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Lindgren takes the win in Saalhausen

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Engen captures the women's category

Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing) takes out the win

Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing) takes out the win

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Two Swedish mountain bikers won the third round of the German National Series MTB - Bundesliga. Emil Lindgren (Rabobank-Giant) secured the win ahead of Ralph Näf (Multivan-Merida) and Michiel van der Heijden (Ned) while Alexandra Engen (Ghost-Factory Racing) won the women’s race in front of Anja Gradl (Team Bulls) and Anika Langvad (Fujibikes Rockets).

Lindgren was the lucky third man in the battle for victory in men’s race. The Rabobank-Giant rider was in the leading group, together with Germany’s U23 Julian Schelb (Lexware Racing) and Näf (Multivan-Merida). Näf used his technical skills to hold onto Lindgren and Schelb, catching up on the muddy downhill sections.

With two laps to go, Näf attacked as Schelb suffered a rear puncture. Näf was able to gain some seconds on Lindgren and went into the the last lap with a small advantage.

Entering the second of two downhill sections within the five kilometer lap, Näf punctured at the same point as Schelb had on the earlier lap leaving Lindgren to overtake and riding to his first Bundesliga victory.

"I had a solid race without any problems. Ralph was very strong in the downhill but I kept on going when he was in front. I’m happy to get the win, Saalhausen is always a good place to be for me", Lindgren said.

Näf was understandably disappointed with the result. "Can I please win a race one time", he asked rhetorically. "It was a perfect race for me before the puncture. I don’t know how it could happen in this part of the course. I thought, this cannot be happening", Näf said.

U23 world cup overall winner Michiel van der Heijden (Rabobank-Giant) earned the third spot on the podium, profiting from Schelb’s flat tire.
One of the favourites, Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) crashed in the very first lap on a slippery descent. In the third lap he had to change the back wheel due to a flat tire and when closing the gap to fifth place Jochen Käß (Multivan-Merida) he flatted again in the very last lap.

"For sure I am disappointed, but the shape is good", he said.

Alexandra Engen on an "Olympic performance"

Two hours before the blue and yellow Swedish flag was already on the top step of the podium, Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing) continued her strong Olympic form, where she finished sixth, to take the leading position on the opening lap in Saalhausen.

Engen increased her lead against Annika Langvad (Fujibikes Rockets) and Elisabeth Brandau ( over the duration of the race. Langvad suffered a puncture on the second lap and had to cease her chase efforts.

Anja Gradl (Team Bulls) pushed herself from fifth to second, chasing Engen. In the fourth of six laps, Gradl closed the 35 second gap to the day’s leader. Three consecutive crashes by Engen was the reason for Gradl rapid catch.

"I had to hurry up then", Engen laughed.

Engen was too strong on the wet course in Saalhausen and was able to quickly remount, catch up to Gradl and power away again.

"Alexandra was much stronger than me today", Gradl confessed but was satisfied about her own race, ending up on second.
"I was able to ride my own race, it was really a lot of fun. Obviously I could keep my form from the Olympics", Engen said.

Langvad showed herself "very, very happy" about her third place. After missing the Olympics because of broken ribs, the current marathon world champ was riding her first cross country race. "I’m far away from my top performance, but the body works again. I didn’t think that I could do so good today", Langvad said.

U23: Stiebjahn piles on the pressure

It was Germany’s Simon Stiebjahn (Team Bulls) who won the men’s U23 race. He left his last companion in the race, Olof Jonsson (Swe), riding for Fujbikes-Rockets, on the third of six laps. Even a crash in the second-last lap did not place him in danger of losing his second Bundesliga season win.

"My goal was the victory and I was able to put a lot of pressure on the pedals", Stiebjahn said.

Behind, Jonsson Marcel Fleschhut (Lexware Racing) took the third spot on the podium....


