Minnaar wins in Leogang

Atherton fastest in women's race

Some of the world's best downhillers got a chance to race in Leogang, Austria this weekend at the iXS European Downhill Cup. Leogang will host the 2011 world championships in September. Its downhill course is 2.3km and drops 480 meters.

Conditions were almost perfect as 416 riders from 27 countries took to the start. The current record was already beaten in the seeding run. Emmeline Ragot (MS Mondraker Team) and Nick Beer (Devinci Global Racing) were the fastest riders during the seeding run, and all eyes were on the final day.

The conditions were still perfect on Sunday as the highest profile race in iXS history was about to start. 30 riders filled the elite women class. Jill Kintner (Team Norco intl.) started as fifth fastest and managed to break the two-minute barrier in the interim time first. Tracey Hannah (Hutchinson United Ride) was even quicker in the interim time, but finished behind Kintner in the end.

After those the top three of the seeding run were about to start. Floriane Pugin (Scott 11), winner of the last year's World Cup in Leogang, managed to squeeze between the two leading riders, but it was pretty clear in the interim time that Emmeline Ragot and Rachel Atherton (GT Factory Racing) would decide the race between themselves. Atherton finished in 3:51, five seconds faster than Ragot's time in the seeding run, and finally won before Ragot, followed by Kintner, Pugin and Hannah.

Gee Atherton (GT Factory Racing) opened the final in the elite men's race. Due to a fall in the seeding run in the forest in the upper half of the track, he only qualified as 285 and had to accept such an early starting place. But he was already two seconds ahead of the best time from the previous day in the interim time, finishing in 3:25, so he could make himself very comfortable in the hot seat. His time was the best until Brook MacDonald (MS Mondraker Team) took to the course. Still a second behind in the interim time, he gained momentum in the lower half and finished first. He was followed by Damien Spagnolo (MS Mondraker Team), who closely missed out on the time of his team mate and finished behind him.

Next one on the course was Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate), and it was pretty clear in the interim time already that he was on course to win the race. He finished confidently four seconds ahead of MacDonald. Last starters were teammates Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing) and Nick Beer. Smith had a perfect run, but could not beat Minnaar's time. While people were waiting for Beer's interim time it was announced that he had fallen of the bike, finally finishing at 182. Summing the race up Minnaar won, followed by Smith, MacDonald, Spagnolo and Atherton. Mick Hannah (Hutchinson United Ride), winner of last week's iXS race in Winterberg, finished sixth.

In the masters category, where 50 riders took to the start, Jordan Regnier (Vertical Bike) won confidently. A bit more than two seconds behind Nino Antic (Giant) finished second, with Rüdiger Jahnel (Specialized-mountainbiker.at) coming third. In the U17 category Marcus Hansson (Hanssonbil.se) won ahead of Loris Revelli (Argentina Bikes), followed by Ferdinand Brunold (Mag41.com Racing Team) as third.

All together it was race weekend as no other with perfect weather, breathtaking sports performances, uncountable spectators and a worthwhile atmosphere. The Bikepark Leogang will be on its absolute best this year, as after this successful Out of Bounds Festival the world championships will be stopping here later this summer.

