Ramos speeds to solo stage 3 victory while Sonntag hangs on to leader's jersey

Women's leader Parra keeps winning streak intact

Milton Ramos rode to a solo victory at the end of stage 3 at La Ruta on Friday. The Specialized rider finished ahead of Luis Leao Pinto and Costa Rican favorite Federico Ramirez. Overall leader Ben Sonntag lost some time, but managed to hold onto his number one ranking with one stage remaining.

In the women's race, Angela Parra won her third stage in a row and continues to lead the general classification. Louise Kobin took another second place, which meant no changes at the top of the classification.

Racers covered amazingly beautiful terrain through the mountainous central Costa Rica, including a trip up a volcano, which was strewn with fallen ashes atop the tree canopy - it looked like the trees were frosted. What followed was an extremely challenging, notoriously fast and rocky descent down to the finish.

There was controversy five minutes before the start when organizers announced the disqualification of Luis Mejia from yesterday's stage 2 for accepting outside support. A protest by many of the Spanish speaking riders ensued.

"People started getting all mad and said, 'we won't go then,'" said Alex Grant, who is currently second in the GC. "A few guys turned their bikes sideways and no one was going. They were looking at me to say something, but I didn't know what happened as I hadn't seen it, so I couldn't say anything."

However, teammate Sonntag, clad in his yellow jersey, did step up and take the microphone. "I didn't know what to do for a second. I wanted to enjoy being in this jersey some more, so I went to the microphone," he said. "At first the South Americans were saying 'yeah, yeah' because they thought I was agreeing with them, but I turned that around and said, 'I'm here to race and a lot of people are here and want to race, too. Those rules were very clear before the race and if you break those rules, you're not supposed to be in this race."

"Ramirez seemed to agree and said, 'Let's go," so we went. The race started - albeit a few minutes late, and what was most interesting was that Mejia started, too.

Climbing splits men's race early on

On the first steep climb, the race split with four leaders setting the pace together: Ramirez, Mejia, Ramos and Luis Leao Pinto. Mejia stayed in the group and seemed to do the work before dropping off on the paved climb up the volcano.  Behind the leaders, on the open road was chaos with cars in both lanes (and sometimes on the shoulder) trying to get around the racers.  Horns blared continuously and some locals on motos also seemed to follow along with the official motos, who managed to successfully somehow get all the cars around with no major incidents.

That climb, which passed Irazu and Turriabla volcanos, was the main one of the day - thought it was split into two parts by a small downhill. The first part was steep and dirt and the later part was a more gradual, paved road grade.

Behind the leaders, race leader Sonntag struggled about two to three minutes back as the road ascended up into the cold, mist. "Today was hard for me. My legs got tired after 15 minutes and I suffered from then on and didn't start to feel good until we were back down and in the sun. Maybe it was too cold? I have two things to be thankful for though - for Alex who helped me a lot and my bike which saved me on the downhill. I think we got back some time there."

Sonntag spent much of the day with teammate Alex Grant as he did yesterday. The two blazed the downhill and finished with the dropped Mejia 8:12 after winner Ramos.

"I had seen that downhill before the race, so I knew what I'd have to ride," said Ramos after his victory. "It was an advantage."

Although Ramos had reached the summit with Ramirez and Leao Pinto, he pulled away from both. Ramirez had a tire issue and fell behind while Leao Pinto's downhill skills were not as good as those of his two breakaway companions.

After the race, Ramirez reported that he saw Ramos getting outside help, which is supposed to be against the rules, and decided to concentrate on his own race. "When I saw Milton getting assistance, I thought he was not in the race any more and focused on just getting the best time today." He managed to take back nearly four minutes on Sonntag and Grant and remains in third overall.

At the time of this initial report, official results were not available to confirm whether any rules were officially broken or any stage standings were changed as a result.  Final results indicate no penalties have been given as Ramos remains atop the stage results and listed on the GC.

