AZphalt Cycling  
51Mike Tettleton (USA) Bicycle Religion0:04:59 
52James Williamson (USA) Bicycle Religion0:05:01 
53Philip Zajicek (Aus) Fly V Australia  
54Brian Meyer (USA) U of A Cyc0:05:52 
55Alan Schmitz (USA) Whitman College  
56Corey Steinbrecher (USA) Pista Palace0:06:54 
57Marshall Opel (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:07:22 
58Kolt Bates (USA) Metro VW  
59Christopher Chase (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri  
60Julian Fowkes (USA) Canyon Bicycles  
61Jason Siegle (USA) Bicycle Religion  
62Juan Rivera (USA) La Jolla0:07:26 
63Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande0:08:06 
64Jonathan Hornbeck (USA) Team Ranchos0:08:39 
65Joshua Bartlett (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA0:08:50 
66David Costa (USA) Anthem Sports0:10:04 
67Robert Chorost (USA) RideClean0:10:20 
68Aldo Garcia (USA) Norson0:10:25 
69Ian Moir (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:12:20 
70Kai Applequist (USA) Team Exergy0:32:31 
DNFChuck Collins (USA) IKI/SEIG  
DNFColby Elliot (USA) Bicycle Religion  
DNFGarrett Mcallister (USA) Team Wisc-MC2  
DNFJohn Tzinberg (USA) Bicycle Religion  
DNFJonathan Craig (USA) Nashvillecyclst  
DNFJonathan Parrish (USA) Kenda Pro Cyc  
DNFMatthew Jones (USA) U of A Cyc  
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Lill (RSA) Fly V Australia7:18:34 
2Roman Kilun (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:00:23 
3Christian Helmig (USA) Metro VW0:01:25 
4Ian Holt (USA) Team Rio Grande0:02:05 
5Jared Gilyard (USA) RideClean0:02:15 
6Corey Carlson (USA) Team Rio Grande0:04:15 
7Chris Aten (USA) Bicycle Haus0:07:12 
8Michael Mathis (USA) AXA Equitable0:07:49 
9David Tanner (USA) Fly V Australia0:07:56 
10Andres Diaz (USA) RaceMenu.com0:08:04 
11Jonathan Garcia (USA) Team Rio Grande0:08:11 
12Charles Dionne (USA) Fly V Australia0:08:24 
13Maxim Jenkins (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:08:26 
14Marc De Maar (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:08:38 
15Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:09:54 
16Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:10:00 
17Jai Crawford (Aus) Fly V Australia0:10:05 
18Matthew Cooke (USA) Mountain Khakis0:10:26 
19Ian Gray (USA) Team Rio Grande0:10:30 
20Corey Collier (USA) Bahati Foundn0:10:36 
21Marsh Cooper (USA) Trek Red Truck0:10:37 
22Chris Winn (USA) Team Rio Grande0:10:40 
23Stevie Cullinan (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:10:45 
24David Glick (USA) RideClean0:10:53 
25Carson Miller (USA) Veloforma0:11:08 
26Kevin Rowe (USA) Team Exergy0:11:15 
27Evan Hyde (USA) Bahati Foundn0:11:40 
28Darren Rolfe (Aus) Fly V Australia0:11:51 
29Brad Bingham (USA) Team Rio Grande0:12:01 
30Philip Zajicek (Aus) Fly V Australia0:12:04 
31Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Metro VW0:12:25 
32Victor Riquelme (USA) TriSports.com0:12:28 
33Christopher Hong (USA) Team Exergy0:12:37 
34Benjamin Bradshaw (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:12:39 
35Sean Mazich (USA) Jelly Belly0:12:54 
36Thomas Jondall (USA) Landis/Trek0:13:03 
37Taylor Kneuven (USA) Adageo Energy0:13:11 
38David Paquette (USA) Team Wisc-MC20:13:40 
39Travis Mccabe (USA) Bicycle Haus0:13:50 
40Cody Stevenson (USA) Adageo Energy0:13:56 
41Mike Tettleton (USA) Bicycle Religion0:14:27 
42Diego Yepez (USA) Bicycle Religion0:14:38 
43James Williamson (USA) Bicycle Religion  
44Dylan Jones (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:14:40 
45Alan Adams (USA) Hagens Berman0:15:09 
46Daniel Rooke (USA) AZphalt Cycling0:15:14 
47John Salskov (USA) Pactimo0:15:18 
48Chris Stuart (USA) Team Exergy0:16:04 
49Corey Steinbrecher (USA) Pista Palace0:17:02 
50Jeff Zygo (USA) MVP Healthcare0:17:06 
51Kolt Bates (USA) Metro VW0:17:16 
52Jonathan Awerbuch (USA) Team Exergy0:17:25 
53Julian Fowkes (USA) Canyon Bicycles0:17:32 
54Joshua Bartlett (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA0:17:51 
55Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande0:17:52 
56Christopher Chase (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:18:07 
57Coulton Hartrich (USA) Santo-MegaCycle0:18:35 
58Brian Meyer (USA) U of A Cyc0:19:09 
59Alan Schmitz (USA) Whitman College0:20:39 
60David Costa (USA) Anthem Sports0:21:06 
61Robert Chorost (USA) RideClean0:21:32 
62Marshall Opel (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:25:44 
63Brandon Lynch (USA) Team Exergy0:28:18 
64Jonathan Hornbeck (USA) Team Ranchos0:28:19 
65Juan Rivera (USA) La Jolla0:28:27 
66Ian Moir (USA) WM/Hammer Nutri0:29:48 
67Jason Siegle (USA) Bicycle Religion0:30:28 
68Aldo Garcia (USA) Norson0:31:14 
69Kai Applequist (USA) Team Exergy0:49:28 
70Patrick Caro (USA) Bicycle Religion0:14:17 


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