Giro d'Italia 2011

May 7-29, 2011, Venaria Reale, Italy, Road - HIS (Historical Calendar)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to CN's live coverage from the Giro d'Italia. Today's it's stage 3 from Reggio Emilia to Rapallo.

  1. 163km remaining from 173km

    12:35:51 BST

    Sprinters will want to take advantage of today, since the peloton's sure to split late on, but fast men with good climbing legs and a strong team could stay up front. The flat finish in Rapallo suits them too but there are complications.

  2. 12:35:56 BST

    The first is the Passo del Bocco, where a series of steep ramps in the final kilometre provide room for attacks. Any who manage to stay away will benefit later from the Madonna delle Grazie climb, after whose summit there's only 8km to the finish. With mere seconds between many riders and the maglia rosa, the race leader will be under pressure too.

  3. 12:39:05 BST

    Distance: 173km
    Highest point: 957m

  4. 12:41:05 BST

    Rapallo is of course where Virenque won a stage, back in 1999. That stage was a lot harder than this one and we should see the sprinters shine today.

  5. 12:42:13 BST

    The Festina scandal provided a stark insight into the world of doping within the professional peloton.

  6. 12:44:57 BST

    The weather conditions today are close to perfect, the sun out, and very little wind.

  7. 12:48:31 BST

    The main climb of the day, the Passo del Bocco, was where Berzin won a TT in 1994, on his way to ending Miguel Indurain's dominance at the Giro. Today the riders will go over the climb and then head down towards finish. There's still a ramp up towards the finish but it's a very technical last few km with lots of twists and turns. It could be a very hectic and dangerous finish. Cav used the work carnage this morning.

  8. 12:49:42 BST

    30km of racing so far today, and no action yet. The bunch is all together. Lets take a look around at the news

  9. 12:53:32 BST


    "Looks like a really interesting stage. It's a long drag up to the Passo Bracco but the racing will happen on the climb to Madonna del Grazie, 8km from the finish. It probably won't affect the GC but it will be won by a good passista, someone like Visconti."


  10. 12:55:27 BST

    Four riders have just nipped off the front of the bunch. There was a flurry of attacks but this four managed to build up a small lead and they're working hard together.

  11. 12:57:51 BST

    So our four leaders are Brutt, de Clercq, Ricci Bitti and Brambilla and they've got a gap of nearly 3minutes.

  12. 12:59:35 BST

    No surprise to see Lotto on the attack again after Lang's brave efforts yesterday. They dont have a GC contender and with the third week being so brutal they're attacking whenever they get a chance.

  13. 13:04:32 BST

    Not much has gone right for Katusha in the race so far. A poor TTT, and rider crashing from the late break yesterday - they'll be hoping for better luck today.

  14. 13:09:13 BST

    Brutt already has a couple of wins behind him this season and the 29-year-old is a handy rider to have around.

  15. 13:10:54 BST

    Brambilla is 23 and in his second year as a pro. He's had a few good results in the baby Giro but this is a big step up for him.

  16. 13:12:37 BST

    Ricci Bitti has been with the same team all his career. Like Brambilla this is his first grand tour, first Giro in fact.

  17. 13:15:13 BST

    The lead has gone out to 6 minutes.

  18. 13:16:53 BST

    The finish today is near the home town of Petacchi, by the way. he'll be keen to get in another win, that's for sure.Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre - ISD)

  19. 13:18:23 BST

    It's interesting that he's been training with Scarponi at altitude though. It doesnt seem to have affected his sprinting legs, in fact he looked very strong yesterday, didn't he? A few sprinters could easily get shelled out today so Petacchi could take advantage.

  20. 13:19:47 BST

    Bart De Clerq is 34 seconds down on Cav in GC by the way, so he's now the virtual leader on the road. He's the second Lotto rider in two days to hold that tag. I wonder how Lang's legs are today...

  21. 106km remaining from 173km

    13:30:27 BST

    The peloton has already sprung into life and take 1.30 off the lead

  22. 13:36:22 BST

    De Clercq is a first year pro by the way so he's another rider making his Gt debut.

  23. 13:37:18 BST

    Another 30 seconds comes off the lead though, and it's down to 4 minutes.

  24. 13:45:03 BST

    In today's news, Petacchi counts the wins that were taken away during his suspension.

  25. 13:46:13 BST

    Igon Anton says that he's not here to win the race.

    Igor Anton (Euskaltel-Euskadi)

  26. 13:47:28 BST

    And Savio is caught up in doping allegations.

    Gianni Savio (left) and Jose Rujano at the start

  27. 13:50:47 BST

    In slightly more uplifting news, Awang is better.