Luis Leao Pinto put in a remarkable ride to finish second for the stage. "I'm not a pro, I'm a lawyer," he said. "I planned my whole season around the Portuguese marathon championships, and I have four titles now. Here my goal was to stay in the top 10, especially after stomach problems on stage 1." But the rest of the race has gone so well for Leao Pinto that he is now aiming for a top five overall.

"La Ruta is one of the most prestigious races, and I had to do it one time in my life," he said. "It's my vacation. It's an honor to be here racing with these champions. The climb was very, very hard, but I climbed well. I'm not so good at the technical parts, and on Monday, I have to go to work, so I can't be injured."

American Sam Schultz flatted for the third time in the race and then changed his approach once out of contention. "I got a flat early today and wanted to get more of the La Ruta experience. I settled into a comfortable pace and stopped at aid stations to eat cookies and cakes. I had a lot of fun. I'd rather win the race, but if I can't, I'll at least have fun."

When asked about the morning's protest, Schultz said, "I just wanted to go ride," but he noted, "I witnessed a tow and everyone in my grupetto yesterday got outside feeds. I wondered if it was allowed and thought 'what's going on?', but I was pretty sure it wasn't allowed, so I didn't take any."

Familiar results in the women's race

Angela Parra, Louise Kobin and Rebecca Rusch took the top three spots in the women's race for the third consecutive day.

Parra out-climbed everyone again, making it look easy though she said it wasn't. "It was cold on the climb with the wind. Afterwards, I knew I had to go down, but carefully due to the big rocks. I took an advantage and after that, I was just taking care on the downhill."

Throughout much of the race, Kobin was about two to three minutes behind. The American past winner had a satisfactory day. "This stage was the warmest it's ever been on this volcano and the downhill was in the best shape I've ever seen it. I thought with all the rain and floods lately that it wouldn't be in such great condition."

"The volcano looked so different than any time I've ever seen it. Usually there's water running down it and it's really slick and I have to get off my bike a few times, but this time I never did. It was fun."

Race note

The disqualified rider Mejia is the partner of women's leader Parra. After the race, she commented on the morning's surprise news. "They disqualified my husband because sometimes you drop bottles and you are in the race and don't have anything. Maybe he took a bottle or something like that."

Full stage results (Note: * indicates disqualified just before the start of stage 3)

