Giro d'Italia 2012

May 5-27, 2012, Herning (ITT), Italy, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to our coverage of stage 19 of the Giro d'Italia, 195km from Treviso to Alpe di Pampeago and the second stage in the Dolomites. Five categorized climbs are on the menu today, with the Manghen, Pampeago (twice) and Pampeago making this one of the most anticipated stages of the race. With less than 1:40 separating the top four, the race is wide open.

  1. 10:21:34 BST

    Rolling out of Treviso, the Giro will pay its respects to Andrea Pinarello. The youngest of the Pinarello framebuilding dynasty, he lost his life died shortly after an amateur race last August.

    The stage is a snorter, but also a reflection of the times. Many commentators believe that over the coming decade the nature of the sport will change dramatically. There will be more “circuit” events, replacing the traditional long distance point to point races with which we’ve become familiar over the decades.

  2. 10:22:57 BST

    Once again, there is a relatively gentle beginning to proceedings with the third category Sella di Roa (7km at 6.6%) the only obstacle in the opening half of the stage. The imposing Passo Manghen (20.5km at 7.4%) heralds something of a call to arms, however, and the slope cruelly grows steeper as it drags inexorably onwards, with stretches of 15% near the summit.

  3. 10:27:10 BST

    Next up is the climb of Pampeago (10.5km at 9.8%) itself, which the peloton must tackle twice. The first time, they will grind past the finish line and upwards to 2006 metres, cresting the summit of the Passo Pampeago. After a rapid descent, they must loop back over the short Passo Lavazé (6.3km at 8.6%) before rolling into Tesero once again to repeat the first 7.7km of the climb of Pampeago.

    The finish at Alpe di Pampeago has become something of a favourite in the modern Giro, ever since Pavel Tonkov outsprinted Marco Pantani in 1998, although the winner here has only once gone on to take overall honours, in 2003, when Gilberto Simoni laid waste to the Giro’s summit finishes.

  4. 10:28:24 BST

    We've got the CN blimp up and running after a few maintenance checks carried out this morning and we're up and running, the riders having started the stage a couple of minutes ago.

  5. 10:30:20 BST

    The Passo Manghen is the first major climb on the stage. Used in the 2008 and the launch pad for Sella's 50km lone break and stage win, it will be crucial in today's stage.

    Stage three winner Emanuele Sella (Androni Giocattoli)

  6. 10:31:29 BST

    We also say a stage finish at Di Pampeago in 1999 when Marco Pantani extended his lead in GC. He was removed from the race before the finish though.

  7. 10:32:20 BST

    Here's where we stand on GC this morning:

    1 Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team 77:47:38
    2 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:30
    3 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:01:22
    4 Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:01:36
    5 Rigoberto Uran Uran (Col) Sky Procycling 0:02:56
    6 Benat Intxausti Elorriaga (Spa) Movistar Team 0:03:04
    7 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox 0:03:19
    8 Paolo Tiralongo (Ita) Astana Pro Team 0:04:13
    9 Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team 0:04:38
    10 Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky Procycling 0:04:42

  8. 10:36:21 BST

    The race is still wide open and there are a number of key dynamics to watch out for. Rodriguez can't afford to simply wheelsuck like he did a couple of days ago, and has to put more time into Hesjedal before the final time trial on Sunday. With just 30 seconds in advantage, he'll need to double that - at least over the next couple of days.

    At the same time, Basso and Scarponi also need to put the Spaniard under constant pressure. Liquigas will most likely take the race apart on the Manghen in a bid to isolate the Spaniard as quickly as possible. But Pozzovivo could be the key to everyone's stage. The little Italian was one of the strongest on stage 17 and if he attack earlier then it could be a case who reacts best.

  9. 10:37:27 BST

    Rodriguez has already started with the mind games, saying he's more afraid of Liquigas than he is of Basso.Ivan Basso at the start of stage 18

  10. 10:40:04 BST

    However Basso, the two time Giro winner, has looked stronger as the race has gone on and was in good form on the Giau. He wasn't helped by Szmyd having a mechanical on the lower slopes of the climb and the Italian lacks the accelerations to nip away from Rodriguez but he'll be looking to grind him down with a relentless pace.

