Giro d'Italia 2011

May 7-29, 2011, Venaria Reale, Italy, Road - HIS (Historical Calendar)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to CN's live coverage from stage 6 of the Giro d'Italia.

  1. 13:13:08 BST

    Stage 6 looks to be an intriguing yet not especially tough stage, but much depends on the weather. If it's wet, the peloton could be reluctant to let breaks get too far clear as there are sure to be many still in with a sniff of the maglia rosa.

  2. 13:13:16 BST

    The route passes to the east of Rome in the lower reaches of the Apennine mountain chain, which bumps up and down all day without reaching any great height.

  3. 13:13:22 BST

    An uncategorised climb in the spa town of Fiuggi Terme is an opportunity for riders who have held something back for the final kilometres, since the final descent will whisk them almost to the finish.

  4. 13:15:12 BST

    Distance: 216km
    Highest point: 450m
    Category: Mountain stage (medium)

  5. 13:19:45 BST

    Lets bring you up to date with the current situation. We have covered 90km and a group of five riders have a 5.15 lead on the bunch.

  6. 13:22:36 BST

    We have Jussi Veikkanen, Kristof Vandewalle, Popvych, Modolo and Veunchelen all here.

  7. 13:24:32 BST

    Amazing to think that Popo finished third in the Giro back in 2003, almost ten years ago.

  8. 13:25:34 BST

    • Feed

    Meanwhile the leaders are near Fiano Romano and are just going through the feedzone. Do we have an icon for that? There you go.

  9. 13:26:54 BST

    Pieter Weening (Rabobank) takes the stage and the leader's jersey

    Weening of course leads the race now and Rabobank are currently leading the bunch.

  10. 13:28:10 BST

    With all the bonus seconds up for grabs at the finish the GC isn't secure on the Rabobank rider's shoulders. Here's the current top ten as it stands.

    1 Pieter Weening (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team 14:59:33
    2 Marco Pinotti (Ita) HTC-Highroad 0:00:02
    3 Kanstantsin Sivtsov (Blr) HTC-Highroad
    4 Christophe Le Mevel (Fra) Team Garmin-Cervelo 0:00:05
    5 Pablo Lastras Garcia (Spa) Movistar Team 0:00:22
    6 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:00:24
    7 Michele Scarponi (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:00:26
    8 Steven Kruijswijk (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team 0:00:28
    9 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank Sungard 0:00:30
    10 Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez (Col) Androni Giocattoli 0:00:33

  11. 13:29:44 BST

    • HTC-Highroad's 2011 Jersey

     Both Le Mevel and Pinotti have said they'll fight for pink over the next few days. Interestingly guys like Contador and Scarponi haven't done the same. Clearly a split between GC aspirations.

  12. 13:34:41 BST

    As for the weather, dry and hot, the same at the finish.

  13. 130km remaining from 216km

    13:35:08 BST

    130 to go and the gap is still around 5 minutes

  14. 13:35:50 BST

    Michele Scarponi and his Lampre-ISD team will be keeping a low profile on today’s stage to Fiuggi.

  15. 13:37:52 BST

    • Lampre - ISD's 2011 Jersey


    “The team and I will try and conserve as much energy as possible,” he told reporters outside Orvieto’s duomo. “I know it’s a tricky finish today but there’s Montevergine tomorrow and Etna on Sunday, so we’ll be looking to save the legs a bit today.”


  16. 13:39:44 BST

    Scarponi does not expect gaps to be opened on the tomorrow’s summit finish both due to the nature of the climb to Montevergine itself and the brevity of the stage.

  17. 13:40:24 BST

    • Lampre - ISD's 2011 Jersey


    “It’s a very fast climb, where the best will fight out the win and the time bonuses,” he said. “It would be different after 200km, but after 100km I think there will be more riders than normal up there in the group in front.”


  18. 13:41:24 BST

    So far there's not much reaction from the bunch. They're happy let the five leaders extend their gap to 5:40

  19. 13:46:00 BST

    Rabo continue setting the pace as the bunch tackle a climb, jerseys all open today in the heat.

  20. 13:47:39 BST

    Di Luca, who finished without a saddle has a puncture and has to chase back, alone, to the bunch.

  21. 13:55:57 BST

    The leaders close to Ponte Lucano

  22. 13:57:39 BST

    Mark Cavendish's pro bike has been given the once over my Matt from bikeradar. You can read his thoughts here.

  23. 13:59:20 BST

    Over on Podium Cafe, Sarah, has interviewed Rachel Neylan

  24. 14:01:50 BST

    Shack are paying close attention near the front, making sure that they keep out of trouble and stopping a serious chase from organising.