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Milton Ramos (CRc) 3:38:03  
2 Luis Leao  Pinto (Por) 0:01:14  
3 Federico Ramirez  Mendez (CRc) 0:04:23  
4 Alex Grant (USA) 0:08:12  
5 Luis Mejia  Sanchez (Col)*    
6 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)    
7 Alexander Sanchez  Calderon (CRc) 0:15:05  
8 Leonard  Jason Tullous (USA) 0:17:26  
9 Eddy Perez (CRc) 0:22:46  
10 Alfredo  Cesar Acosta  Gonzalez (CRc)    
11 Manuel Prado (CRc) 0:26:49  
12 Samuel  Tyler Schultz (USA) 0:30:11  
13 Ismael Ventura  sanchez (Spa) 0:30:36  
14 Thomas Turner (USA) 0:33:16  
15 Blake Harlan (USA) 0:43:39  
16 Luis  Diego Chaverri  Madden (CRc) 0:55:16  
17 Santos Corea  Gutierrez (CRc)    
18 Juan  carlos Fallas  Rodriguez (CRc)    
19 Juan  Carlos Marin  Valenciano (CRc) 1:02:06  
20 James Andrew  Lehman (USA) 1:02:54  
21 Adam Pulford (USA) 1:04:12  
22 Matt Luhn (USA) 1:08:22  
23 Mario  Alfredo Meneses  Bonilla (CRc)    
24 Corey Scobie (USA) 1:16:48  
25 Javier Lanzuela  Sanchez (Spa) 1:16:53  
26 Fernando Salazar (CRc) 1:19:21  
27 Alvaro  José Lanuza  Viquez (CRc)    
28 Stephanus Francois  Millard (RSA) 1:20:34  
29 Felix Arratzoa  Arrechea (Spa)    
30 Marco Amador  Jimenez (CRc) 1:24:31  
31 Jose  Santos Blandon  Miranda (CRc) 1:24:35  
32 Javier Badilla  Badilla (CRc) 1:32:31  
33 Eric Kollai (USA) 1:35:27  
34 Victor  Alonso Araya  Pereira (CRc) 1:37:08  
35 Anthony  Steve Fonseca  Sanchez (CRc) 1:38:12  
36 Heiner Mora  Quiros (CRc)    
37 Daniel Perez (USA) 1:40:47  
38 Luis  fernando Mora  Hidalgo (CRc) 1:41:02  
39 Rodrigo Herrera  Solorzano (CRc) 1:42:00  
40 Arnoldo Loaiza  Duran (CRc) 1:44:13  
41 Felipe Castro  Barquero (CRc)    
42 Iñigo Labat  Yanguas (Spa) 1:45:10  
43 Allan Padilla  U. (CRc) 1:47:06  
44 Pablo Castrillo (CRc) 1:49:04  
45 Iker Maíz (Mex) 1:51:20  
46 Carlos Calvo  Ramazzini (CRc) 1:51:33  
47 Kenneth Sanabria (CRc)    
48 Roberto Monge  Brenes (CRc) 1:51:39  
49 Leonel Gomez  Navarro (CRc) 1:52:21  
50 Walter Blanco (CRc) 1:53:58  
51 Andrew Slayton (USA) 1:53:59  
52 Monte Hewett (USA) 1:55:39  
53 Van Dupree  Council (USA) 1:56:28  
54 Mario  Albertry Rodriguez  Sequeira (CRc) 1:57:48  
55 Matthew Ohran (USA) 2:00:27  
56 Carlos Robles  Cordero (CRc) 2:05:37  
57 Juan  Pablo Venegas  Herrera (CRc) 2:05:47  
58 Max Araya  Orozco (CRc) 2:06:13  
59 Rolando Flores  Guerrero (Mex)    
60 Fernando  José Hernandez  Brenes (CRc) 2:07:02  
61 Carlos Arce  Estrada (CRc) 2:07:46  