  11. 10:53:34 BST

    Still no action from the bunch as they roll out. There are a number of teams without a stage win in this year's race so we can certainly expect a break at some stage. I can't imagine we'll have to wait until the first climb before it goes clear.

  12. 10:57:33 BST

    Ballan is from this region. He's been fairly quiet in his debut Giro, so perhaps he'll be in the break today?

  13. 184km remaining from 197km

    11:10:32 BST

    We have a large group off the front of the bunch - at last.

  14. 11:14:59 BST

    There are 17 riders in the move the 2008 stage winner we talked about earlier  Emanuele Sella (Androni), Stefano Pirazzi (Colnago), Juan Antonio Flecha (Sky), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Serge Pauwels (QuickStep), Juan Manuel Garate (Rabobank), Adriano Malori (Lampre), Jose Ventoso (Movistar), Andrey Zeits (Astana), Adam Hansen (Lotto Belisol), Cesare Benedetti (NetApp), Pierre Cazaux (Euskaltel), Mikhail Ignatyev (Katusha), Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini), Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Saxo Bank). Sandy Casar (FDJ), Thomas Rohregger (RadioShack)..

    I hope you're not expecting biogs on all 17?

  15. 155km remaining from 197km

    11:32:39 BST

    The gap is now up to 6:15

  16. 11:39:28 BST

    • Farnese Vini - Selle Italia's 2012 Jersey

    A bit surprised that Matteo Rabottini hasn't tried to sneak away in that move. He could have sown up the KOM competition if he had. Still he doesnt have any close rivals in that break so he'll be relatively happy.

  17. 11:41:36 BST

    But there are plenty of strong climbers in this break. Sella, who we've mentioned before, although he's no where near the same level as his pre-doping ban for CERA.

    Garate isn't a bad climber, all he needs to do is ride along side everyone in the group and ask if they've ever won a mountain stage at the Tour finishing on Ventoux. He has back in 2009.

  18. 11:42:41 BST

    Pirazzi, he can climb, although he never seems to be able to time an attack properly, and Casar isn't too shabby either.

  19. 11:47:15 BST

    Guardini is probably looking around thinking what on earth am I doing here. Although he's probably not stopped smiling since winning his stage yesterday.

  20. 11:52:40 BST

    Sandy Casar, who I had down as an outside bet for the top ten before the Giro (in my head, I dont think I actually told anyone) is the best placed rider in GC, 12 minutes down on Rodriguez. He's in 19th place so it's all about the stage wins now for the Frenchman.

  21. 146km remaining from 197km

    11:54:25 BST

    We're about 10km away from today's first climb of the Sella di Roa, a second category climb.

  22. 11:55:54 BST

    Rather odd email has just landed in the inbox. So in case you were ever wondering:

    "For clarification purposes, Steve Peters, consultant psychiatrist for the GB Cycling Team, has had no contact with Dwain Chambers nor any of his support staff. Steve is extremely busy in the build-up to London 2012 and has no intention of taking on new clients until after the Games."


  23. 12:00:31 BST

    As for today's uphill finish: The climb to the finish is 7.7km long with an average gradient of 9.7% and two sections at 16%. The road is well surfaced with two well-lit tunnels in the final part of the climb. The last four-kilometre section has 12% gradient. The finishing straight is 170m long and six metres wide.

    Rodriguez has talked about how the climb suits him. I'm not quite as confident. If this was the first week, then I'd agree with the Spaniard but after nearly three weeks of racing and the four proceeding climbs, I think the final climb will be a complete war of attrition, suited more to Scarponi or Basso, someone who can just grind away on the gears. We'll see....

  24. 12:04:27 BST

    • Pro Team Astana's 2012 Jersey

    I wonder what's going through Kreuziger's head right now? Dropped on stage 17, and now over 12 minutes down, things don't look good for the Czech rider. It's unlikely he'll be in the mix today and there's strong speculation that he could be leaving Astana at the end of the year and heading to QuickStep.

