Giro d'Italia 2013

May 4-26, 2013, Naples, ITA, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Buongiorno and welcome to the Cyclingnews coverage of stage two of the Giro d'Italia, a 17.4km team time trail on the island of Ischia.

  1. 15:11:10 CEST

    Today's team time trial is just 17.4km long but is very technical with three climbs and numerous corners.  

  2. 15:12:22 CEST

    The 23 teams in the Giro d'Italia will start at three minute interviews, starting with the Colombia team at 15:40 local time, in less than 30 minutes.


  3. 15:13:43 CEST

    For a full list of start times and information on the strength of the teams, click here.

  4. 15:15:34 CEST

    Everything is ready on Ischia for the TTT. The teams and race caravan arrived this morning via ferry from Naples.

    The riders had a quick lunch and have been out to study the course. 

  5. 15:17:54 CEST

    Despite the technical nature of the course, the teams have opted to use team time trial bikes.

    We understand that Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) is set to use his new PInarello Bolide TT bike. We had a look at the bike here.

  6. 15:19:44 CEST

    For our insightful video preview of stage 2 click here.

  7. 15:24:27 CEST

    More than pure power and speed, TTT technique will be vital for success. It will be about riding as a team, making the changes at the right time and finishing five riders together. 

  8. 15:25:41 CEST

    The riders have been out studying the course earlier and there has already been a crash: Junajo Cobo (Movistar) went down and hurt his left knee. It will not stop racing.

  9. 15:26:14 CEST

    The teams are currently doing their warm-up and preparing for their ride.

  10. 15:31:10 CEST

    We're just minutes away now from the start of the cronosquadre, as the TTT is called in Italian.

  11. 15:32:27 CEST

    Who is your favourite to win? We think it will be close between Team Sky, Garmin-Sharp, Movistar, Radioshack and BMC.

  12. 15:34:23 CEST

    Mark Cavendish has a 20-second lead on most of his rivals, Will that be enough for him to hold onto the pink jersey?We'll find out in a couple of hours time.

  13. 15:36:27 CEST

    Garmin-Sharp is also warming up for the TTT.

    Check out this pic from Castelli.

  14. 15:39:40 CEST

    Here we go!

  15. 15:40:17 CEST

    3-2-1 and the Colombia team is off, rolling down the start ramp for their 17.4km TTT.

  16. 15:40:42 CEST

    This will be a real test for the Colombian climbers.

  17. 15:41:26 CEST

    On this course, the teams will follow a single line race strategy, with riders dropping back one by one after their turns on the front.

  18. 15:42:20 CEST

    As usual, times will be calculated on the fifth rider crossing the line.

  19. 15:43:25 CEST

    Next off is Ag2r-La Mondiale, with Pozzovivo and Betancur. They're off!

  20. 15:45:11 CEST

    The Colombia look good in formation,with riders doing turns of several hundred metres before dropping back on the left side.

  21. 15:45:56 CEST

    Team Blanco is now on the start ramp, with team leader Robert Gesink.

  22. 15:47:07 CEST

    They're off! The opening kilometres are slightly uphill and allow the tams to settle into their pace.

  23. 15:49:54 CEST

    Colombia has already lost a rider. However the best tactic maybe to ride with just five ride in the final part of the course to go as fast as possible. 

  24. 15:51:43 CEST

    Colombia has a set an intermediate of 10:36. Watch for other teams to go much, much quicker.

  25. 15:51:58 CEST

    Next off is the Argos-Shimano team. 

  26. 15:53:53 CEST

    Ag2r set an int time of 10:34. 

  27. 15:54:43 CEST

    Saxo-Tinkoff is off next. Can they win? They could be a surprise.

  28. 15:55:20 CEST

    3-2-1. Via! Go!

  29. 15:56:55 CEST

    Here comes Blanco. At the int time they set 10:25.

  30. 15:57:49 CEST

    Lotto Belisol is off next.

  31. 15:58:44 CEST

    The Colombia team is down to six riders. 

  32. 16:00:37 CEST

    Here we go. Team Sky is about to start.

  33. 16:01:25 CEST

    Sky has super team, including Wiggins, Italian national TT champion Dario Cataldo and former Under 23 world TT champion Danny Pate.