62 Seraphin John  Millon (USA) 2:10:45  
63 Leonel Chacon  Chan (CRc) 2:11:24  
64 Ron Rel (USA) 2:13:52  
65 Mauricio Richmond  Padilla (CRc) 2:15:14  
66 Jon  Christian Carmichael (USA) 2:15:42  
67 Luis Arias  Muñoz (CRc) 2:16:26  
68 Julio Mena  monge (CRc) 2:20:04  
69 Luis Rubi  Quant (CRc) 2:21:56  
70 Bruno Carvalho (PRc) 2:22:19  
71 Christopher Music (CRc) 2:24:12  
72 Dirk Luttekes (Ned) 2:24:16  
73 Gigi Giyora  Stahi (CRc) 2:25:17  
74 Mauricio Alvarado  Rivera (CRc) 2:28:19  
75 Danny  A. corrales  Zecca (CRc) 2:33:09  
76 Rafael Mesen  Solis (CRc)    
77 Scott Kuppersmith (USA) 2:33:11  
78 Joe Czempoyesh (Can) 2:39:41  
79 Ben Morris (USA) 2:40:17  
80 David John  Burke (Can)    
81 John  Paul Matzigkeit (USA) 2:40:50  
82 Javier  Jose Gurdian  Astua (CRc) 2:45:00  
83 Martin Lorenzo  y  Lozada (Uru) 2:45:05  
84 Peter Ackerman (Swi) 2:47:26  
85 Gabriel  Dario Montero  Ramos (Ecu)    
86 Jonathan Chaves  Calvo (CRc) 2:55:57  
87 Thomas F  Smith (USA) 2:56:11  
88 Esteban Roman (CRc) 2:56:48  
89 Mark  Christopher Rago (USA) 2:58:04  
90 Ronan Garnier (Fra) 2:59:55  
91 Modesto Jimenez  Vargas (CRc) 2:59:57  
92 Alejandro Arias  Victory (CRc) 3:01:06  
93 Rob Bilich (Cro) 3:01:10  
94 Jorge Salazar (CRc) 3:02:48  
95 Francisco Sanchez  Castillo (CRc) 3:03:14  
96 Robert Quinn (USA) 3:04:13  
97 Braulio  Esteban Leiva  Perez (CRc) 3:04:22  
98 David Leal  Cruz (CRc) 3:05:16  
99 Gustavo Padilla  Umaña (CRc) 3:06:30  
100 Mario  Alberto Sanchez  Hernandez (CRc)    
101 Juan  Simon Ocaña  Ortiz (Mex) 3:09:01  
102 Erick Diaz  Vivian (Mex) 3:12:55  
103 Manuel Marco (Mex) 3:14:21  
104 Geovanny Gomez  Navarro (CRc) 3:15:28  
105 Rodolfo Mata  Lobo (CRc) 3:22:05  
106 Alejandro Cruz  Arroyo (CRc) 3:23:00  
107 Wilbert Solis  Azofeifa (CRc) 3:23:12  
108 Rafael  A. Salazar  Castro (CRc) 3:27:17  
109 Edgar Gomez  Castaño (Mex) 3:28:00  
110 Andres Fernandez (CRc) 3:30:47  
111 Johann Kroll (Aut)    
112 Silvia  E. Cespedes  Quesada (CRc) 3:32:30  
113 Odd Mjaland (Nor) 3:34:39  
114 David Johnston (Can) 3:38:42  
115 Marcel Bachmann (Swi) 3:41:58  
116 Carlos  José Achan  Sanchez (CRc) 3:44:04  
117 John  Christopher Sagebiel (USA) 3:46:58  
118 Anthony Damico  Jr (USA)    
119 Andrew Merrick (Can) 3:50:19  
120 Alan Arguello  Diaz (CRc) 3:50:22  
121 Martin Fuentes  Ruiz (CRc) 3:52:20  
122 Julio Molina  Arias (CRc) 3:55:03  
123 Donald Godinez  Godinez (CRc) 3:58:11  
124 Ignacio  S. Merino  Lanzilotti (Mex) 4:04:50  
125 Olman Nuñez  Varela (CRc) 4:07:22  