  25. 12:06:19 BST

    • Farnese Vini - Selle Italia's 2012 Jersey

    Weather report: The stage started under blue skies and temperatures of 28 degrees centigrade. Cloudy skies and temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade are expected for the finish. We don't have a weather icon, so I'll use the Farnese jersey, which is about as bright as the sun anyway.

  26. 128km remaining from 197km

    12:07:03 BST

    The lead is now up to 7:40

  27. 12:10:29 BST

    By the way, later this evening, or tomorrow morning, we'll be running an extract from Daniel Friebe's excellent book Mountain High: Europe's 50 Greatest Cycle Climbs. Tomorrow's stage finishes on the Stelvio so you can guess what the extract might be based on.

  28. 12:12:00 BST

    The leaders are about halfway up the first climb of the day.

  29. 12:16:03 BST

    Remember, all of our Giro coverage can be found right on this Giro d'Italia 2012 page. News, reports, blogs, photos, tech and more.

  30. 12:25:16 BST

    The bunch are climbing steadily, around 7 minutes behind today's break. Guardini is finding it tough to keep pace with his companions.

  31. 12:36:24 BST

    It's unlikely that the autobus will be formed just yet, they'll probably wait until the lower slopes of the Manghen.

  32. 12:40:05 BST

    Pirazzi takes the points at the top of the climb with Rohregger and Serge Pauwels grabbing second and third.

  33. 111km remaining from 197km

    12:43:26 BST

    The gap is down to 6:40 at the top of the climb.

  34. 12:47:18 BST

    Katusha may have a man in the group but that hasn't stopped them moving to the front of the bunch and controlling the pace.

  35. 12:48:01 BST

    Robbie Hunter in his distinctive national champions jersey (South Africa) is also near the front of the bunch, doing some early work for Hesjedal.

  36. 12:50:23 BST

    There's a pretty heavy shower coming down now and a number of riders have their rain jackets on.

  37. 98km remaining from 197km

    12:53:28 BST

    The break race through the feedzone.

  38. 12:55:21 BST

    Jose Ventoso, a stage winner the last two Giri, comes through and takes a turn on the front of the break. It looks as though he's having a nose bleed.

  39. 13:00:09 BST

    The break, headed by Garate, ride through Telve as Katusha continue to set the pace on the front of the peloton. Liquigas are taking it easy and allowing Rodriguez's men to do all the work.

  40. 13:04:22 BST

    The bunch come through the feedzone, with the time gap at 8;50

  41. 13:07:35 BST

    As the break are about to begin the climb of the Passo Manghen. It's 20.5km in length with an average gradient of 7.4% but sections near top that reach 15 %.

  42. 13:08:04 BST

    Rujano has abandoned.

  43. 13:09:13 BST

    No form, no results in this year's race it's no surprise that the Androni rider has quit the race.

  44. 90km remaining from 197km

    13:15:18 BST

    Robbie Hunter is still right up there at the front of the bunch, Garmin have a number of riders looking to support Hesjedal today.

  45. 13:16:39 BST

    Pavel Brutt has been on the front for a long time for Katusha. He'll take the peloton as far as he can, swing off and then look to make up any time gaps on the descent of the climb.

  46. 13:22:44 BST

    Vande Velde has to stop and attend to his bike because it looks like he's jammed his chain.

  47. 13:23:09 BST

    Meanwhile, the break continues to work well, each rider tapping through and taking their turn.

  48. 13:27:43 BST

    Astana, Liquigas and Lampre are all riding together, just behind the Katusha pace setting.

    At the back of the bunch Mark Cavendish has been dropped with a handful of riders. They'll help form the autobus in the next few minutes. That group could reach as big as forty or fifty riders by the end of the stage.

  49. 13:28:25 BST

    The break has moved from a double pace line to a single pace line, a clear indication that they've increased their pace.

  50. 13:29:39 BST

    They've switched back again. Having a big group is all well and good but it doesnt mean anything if the riders dont work together and organise their pace duties. There are a few riders missing turns in the break.