  25. 14:03:01 BST

    The bunch is starting to react though and the lead is under 5 minutes.

  26. 78km remaining from 216km

    14:03:50 BST

    78km to and the gap is at 4.20.

  27. 14:06:59 BST

    Veikkanen in his second break of the race and this is Popo's second attack in as many days.

  28. 14:09:09 BST

    Today's actually a very interesting day in terms of the race dynamic. With tomorrow's tough stage to come a lot of the GC guys will want to save their energy but there are riders, that will want the break back and the chance to try something too. The sprinters teams of course but also the likes of Le Mevel perhaps.

  29. 14:11:19 BST

    Rabo still setting the pace on the front and keeping the lead at 4.20 or thereabouts.

  30. 14:14:35 BST

    Popo was the leader on the road for a few km but he's no longer a threat. He's over 5 mins down on GC and the gap is now 4.20

  31. 14:18:52 BST

    The gap is still at 4:25 so Rabo are happy to just set a steady tempo.

  32. 14:21:30 BST

    Visconti near the front of the bunch. He's had some knee problems in the race so hasn't really had much of a chance to shine.

  33. 14:22:02 BST

    The gap has come down slightly, it's now at 4.10

  34. 14:25:19 BST

    And Visconti has put some of his men on the front to lead the chase.

  35. 14:28:56 BST

    The lead drops further, down to 3:35

  36. 14:30:32 BST

    Visconti's team still doing all the work on the front.

  37. 14:34:18 BST

    The bunch is slowly coming to life and the road gets a bit bumpy between here and the finish. We're in Palestrina now.

  38. 61km remaining from 216km

    14:34:39 BST

    61km to go and the gap is 3.12

  39. 14:37:56 BST

    The break on a short descent and Modolo slides out but just about keeps it together.

  40. 14:41:15 BST

    2;45 now for the live leaders. Farnese are doing a good job considering they've only put three riders on the front. Working for either Visconti or Gatto, who did well yesterday.

  41. 14:43:47 BST

    Rabobank is able to take a back seat now as Farnese continue to set the pace on the front of the group.

  42. 14:47:51 BST

    Lancaster getting paced back to the front of the bunch. It looks like he had some problems with his bike.

  43. 14:48:11 BST

    A couple of Sky riders back with their team car too.

  44. 14:49:56 BST

    Just under 50km to go and the leaders are still working nicely. We're going to need another team to help on the front soon. Rabo probably wont, so perhaps Lampre or HTC will help.

  45. 14:50:39 BST

    And Saxo are moving up. We've seen them on the front a few times during the race, mainly to keep Contador out of trouble.

  46. 14:51:55 BST

    Interestingly, now that the gap has come down and Popo is no longer a threat on GC the break has a better chance of staying away.

  47. 14:59:14 BST

    Modolo is starting to struggle and is slipping off the back. The Colnago rider is around 20,30 meters off the back.

  48. 15:00:01 BST

    Garmin, like Lampre and Saxo are also moving up to the head of the bunch.

  49. 40km remaining from 216km

    15:05:19 BST

    So under 40km to and the gap is still around 2.40, 2.49 to be exact.

  50. 15:08:14 BST

    Popovych is tearing down the descent and has a gap on his breakaway companions. I remember him doing something similar against Cunego in the Giro once before.

  51. 15:11:02 BST

    The bunch is going to have to do something if they're going to bring the group back. Not only are the riders up ahead strong but these roads are helping the break stay away.

  52. 15:11:37 BST

    Popo has been brought back and the four leaders are back together.

  53. 31km remaining from 216km

    15:15:13 BST

    2.44 and Farnese aren't having any impact on the break's lead.

  54. 15:20:18 BST

    Farnese are still doing all the work on the front but the gap is still holding. Popovych taking a big turn on the front, pulls off and Vandewalle takes his turn. They're working well together these four.

  55. 15:22:01 BST

    As McEwen is dropped from the bunch. That's a bit of a surprise.

  56. 15:23:14 BST

    Browne also off the back but it looks like he's coming back through the cars.

  57. 15:23:39 BST

    25km to go and the bunch is at 2.27

  58. 15:24:18 BST

    Farnese all on the front, Garmin moving up, these flat sections do help the chase, and they'll be key between down and the finish.

  59. 15:25:03 BST

    Visconti is back with this team car. Looks like his team are working for Gatto then.

  60. 15:25:57 BST

    McEwen makes it back to the bunch. A lot of teams moving up and the bunch is stringing out.

  61. 15:27:07 BST

    Farnese pull over and a few teams are looking around , Lampre, Sky, Liquigas all present.

