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Giro d'Italia 2011

Date range:
May 7-29, 2011
  • Giro d'Italia, Italy, HIS (Historical Calendar)
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May 18, Stage 11: Tortoreto - Castelfidardo 142km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

Welcome back to our continuing live coverage of the Giro d'Italia.  Today's eleventh stage takes us 144 very bumpy kms from Tortoreto Lido to Castelfidardo.

  1. 13:43:31 CEST

    Hello, and here we go again.  Our stage today looks like a sawblade –nothing but ups and downs.  The four ranked climbs are “only” category four, but it is still going to be a very, very tough stage.

  2. 13:46:06 CEST

    The first one or two kms today look flat, but after that, it looks to be only ups and downs.

  3. 136km remaining from 142km

    13:49:06 CEST

    We're only about six km into the stage, but we've already had lots of action.  Robert Kiserlovski (Astana) and Frederik Veuchelen (Vacansoleil) crashed but are still going.  And Rinaldo Mocentini tried to attack, and is momentarily hanging on to a five second lead.

  4. 13:52:20 CEST

    Speaking of climbs, here is what the field has to look forward to today:

    Km 048,9, cat. 4: Monte-Ripaberarda (13,7 km,  3,0%, max. 12%)
    Km 073,1, cat. 4: Monte Vidon Combatte (2,6 km, 8,6%, max. 13%)
    Km 091,3,| cat. 4: Rapagnano (5,1 km,  3,8%, max. 10%)
    Km 115,9, cat. 4: Morrovalle (4,2 km,  4,4%, max. 12%)

  5. 131km remaining from 142km

    13:54:56 CEST

    The riders want to get away today!  16 of them joined Nocentini in his break, but at the 11 km marker they were all back in the peloton.   Who will jump next?

  6. 124km remaining from 142km

    13:59:27 CEST

    Federico Canuti (Colnago) and Diego Ulissi of Lampre are the next ones to give it a go.

  7. 14:03:25 CEST

    Those two were soon joined by Marco Pinotti (HTC-Highroad), Steven Kruijswijk (Rabobank) and Tiago Machado (RadioShack).  But you guesed it -- all back together again.

  8. 14:05:43 CEST

    Let's take a quick peek at who is leading which ranking today.  Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-SunGard) is still pretty in pink, leading HTC-Highroad's Kanstantsin Sivtsov by 59 seconds.  Christophe Le Mevel of Garmin-Cervelois third at 1:19.

  9. 14:07:11 CEST

    Let's take a quick peek at who is leading which ranking today.  Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-SunGard) is still pretty in pink, leading HTC-Highroad's Kanstantsin Sivtsov by 59 seconds.  Christophe Le Mevel of Garmin-Cervelo is third at 1:19.

  10. 14:08:26 CEST

    Let's take a quick peek at who is leading which ranking today.  Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-SunGard) is still pretty in pink, leading HTC-Highroad's Kanstantsin Sivtsov by 59 seconds.  Christophe Le Mevel of Garmin-Cervelo is third at 1:19.

  11. 14:08:52 CEST

    Alessandro Petacchi of Lampre used his third place finish yesterday to reclaim the lead in the points classification.  He took it back from Contador, who is now second, with Francisco Ventoso (Movistar), who was second on Tuesday, now third.  Got that?

  12. 14:09:47 CEST

    Alessandro Petacchi of Lampre used his third place finish yesterday to reclaim the lead in the points classification.  He took it back from Contador, who is now second, with Francisco Ventoso (Movistar), who was second on Tuesday, now third.  Got that?

  13. 14:15:57 CEST

    Alessandro Petacchi of Lampre used his third place finish yesterday to reclaim the lead in the points classification.  He took it back from Contador, who is now second, with Francisco Ventoso (Movistar), who was second on Tuesday, now third.  Got that?

  14. 14:22:23 CEST

    We have another break attempt. We'll get you those names in a second.

  15. 14:26:20 CEST

    We have a group of:  Vasili Kiryienka (Movistar), Francisco Ventoso (Movistart), Bart De Clercq (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Angel Vicioso (Androni Giocattoli), Alessandro  Petacchi (Lampre, Pavel Brutt (Katusha),  Marco  Frapporti (Colnago) and Francesco Reda (QST).