  28. 96km remaining from 173km

    13:51:37 BST

    96km left and the peloton are keeping the four man group at 4 mins.

  29. 14:00:06 BST

    • Crash

    A crash in the main field involving Pozzovivo, Pirazzi, Stortoni, Popo and Hoogerland.

  30. 14:05:13 BST

    Cavendish with a problem with his bike and needs a change.

  31. 14:05:40 BST

    Took a few seconds to get that sorted but he's back - on a new  bike - and chasing through the cars.

  32. 14:06:15 BST

    Like Pinotti, Cav has gone for the a pink jersey but kept the team colours for the shorts.

  33. 14:06:55 BST

    He's sitting behind the Quick Step car, takes a sharp turn and moves further through the convoy.

  34. 14:07:32 BST

    Saxo Bank on the front for now setting the pace with Lampre.

  35. 14:08:01 BST

    One rider waiting for Cav, while the four up the road press on.

  36. 14:10:39 BST

    Brutt sitting on the back and stretching his legs.

  37. 14:11:17 BST

    Interesting that Saxo are doing the lion share of the work.

  38. 14:12:10 BST

    Cav makes it back to the peloton and we've got 85km to go. The gap at 3.42

  39. 14:14:39 BST

    • HTC-Highroad's 2011 Jersey

    HTC has put a rider on the front.

  40. 14:19:50 BST

    More problems for Cav. Looks like a puncture this time. He's chasing back on with a number of riders.

  41. 14:21:04 BST

    Garmin are also near the front en masse. Like Saxo Bank it looks like they're just trying to keep out of trouble.

  42. 61km remaining from 173km

    14:28:00 BST

    61km to go and the gap still over 3 minutes with De Clercq taking a long pull on the front.

  43. 14:32:24 BST

    • Crash


  44. 14:33:20 BST

    Saxo has eased off the front with HTC , Lampre and Liquigas move up and do some of the work.

  45. 14:34:28 BST

    Duarte was the rider who came down. He's back up and chasing.

  46. 14:34:46 BST

    The four leaders on a downhill section and the lead just over 3 minutes.

  47. 14:36:58 BST

    A majority of you are saying that Cav will win the most stages in this year's Giro. You can vote in our poll, here.

  48. 55km remaining from 173km

    14:37:52 BST

    55km to go and the gap at 3.03

  49. 14:42:43 BST

    That third cat climb still to come remember. The sprinters will be hoping to hang on there, most of them should be fine but lots of fresh legs in the bunch so we will see attacks.

  50. 14:45:20 BST

    Belletti has a puncture and is being paced back by a number of teammates.

  51. 14:46:51 BST

    And Daniel Friebe is joining us nowDaniel Friebe of Procycling, Cyclingnews and TakeThat fame

  52. 14:47:16 BST

    Welcome, Daniel, nice to have you with us again. What have you made of the Giro so far?

  53. 14:47:34 BST

    Lampre setting the pace now but Saxo and Garmin are right up there too.

  54. 50km remaining from 173km

    14:48:52 BST

    The hammer has been dropped and Lampre are really putting the bunch under a lot of pressure with their pace

  55. 14:51:26 BST


    Well, it's still so early and this Giro is so hard that what we've seen to date is nigh on irrelevant as far as the general classification is concerned. I would, though, pick up on a point my Italian colleague Pier Augusto Stagi made the other day about Joaquim Rodriguez: if, as has been reported, two Katusha riders had mechanical problems in the team time trial but no access to replacement bikes, Andrei Tchmil's statement earlier this year - "Rodriguez will win the Giro" - doesn't seem to be backed up by the team's actions.


  56. 14:53:36 BST


    As regards yesterday, I think that, if Mark Cavendish is honest with himself, he'll acknowledge that he made the same mistake as in Trieste two years ago. It's been reported in a few places that Petacchi launched his sprint with 250 metres to go, but in reality he only came past Cav inside the 200-metre to go barrier...which means Cavendish waited too long


  57. 14:53:59 BST

    Do you think Cav will take the win today?

  58. 14:55:17 BST

    The gap is down to 1.44

  59. 14:55:54 BST

    Visconti hovering near the front. The finish suits him rather well

  60. 14:56:46 BST


    The finish is very fiddly, which won't help him. He could really do with a run of four or five routine sprint finishes to find his groove but he won't get them at this Giro.


  61. 14:57:53 BST

    42km to go and the pace is fixed, perhaps it's slowed ever so slightly in the last few minutes.