  51. 13:31:52 BST

    Rodriguez moves to the very front of the bunch and has a word with his team. Not sure what  was said there but it's likely to be about the pace setting.

  52. 83km remaining from 197km

    13:35:38 BST

    The gap to the break is now 8:27.

  53. 13:41:07 BST

    The break is still all together, while Robbie Hunter is near the front of the peloton, an indication that they're not going at 100 per cent just yet.

  54. 13:44:39 BST

    Other than Moreno, Katusha dont really have any pure climbers to help Rodriguez so they'll just look to contain the race for as long as possible. It looks like Guardini is no longer with the break.

  55. 13:50:15 BST

    Benedetti is setting the pace on the front of the group. Netapp have had a great Giro so far and although they've not picked up  a stage win, they've been close on a number of occasions and have certainly justified their wildcard place in the race.

  56. 13:52:42 BST

    Roman Kreuziger is back at the team car collecting bottles.

  57. 13:53:16 BST

    As Hunter has done his job for the day and starts to swing off and go backwards.

  58. 13:53:59 BST

    Garate moves to the front of the break with Hansen propping up the rear.

  59. 78km remaining from 197km

    13:54:58 BST

    The gap is 7:23 as Guardini is swallowed up by the bunch.

  60. 13:58:14 BST

    The break are 3km from the summit of the climb.

  61. 13:59:18 BST

    The gradient has really kicked up to the 15% we talked about earlier and a number of riders have stopped coming to the front.

  62. 14:01:08 BST

    Alessandro Ballan popped off the back as well.

  63. 14:05:06 BST

    Garate has been dropped or he's waiting for a team car. Either way he's having a little argument with the moto.

    As Liquigas show their jersey on the front for the first time. Basso perhaps wants his team to control the pace on the descent of the climb.

  64. 14:08:00 BST

    • Movistar Team's 2012 Jersey

    Intxausti who started the day in 6th, has been dropped by the peloton.

  65. 74km remaining from 197km

    14:11:41 BST

    Sella moves to the front and takes a long turn on the front of the break. Just as he tries to put on his wind breaker Pirazzi sprints clear and takes the points.

  66. 14:12:33 BST

    It's such a technical descent at the start with very tight roads. Pirazzi slams on the breaks on each corner, some his lines look perfectly fine but that last one was totally out of shape.

  67. 14:13:20 BST

    73km and the gap is down to 6:07.

  68. 14:13:46 BST

    At the front of the peloton Lampre and Liquigas have taken charge with 1km to go until the summit.

  69. 14:15:28 BST

    Rohregger who was second on the climb has caught Pirzzazi. He'd be better off taking the front and not sitting in second wheel.

  70. 14:15:42 BST

    500 meters to go for the peloton.

  71. 14:17:22 BST

    Basso wants control and puts his men firmly on the front of the bunch. The Liquigas team will set the pace on the descent.

  72. 14:23:14 BST

    It looks like Hunter has run off the road and come off. he's walking and looking for a new bike.

  73. 14:27:04 BST

    Flecha is calling for the Sky car.

  74. 14:28:56 BST

    Liquigas as we expected control the pace on the descent. Lampre have settled in behind them, with Rodriguez also there.

  75. 55km remaining from 197km

    14:35:36 BST

    The descent is over for the break and they've got to start climbing all over again. We've 55km to go and the gap is at 5:30.

  76. 14:37:25 BST

    A slight grimace from Basso as the bunch start their climbing again. We've a short ramp, then a plateau, and then the next climb of the day, which they'll do twice.

  77. 14:38:10 BST

    The gap is down to 4:57 and Liquigas' pace is starting to tell.

  78. 14:38:43 BST

    There are still three major ascents to come.

  79. 14:40:23 BST

    Szymd has another mechanical and the pace dips for a minute. It's the perfect time for riders to go back to their team cars.

  80. 51km remaining from 197km

    14:42:59 BST

    Just over 50km to race and the gap is down to 4:35.

  81. 14:46:11 BST

    Flecha finally has the Sky car with him but Liquigas have their entire team on the front drilling the pace, taking another 20 seconds off the lead.