Elite Men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Emil Lindgren (Swe) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team 1:27:44  
2 Ralph Naef (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team 0:00:41  
3 Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team 0:00:45  
4 Julian Schelb (Ger) 0:01:12  
5 Jochen Kass (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team 0:02:25  
6 Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing 0:03:01  
7 Andy Eyring (Ger) Team Bergamont 0:03:34  
8 Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger) Focus Mig Team 0:04:03  
9 Klaus Nielsen (Den) Giant Denmark 0:06:03  
10 Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team 0:06:48  
11 Markus Bauer (Ger) 0:07:31  
12 Torsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion 0:07:46  
13 Shlomi Haimy (Isr) Focus Mig 0:08:29  
14 Heiko Gutmann (Ger) Team Rothaus-Poison-Bikes/Hochschwarzwald 0:08:31  
-2 laps Sebastian Szraucner (Ger) Focus Rapiro Racing    
-2 laps Jeffrey Andris (Ger) Stevens Schubert Racing Team    
-2 laps Zdenek Vobecky (Cze) Krabcycles Specialized    
-2 laps Andi Weinhold (Ger) Rsc 93 Marienberg E.V    
-2 laps Gerrit Rosenkranz (Ger) Univega Pro Cycling Team    
-3 laps Marco Schätzing (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets    
-3 laps Lutz Babilon (Ger)    
-3 laps Jochen Coconcelli (Ger) N Radwerk Racing Team    
-3 laps Kai Kautz (Ger) Mtb Teck E.V.    
-3 laps Tom Ettlich (Ger) Frm-Racing.De    
-4 laps Tommy Galle (Ger)    
-4 laps Michell Schulze (Ger)    
-4 laps Rumen Voigt (Ger)    
-5 laps Besik Gavasheli (Geo) Cycling Federation Of Georgia    
DNF Rudi Van Houts (Ned) Multivan Merida Biking Team    
DNF Christopher Maletz (Ger) Fujibikes Rockets    
DNF Sascha Weber (Ger)    
DNS Felix Euteneuer (Ger) Rothaus-Poison-Bikes/ Hochschwarzwald    
DNS Alexander Speisekorn (Ger) Team Kubis-Bikes    
DNS Steffen Greger (Ger)    
DNS Ahmed-Ridvan Reichling (Ger)    
DNS Yannick Burkhardt (Ger)    
DNS Björn Rüter (Ger)    
Elite Women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost-Factory Racing 1:31:55  
2 Anja Gradl (Ger) Team Bulls 0:00:47  
3 Annika Langvad (Den) Fujibikes Rockets 0:02:49  
4 Hanna Klein (Ger) Rothaus-Poison/Hochschwarzwald 0:03:59  
5 Silke Schmidt (Ger) Notebooksbilliger.De Team 0:04:33  
6 Barbara Benko (Hun) Focus-Mig Team 0:05:12  
7 Regina Genser (Ger) Bike Junior Team / Bsb Bayreuth 0:08:18  
8 Nina Wrobel (Ger) Team Rothaus-Poison-Bikes/Hochschwarzwald 0:08:28  
9 Ingrid Sofie Jacobsen (Nor) Norges National Team 0:10:38  
10 Lena Wehrle (Ger) Rothaus-Poison/Hochschwarzwald 0:13:19  
11 Maaris Meier (Est) Somamaratonas 0:16:32  
-1 lap Vanessa Kleih (Ger) Merida-Schulte    
-1 lap Asuman Burcu Balci (Tur) Team Fujibikes Rockets    
DNF Chiara Eberle (Ger) Mhw-Cube-Racing-Team    
DNF Christina Kollmann (Aut)    
DNF Elisabeth Brandau (Ger)    
DNF Stefanie Dohrn (Ger)    
DNS Katrin Leumann (Swi)    
DNS Elisabeth Osl (Aut)    
DNS Mona Eiberweiser (Ger)    
DNS Nienke Van Haaster (Ned)    
U23 Men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) 1:15:36  