The iXS European Downhill Cup will head to to Scotland's Innerleithen next on June 15-17.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Minnaar (RSA) Santa Cruz Syndicate0:03:21.571 
2Steve Smith (Can) Devinci Global Racing0:00:01.716 
3Brook Macdonald (NZl) MS Mondraker Team0:00:03.933 
4Damien Spagnolo (Fra) MS Mondraker Team0:00:04.113 
5Gee Atherton (GBr) GT Factory Racing0:00:04.155 
6Michael Hannah (Aus) Hutchinson United Ride0:00:04.926 
7George Brannigan (NZl)0:00:06.026 
8Remi Thirion (Fra) Labyrinth Shimano Racing Team0:00:06.596 
9Joshua Button (Aus) SC-Intense0:00:07.117 
10Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl) Lapierre International0:00:08.515 
11Marcelo Gutierrez (Col) CG Racing Brigade0:00:08.849 
12Benny Strasser (Ger) Mag41.De Racing Team0:00:10.076 
13Matt Simmonds (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nu0:00:10.212 
14Andrew Neethling (RSA) Giant Factory Off­Road Team0:00:10.232 
15Marcus Klausmann (Ger) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:00:10.416 
16Cedric Gracia (Fra) CG Racing Brigade0:00:10.983 
17Florent Payet (Fra) SC-Intense0:00:11.527 
18Loic Bruni (Fra) Lapierre International0:00:11.763 
19Ben Reid (Irl) Dirt Norco Race Team0:00:12.535 
20Markus Pekoll (Aut) MS Mondraker Team0:00:12.711 
21Miran Vauh (Slo) Crn Trn Gt0:00:12.712 
22Boris Tetzlaff (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:12.860 
23Lorenzo Suding (Ita) Pila Black Arrows0:00:13.018 
24Bryn Atkinson (Aus) Team Norco Intl.0:00:13.052 
25Johannes Fischbach (Ger) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:00:13.134 
26Sam Dale (GBr)0:00:13.249 
27Johann Potgieter (RSA) Canfield Factory Team0:00:13.256 
28Duncan Riffle (USA) Team Dirt Norco0:00:13.509 
29Nejc Rutar (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:13.599 
30Ziga Pandur (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:13.980 
31Oscar Härnström (Swe) Pila Black Arrows0:00:13.995 
32Lutz Weber (Swi) Ixs Gravity Union0:00:14.301 
33Cauvin Guillaume (Fra) Hutchinson United Ride0:00:14.435 
34Cameron Cole (NZl) Lapierre International0:00:14.455 
35Lewis Buchanan (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nu0:00:14.649 
36Manuel Gruber (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:14.737 
37Filip Polc (Svk) Polcster Racing0:00:14.738 
38Robin Wallner (Swe) Team Åre Bikepark Powerd By: W0:00:14.739 
39Timothy Bentley (RSA) Hutchinson United Ride0:00:15.501 
40Nico Vink (Bel) Rose Vaujany Gravity Mountainb0:00:15.673 
41Dominik Gspan (Swi) Ewz Mountainbiketeam Loop0:00:15.793 
42Joe Connell (GBr) Zerode/Prestige Cycles0:00:15.858 
43Matthias Stonig (Aut) Canfield Factory Team0:00:15.936 
44Adam Vagner (Cze) Rockmachine ­ Cyklomax0:00:16.044 
45Joonas Savolainen (Fin)0:00:16.522 
46Francesco Colombo (Ita) Axo Progest / Scott0:00:17.168 
47Noel Niederberger (Swi) Scott 110:00:17.274 
48Lars Peyer (Swi) SC-Intense0:00:17.323 
49Stanislav Sehnal (Cze) Charvatbross/Banshee Bikes0:00:17.355 
50Alex Bond (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nu0:00:17.995 
51Patrick Thome (Fra) Lapierre International0:00:18.369 
52Marco Milivinti (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop0:00:18.639 
