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June 17, Downhill:

Cunningham finishes fastest in Innerleithen

Cycling News
June 17, 2012, 20:36 BST,
June 17, 2012, 21:45 BST

Stone wins women's downhill in wet conditions

Jessica Stone races to a victory in Innerleithen

Jessica Stone races to a victory in Innerleithen

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The third race of the iXS European Downhill Cup took place at Innerleithen in Scotland this weekend. With the Scottish weather being extremely challenging, it was the wettest race of the season so far. Ruaridh Cunningham and Jessica Stone coped best with those conditions and took the wins.

After the first two rounds in Switzerland and Austria, all competitors from mainland Europe had a bit further to go than usual, as the third of seven overall stops took the iXS European Cup to Innerleithen. After the series had already stopped here in 2010, it was time again for another visit to Scotland.

One week after the World Cup in Fort William, it was the second big downhill spectacle in Scotland. Only the weather wasn't up for any racing this weekend, and as a consequence this stop will make history as the wettest race this season. The course was modified exclusively for this race, and was still well rideable despite the wet conditions. Local hero and current British Champion Cunningham (Alpine Bikes Racing) showed off all his qualities and secured the last starting place in the finals in Saturday's seeding run.

Mud tyres were first choice again on Sunday, although it stopped raining for the finals. After his crash on Saturday Brook MacDonald hit the course a bit earlier and finished faster than anybody in the seeding run on the day before. He could make himself comfortable in the hot seat for quite a while, and it almost looked like he will stay in the lead until the end. Robin Wallner (Team Are Bike Park Sweden) was the first one to come very close, but didn't beat his time in the end. The next one to miss the fastest time by only five tenths of a second was Lewis Buchanan (Chain Reaction Cycles).

Markus Pekoll (MS Mondraker Team), one who can cope very well with conditions like those in Innerleithen, was next to beat the fastest time. Finishing with the second fastest time in the seeding run he showed on Saturday that he was ready to attack again after his problems in the last races. But he too couldn't beat MacDonald's time and missed the podium.

The last one to finish was Cunningham, and it was pretty clear when he hit the final berms on the muddy meadow that he is going for the win. He finished in 3:02.056, with more than three seconds ahead of MacDonald and took the win, so in the end it was Cunnigham first, MacDonald second, Buchanan third, followed by Wallner and Pekoll. The MS Mondraker Team managed to take all three spots in the overall rankings, with MacDonald first, Damien Spagnolo second and Pekoll with only one point difference at three.

In the elite women's race, Jessica Stone (Unior Tools Team) repeated her success from Saturday and finished in the fastest time again, de-classing her competitors in 3:55.084 and more than 15 seconds ahead. Josefine Björkman (Swedish National Team) came second, and Rosie Smith (Bikeart/Knox) finished third.

Fastest in the Masters category was Dave Wardell, followed by Jack Tattersall and David Tallontire (Uplift Scotland).

The U17 male category was also dominated by British riders. Taylor Vernon (FOX/Bike it/Scott) took the win, with Daniel Farley ( and William Weston (Madison Saracen Downhill Team) finishing second and third. Marcus Hansson (Team finished fourth and could defend the overall lead in the class.

In the U17 female category, Charlotte Mallin Martin was the only one starter. But looking back Tahnée Seagrave (FMD Racing) had to hold the flag for the female offspring last season, and is already making her mark in the World Cup at the moment.