  82. 14:47:13 BST

    And the break starts the first ascent of the Pamepago. They go up this climb twice.

  83. 14:48:07 BST

     Basso is taking charge from a long way out but he;ll want a good run into the foot of the climb because it's a sharp left hand turn and very tight roads.

  84. 150km remaining from 197km

    14:48:57 BST

    47km to go and the gap is 3:56.

  85. 14:50:33 BST

    The bunch hit the foot of the climb.

  86. 14:51:20 BST

    Rohregger sets the pace at the front of the break, he's had a good stage so far and worked well in the group.

  87. 14:54:24 BST

    A few attacks from the leading group, and it looks like they're about to split up in dramatic fashion.

  88. 14:55:00 BST

    Rohregger, Sella and Pirazzi appear to be clear of the rest of the break.

  89. 14:58:03 BST

    There are maybe 40 riders left in the Basso group.

  90. 14:59:43 BST

    It's Casar, not Sella. So Casar, Pirazzi, and and Rohregger lead the race with 3:10 on the maglia rosa.

  91. 15:01:14 BST

    The Shack rider is in trouble and has been dropped.

  92. 15:02:02 BST

    Caruso is doing the damage for Liquigas and more and more riders are being tailed off the back.

  93. 15:02:28 BST

    Pirazzi pours a water bottle over his head but Casar doesnt care and just ploughs on ahead.

  94. 15:02:43 BST

    Tiralongo is going backwards

  95. 43km remaining from 197km

    15:03:40 BST

    The Astana man has gone... he's been well and truly dropped.

  96. 15:05:18 BST

    Moreno is hanging at the back of the group. That's not a good sign for Rodriguez.

  97. 15:06:30 BST

    Huge crowds on the roads, swarming on both sides of our two leaders. The rest of the break has been scattered all over the road.

  98. 15:06:41 BST

    Casar is struggling.

  99. 15:07:08 BST

    Pirazzi sees how laboured the Frenchman looks and comes around on the right hand side. Casar responds this time.

  100. 15:07:42 BST

    Szmyd has been dropped.

  101. 15:07:56 BST

    Roman K is up there, with Hesjedal on his wheel.

  102. 15:08:36 BST

    Cunego is there for Scarponi and bang Roman K has popped.

  103. 15:09:18 BST

    He pulls right out of the line and swings over. He's waiting for a car but now isn't a great time. He has a teammate with him, why not use him?

  104. 42km remaining from 197km

    15:10:06 BST

    42km to go and the leaders have 3:11 on the bunch.

  105. 15:10:33 BST

    Kreuziger is at the back of the bunch but without having seen the car...

  106. 15:11:09 BST

    Sella is leading a group that contains Garate and Pauwels.

  107. 15:11:38 BST

    Moreno is still dangling at the back of the peloton. He's hanging in there.

  108. 15:12:13 BST

    Flecha and Zeits are in the Garate group.

  109. 15:16:13 BST

    The two leaders come over the finish line for the first time.They'll descend, then climb the Passo Lavaze, and then start the Pamepago all over again.

  110. 15:16:16 BST

    The two leaders come over the finish line for the first time.They'll descend, then climb the Passo Lavaze, and then start the Pamepago all over again.

  111. 15:17:32 BST

    The Basso group is down to around 20 riders.

  112. 15:17:47 BST

    Could riders be lapped today?

  113. 15:18:34 BST

    The peloton cross the finishline for the first time.

  114. 15:19:29 BST

    Casar is doing most of the work and has made sure that the lead is at 3:12.

  115. 15:20:39 BST

    Liquigas have certainly eased their pace.

  116. 15:22:09 BST

    Casar gets out of the saddle and ups the pace again, then Pirazzi does the right thing and comes through to take a turn. These two are beginning to settle and work well together.

  117. 15:22:43 BST

    The two leaders are 1km from the top of the climb.

  118. 15:26:56 BST

    And Pirazzi takes the points on the top of the climb. Casar doesn't contest them and just wants a solid partner to work with. The gap is 3:22. It's touch and go.