  62. 15:28:41 BST

    Popovych isn't hiding his strength is he? Every time we reach a short rise he's the first rider to the front and takes a long, long pull.

  63. 21km remaining from 216km

    15:29:21 BST

    The gap has gone down, just as Farnese stop working. It's 1.58

  64. 15:30:39 BST

    Veikkanen is dropped from the leaders. We're down to three men at the front.

  65. 15:31:31 BST

    Three Garmins' off the back. Could that be Le Mevel?

  66. 15:31:42 BST

    Cav near the back of the bunch

  67. 15:32:08 BST

    Bak is with him.

  68. 15:32:36 BST

    Visconti moves up and takes a turn on the front of the bunch.

  69. 15:33:28 BST

    Three men out front but it's looking less and less likely now. Under 20km to and the gap is 1;35

  70. 15:35:18 BST

    Pirazzi has attacked from the bunch as up ahead Popo storms down another short descent.

  71. 15:37:34 BST

    Pirazzi, a local rider, is up against it but he's got a gap on the bunch. He'll know the run in well...

  72. 15:40:11 BST

    No one team is able or willing to take control on the front of the bunch, the gap is still coming down, 1:23 to the bunch.

  73. 15:42:43 BST

    Movistar up at the front, Androni as well.

  74. 15:43:15 BST

    Weening around 40 riders back

  75. 15:45:00 BST

    All over for Pirazzi.

  76. 10km remaining from 216km

    15:46:32 BST

    Lotto on the front now, Lampre looking good with Scarponi very close to the front of the bunch.

    10km to go and the gap is just 48 seconds.

  77. 15:48:53 BST

    A number of riders dropped and Vandewalle has attacked his companions.

  78. 15:49:41 BST

    No response to the other two and the QuickStep rider is on his own. He waited until Popo took a big turn and then went for it.

  79. 15:50:12 BST

    Nibali moves up, Contador follows him.

  80. 15:51:24 BST

    Another attack from Pirazzi. but he only gets  a few meters and is then caught.

  81. 7km remaining from 216km

    15:52:01 BST

    7km for our lone leader.

  82. 15:52:21 BST

    Millar having a go and he gets a small gap

  83. 15:53:01 BST

    It's a long steady, smooth climb and it's taking it's toll on the bunch. Shack are bringing it all back together.

  84. 15:53:38 BST

    36 seconds for Vandewalle.

  85. 15:54:35 BST

    Millar caught and number of other attacks go off the front.

  86. 15:55:04 BST

    Vandewalle pushing a huge gear, but Frank attacks from the bunch. Now HTC.

  87. 15:55:26 BST

    Frank has a small gap but it's not going to last.

  88. 15:55:50 BST

    A lot of riders have a chance to win today. No one team is controlling it.

  89. 15:57:44 BST

    Frank is caught and an Androni rider attacks. A lot of looking back from the bunch and it's Sella who has atttacked.

  90. 15:58:54 BST

    Sella is caught and we're all back together. but now another attack from the bunch.

  91. 15:59:59 BST

    Millar again attacks. he's got a rider with him but again I dont think he'll make it. Our lone leader has around 4 seconds and Lampre are on the front.

  92. 16:00:05 BST

    less than 2km to go!

  93. 16:00:22 BST

    Sky are up there, Di Lucas as well.

  94. 16:00:30 BST

    Petacchi is up there!

  95. 16:00:41 BST

    Can Petacchi win again?!

  96. 16:00:54 BST

    1km to go.

  97. 16:01:13 BST

    Vacan on the front. Petacchi and Bozic both up there.

  98. 16:01:24 BST

    Ventoso too.

  99. 16:01:43 BST

    Di Luca attacks.

  100. 16:02:06 BST


  101. 16:02:28 BST

    Ventoso gets it!

  102. 16:02:51 BST

    The Movistar rider timed his sprint to perfection. Petacchi could only manage second.

  103. 16:05:06 BST

    Petacchi simply stopped sprinting with around 30 meters to go. He had nothing left. Ventoso lead it out , Petacchi on his wheel.

    It looks like the Italian may have had a mechanical, he came from Ventoso's wheel and it looked like he was going to take it but then he simply stopped sprinting.

  104. 16:05:37 BST

    I think Petacchi was actually on for the win there with around 20meters to go.

  105. 16:06:57 BST

    Ferrari took third, Di Luca fourth.

  106. 16:07:35 BST

    Weening still leads by the way.

  107. 16:08:06 BST

    Either way, a fine win for Ventoso.

  108. 16:09:33 BST

    Maybe it was simply cramps for Petacchi. Either way, we'll find out soon enough. Thanks for joining us today and stay tuned tomorrow for more coverage from the Giro d'Italia.

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