Despite the not-so-optimal weather conditions, the long journey to Scotland was worth the effort. With three races done, the next stop will be Pila in Italy in August.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ruaridh Cunningham (GBr) Alpine Bikes Racing 0:03:02.06  
2 Brook Macdonald (NZl) MS Mondraker Racing 0:00:03.47  
3 Lewis Buchanan (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycling 0:00:04.00  
4 Robin Wallner (Swe) Team Are Bike Park Sweden 0:00:07.86  
5 Markus Pekoll (Aut) MS Mondraker Racing 0:00:08.11  
6 Mark Scott (GBr) 0:00:08.57  
7 Rick Balbierer (Ger) Racergy 0:00:08.57  
8 Greg Williamson (GBr) Scottish Cycling 0:00:09.25  
9 Adam Brayton (GBr) Banshee One Industries 0:00:09.27  
10 Peter Williams (GBr) I cycles/ ONeal, KP 0:00:09.60  
11 Joseph Connell (GBr) 0:00:10.01  
12 Elliot Machin (GBr) Foes racing/Balfa uk 0:00:10.74  
13 William Jones (GBr) PS Cycles/ Cwmdown 0:00:11.53  
14 Jack Reading (GBr) Ellsworth/ONeal/Fox-Mojo 0:00:11.53  
15 Jack Geoghegan (GBr) Madison Saracen Downhill Team 0:00:11.60  
16 Brad Mather (GBr) empire cycles 0:00:11.80  
17 Scott Mears (GBr) 0:00:13.53  
18 James Swinden (GBr) 0:00:14.22  
19 Ashley Maller (GBr) Fetish Bike Company UK 0:00:14.26  
20 Johann Potgieter (RSA) LE CANFIELD Factory Team 0:00:15.34  
21 Allan Findlay (GBr) 0:00:15.76  
22 Scott Laughland (GBr) Rock And Road Cycles 0:00:15.82  
23 Arran Gannicott (GBr) Gannicott Racing 0:00:16.66  
24 Ronan Taylor (GBr) 0:00:16.68  
25 Christopher Gallagher (GBr) Wigwam Racing 0:00:17.61  
26 Philipp Bünnemann (Ger) 0:00:17.73  
27 Alex Florian (GBr) 0:00:17.88  
28 Niklas Wallner (Swe) Team Are Bike Park Sweden 0:00:17.96  
29 Josh Lowe (GBr) Madison Saracen DH Team 0:00:18.02  
30 Ewan Doherty (Irl) Plush 0:00:18.72  
31 Nick Geoghegan (GBr) 44Racing Rockstar 0:00:19.13  
32 Daniel Critchlow (GBr) Morewood / Burgtec 0:00:20.17  
33 Michael Spence (GBr) 0:00:20.27  
34 James Ramsay (GBr) Descend/Hamsterley 0:00:21.17  
35 Jay Williamson (GBr), fox head 0:00:21.18  
36 Liam Little (GBr) Foes Balfa UK/ KNOX 0:00:21.36  
37 Riku Länsiö (Fin) HyPy 0:00:21.58  
38 Christopher Sinden (GBr) 0:00:21.59  
39 Daniel Carrigan (GBr) 0:00:21.90  
40 Michael Vickers (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate 0:00:22.21  
41 Erik Irmisch (Ger) RACERGY 0:00:23.71  
42 Andrew Kelly (GBr) All Terrain Cycles 0:00:25.36  
43 Alex Holowko (GBr) Mojo Suspension 0:00:25.85  
44 Sam Maddison (GBr) 0:00:26.42  
45 George Belk (GBr) 0:00:26.92  
46 Josh Lewis (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate uk 0:00:27.34  
47 Michael Turnbull (GBr) Walkers Cycling Club 0:00:28.75  
48 Matthew Atkinson (GBr) 0:00:30.14  
49 Ross Wilcox (GBr) Innerleithen MTB Racing 0:00:30.74  
50 Gary Neale (GBr) 0:00:30.77  
51 Alasdair Stevenson (GBr) 0:00:30.80  
52 Ryan Chambers (GBr) Ae7 bikes 0:00:31.41  
53 Andrew Farley (GBr) 0:00:31.44  
54 Mitchell Skene (GBr) Perth City Cycles 0:00:31.88  
55 Alasdair Maclennan (GBr) 0:00:32.05  
56 Joe Flanagan (GBr) All Terrain Cycles 0:00:32.35  