  34. 16:01:57 CEST

    Wiggins is leading Team Sky in the opening kilometres.

  35. 16:03:24 CEST

    Here comes the Colombia team, setting a time of 23:01.

  36. 16:04:35 CEST

    Vini Fantini is off next, setting off carefully, to stay together.

  37. 16:06:09 CEST

    Ag2r-La Mondiale finishes with a time of 22:55.

  38. 16:07:43 CEST

    Vacansoleil is off now, aboard their Bianchi TT bikes.

  39. 16:08:21 CEST

    Team Sky is still all together lined-out, with Uran leading on the mid-stage climb.

  40. 16:08:53 CEST

    Blanco finishes with six riders, in a time of 22:33, the new fastest time. For now.

  41. 16:09:45 CEST

    Pate has dropped off from the Team Sky line.

  42. 16:10:33 CEST

    Cannondale is now on the course.

  43. 16:12:30 CEST

    Team Sky is on fire, setting an intermediate time of 10:12.

  44. 16:13:30 CEST

    Pate gets back on, suggesting that Team Sky is not risking everything in this TTT.

  45. 16:14:21 CEST

    Explore the route of stage 2 in high detail with Google Maps, Earth and Street View here.

  46. 16:15:07 CEST

    Team Sky has lost Knees after the German does some hard work.

  47. 16:15:33 CEST

    At the finish Argos-Shimano set a time of 23:18.

  48. 16:16:07 CEST

    Vini Fantini is going well, just 9 seconds slower than Team Sky at the int time.

  49. 16:16:50 CEST

    Team Sky is about to tackle the last climb of the 17.4km course.

  50. 16:18:05 CEST

    Saxo-Tinkoff finish next with a time of 22:48. Not a great time.

  51. 16:19:32 CEST

    Euskaltel is off on their ride.

  52. 16:20:06 CEST

    Team Sky has just five riders left up front.

  53. 16:20:23 CEST

    Now they're going for it.

  54. 16:21:01 CEST

    Here comes Sky!

  55. 16:23:18 CEST

    The British team sets a time of 22:05  A new fastest time. Can anyone beat that?

  56. 16:24:11 CEST

    As expected, Cataldo brought Team Sky home and so if they in and beat Omega Pharma by more than 20 seconds, then he will take the pink jersey.

  57. 16:25:59 CEST

    Vini Fantini is also going well too.

  58. 16:26:37 CEST

    They have just five riders and finish with a time of 22:27.

  59. 16:27:40 CEST

    Elia Viviani (Cannondale) is the biggest threat to Cataldo for the pink jersey. He has an advantage of 12 seconds on his fellow Italian.

  60. 16:28:50 CEST

    Next off is Astana. The Kazakh team will be looking to limit their losses to Team Sky to help team leader Vincenzo Nibali.

  61. 16:31:44 CEST

    FDJ rolls down the start ramp, with Laurent Pichon covered in bandages after his crash on Saturday. He has four stitches in a mouth wound.

  62. 16:32:22 CEST

    Here comes Cannondale!

  63. 16:33:15 CEST

    They finish in a time of 22:40. That is 35 seconds slower than Sky and Viviani won't take the pink jersey.

  64. 16:33:57 CEST

    Lampre-Merida is gonig well, setting 10:13 at the int split, just one second slower than Team Sky. Can they hold it to the finish?

  65. 16:35:50 CEST

    Here comes Katusha. They were fast at the int time but have lost a lot in the second part. They set a time of 22:24. 19 seconds down on Team Sky.

  66. 16:36:53 CEST

    Movistar is the new fastest time at the int time mark:10:10. Faster than Team Sky! Can they hold it?

  67. 16:37:23 CEST

    Garmin-Sharp is off next, with Robert Hunter leading the team away.

  68. 16:40:12 CEST

    Astana is off the pace at the inter time with 10:18.

  69. 16:41:17 CEST

    Lampre has to wait for their fifth rider. This is going to cost them dear.

  70. 16:42:04 CEST

    Euskaltel also struggling. They're going to finish in four but the time is taken on the fifth rider, who is riding alone behind. 

  71. 16:43:39 CEST

    It seems that Salvatore Puccio could take the pink jersey if Team Sky can gain 20 seconds on Cavendish. The young Italian is best placed on the two stages and finished with the leading five riders.