  119. 15:30:22 BST

    Garmin have two men to support Hesjedal, Vande Velde and Stetina, while Basso still has four men on the front of the peloton as they crest the top of the climb. The gap is at 3:28.

  120. 15:34:17 BST

    Pirazzi and Casar are diving down the descent at full speed.

  121. 15:35:08 BST

    Casar looks far more relaxed, he's such a classy bike rider. No disrespect to Pirazzi.

  122. 15:37:25 BST

    The two leaders have finished the descent and now start the Passo Lavaze, which is roughly 7km in length.

  123. 15:39:45 BST

    Liquigas lead the bunch onto the climb and riders who had made contact on the descent are already being dropped again.

  124. 15:41:07 BST

    Rodriguez looks good. He's just sitting in, while Vande Velde moves up and hands Hesjedal a fresh bottle.

  125. 15:41:31 BST

    Basso moves up and has a word with his two remaining teammates.

  126. 28km remaining from 197km

    15:41:49 BST

    28km to go.

  127. 15:42:35 BST

    And Casar is leaving  Pirazzi behind.

  128. 15:42:54 BST

    But the Italian comes back.

  129. 15:43:25 BST

    Stetina hasn't left Hesjedal's side all day and remains glued to his team leader.

  130. 26km remaining from 197km

    15:47:48 BST

    26km to go and the gap is at 3;33 as Cataldo attacks from the bunch.

  131. 15:48:02 BST

    Basso wont worry too much about that for now.

  132. 15:48:24 BST

    Pozzovivo is at the very back of the Basso group.

  133. 15:49:38 BST

    Cataldo has caught Malori who was in the earlier break.

  134. 15:50:26 BST

    Agnoli setting the pace for Basso but it's not really doing too much damage. Basso won't mind that, it's just the violent accelerations that bother him.

  135. 15:50:48 BST

    The two leaders are 2km from the top of the climb.

  136. 15:51:16 BST

    The gap is at 3:20.

  137. 15:51:31 BST

    Seeldrayers attacks.

  138. 15:51:55 BST

    He's nearly half an hour down on GC so Liquigas wont worry about him.

  139. 15:54:09 BST

    Kreuziger smashes it into the big ring and he's off. What a move. He's over 12 minutes down so he's just after the stage. He's got a gap and a teammate with him.

  140. 24km remaining from 197km

    15:54:50 BST

    Seeldrayers pulls over and Kreuziger goes alone.

  141. 15:55:37 BST

    The Astana leader has a lot of work to do if he's to rescue his Giro with a stage win.

  142. 15:57:35 BST

    Casar and Pirazzi are closing in on the top of the climb. The Italian will take maximum points and over the top they go. 23km to race.

  143. 15:58:33 BST

    Kreuziger has caught Cataldo but the Astana rider wont ask for any help, he's on a mission here.

  144. 15:59:28 BST

    Roman K is 1:57 back on the two leaders.

  145. 16:00:29 BST

    The bunch crest the top of the climb 53 seconds further back.

  146. 18km remaining from 197km

    16:02:15 BST

    Casar and Pirazzi have just under 18km to go. It's still touch and go here as Pauwels is having a great ride, coming back to the Cataldo group to add a bit of support.

  147. 17km remaining from 197km

    16:03:57 BST

    17km to go: the stage, and the overall in this year's Giro d'Italia are still wide open. This next climb, the final ascent of the Passo Pamepago, could decide everything.

  148. 16:04:37 BST

    Stetina has a wheel change. That'll be hard to come back from.

  149. 16:05:10 BST

    A few riders are having a comfort break. Too much information?

  150. 14km remaining from 197km

    16:06:33 BST

    1:48 for our two leaders. They'll need every second of that before they start the final climb because Kreuziger is on a mission.

  151. 16:08:04 BST

    There's a very tight corner on the descent and two riders have almost come off there. The peloton are descending at speed now.

  152. 12km remaining from 197km

    16:08:18 BST

    12 to go.

  153. 16:08:37 BST

    15km to go for the Basso bunch.

  154. 16:09:04 BST

    As Pirazzi and Casar push their lead to 3:17on the maglia rosa group.