126 Thomas Sandi  campos (CRc) 4:09:52  
127 Chris Waldron (Can) 4:11:09  
128 Mauricio  J. Ortiz  Odio (CRc) 4:15:02  
129 Henry Wong  Castro (CRc) 4:15:11  
130 Lawson Willard (USA) 4:19:20  
131 Jerry  José Zamora  Rojas (CRc) 4:25:18  
132 Alberto  José Gamboa  Pacheco (CRc) 4:25:40  
133 Heart Akerson (USA) 4:27:02  
134 Robert Gehlen (USA) 4:27:06  
135 Jorge  Miranda Gutierrez (Mex) 4:30:55  
136 Jorge  Ricardo Schiller (Mex) 4:33:06  
137 Fernando Salazar  Martinez (Mex) 4:34:59  
138 Manuel Ulloa  Gil (CRc) 4:39:57  
139 Diego Gil  Jimenez (CRc) 4:40:28  
140 Luis  Eduardo Peralta  Orozco (Mex) 4:40:32  
141 Javier Sanchez  Carranza (CRc) 4:41:11  
142 Marco  Antonio Leal  Gomez (Mex) 4:46:23  
143 Fidel Garza  Chapa (Mex) 4:47:26  
144 Alvaro  José Salazar  Kruse (CRc) 4:47:45  
145 Patrick Haines (CRc) 4:52:32  
146 Gilbert Castro  Chavarria (CRc) 5:02:45  
147 Giancarlo Loria  Fonseca (CRc) 5:10:43  
148 Thomas Harvey (GBr) 5:12:35  
149 Rolf Blancke (CRc) 5:18:23  
150 Richard Arden (GBr) 5:27:05  
151 Rodrigo  H. Gonzalez  Gonzalez (Mex)    
152 Mario  Eduardo Hurtado  Perez (Mex) 5:34:25  
153 Rogelio Barragan  Sanchez (Mex)    
154 Hesiquio Merino  Lanzilotti (Mex)    
155 Diego Rapetti (Uru) 5:48:30  
156 Carlos Loria  Loria (CRc) 6:10:37  
157 Reuven Sztejfman (Isr) 6:29:25  
158 Christopher Hoe (USA)    
DNF Alfredo Peralta  Collado (CRc)    
DNF Jason Sager (USA)    
DNF Dax Jaikel (CRc)    
DNF Brent Sparkman (USA)    
DNF Roger Herrera (CRc)    
DNF Pablo Gamez (CRc)    
DNF Juan  Carlos Contreras  Rave (CRc)    
DNF Federico Amador  Leon (CRc)    
DNF Ricardo  E. Aguirre (Mex)    
DNF William Blanco (CRc)    
DNF Steven  R. Long (USA)    
DNF Greg Thompson (USA)    
DNF Walter Fernandez  Vargas (CRc)    
DNF Gem Pham (USA)    
DNF Juan  Manuel Bordallo  Murillo (CRc)    
DNF Ron Castia (USA)    
DNF Francisco Alfaro  Morales (CRc)    
DNF Pavel Popiolek (Cze)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Angela Parra  Sierra (Col) 4:53:26  
2 Louise Kobin (USA) 0:01:36  
3 Rebecca Rusch (USA) 0:12:37  
4 Brenda  María Muñoz  Arce (CRc) 0:40:31  
5 Jane Rynbrandt (USA) 0:41:13  
6 Ligia Madrigal (CRc) 0:47:18  
7 Dianna Ineman (USA) 1:32:03  
8 Kristin Kopec (Can) 1:44:32  
9 Sandra Pereira  M.O.  Garnier (PRc) 2:07:00  
10 April Sky  Herring (USA) 2:21:56  
11 Cassandra Lean  Stamm (USA) 2:42:48  
12 Kathy Salisbury (USA) 3:20:11  
13 Dawn Fidler (USA)    
14 Lena Yarbrough (USA) 4:21:02  