  62. 14:58:41 BST

    Garzelli up near the front too. Contador as well, a lot of the GC guys trying to keep out of trouble. The gap down to 1.20

  63. 41km remaining from 173km

    15:01:05 BST

    41km to go and the gap is just over a minute

  64. 15:01:51 BST

    Dan, Mark is in the same boat as all the other sprinters though.

  65. 15:02:15 BST


    True. Mark will perhaps disagree but I just think he could have done with a few more easy wins before this Giro, for his confidence. His programme this year has been very challenging. Sprinters are like strikers in football: sometimes there's nothing wrong with banging in goals against easy opposition, being a flat-track bully. Mark only now targets the loftiest objectives but maybe he could have done with three stage wins in, I don't know, the Tour of Turkey. I just feel it might take him a few days at the Giro to find that winning habit again...and there aren't too many days available to him. We'll see...Either way, we shouldn't forget that the pink jersey is another pearl in his palmares.


  66. 15:03:45 BST

    On the climb de Clercq winds things up but Brambillla comes over the top. Brutt chasing him.

    Lang wont hang onto his lead in the KOM and Brambilla will lead the competition.

  67. 15:06:36 BST

    De Clercq almost comes off on the downhill, it's a very tricky section, and Liquigas sit on the front of the bunch and keep things steady.

  68. 15:07:47 BST

    Cyclingnews caught up with Gerald Ciolek (Quick Step) just before the start in Reggio Emilia, and he reckoned that the Passo del Bocco would put paid to the hopes of a lot of sprinters.

  69. 15:08:33 BST


    “For sure it won’t be a bunch sprint with all the riders. It will be a sprint from a small group,” he said.

    “I think the selection will be made on the category three climb. I don’t know exactly how many riders will be in the group because the level here is really very high. I think there’ll be quite a few, but not many sprinters.”


  70. 15:09:22 BST

    A crash in the bunch and a Rabo rider goes down.

  71. 15:12:31 BST

    Dan, what's stood out for you, from what we've seen from the GC riders?

  72. 15:12:50 BST


    Unlike some others, I do think prologue time trials often give strong indications about riders' form, but a team time trial is more complicated. Without having been on the course and watched them, it's hard to say whether, as Contador suggested, Saxo Bank were more cautious than some of the other teams. What's quite interesting at this point is how well Lampre are performing. They've got a potentially cataclysmic crisis on their hands - and they also have two leaders, Petacchi and Scarponi, who are to some extent involved in ongoing doping investigations. They also, though, have a new manager in Roberto Damiani with an outstanding reputation and, at the moment at least, a Midas touch.


  73. 15:13:21 BST

    The bunch is strung out on the downhill. Liquigas still setting the pace.

  74. 15:13:33 BST

    Robbie McEwen told Cyclingnews that he has come to this Giro a little short on preparation and is hoping that his form will build through the race. He wasn’t overly optimistic about his chances of being in the mix for the win in Rapallo.

  75. 15:14:00 BST


    “Today’s pretty tough, but it might be a chance for Hunter to have a go if I’m not there after that climb,” he said.


  76. 15:14:19 BST

    The gap down to 44 seconds. with 30 km to go.

  77. 15:17:25 BST

    A lot of investigations going on in the background, the recent one involving Savio. what's your take on the situation?

  78. 15:17:50 BST


    Well, Dan, as you're aware, I know Gianni quite well....


  79. 15:18:22 BST

    A few gaps caused by the pace on the climb but it looks like it will all come back together.

  80. 15:20:15 BST

    Oh there's a rider down and that looks really serious.

  81. 15:20:41 BST

    he's a Leopard rider.

  82. 15:20:58 BST

    he's a Leopard rider.

  83. 15:21:53 BST

    He isn't getting up. Doctors are around him. Im just reporting what I see but he's not concious. the medical team are with him, they were there very quickly.

  84. 15:22:35 BST


    The rider accusing him says that another witness is about to come forward, so we'll see. Whatever the outcome, is further evidence that Italian cycling is an absolute viper's nest at the moment. Petacchi's whinge about having won 27 Giro stages and not 22 was symptomatic of what they're facing there; unfortunately, when he made the comment on live Italian TV, the presenter just giggled and said "We know what you're talking about". In case anyone reading didn't know, Petacchi was stripped of those five wins because, in the eyes of sporting law, he was doped at the time. Luckily there are one or two people, like Eugenio Capodacqua who are willing to call a spade a spade, or flagrant arrogance exactly what it is. The whole of Italian cycling is on trial at this Giro and they'd do well to remember that.


  85. 15:23:04 BST

    weylandt is the rider who crashed.