53Joseph Smith (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nu0:00:18.954 
54Ludovic May (Swi) Norco Factory Team0:00:19.016 
55Siegfried Zellner (Ger) Rrp Revolution Racing Project0:00:19.198 
56Maxime Chapuis (Swi) Hot Point0:00:19.431 
57Jan Cepelak (Cze) Mondraker 661 E13 Katmar Team0:00:19.470 
58Noah Grossman (Ger) Mag41 Racing Team0:00:19.612 
59Andreas Sieber (Ger) Radon Factory Team0:00:19.940 
60Knapec Martin (Svk) Novatec ­ Ctm0:00:20.164 
61Matej Charvat (Cze) Banshee Bikes Factory Team0:00:20.210 
62Fabian Bieli (Swi) Aendus­Bike­Gallery.Ch0:00:20.518 
63Tommy Herrmann (Ger) Mountainbike Rider Racing Team0:00:20.814 
64Romain Paulhan (Fra) Scott 110:00:21.250 
65Antti Lampén (Fin) ­0:00:21.266 
66Jasper Jauch (Ger) Soulrider E.V.0:00:21.277 
67Niklas Wallner (Swe) Team Åre Bikepark Powerd By: W0:00:21.628 
68Rick Balbierer (Ger) Racergy0:00:21.809 
69Samuel Zbinden (Swi) Stöckli Bike0:00:21.958 
70Petr Tresnak (Cze) Rockmachine ­ Cyklomax0:00:22.161 
71Johannes Sütter (Ger) Propain Bikes / Sixpack Racing0:00:22.600 
72Erik Irmisch (Ger) Racergy0:00:22.768 
73Ondrej Barta (Cze) Ultimate Racing Team0:00:22.927 
74Mathias Haas (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:23.153 
75Martin Frei (Swi) Gt­ Akira Tuning Racing0:00:23.390 
76Carlo Caire (Ita) Argentina Bike0:00:23.738 
77Kamil Tatarkovi? (Cze) Commencal Fdf Team0:00:23.800 
78Billy Caroli (Swi) Crans­Mountainracing0:00:23.953 
79Nicolau Alemany Suau (Spa) Mountainbiketours0:00:23.957 
79Jure Zabjek (Slo) Rajd Trek  
81Kristof Lenssens (Bel) Kona/ Barracuda0:00:24.196 
82Ondrej Stepanek (Cze) Rockmachine ­ Cyklomax0:00:24.750 
83Kevin Bessi (Fra) MTB Dh (Monaco)0:00:25.384 
84Ian Schaad (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:25.574 
85Lukas Splichal (Cze) Sk Grafobal0:00:25.697 
86Janick Lieberherr (Swi)0:00:25.887 
87Andrea Mocellin (Ita) Axo Progest / Scott0:00:26.033 
88Dominik Dierich (Ger) Cope Gravity Squad0:00:26.045 
89Marcel Beer (Swi) Gt0:00:26.086 
90Jan Uruba (Cze) Sk Grafobal0:00:26.089 
91Markus Planitzer (Aut) Canfield Brothers Factory Team0:00:26.214 
92Nicolas Walser (Swi) Ridebook0:00:26.375 
93Leo Combee (Ned) Rose Vaujany0:00:26.515 
94Aleš Virtic (Slo) Rajd Trek0:00:26.737 
95Fabian Fader (Ger) Solid Factory Team0:00:26.840 
96Philipp Bünnemann (Ger) Maxxis, Norco, Rockers Bikesho0:00:27.184 
97Mario Reinbacher (Aut) Cope Gravity Sqad0:00:27.318 
98Šimon Charvát (Cze) Charvatbros/Ban­Shee Bikes0:00:27.363 
99Felix Wunderlich (Ger) Trek Bicycle Munich0:00:27.604 
100Jakob Thunell (Swe) Team Åre Bikepark Powerd By: W0:00:27.629 
101Junyent Traserra Jordi (Spa) Avià Cop De Pedal0:00:28.487 
102Andy Schäfer (Swi) Ixs Gravity Union0:00:28.728 
103Gianluca Vernassa (Ita) Devinci Global Racing0:00:28.819 
104Nikolay Pukhir (Rus) Racestar0:00:29.000 
105Robin Van Goubergen (Bel) Singletrack Bikes Gt0:00:29.155 
106Randy Van Goubergen (Bel) Singletrack Bikes / Gt0:00:29.156 
107Andreas Gasser (Aut)0:00:29.822 
108Grégory Brunache (Fra) Devil Biker0:00:29.892 
109Matej Laktiš (Svk) Novatec ­ Ctm0:00:30.122 
110Manuel Marty (Swi) Radbar­Racing Team0:00:30.176 