General classification after stage 3

Men general classification
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) 13:47:56  
2 Alex Grant (USA) 0:02:29  
3 Federico Ramirez  Mendez (CRc) 0:04:00  
4 Milton Ramos (CRc) 0:09:54  
5 Luis Leao  Pinto (Por) 0:18:08  
6 Eddy Perez (CRc) 0:45:08  
7 Alexander Sanchez  Calderon (CRc) 0:45:35  
8 Manuel Prado (CRc) 0:52:14  
9 Ismael Ventura  sanchez (Spa) 1:05:01  
10 Samuel  Tyler Schultz (USA) 1:06:35  
11 Thomas Turner (USA) 1:30:05  
12 Alfredo  Cesar Acosta  Gonzalez (CRc) 1:35:20  
13 Santos Corea  Gutierrez (CRc) 1:42:37  
14 Leonard  Jason Tullous (USA) 1:55:32  
15 Juan  carlos Fallas  Rodriguez (CRc) 2:20:46  
16 Juan  Carlos Marin  Valenciano (CRc) 2:54:19  
17 Blake Harlan (USA) 2:59:50  
18 James Andrew  Lehman (USA) 3:18:48  
19 Luis  Diego Chaverri  Madden (CRc) 3:31:48  
20 Javier Lanzuela  Sanchez (Spa) 4:00:55  
21 Mario  Alfredo Meneses  Bonilla (CRc) 4:13:55  
22 Adam Pulford (USA) 4:20:41  
23 Daniel Perez (USA) 4:45:53  
24 Corey Scobie (USA) 4:47:18  
25 Felix Arratzoa  Arrechea (Spa) 4:50:13  
26 Alvaro  José Lanuza  Viquez (CRc) 4:51:44  
27 Fernando Salazar (CRc) 4:58:21  
28 Javier Badilla  Badilla (CRc) 5:25:05  
29 Marco Amador  Jimenez (CRc) 5:35:21  
30 Jose  Santos Blandon  Miranda (CRc) 5:45:10  
31 Rodrigo Herrera  Solorzano (CRc) 5:47:05  
32 Victor  Alonso Araya  Pereira (CRc) 5:52:10  
33 Heiner Mora  Quiros (CRc) 5:52:37  
34 Eric Kollai (USA) 6:03:10  
35 Felipe Castro  Barquero (CRc) 6:05:47  
36 Iñigo Labat  Yanguas (Spa) 6:08:31  
37 Allan Padilla  U. (CRc) 6:08:41  
38 Arnoldo Loaiza  Duran (CRc) 6:12:01  
39 Anthony  Steve Fonseca  Sanchez (CRc) 6:13:05  
40 Pablo Castrillo (CRc) 6:13:18  
41 Stephanus Francois  Millard (RSA) 6:16:51  
42 Luis  fernando Mora  Hidalgo (CRc) 6:17:06  
43 Juan  Pablo Venegas  Herrera (CRc) 6:19:33  
44 Leonel Gomez  Navarro (CRc) 6:31:41  
45 Max Araya  Orozco (CRc) 6:44:15  
46 Walter Blanco (CRc) 6:50:53  
47 Monte Hewett (USA) 6:53:38  
48 Iker Maíz (Mex) 7:00:50  
49 Carlos Arce  Estrada (CRc) 7:13:50  
50 Van Dupree  Council (USA) 7:16:16  
51 Matthew Ohran (USA) 7:19:18  
52 Andrew Slayton (USA) 7:31:46  
53 Mauricio Alvarado  Rivera (CRc) 7:50:16  
54 Roberto Monge  Brenes (CRc) 7:55:29  
55 Luis Arias  Muñoz (CRc) 7:58:13  
56 Rolando Flores  Guerrero (Mex) 8:00:08  
57 Leonel Chacon  Chan (CRc) 8:00:53  
58 Fernando  José Hernandez  Brenes (CRc) 8:01:10  
59 Luis Rubi  Quant (CRc) 8:16:16  
60 Julio Mena  monge (CRc) 8:16:57  
61 Dirk Luttekes (Ned) 8:17:46  
62 Ben Morris (USA) 8:18:40  
63 Mario  Albertry Rodriguez  Sequeira (CRc) 8:20:38  
64 Seraphin John  Millon (USA) 8:23:35  
65 Christopher Music (CRc) 8:24:33  
66 Gigi Giyora  Stahi (CRc) 8:35:13  
67 Scott Kuppersmith (USA) 8:39:02  
68 Mauricio Richmond  Padilla (CRc) 8:42:25  
69 Carlos Robles  Cordero (CRc) 8:52:13  
70 Kenneth Sanabria (CRc) 8:54:14  
71 Joe Czempoyesh (Can) 8:59:33  
72 Jon  Christian Carmichael (USA) 9:01:39  
73 Mario  Alberto Sanchez  Hernandez (CRc) 9:16:48  
74 John  Paul Matzigkeit (USA) 9:18:03  
75 Gabriel  Dario Montero  Ramos (Ecu) 9:34:02  
76 David John  Burke (Can) 9:42:31  