  86. 15:23:54 BST

    We dont know any more about the crash but as soon as we do we'll bring it to you.

    Up the road and the break has 47 seconds.

  87. 15:24:37 BST

    The four leaders are back together.

  88. 15:24:59 BST

    Lampre are on the front.

  89. 15:25:27 BST

    It looks like the bunch has slowed.

  90. 15:26:37 BST

    Weylandt who rides for Leopard was on the deck and RAI's coverage showed the medics doing CPR on Weylandt.

  91. 15:28:14 BST

    We've not seen the crash, just images post crash. We hope for the best, sometimes crashes look a lot worse than they are, and our thoughts are with Weylandt

  92. 17km remaining from 173km

    15:29:21 BST

    We have 17km to race and the gap is 42 seconds.

  93. 15:30:10 BST

    The gap is coming down, it's at 37 seconds. As soon as we know more about the crash we'll bring it to you.

  94. 15:32:05 BST

    Lampre doing most of the work on the front still.

  95. 15:33:27 BST

    The Garmin train has moved up next to the Lampre team.

  96. 15:35:18 BST

    Ah it just reminds you how dangerous this sport can be.

  97. 15:36:20 BST

    Lots of speculation going around now. I'm not going to print something until there's confirmation from someone official

  98. 15:38:17 BST

    10km to go and there's a final climb before the finish. The sprinters' teams trying to keep it all under control. Petacchi near the front.

  99. 15:38:59 BST

    Lotto attack from the bunch.

  100. 15:39:29 BST

    The move marked by Leopard, garmin and Sky,

  101. 15:40:41 BST

    Cav is in difficulty on the climb, he's losing ground

  102. 15:41:20 BST

    Sastre moving up the field and we've now got a small group off the front but it should come back together.

  103. 15:43:39 BST

    Le Mevel and Lastras are now leading the race, a lot of riders being dropped behind in the bunch.

  104. 15:44:06 BST

    Sastre is suffering now, and Cav is too.

  105. 15:45:18 BST

    Le Mevel leads over the top with Lastras, Cav has lost 1.12

  106. 6km remaining from 173km

    15:46:25 BST

    Just under 6km to go.

  107. 15:47:13 BST

    We're hearing that Weylandt is still on the ground with medical staff

  108. 15:47:28 BST

    It looks like Farrar is getting a rear wheel

  109. 15:48:32 BST

    Moreno is with Le mevel and Lastras, and vicioso. They have 14 seconds on the bunch.

  110. 15:48:39 BST

    Moreno is attacking.

  111. 15:48:50 BST

    Le Mevel forced to chase

  112. 15:48:59 BST

    It looks like Millar is coming across.

  113. 15:49:18 BST

    Another rider is trying to jump as well

  114. 15:49:53 BST

    Le Mevel wont work for now as Lastras sets the pace

  115. 15:51:22 BST

    Millar makes it so now we have five leaders.

  116. 15:51:59 BST

    just under 2km to go. that group should make it.

  117. 15:52:09 BST

    18 seconds advantage.

  118. 15:52:29 BST

    Very twisty run in, I think they can do it as long as they dont mess around.

  119. 15:52:36 BST

    1km to go

  120. 15:52:57 BST

    Le mevel leads out

  121. 15:53:07 BST

    millar in 4th wheel

  122. 15:53:20 BST

    millar moves to the front

  123. 15:53:50 BST

    vicioso gets it. Millar is second.

  124. 15:54:09 BST

    I think Lastras got third.

  125. 15:54:23 BST

    The bunch has come over the line.

  126. 15:55:00 BST

    Vicioso took the best line and takes the win for Androni.

  127. 16:01:04 BST

    No confirmation yet but Millar may be in pink this evening.

  128. 16:01:50 BST

    However we're turning attention to the crash involving Weylandt. So far we don't have any more information.

  129. 16:02:57 BST

    Results#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult 1Angel Vicioso Arcos (Spa) Androni Giocattoli3:57:38  2David Millar (GBr) Team Garmin-Cervelo   3Pablo Lastras Garcia (Spa) Movistar Team   4Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Katusha Team   5Christophe Le Mevel (Fra) Garmin-Cervelo   6Bram Tankink (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:00:12 
  130. 16:04:20 BST

    Confirmation that Millar is in pink for tomorrow's stage.

  131. 16:06:22 BST

    Very quiet scenes at the finish. It looks like the organisers have cancelled the podium.

  132. 16:06:52 BST

    The latest we have is that Weylandt has been airlifted to hospital.

  133. 16:08:06 BST

    We're going to close the live report now but we'll keep you updated on the site.

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