2 Olof Jonsson (Swe) 0:00:39  
3 Marcel Fleschhut (Ger) 0:01:50  
4 Louis Wolf (Ger) 0:02:54  
5 Maximilian Holz (Ger) 0:02:55  
6 Jonas Pedersen (Den) 0:02:56  
7 Martin Gluth (Ger) 0:03:03  
8 David Simon (Ger) 0:03:32  
9 Sturla Aune (Nor) 0:05:21  
10 Tobias Reiser (Ger) 0:05:50  
11 Oliver Laundenberg (Ger) 0:06:16  
12 Aaron Beck (Ger) 0:06:24  
13 Adrian Sauer (Ger) 0:06:46  
14 Christopher Platt (Ger) 0:06:47  
15 Michael Wanski (Ger)    
16 Jochen Weisenseel (Ger) 0:08:14  
17 Yannik Brischle (Ger) 0:09:20  
18 Henrik Hoffmann (Ger) 0:09:53  
19 Michael Feinauer (Ger) 0:10:47  
20 Marian Pablo Burkhardt (Ger) 0:11:07  
21 Marvin Schmidt (Ger) 0:11:27  
22 Anselm Wüllner (Ger) 0:11:46  
23 Steffen Weisenseel (Ger) 0:12:05  
24 Robert Traupe (Ger) 0:12:25  
25 Marcel Pöter (Ger) 0:14:22  
-2 laps Sebastian Jayne (Aus)    
-2 laps Felix Huschle (Ger)    
-2 laps Simon Qvortrup (Den)    
-3 laps Ismail Demirkan (Tur)    
Junior Men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Martin Frey (Ger) 1:06:32  
2 Ben Zwiehoff (Ger) 0:00:27  
3 Jan-Philipp Ebertz (Ger) 0:01:31  
4 Edvard Vea Iversen (Nor) 0:02:21  
5 Philipp Bertsch (Ger) 0:02:37  
6 Jakob Hartmann (Ger) 0:02:43  
7 Sam Weber (Ger) 0:03:12  
8 Jonas Müller (Ger) 0:03:35  
9 Johan Widén (Swe) 0:04:49  
10 Johannes Bläsi (Ger) 0:04:50  
11 Karl Henrik Nordbakken 0:05:13  
12 Simon Schilli (Ger) 0:05:14  
13 Emil Linde (Swe) 0:05:36  
14 Florian Kortüm (Ger) 0:05:45  
15 Anders Dalgaard (Nor) 0:05:48  
16 Sven Strähle (Ger) 0:06:33  
17 Felix Legler (Ger) 0:06:55  
18 Felix Gliese (Ger) 0:07:17  
19 Alessandro Sepp (Ger)    
20 Yves Ketterer (Ger) 0:07:28  
21 Henrik Grobert (Ger) 0:07:45  
22 Denis Böttle (Ger) 0:07:54  
23 Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) 0:08:19  
24 Thomas Prinz (Ger) 0:08:32  
25 Nico Sander (Ger) 0:10:36  
26 Jakob Britz (Ger) 0:11:29  
27 Louis Schreyer (Ger) 0:12:55  
28 Lucas Arnhold (Ger) 0:13:36  
-1 lap Lukas Hoffmann (Ger)    
-2 laps Clemens Zech (Ger)    
-2 laps Nick Wichmann (Ger)    
DNF Benedikt Kipka (Ger)    
DNF Christian Schöllhorn (Ger)    
DNF Nils Dillmann (Ger)    
DNF Eskil Evensen-Lie (Nor)    
DNF Guy Niv (Isr)    
DNF Mirko Jurik (Ger)    
DNF Jan Kalt (Ger)    
DNF Timo Reith (Ger)    
DNS Tobias Bremser (Ger)    
DNS Arif Reichling (Ger)    
DNS Simon Gessler (Ger)    
DNS Max Egon Engel (Ger)    
DNS Thomas Volk (Ger)    
DNS Julian Braun (Ger)    
DNS Philipp Lenz (Ger)    
DNS Jan Nägele (Ger)    
DNS Georg Egger (Ger)    
DNS Marco Holzschuher (Ger)    
DNS Tim Streckenbach (Ger)    
Junior Women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jenny Rissveds (Swe) 1:01:46  
2 Veronika Brüchle (Ger) 0:04:42  
3 Majlen Müller (Ger) 0:05:30  
4 Frida H Ronning (Nor) 0:06:09  
5 Jessica Benz (Ger) 0:07:25  
6 Felicia Ferner (Swe) 0:10:51  
7 Theresia Schwenk (Ger) 0:11:01  
8 Antonia Rödel (Ger) 0:11:57  
9 Hannah Traupe (Ger) 0:18:05  
-1 lap Hanna Leersch (Ger)    
-1 lap Jessica Schweizer (Ger)    
DNF Lisa Schaub (Ger)    
DNS Anika Buhl (Ger)    
DNS Katja Hoffmann (Ger)