    Eleven seconds back are Julien Berard (AG2R) and Francis De Greef (Omega Pharma-Lotto).

    The peloton is at 42 seconds.

  16. 14:34:00 CEST

    Well, that attempt didn't work out either.  Now only Brutt and Kiryienka are in the lead.

  17. 14:37:04 CEST

    We have already had one abandon today:  Danilo Napolitano of Acqua & Sapone.

  18. 98km remaining from 142km

    14:39:50 CEST

    And the last two are back in the field now, too.

  19. 14:41:46 CEST

    Let's finish off our look at the various rankings coming into today's stage.

    Filippo Savini of Colnago-CSF Inox still leads the mountain ranking, with narrow one-point lead over Contador, with Bart De Clerq of Omega Pharma-Lotto third.

    Astana can claim two special jerseys:  for best team and for best young rider Roman Kreuziger.

  20. 97km remaining from 142km

    14:45:00 CEST

    We are ascending our first ranked climb of the day, and have a group of 12 with a 15-second gap:  Nocentini, Frank, Petrov, Rovny, Cioni, Losada, Savini, Ochoa, Betancourt, Moreno Fernandez, Pasamontes, and Millar. Think this group will get away?

  21. 14:46:31 CEST

    Moreno and Millar jump out to grab the mountain points.

  22. 14:48:36 CEST

    Today's stage started with a minute of silence for Wouter Weylandt, who tragically died last week.  He was laid to rest today in his hometown of Gent, Belgium.

  23. 14:49:34 CEST

    Nope, that break didn't make it either.  Everyone is back together.

  24. 14:50:18 CEST

    Moreno was the first over that mountain, followed by Millar and Rovny.

  25. 14:53:26 CEST

    Sivtsov is going into the second half of the Giro with hopes of staying on the podium.  The HTC-Highroad rider is enjoying his first go as team captain in a GC, and DS Valerio Piva thinks he has good chances of holding on to his current second place. 

  26. 14:56:25 CEST

    Beautiful blue skies today!

  27. 14:58:57 CEST

    It looks like another group is trying to get away.

  28. 81.3km remaining from 142km

    15:00:19 CEST

    Judging by the colour of the jersey, I would say we have a Liquigas rider at the front of things.

  29. 15:01:17 CEST

    The situation is a bit unclear at the moment -- maybe 8 riders ahead, followed by another handful.

  30. 15:02:27 CEST

    There are two Saxo Bank riders at the far end of the field, both raising their hand for the team car and looking back for it.

  31. 15:03:25 CEST

    It looks like we have a lead group of 10, with 2 chasers. No idea of gap or names but we will see what we can find out.

  32. 15:05:38 CEST

    I've brought you halfway through, now Dan Benson will take you the rest of the way.

  33. 15:06:27 CEST

    Hi, Daniel taking over from Susan.

  34. 15:06:55 CEST

    Right now we have a group up the road. Le Mevel is in the mix.

  35. 15:07:33 CEST

    We'll bring you the names in just a few....

  36. 15:09:27 CEST

    Le Mevel almost pleading with the other riders in the group to work.  Two riders are trying to bridge over.

  37. 15:14:59 CEST

    So that's a strong group of ten riders up at the head of the race. Contador seems happy to get it go for now but is Saxo team are setting the tempo behind.

  38. 71km remaining from 142km

    15:15:55 CEST

    71 km to race. Still no real organisation from the chase behind but that's to be expected for now.

  39. 15:17:55 CEST

    Le Mevel isn't sittin up and the gap is now 1:56

  40. 15:18:43 CEST

    He started the day just over a minute down on GC so he's now the leader on the road. Not yet a huge concern for Contador but surely Contador wont let the jersey pass to a rival or at least a top ten contender.

  41. 15:21:52 CEST

    We have Kruikswijk up in the break too.

  42. 15:22:42 CEST

    The Rabo rider has a problem with his race radio and is calling for a new one from the team car.

  43. 15:25:40 CEST

    Expect Scarponi, who's on home ground close to the finish, to be among the agitators. Famous for a key battle during the unification campaign, the finishing town of Castefidardo stands high above the countryside.

  44. 15:25:57 CEST

    Two minutes for the Le Mevel group.