111Antoine Bagnoud (Swi) Crans­Mountain Racing0:00:30.715 
112Nicolas Cherix (Swi) Cransmountainracing Team0:00:31.361 
113Daniël Prijkel (Ned) Rose Vaujany Gravity Mountainb0:00:31.438 
114Alexandre Claudin (Fra) Lyon Mountain Bike0:00:31.783 
115Christoph Schnettler (Ger)0:00:31.844 
116Christian Vogt (Ger) N6P­Antidote Europe0:00:31.855 
117Willi Lützeler (Ger) Young Guns Racing0:00:32.335 
118Jonathan Anaya Carmona (Spa) Btt Premia De Dalt0:00:32.394 
119Martin Hanak (Cze) Commencal Oneal Team0:00:32.415 
120Jonathan Nufer (Swi) Ig Bergvelo0:00:33.130 
121Anze Zabjek (Slo) Rajd Trek0:00:33.313 
122Moritz Stroeer (Ger) Rudel0:00:33.340 
123Bernhard Kammel (Ger)0:00:33.442 
124Benjamin Rouiller (Swi) Bicross Club Du Chablais0:00:33.847 
125Igor Shilin (Rus)0:00:34.316 
126Máté Ettingshausen (Hun) 2Gp Limit Team0:00:34.649 
127Daniel Vogt (Ger) N6P Antidote Europe0:00:34.775 
128Christian Schlothauer (Ger) Trek Team Fahrrad Eberhardt0:00:34.799 
129Danny Sørensen (Den) Switchbacks0:00:34.910 
130Kevin Frisch (Aut) Bikebox Racing0:00:34.913 
131Patrick Kontschieder (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Projekt0:00:34.962 
132Leopold Köllner (Aut) Specialized­Mountainbiker.At0:00:35.293 
133Tom Bersselaar (Ned)0:00:35.336 
134Alexander Kurz (Aut) Redneck Riders0:00:35.498 
135René Schmidt (Ger) Follow Me Dh Racing By Gt0:00:35.590 
136Blaise Turin (Swi) Bicross Club Du Chablais0:00:35.701 
137Ruben Torenbeek (Ned)0:00:35.887 
138Rajmund Lukacs (Hun) Limit Racing Team0:00:36.183 
139Pascal Scheer (Ger) Rudel0:00:36.642 
140Tim Drexler (Ger) Gravity Racing Team0:00:36.963 
141Armin Weber (Aut) Union Vr Fahrradprofi.At0:00:37.168 
142Benjamin Claudin (Fra) Lyon Mountain Bike0:00:37.387 
143Rossen Kovachev (Bul) Drag Racing0:00:37.410 
144Luca Biwer (Ger) Rudel0:00:38.166 
145Yannik Thomas (Ger)0:00:38.423 
146Thomas Düber (Ger) Djk­ Herdorf / Broductions0:00:38.468 
147Simon Brum (Fra) Devilbiker0:00:38.903 
148Roman Wilhelmer (Aut) Inn.Vertical Racing0:00:38.936 
149Luca Possi (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:00:39.049 
150Jan Pavlas (Cze) Mondraker 661 E13 Katmar Team0:00:39.060 
151Pavel Cep (Cze) Brt Olomouc0:00:39.255 
152Christoph Eder (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Project0:00:39.365 
153Gino Schlifske (Ger) Flatout Suspension / Nicolai0:00:39.381 
154Philipp Podbrecnik (Aut) Bikestore/Bodenhaftung0:00:39.672 
155Lukas Kuffer (Ger) Amok Racing0:00:39.840 
156Mario Roßmadl (Ger) Mario Bros. Dh Racing Team0:00:40.110 
157Pietro Caire (Ita) Argentina Bike0:00:40.345 
158Johannes Hägele (Ger) Team Freesmile.De0:00:40.367 
159Richard Lesiak (Aut) Bikeshop Leogang0:00:40.420 
160Jonathan Debus (Ger) Team Last International0:00:40.565 
161Michael Bischoff (Swi) Thömus / Hot­Trail Racing Team0:00:40.758 
162Julien Rossé (Swi) Magmabike0:00:40.859 
163Miklós Kántor (Hun) 2Gp Limit Team0:00:41.203 
164Patrik Kuster (Swi) Stöckli Bike Geroldswil0:00:41.587 
165Falk Baron (Ger) Sv Blau­Weiß Augustusburg0:00:41.800 
166Daniel Ludwig (Ger) Young Guns0:00:42.397 
167Michael Jolk (Ger) Team Rose0:00:42.656 
168Vesa Virta (Fin)0:00:42.776 
169Pascal Tinner (Swi) Radbar­Racing0:00:42.802 