57 Florian Kulike (Ger) 0:00:32.79  
58 Jake Ward (GBr) Braintree BMX Racing Club 0:00:33.20  
59 Ruairidh Mcritchie (GBr) 0:00:34.21  
60 Calum Mcritchie (GBr) 0:00:34.62  
61 Matthew Rushton (GBr) 0:00:34.90  
62 Simon Parsons (GBr) Biketart/ Renthal/ Mojo 0:00:35.66  
63 Steven Turnbull (GBr) Northern downhill 0:00:37.47  
64 Samuel Wakefield (GBr) 0:00:37.73  
65 Jake Hood (GBr) Bike Track People 0:00:37.81  
66 Benjamin Williamson (GBr) Perth City Cycles 0:00:38.34  
67 Michael Bischoff (Swi) Thömus Hot-Trail Racing Team 0:00:38.41  
68 Jon Stout (GBr) 0:00:38.53  
69 Paul Milne (GBr) 0:00:38.94  
70 Callum Mccubbing (GBr) Ae7 Bikes 0:00:38.98  
71 Basil Weber (Swi) Team PROJECT 0:00:39.06  
72 Zach Peters (GBr) 0:00:39.11  
73 John Bolton (GBr) 0:00:39.26  
74 Andrew Weeding (GBr) 0:00:39.43  
75 David Schinnerl (Aut) andersbiken/ kona grass roots 0:00:39.52  
76 Cameron Ross (GBr) Single Track Bikes 0:00:39.59  
77 Ewan Findlay (GBr) Base Camp Bikes 0:00:39.67  
78 Colin Stewart (GBr) 0:00:40.63  
79 Casper Burenby (Swe) Swedish National Team 0:00:40.69  
80 Thomas Pollock (GBr) Team CHR 0:00:40.83  
81 Jamie Scott (GBr) 0:00:42.46  
82 Matthew Cooper (GBr) Timmy Cooper fine furniture 0:00:42.72  
83 Markus Planitzer (Aut) BBS-Racing 0:00:43.00  
84 Lewis Summers (GBr) Perth City Cycles 0:00:43.04  
85 Gavin Duke (GBr) 0:00:43.65  
86 James Wilson (GBr) 0:00:43.91  
87 Darren Wilson (GBr) 0:00:44.52  
88 James Kidd (GBr) Devinci/Haven 0:00:44.92  
89 Adam Lock (GBr) 0:00:45.86  
90 Shane Craig (GBr) Team CHR 0:00:46.75  
91 Craig Shaw (GBr) basecampmtb 0:00:47.90  
92 Lukas Aeschlimann (Swi) Team PROJECT 0:00:48.25  
93 Brodie Hood (GBr) 0:00:48.53  
94 Nick Turner (GBr) The Development/FTW 0:00:48.83  
95 Josh Chambers (GBr) 0:00:49.62  
96 Jak Ferguson (GBr) 0:00:49.75  
97 Marc Cunningham (GBr) 0:00:50.98  
98 Christopher Cochrane (GBr) 0:00:54.40  
99 Ruairidh Fraser (GBr) Cycle Highlands 0:00:54.89  
100 Jack Bell (GBr) 0:00:55.79  
101 Harry Bowman (GBr) 0:00:56.48  
102 Michael Newbould (GBr) Moonglu RT 0:00:56.50  
103 Robert Pickard (GBr) 0:00:56.51  
104 Euan Thomson (GBr) 0:00:56.61  
105 Chris Pickard (GBr) 0:00:58.22  
106 Anthony Preston (GBr) Decade Europe/Commencal UK 0:00:59.81  
107 John Shiell (GBr) Team CHR 0:01:00.89  
108 James Fröhlich (Ger) Team Green DH. Racing 0:01:05.52  
109 Felix Rudd (GBr) Bollocknack uk / North Pennine 0:01:06.14  
110 Malcolm Porter (GBr) 0:01:07.74  
111 William Cranston (GBr) 0:01:09.04  
112 Aled Williams (GBr) 0:01:11.08  
113 Christopher Scott (GBr) Descend/Hamsterley 0:01:11.25  
114 Ethan Thomson (GBr) 0:01:12.45  
115 Johannes Karlberg (Swe) Swedish National Team 0:01:14.15  
116 Bradly Illingworth (GBr) Northerndownhill 0:01:17.20  
117 Kenneth Porter (GBr) 0:01:26.98  
118 Fraser Leadbetter (GBr) 0:01:30.61  
119 Euan Waugh (GBr) singletrack Bikes 0:01:48.16  
120 Philipp Burger (Ger) Soulrider e.V. 0:01:49.13  
121 Abe Watkinson (GBr) 0:01:57.40  
122 Ben Cathro (GBr) Sick Skills MTB Coaching 0:03:01.99  