  155. 16:10:05 BST

    Cataldo, Kreuziger and Pauwels are chasing in the second group.

  156. 16:11:30 BST

    But now we have a leading group of four because Sella and Rohregger have come back. I thought they'd been caught a while back but now they're back with the leaders.

  157. 9km remaining from 197km

    16:12:06 BST

    These four now have over two minutes on the Cataldo/Kreuziger group. Could Sella win here again?

  158. 16:12:39 BST

    Now the gap is 1:15 to the Cataldo group.

  159. 16:13:08 BST

    The leading four are close to the base of the final climb.

  160. 16:14:36 BST

    Onto the climb for the final time. Here we go.

  161. 16:15:50 BST

    Now Basso has to prove that all the work his team have done over the last three weeks has been worth. He has to make a move and make up time.

  162. 6km remaining from 197km

    16:16:32 BST

    And Rohregger is in trouble

  163. 16:17:34 BST

    All the favourites are still here.

  164. 16:17:47 BST

    And Pirazzi attacks.

  165. 16:18:07 BST

    Sella is the only rider who can give chase.

  166. 16:18:46 BST

    No it's Casar who comes over not Sella  and now the Frenchman attacks but he cant drop the Colnago rider.

  167. 16:19:06 BST

    But Kreuziger is closing , 41 seconds now.

  168. 16:19:21 BST

    Garmin set the pace in the Basso group

  169. 16:19:58 BST

    Hesjedal has put his two men on the front of the climb.

  170. 16:20:30 BST

    Slagter attacks. No concern in the battle for pink

  171. 5km remaining from 197km

    16:20:46 BST

    5km to go.

  172. 16:21:15 BST

    The Canadian must be confident

  173. 16:21:46 BST

    Kreuziger and Cataldo are closing in on the two leaders.

  174. 16:22:46 BST

    Casar and Pirazzi side by side.

  175. 16:23:07 BST

    As Slagter is caught.

  176. 16:23:57 BST

    Hesjedal has just one man left. Pozzovivo is close up to the front now, with Cunego and Scarponi

  177. 16:24:15 BST

    Sella has been caught by Roman K

  178. 16:24:39 BST

    5km to go for the maglia rosa.

  179. 16:25:13 BST

    Henao and Uran are both still here too

  180. 16:25:37 BST

    And Kreuziger attacks and he's coming up to Casar and Pirazzi.

  181. 16:25:46 BST

    Cataldo is digging in

  182. 16:26:09 BST

    So Pirazzi stamps on the pedals and responds.

  183. 16:26:17 BST

    He's dropped Casar.

  184. 16:26:27 BST

    Roman catches the FDJ rider.

  185. 16:27:08 BST

    Kreuziger moves to the front in pursuit of the Colnago rider, and Casar is hanging on

  186. 16:27:32 BST

    Meanwhile Rodriguez looks comfortable, Scarponi too.Basso has just one teammate.

  187. 16:28:07 BST

    Now Basso has to take it up but there are maybe 15 riders with him.

  188. 16:28:15 BST

    Hesjedal on his wheel.

  189. 16:28:34 BST

    Scarponi attacks.

  190. 16:28:50 BST

    Hesjedal responds and catches him.

  191. 16:29:15 BST

    Basso chugs his way to the front again.

  192. 16:29:40 BST

    Scarponi looks over, Rodriguez continues to just follow.

  193. 16:30:23 BST

    And Scarponi goes again but Ryder and then Rodriguez chase.

  194. 16:30:41 BST

    Basso is at the back and Pozzovivo is being dropped.

  195. 16:30:55 BST

    There are just 6 in the Basso group.

  196. 16:31:36 BST

    And Scarponi goes again and this time Ryder chases and catches him, Rodriguez is with them so Basso needs to close that gap.

  197. 16:31:50 BST

    He does it.

  198. 16:32:15 BST

    Roman K is up ahead and on his own but no sign if he's caught Pirazzi.

  199. 2km remaining from 197km

    16:32:43 BST

    He has so the Astana rider leads by 58 seconds witht 2.2km to go.