77 Peter Ackerman (Swi) 9:44:49  
78 Rafael Mesen  Solis (CRc) 9:54:03  
79 Geovanny Gomez  Navarro (CRc) 9:56:27  
80 Andres Fernandez (CRc) 9:57:58  
81 Wilbert Solis  Azofeifa (CRc) 10:09:11  
82 Modesto Jimenez  Vargas (CRc) 10:12:19  
83 Rob Bilich (Cro) 10:16:05  
84 Danny  A. corrales  Zecca (CRc) 10:18:22  
85 Alejandro Arias  Victory (CRc) 10:24:29  
86 Jonathan Chaves  Calvo (CRc) 10:26:46  
87 Carlos Calvo  Ramazzini (CRc) 10:27:57  
88 John  Christopher Sagebiel (USA) 10:29:53  
89 Martin Lorenzo  y  Lozada (Uru) 10:32:58  
90 Thomas F  Smith (USA) 10:38:33  
91 Braulio  Esteban Leiva  Perez (CRc) 10:38:44  
92 Mark  Christopher Rago (USA) 10:40:31  
93 Andrew Merrick (Can) 10:41:32  
94 Bruno Carvalho (PRc) 11:06:41  
95 Carlos  José Achan  Sanchez (CRc) 11:10:08  
96 Erick Diaz  Vivian (Mex) 11:12:41  
97 David Leal  Cruz (CRc) 11:13:26  
98 Juan  Simon Ocaña  Ortiz (Mex) 11:21:52  
99 Jerry  José Zamora  Rojas (CRc) 11:45:37  
100 Francisco Sanchez  Castillo (CRc) 11:52:31  
101 Jorge Salazar (CRc) 11:53:41  
102 Robert Quinn (USA) 11:57:02  
103 Ronan Garnier (Fra) 11:57:45  
104 Johann Kroll (Aut) 12:02:24  
105 Anthony Damico  Jr (USA) 12:07:42  
106 Chris Waldron (Can) 12:22:52  
107 Silvia  E. Cespedes  Quesada (CRc) 12:25:08  
108 David Johnston (Can) 12:29:04  
109 Martin Fuentes  Ruiz (CRc) 12:48:55  
110 Thomas Sandi  campos (CRc) 12:58:50  
111 Rafael  A. Salazar  Castro (CRc) 13:00:59  
112 Marcel Bachmann (Swi) 13:09:37  
113 Julio Molina  Arias (CRc) 13:20:06  
114 Alan Arguello  Diaz (CRc) 13:22:03  
115 Henry Wong  Castro (CRc) 13:25:49  
116 Olman Nuñez  Varela (CRc) 13:26:30  
117 Fernando Salazar  Martinez (Mex) 13:30:38  
118 Alberto  José Gamboa  Pacheco (CRc) 13:34:04  
119 Diego Rapetti (Uru) 13:36:23  
120 Lawson Willard (USA) 13:37:28  
121 Ignacio  S. Merino  Lanzilotti (Mex) 14:04:11  
122 Rodolfo Mata  Lobo (CRc) 14:08:52  
123 Manuel Marco (Mex) 14:09:41  
124 Fidel Garza  Chapa (Mex) 14:21:49  
125 Esteban Roman (CRc) 14:31:48  
126 Luis  Eduardo Peralta  Orozco (Mex) 14:34:14  
127 Robert Gehlen (USA) 14:35:24  
128 Mauricio  J. Ortiz  Odio (CRc) 14:54:20  
129 Heart Akerson (USA) 15:00:05  
130 Patrick Haines (CRc) 15:08:39  
131 Manuel Ulloa  Gil (CRc) 15:08:53  
132 Jorge  Ricardo Schiller (Mex) 15:27:36  
133 Diego Gil  Jimenez (CRc) 15:38:39  
134 Alvaro  José Salazar  Kruse (CRc) 15:48:19  
135 Javier Sanchez  Carranza (CRc) 16:25:08  
136 Rolf Blancke (CRc) 16:38:40  
137 Thomas Harvey (GBr) 17:28:19  
Women general classification
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Angela Parra  Sierra (Col) 17:30:42  
2 Louise Kobin (USA) 0:28:31  
3 Rebecca Rusch (USA) 0:58:19  
4 Brenda  María Muñoz  Arce (CRc) 2:55:46  
5 Jane Rynbrandt (USA) 3:26:46  
6 Ligia Madrigal (CRc) 3:57:15  
7 Dianna Ineman (USA) 6:01:03  
8 Kristin Kopec (Can) 6:55:07  
9 Sandra Pereira  M.O.  Garnier (PRc) 8:24:28  
10 April Sky  Herring (USA) 8:38:11  
11 Cassandra Lean  Stamm (USA) 9:57:25  
12 Dawn Fidler (USA) 11:45:09  
13 Kathy Salisbury (USA) 11:49:37  
14 Lena Yarbrough (USA) 13:40:29  
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