123 Fraser Mcglone (GBr) 0:03:36.01  
DNS Reece Langhorn (GBr)    
DNS Ben Rodgers (GBr) All Terrain Cycles    
DNS James Flinders (GBr) mde bikes    
DNS Gareth Weston (GBr)    
DNS Christopher Walters (GBr) Northerndownhill stepup cucles    
DNS Michael Jones (GBr) Team Bicycle Doctor, wdmba    
DNS Craig Brown (GBr)    
DNS Damion Groves (GBr)    
DNF Callum Dew (GBr) NWMTB / Oneal    
DNF David Duggan (GBr) Devinci / Haven    
DNF Jakob Thunell (Swe) Swedish National Team    
DNF Philip Carters (GBr)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jessica Stone (GBr) Unior Tools Team 0:03:55.08  
2 Josefine Björkman (Swe) Swedish National Team 0:00:15.72  
3 Rosie Smith (GBr) Biketart/Knox/Schwalbe 0:00:57.68  
4 Hannah Barnes (GBr) 0:01:04.74  
5 Erin Maguire (GBr) Innerleithen MTB Racing 0:01:17.39  
6 Kath Pickard (GBr) 0:02:42.07  
U17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Taylor Vernon (GBr) Fox, Bike It, Scott, Maxxis, M 0:03:21.15  
2 Daniel Farley (GBr) 0:00:03.06  
3 William Weston (GBr) Madison Saracen Downhill Team 0:00:04.00  
4 Marcus Hansson (Swe) Team 0:00:05.77  
5 Sam Herd (GBr) Perth City Cycles 0:00:07.35  
6 Callum Havard (GBr) teamskene/mojo 0:00:07.48  
7 Innes Graham (GBr) Lapierre - Cadets 0:00:15.43  
8 Niall Morrison (GBr) Bike Track People 0:00:16.56  
9 Jan Vacek (Cze) AGang Young Guns 0:00:19.65  
10 Max Cranston (GBr) 0:00:22.83  
11 Andrew Dorritt (GBr) Lapierre - Cadets 0:00:23.80  
12 Brad Swinbank (GBr) SPS 0:00:25.92  
13 Adam Hughes (GBr) Stewartry Wheelers 0:00:30.38  
14 Ryan Middleton (GBr) Perth City Cycles 0:00:34.89  
15 Dean Stevenson (GBr) Rock And Road Cycles 0:00:43.50  
16 Rowan Carpenter (GBr) All Terrain Cycles 0:00:47.10  
17 Ross Warrender (GBr) 0:01:06.40  
18 Robbie Mclernon (GBr) 0:01:08.27  
19 Grant Robertson (GBr) Velocity 44 Stirling 0:01:36.35  
20 Frazer Mccubbing (GBr) Ae7 Bikes 0:04:32.16  
DNS Thomas Atkinson (GBr)    
DNS Niall Simpson (GBr)    
U17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Charlotte Mallin Martin (GBr) 0:04:54.29  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Dave Wardell (GBr) 0:03:23.04  
2 Jack Tattersall (GBr) 0:00:01.70  
3 David Tallontire (GBr) Uplift Scotland 0:00:03.55  
4 Craig Taylor (GBr) Devinci/Haven/Loaded 0:00:06.23  
5 Neil White (GBr) Fanatik Bike Co. USA 0:00:12.45  
6 Justin Grice (GBr) 0:00:14.12  
7 Chris Coates (GBr) 0:00:18.23  
8 Ben Stead (GBr) Cycle Recycle 0:00:19.56  
9 Andrew Green (GBr) Scottish Downhill Association 0:00:19.88  
10 Robert Tait (GBr) Team CHR 0:00:20.25  
11 Alex Bayne (GBr) Derry Air Cycles 0:00:24.68  
12 Andy Hyam (GBr) yeti yorkshire pudding 0:00:25.95  
13 Andrew Green (GBr) 0:00:31.00  
14 Benjamin Edwards (GBr) Cycle Recycle 0:00:31.63  
15 Thomas Weber (Swi) Team PROJECT 0:00:32.42  
16 Mark Gibson (GBr) 0:00:42.78  
17 Owen Allison (GBr) 0:00:53.18  
18 Daz Westwood (GBr) 0:01:03.44  
19 Craig Bulliment (GBr) 0:01:09.62  
DNS Steve Scott (GBr) standards down racing    
DNS Markus Ruth (Ger)