170Jirka Hubínek (Cze) Krabcycles0:00:42.881 
171Stefan Bax (Ger) Everyday26 Pivot0:00:43.495 
172Julian Hibben (Ger) Rose Gravity Team0:00:43.597 
173Gabriel Bonetti (Ger) Speedworx0:00:43.724 
174Christian Löffler (Ger) Wildbader Dudes0:00:43.918 
175Mario Schajor (Ger) Mario Bros. Dh Racing Team0:00:44.361 
176Lucas Engelhardt (Ger) Gforceracingteam0:00:44.893 
177Ken Zimmermann (Swi) Aendus­Bike­Gallery.Ch/ Alexri0:00:45.022 
178Markus Steiner (Aut) Redneck Riders0:00:45.189 
179Marco Hermann (Ger) Team Rose0:00:45.295 
180Nils Correvon (Swi) Zetacyclingclub0:00:45.570 
181Martin Höller (Aut) Bc Stoahupfer Leibnitz0:00:45.727 
182Nick Beer (Swi) Devinci Global Racing0:00:45.871 
183Nico Kölbl (Ger) Oswald Bikes & Service0:00:45.988 
184Lukas Aeschlimann (Swi) Team Project0:00:46.397 
185Orlando Sarioglou (Gre) Giant / Royal / Maxxis0:00:46.784 
186Endre Szabo (Hun) Limit Racing Team0:00:47.256 
187Andrey Dimov (Bul) True Riders0:00:47.437 
188Dominic Land (Ger) Wheels Over Frankfurt E.V.0:00:47.735 
189Radek Matejik (Cze) Bike Team Luhacovice0:00:47.980 
190Felix Weilbach (Ger) Younggunsracing0:00:48.067 
191Max Kruse (Ger)0:00:48.517 
192Amin El Boubsi (Ger) Bike­Components.De0:00:48.568 
193Erwin Aydin (Aut) M&M Racing0:00:48.701 
194Florian Nagele (Aut) Radicalps0:00:49.398 
195Sebastian Fuchs (Ger)0:00:49.491 
196Marc Wacht (Ger)0:00:49.508 
197Felix Diehl (Ger) Last Bikes­Radsport Schneider0:00:50.022 
198Andreas Köstler (Ger) Herobikes Factory Racing0:00:50.295 
199Thomas Kolb (Ger) R107Bikes0:00:50.341 
200Moritz Kruse (Ger)0:00:50.528 
201Jeroen Peeters (Ned) South Side Downhill & Dirt Tea0:00:50.798 
202Samuel Lantschner (Ita) Inn.Vertical Racing0:00:51.072 
203Arie Schindler (Ger)0:00:51.325 
204Raphael Piconnet (Fra) Team Rage Cesar Bike Msm Racin0:00:52.030 
205Martial Tape (Ger) Dirt Stylers.De0:00:52.355 
206Maximilian Mittelbach (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. ­ Team Ext0:00:52.560 
207Hugo Ducellier (Fra) Ventoux Sport0:00:53.069 
208Sanny Louis Sudhoff (Ger) Ik­Pictures­Racing0:00:53.219 
209Sven Unger (Ger) Everyday 26 Pivot0:00:53.361 
210Florian Kulike (Ger) Team Green Dh. Racing0:00:53.435 
211Hardy Haenel (Ger) Lft Racingdivision0:00:53.561 
212Petr Mondrik (Cze) Vmc Hägglingen0:00:53.680 
213Hannes Janzen (Ger) Sc Korb0:00:53.712 
214Nicolas Simon (Bel) The Barracuda Company // Nicos0:00:53.952 
215Lukas Litz (Ger) Soulrider E.V.0:00:54.209 
216Samuel Baumann (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:54.216 
217Herbert Richter (Ger) Wildbader Dudes0:00:54.403 
218Marco Heim (Swi) Aendus­Bike­Gallery.Ch0:00:54.466 
219Marcus Felski (Ger) Tbs­Racing0:00:55.066 
220Marco Ebner (Ger) Gruppe­D0:00:55.345 
221Simon Heußner (Ger) Team Last International0:00:55.603 
222Marcus Allacher (Aut) Inn.Vertical Racing0:00:55.840 
223Daniel Dobler (Aut) Dirt Rider Club Altach0:00:56.284 
224David Lischka (Ger) Herobikes.De0:00:56.451 
225Benjamin Meier (Aut) Bikestore Dürrli Racing0:00:57.460 
226Frederic Kindervater (Ger) Fraction­Magazine.De0:00:58.466 
227Balz Weber (Swi) Team Project0:00:58.731 
228Florian Höler (Ger) Youngguns Racing0:00:59.053 