  72. 16:44:44 CEST

    Lampre-Merida finishes with a time of 22:27 losing the fifth rider for a while cost them a lot.  

  73. 16:47:44 CEST

    Movistar set a time of 22:14. just 9 seconds slower than Sky.

  74. 16:49:17 CEST

    Garmin at the int time: 10:22. That's off the pace but they could finish fast. 

  75. 16:50:38 CEST

    Here comes Astana, setting a time of 22:19 Nibali has lost 14 seconds to Wiggins today.

  76. 16:53:34 CEST

    BMC is out on the course, Taylor Phinney will play a key role today. 

  77. 16:54:25 CEST

    FDJ set a time of 23:00.

  78. 16:57:00 CEST

    RadioShack comes home but with a slow time of 22:48.

  79. 16:57:43 CEST

    Omega Pharma is at the intermediate point but Cavendish is already slower by 24 seconds.

  80. 16:58:29 CEST

    Garmin-Sharp is losing riders in the final two kilometres. They won't win today.

  81. 17:00:08 CEST

    Garmin-Sharp sets a time of 22:30. Hesjedal has lost 25 seconds to Wiggins today. That is a lot.

  82. 17:01:11 CEST

    Three teams still to finish: BMC, Orica, OPQS.

  83. 17:02:59 CEST

    Here comes BMC, with Phinney bringing them home, and setting a time of 22:42. Evans has lost 37 seconds to Wiggins today.

  84. 17:03:59 CEST

    Orica is descending to the finish, while OPQS is on the last climb.

  85. 17:04:32 CEST

    Orica was lucky to stay up and stay together on a fost corner, two riders almost crashed.

  86. 17:05:46 CEST

    Orica-GreenEdge sets a time of 22:33.

  87. 17:07:05 CEST

    Cavendish is wearing a pink skinsuit but he has non chance of keeping it. Salvatore Puccio looks set to pull on the pink jersey after Team Sky's super fast time. 

  88. 17:09:22 CEST

    Omega Pharma stops the clock in 22:53. Cavendish loses the pink jersey to Salvatore Puccio of Team Sky.

  89. 17:09:46 CEST

    Team Sky wins the TTT in a time of 22:05.

  90. 17:10:05 CEST

    Movistar is second at 9 seconds.

  91. 17:14:18 CEST

    As expected, Team Sky won the TTT and gained some precious seconds on their min rivals for overall victory. Wiggins will be happy today and Team sky can now celebrate on the podium.

  92. 17:15:52 CEST

    The nine riders are on the podium, collecting the applause. The team has put down a mark today and showed they are strong and ready to race hard for three weeks.

  93. 17:16:30 CEST

    Yet again, Wiggins leads the champagne shower, covering his teammates in the bubbly.

  94. 17:17:57 CEST

    Puccio is confirmed in the pink jersey, with the four Team Sky teammates filling the places behind him. Wiggins is second overall based on stage placings.

  95. 17:18:59 CEST

    Puccio is enjoying his moment in pink, spraying the crowd with champagne. 

  96. 17:20:51 CEST

    Cavendish has the consolation of taking the red points jersey.

  97. 17:22:32 CEST

    Italy's Giovanni Visconti (Movistar) keeps the blue climber's jersey.

  98. 17:28:01 CEST

    That wraps up our live coverage of stage 2 of the Giro d'Italia from Ischia.

  99. 17:29:05 CEST

    Team Sky has lived up to the expectations and won the 17.4km team time trial, with Salvatore Puccio taking the pink jersey.

  100. 17:31:52 CEST

    Monday's third stage is from Sorrento to Marina di Ascea. It is over 222m, with the the first part on the twisting Amalfi coast and two testing climbs in the final 80km. 

    It is perfect for a breakaway attempt that could see yet another new rider in the pink jersey. It will be fascinating to see if Team Sky try to defend the pink jersey and if the sprinters try to control the attacks and fight for the win. 

  101. 17:32:48 CEST

    We will have a full stage report, huge photo galleries, news and interviews here at Cyclingnews very soon.   

  102. 17:33:32 CEST

    Join us tomorrow for live coverage of stage 3 of the Giro d'Italia. Arrivederci! 

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