Loo wins a close race in Yokneam

Benko wins women's race

Estonian Martin Loo (InfoTre Lee Cougan) won the UCI category C2 Yokneam race in northern Israel today in a tight battle with Austrian Hannes Metzler (Muskelkater Genesis Team). Switzerland's Mathias Rupp (eam Firebike Droessiger) was third.

The race, held under a clear blue sky in the forest surrounding Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek covered 6.5 laps of a 5.3km circuit.

Loo and Metzler rode away from the rest of the field on the second lap and stayed together until the last lap, when Loo opened a small gap over Metzler and held it on to the finish.

Former Israeli Champion Shlomi Haimi (Focus MIG) suffered from two flat tires, but was able to finish 11th among a strong international field of 40 riders.

In the women's race the winner was Hungarian Barbara Benko (Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team), who took an early lead over local crowd favorite Inbar Ronen (CCC) and maintained it. Belgian champion Kristien Nelen (Scott - Goeman UCI Team) was third.

Riders from 10 countries participated in the race, and they are expected to return to participate in tomorrow's C1 race in Haifa.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Loo (Est) InfoTre Lee Cougan1:42:05 
2Hannes Metzler (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:00:06 
3Mattias Rupp (Swi) Team Firebike Droessiger0:02:28 
4Matthias Leisling (Ger) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:02:56 
5Szilard Buruczki (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team0:03:56 
6Sebastian Szraucner (Ger) Team Berg0:04:15 
7Evgeny Pechenin (Rus) Forward-Udmurtia0:06:14 
8Wolfgang Krenn (Aut) Bike Team Kaiser0:06:41 
9Christopher Maletz (Ger) Team Easton Rockets0:06:56 
10Benjamin Büchi (Swi) Swiss GS Domaine du Frigoulet0:08:15 
11Robby Debock (Bel) Waasland MTB Team0:08:38 
12Shlomi Haimi (Isr) Focus MIG0:08:46 
13David Simon (Ger)0:08:57 
14Georgios Pattes-Toumanis (Gre) Greece0:09:40 
15Marek Csielka (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team0:11:26 
16Dimitrios Antoniadis (Gre) Greece0:11:34 
17Idan Shapira (Isr) CCC0:12:27 
18Dror Pekatch (Isr) Israel Go Pro0:12:54 
19Christian Bickel (Swi)0:14:01 
20Alexios Kokovikas (Gre) Greece0:14:12 
21Kirill Kazantsev (Kaz) Kazakhstan0:14:17 
22Paul Beales (GBr) Orange Monkey - Cannondale0:16:24 
23Anton Korolev (Rus) Forward-Udmurtia0:17:08 
24Marco Schaetzing (Ger)0:17:13 
25Itai Bireboim (Isr) For Galilee Cycle0:17:23 
-1lapEliad Daniel (Isr) CCC  
-1lapOded Danon (Isr) CCC  
-1lapZsolt Juhasz (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team  
-1lapGabor Bogar (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team  
-1lapAlexey Belokrylov (Rus) Forward-Udmurtia  
-1lapTal Koler (Isr) TeaMisgav  
-1lapNoam Strashnov (Isr) For Galilee Cycle  
-1lapRon Shimaon (Isr) ECO Team  
-1lapBenjamin Shemidt (Isr) TACC  
DNFAndras Parti (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team  
DNFBen Roff (GBr) Orange Monkey - Cannondale  
DNFAnton Michaelov (Isr) TACC  
DNSGeorge Fattas (Cyp) Cyprus  
DNSAndras Szatmary (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team  
DNSNikolay Zaitsev (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
DNSArtium Golovachshenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan  
DNSYoav Tal (Isr) Emek Haosher  
DNSOri Crulovich (Isr)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Barbara Benko (Hun) Euroone-Cube MTB UCI Team1:47:15 
2Inbar Ronen (Isr) CCC0:00:43 
3Kristien Nelen (Bel) Scott - Goeman UCI Team0:07:29 
4Noga Korem (Isr) TeaMisgav0:08:57 
5Paz Bash (Isr) TACC0:11:57 
6Anna Konovalova (Rus) Forward-Udmurtia0:16:47 
-1lapIdit Shub (Isr) CCC  
-1lapGili Tamir (Isr) CCC  
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