229Dominique Rommerskirchen (Ger) Ixs Kopflos­Desingz Racingteam0:00:59.409 
230Martin Wiltschko (Ger) Fraction­Magazine.De0:00:59.690 
231Felix Herdzina (Ger)0:00:59.746 
232Per Tautorat (Ger) Doubledragon ­ Speed Mob0:01:00.070 
233Martin Barisitz (Aut) Trail Solutions0:01:00.247 
234Jens Steinsberger (Ger) SC-Korb0:01:00.651 
235Timur Zamaliev (Rus) Disco0:01:01.314 
236Heico Pfisterer (Aut) Scott Bike&Run Downhill Team0:01:01.432 
237Oliver Kunz (Ger) The B­Site / Soulrider E.V.0:01:02.106 
238Stefan Müller (Aut) MTB Stevens Mirnock0:01:02.259 
239Niklas Franke (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. ­ Team Ext0:01:02.365 
240Marco Rudolph (Ger) Bike Area Cologne0:01:02.483 
241Christoff Van Driessche (Bel) South Side Downhill & Dirt Tea0:01:02.851 
242Adrian Uebelhart (Swi) Aendus­Bike­Gallery.Ch0:01:03.502 
243Julian Lemme (Ger)0:01:05.665 
244Fabio Jungen (Swi) Power­Bike Dh Team0:01:05.812 
245Kevin Pöhlmann (Ger) Team Green Dh. Racing0:01:06.471 
246Timo Weiss (Ger)0:01:06.809 
247Miguel Mauri Quetglas (Spa) Mountain Bike Tours0:01:07.244 
248Charles Esperandieu (Fra) Team Rage Cesar Bike0:01:07.945 
249Stefan Szigeti (Aut) Ironracing/ Last Bikes0:01:08.212 
250Alexandre Di Cristofano (Fra) Ventoux Sport0:01:08.264 
251James Fröhlich (Ger) Team Green Dh. Racing0:01:08.641 
252Alexander Dittmeier (Ger) Tsv Karlstadt0:01:08.673 
253Yannik Fejfar (Ger) Rfc Rossbach/Spessart 1979 E.V0:01:09.381 
254Philipp Wagner (Ger) Canfield Brothers Europe Racin0:01:12.978 
255Jonas Hautsch (Ger) Wildbader Dudes0:01:13.314 
256Dmitry Kubanov (Rus)0:01:13.612 
257Ludwig Bolay (Ger) Team Green Dh Racing0:01:15.836 
258Tayfun Cirpan (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. ­ Team Ext0:01:16.068 
259Björn Simon (Ger) Amok Racing0:01:17.515 
260Christopher Münch (Ger) Team Baier0:01:22.419 
261Mauro Andreselli (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:01:23.765 
262Kevin Falko Dewinski (Ger) Gates Nicolai / Radioaktiv Rud0:01:26.815 
263David Korn (Ger) Radioaktiv Rudolstadt0:01:33.048 
264Roman Jirousch (Ger) Rc Zugvogel Bielefeld0:01:35.724 
265Sebastian Moser (Aut) M&M Racing0:01:39.800 
266Martin Markov (Bul) Drag Racing Team0:01:44.480 
267Jens Bayer (Ger) SC-Korb0:01:46.900 
268Mark Hoffmann (Ger) G­Force Racing Team0:01:50.123 
269Martin Walder (Aut) Sc MTB Stevens Mirnock0:01:58.897 
270Jérôme Caroli (Swi) Labyrinth0:02:03.368 
271Julien Fabre (Fra) Ventoux Sport0:02:38.281 
272Attila Liszi (Hun) Limit Racing Team0:03:00.892 
273Stefan Strohmayer (Aut) The Gap0:03:03.025 
DNSDavid Trummer (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Project  
DNSMikko Lampén (Fin)  
DNSThomas Jeandin (Swi) Mondraker Swiss ­ Tech Bike Ge  
DNSFlorian Wilhelm (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria  
DNSBasil Weber (Swi) Team Project  
DNSFelix Heine (Ger) ­  
DNSVicl Tomas (Cze) Koloshopteam.Cz  
DNSDavid Ullrich (Ger) Rsv Rederberch/Rad­Art Ilmenau  
DNSAndré Vögele (Aut) Svr Radstudio Innsbruck  
DNSRichard Aelter (GBr)  
DNSEtienne Dromart (Fra)  
DNSTim Muncke (Ger)  
DNFMatti Lehikoinen (Fin) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nu  
DNFAurelien Giordanengo (Fra) Top Cycle By Trek  