  200. 16:33:04 BST

    Now Hesjedal attacks and he's got Scarponi with him.

  201. 16:33:17 BST

    Basso is closing the gap for Rodriguez.

  202. 16:33:54 BST

    Has Basso cracked?

  203. 16:34:14 BST

    Ryder and Scarponi have gone clear now

  204. 16:34:27 BST

    The Canadian just needs to follow for now.

  205. 16:35:28 BST

    Basso just follows Rodriguez but they're both in trouble. They have Uran for company.

  206. 16:35:57 BST

    Scarponi and Hesjedal side by side, with Kreuziger still ahead by around 40 seconds.

  207. 16:36:24 BST

    That's a really gutsy ride from the Astana rider.

  208. 16:37:03 BST

    The Garmin leader takes up the pace setting and Basso is losing ground on Rodriguez

  209. 16:37:42 BST

    Just 1km for Kreuziger.

  210. 16:38:23 BST

    But now Hesjedal looks back, he gives Scarponi the look and I think he's riding away from the Lampre rider.

    Scarponi responds and gets on the wheel.

  211. 16:38:39 BST

    Kreuziger is cracking.

  212. 16:38:58 BST

    As Basso and Uran ride together. They're all over the road today.

  213. 16:39:15 BST

    Hesjedal is clear of Scarponi. That's incredible.

  214. 16:39:30 BST

    Scarponi has blown.

  215. 16:40:13 BST

    The Canadian gets out of the saddle. There's about 30 seconds between Hesjedal and Basso.

  216. 16:40:25 BST

    Basso drops Uran.

  217. 16:41:17 BST

    It's painful to watch, as Kreuziger inches towards the line. Can he hang on?

  218. 16:41:35 BST

    He takes the stage win. What a stage, what a win!

  219. 16:41:47 BST

    Here comes Hesjedal.

  220. 16:42:29 BST

    And Rodriguez pips Scarponi to the line. Then it's Pozzovivo, Basso , then Uran.

  221. 16:43:36 BST

    Basso lost 35 seconds to Hesjedal. Has the Italian's Giro collapsed?

  222. 16:44:16 BST

    Gadret comes over the line, they're all finishing one by one on the climb.

  223. 16:45:01 BST

    Hesjedal moves closer to winning the Giro. He's on the ground now trying to recover.

  224. 16:47:47 BST

    Brief Results 1Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Astana Pro Team6:18:02  2Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda0:00:19  3Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team0:00:32  4Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD0:00:35  5Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:00:43  6Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:00:55  7Rigoberto Uran (Col) Sky0:00:57  8Mikel Nieve Ituralde (Spa) Euskaltel - Euskadi0:01:18  9Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:01:22  10John Gadret (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  

    Mark Robinson Peter Hymas

  225. 16:47:51 BST

    Brief Results 1Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Astana Pro Team6:18:02  2Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda0:00:19  3Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team0:00:32  4Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD0:00:35  5Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:00:43  6Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:00:55  7Rigoberto Uran (Col) Sky0:00:57  8Mikel Nieve Ituralde (Spa) Euskaltel - Euskadi0:01:18  9Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:01:22  10John Gadret (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  

    Mark Robinson Peter Hymas

  226. 16:50:37 BST

    That all means that Scarponi climbs into third on GC

  227. 16:52:24 BST

    General classification after stage 19 1Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team84:06:12  2Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda0:00:17  3Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD0:01:39  4Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:01:45  5Rigoberto Uran (Col) Sky0:03:21 
  228. 16:58:53 BST

    General classification after stage 19 1 Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team 84:06:12
    2 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:17
    3 Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:01:39
    4 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:01:45
    5 Rigoberto Uran Uran (Col) Sky Procycling 0:03:21
    6 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox 0:03:30
    7 John Gadret (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale 0:05:36
    8 Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team 0:05:40
    9 Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky Procycling 0:05:47
    10 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:06:09

  229. 17:00:37 BST

    Thanks for joining us today in our coverage of the Giro's 19th stage. It's been an epic day with so much to talk about. Remember you can

    click here

    for results and reports and tune in tomorrow for the final day in the Dolomites.

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