DNFSimon Longthorn (Swi) Anthrax Racing  
DNFBenedikt Oswald (Ger) Bikepark Albstadt  
DNFRobin Kaiser (Ger) Rsc Reinheim  
DNFMark Van Lankveld (Ned) South Side Downhill & Dirt Tea  
DNFKevin Honegger (Swi)  
DNFStefan Mauser (Aut)  
DNFMiguel Zink (Ger)  
Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Atherton (GBr) GT Factory Racing0:03:51.311 
2Emmeline Ragot (Fra) MS Mondraker Team0:00:03.391 
3Jill Kintner (USA) Team Norco Intl.0:00:08.319 
4Floriane Pugin (Fra) Scott 110:00:09.296 
5Tracey Hannah (Aus) Hutchinson United Ride0:00:10.793 
6Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) Scott 110:00:14.763 
7Petra Bernhard (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:17.798 
8Morgane Charre (Fra) Passion Vélo.Fr0:00:19.003 
9Zarja Cernilogar (Slo) Crn Trn Gt0:00:24.330 
10Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Team Gr / Ktm0:00:26.272 
11Martina Brühlmann (Swi) Ixs Gravity Union0:00:27.163 
12Anita Molcik (Aut) Four Elements0:00:28.846 
13Miriam Ruchti (Swi) SC-Intense0:00:30.495 
14Carina Cappellari (Swi) Team Ridebook0:00:32.365 
15Elke Rabeder (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Projekt0:00:33.068 
16Diana Marggraff (Ecu) Zenith0:00:33.071 
17Alia Marcellini (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop0:00:33.962 
18Kim Schwemmer (Ger) Team Specialized Concept Store0:00:40.855 
19Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Aut) Ciclopia0:00:52.769 
20Caro Gehrig (Swi) Specialized Twins Racing0:00:54.975 
21Liz Schwemmer (Ger) Team Specialized Concept Store0:01:01.823 
22Tamara Ulrich (Aut)0:01:03.598 
23Katrin Wiersch (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:01:07.705 
24Ana Raecke (Ger)0:01:08.787 
25Johanna Ortner (Ger) Ratrax0:01:10.229 
26Karin Pasterer (Aut) Yt Industries0:01:11.947 
27Ina Junker (Ger) Trek Team Fahrrad Eberhardt0:01:12.419 
28Lisa Kreuzer (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Project0:01:23.237 
29Katharina Klos (Ger) Girlsridetoo.De0:01:38.895 
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marcus Hansson (Swe) Hanssonbil.Se0:03:51.738 
2Loris Revelli (Ita) Argentina Bike0:00:01.294 
3Ferdinand Brunold (Ger) Mag41.Com Racing Team0:00:02.790 
4Nicola Friedli (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:03.319 
5Pascal Engel (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:03.463 
6Andre Lezuo (Aut) Inn.Vertical Racing Asvö0:00:06.822 
7Myles Weber (Swi) Team Project0:00:06.984 
8Jan Vacek (Cze) Agang Young Guns0:00:08.015 
9Fabian Kuster (Swi) Stöckli Bike Geroldswil0:00:08.046 
10Paolo Rubino (Ita) Aregntina Bike0:00:08.728 
11Alex Marin (Spa) Btt La Poma0:00:10.514 
12Dave Neuenschwander (Swi) Power Bike Dh Team0:00:12.757 
13Joel Andrey (Swi) Suspension Center0:00:13.053 
14Mike Schär (Swi) Stöckli Bike Geroldswil0:00:13.460 
15Julius Sachse (Ger) Team Bergamont0:00:18.311 
16Davide Boatto (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:00:20.159 
17Andreas Becker (Ger) Soulrider E.V. Junior Dh Team0:00:22.369 
18Niko Kindle (Lie) Scott Team Bike Garage Triesen0:00:27.859 
19Timon Jaschensky (Aut) Trail Solution / Die Börse0:00:32.481 
20Marco D'oro (Swi) Private0:00:32.704 
21Simon Weber (Ger) Young Guns Racing0:00:34.432 
22Tim Wagner (Ger) Soulrider E.V. Junior Dh Team0:00:39.406 
23Federico Frigiolini (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:00:47.974 
24Patrick Kammer (Swi) Cycleworks.Ch/Foes Racingteam0:00:52.213 
DNSGabriel Hammerschmidt (Aut)  
DNSDomenic Luiz (Ger)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jordan Regnier (Fra) Vertical Bike0:03:48.324 
2Nino Antic (Cro) Giant0:00:02.378 
3Rüdiger Jahnel (Aut) Specialized­Mountainbiker.At0:00:03.741 
4Wilfred Van De Haterd (Ned) Yt Industries0:00:05.899 
5Henrik Karppinen (Fin) Pappa Betalar0:00:09.956 
6Paolo Alleva (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:00:10.247 
7Heinz Hostettler (Swi) Banditbike.Ch0:00:11.319 
8Marcel Waldmann (Swi) Ixs Gravity Union0:00:14.299 
9Marco Antesberger (Ger) Team Dot 70:00:14.504 
10Maik Pfeifer (Ger) Bike­Corner Birsfelden0:00:15.523 
11Markus Hartmann (Swi) Banditbike.Ch0:00:18.746 
12Marco Gindlhumer (Aut) Bikebox Racing0:00:19.225 
13Christian Panzer (Aut) Flatout­Racing/Urc Bikestore.C0:00:21.224 
14Matthias Reichmann (Ger) Doubledragon ­ Speed Mob0:00:21.596 
15Stefan Westerveld (Ger) Team Eqiupe Pedaliero0:00:26.413 
16Sebastian Strehl (Ger)0:00:26.773 
17Thomas Schaal (Ger) Team Last International0:00:27.059 
18Thomas Weber (Swi) Team Project0:00:27.876 
19Dirk August (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:00:28.301 
20Christoph Eichinger (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:00:28.502 
21Georg Vit (Aut)0:00:28.940 
22Daniel Apreutesei (Aut) Inn.Vertical Racing0:00:29.553 
23Patrick Neukirchen (Ger) Younggunsracing0:00:30.067 
24Sergey Maltsev (Rus) Debosh0:00:30.865 
25Roman Balaev (Rus) Bad Santa Rt0:00:32.931 
26Bastiaan Jansink (Ned) Scott Bike&Run Downhill Team0:00:33.016 
27Milan Cizinsky (Cze) Mad0:00:35.122 
28Jan Marco Baumeister (Ger) Dirt Stylers E.V.0:00:35.446 
29Matthias Haake (Ger) Team Eqiupe Pedaliero0:00:35.495 
30Philipp Jarosch (Ger) Rsg München0:00:38.903 
31Sascha Markus Bethke (Ger) Bike Area Cologne0:00:39.694 
32Normen Jaeb-Wenge (Ger) Green Guerillas Köln0:00:39.901 
33Alessio Aristide (Ita) Argentinabike Team0:00:40.115 
34Mike Wutzler (Ger) Rsv Rederberch0:00:43.100 
35Marco Kleinschmidt (Ger) N6P Antidote Europe Racing0:00:44.440 
36Max Schuster (Aut) Revolution Racing0:00:44.910 
37Andreas Grossenbacher (Swi) Suspension Center0:00:50.811 
38Sven Liebscher (Ger) Team Dot 7 / Tsv Erding 1862 E0:00:51.841 
39Markus Pacher (Aut) M&M Racing0:00:55.919 
40Dimitrios Ignatiadis (Gre) Glockenbike0:01:05.418 
41Josef Kurz (Ger) Team Freesmile.De0:01:07.210 
42Markus Wiersch (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:01:22.717 
43Gabriele Incaudo (Ita) Valsesia Bike­Park Mera0:01:33.492 
44Georg Danner (Aut) Rrp Revolution Racing Project0:01:35.103 
45Marc Stoesser (Ger) MTB­Club Karlsruhe0:02:10.622 
46Olivier Przygoda (Fra) Mesvrin VTT0:02:22.065 
DNFPatrick Schickengruber (Aut) Bc Stoahupfa Leibnitz  
DNFMario Arn (Aut) Flatoutracing/Urc Bikestore.Cc  
DNFStefan Hubacher (Swi) Logo­Print MTB Dh­Team  


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