  45. 15:28:16 CEST

    Saxo Bank with a little bit of help from Lampre are setting the pace back in the bunch

  46. 15:30:42 CEST

    A couple of tough climbs and the climb itself to the finish will really test the riders. No sprinters will be in contention. Perhaps a day for someone like Anton.

  47. 15:31:00 CEST

    Then again, we could see Contador go again and try and take more time.

  48. 15:32:51 CEST

    The break are climbing now on a small un categorized climb. Le Mevel is back with his team car getting instructions and a bottle or two.

  49. 15:34:36 CEST

    It's a good tactic from Le Mevel. He's just putting a few doubts in Contador's mind as to whether he should give the jersey away or spend energy on closing the gap.

    The Frenchman has to be careful. He doesnt want to spend too much energy now, get caught and then see Contador and co attack.

  50. 15:37:19 CEST

    The entire Saxo team are on the front now with Lampre just sitting in behind. They've got a man up the road so they dont need to do any of the work.

  51. 15:39:40 CEST

    The road isn't flat for even a single meter today. Le Mevel drives the break on again as the road rises up.

  52. 55km remaining from 142km

    15:43:23 CEST

    55km of racing left in the stage and the gap to the leaders ins still around the 2 minute mark. Rodriguez another rider who will want to try something today. The finish suits him.

  53. 15:46:53 CEST

    The leaders split going over the top of the climb with Agnoli taking maximum points. they should all come back together.

  54. 15:47:25 CEST

    Richie Portei is dragging the bunch up the climb.

  55. 15:56:55 CEST

    Contador on the front and taking to his teammates. It looks like he's putting his men to work here and that he wants the gap to come down. The leaders still have around 2 minutes on the bunch.

  56. 15:59:44 CEST

    and you can tweet in your thoughts on today's stage to me at

  57. 16:01:46 CEST

    The gap has gone up slightly, it's now at 2:18. Has Contador asked his men to ease off?

  58. 16:03:16 CEST

    interesting this, Millar moves up and chats to Contador. Is a deal being struck? The gap is now 2:25

  59. 16:05:01 CEST

    Meanwhile there's a cracking headline here.

  60. 16:06:57 CEST

    Fischer has also come up and talked to Contador.

  61. 16:09:35 CEST

    Saxo has come off the front and Astana move up. There are other GC riders other than Contador in the race so while he may, and we repeat, may let Le Mevel go up the road that doesnt mean other teams will be happy.

  62. 35km remaining from 142km

    16:10:42 CEST

    35km and the gap is 2 minutes.

  63. 16:12:51 CEST

    Visconti sitting on Contador's back wheel for now. He's another rider who might try something later on in the stage. We will see the favourites attack each other, Im sure of that.

  64. 16:16:04 CEST

    Astana and co chasing may be a good idea. Perhaps they want Contador to keep pink for now so that his team has to work for as long as possible. Just a theory.

  65. 16:18:29 CEST

    The leaders have lost part of their advantage. It's down to 1.36

  66. 30km remaining from 142km

    16:19:13 CEST

    Just under 30km to go.

  67. 16:23:46 CEST

    Attacks over the top of the climb and Moreno has had a dig. i dont think he's going to wait for the rest to catch him.

  68. 16:25:42 CEST

    Astana still setting the pace on the front of the bunch but the gap is till around 1.40

  69. 16:26:21 CEST

    Moreno is on his own with 25km to go.

  70. 16:26:57 CEST

    He's certainly not waiting around for the group behind as he flies down a long straight downhill section.

  71. 16:28:27 CEST

    The Katusha man has 1:42 on the main field. Le Mevel and co still working well though.

  72. 16:31:00 CEST

    The group behind are coming up behind Moreno but the Katusha rider is still setting a good fast pace.

  73. 19km remaining from 142km

    16:34:14 CEST

    Under 20km to go for Moreno. The gap at 1:44

  74. 16:34:40 CEST

    The rest of the break behind, split but has now reformed again.

  75. 16:35:56 CEST

    Androni has come to the front of the bunch.

  76. 16:37:58 CEST

    17km to go and Androni are setting a fast pace behind. Moreno is going to struggle to stay clear.

  77. 16:39:33 CEST

    Betancur has not attacked from the chasers. He has a style that's lets say, is effective but hardly pretty on the bike.

  78. 16:40:37 CEST

    Another rider attacks from the chase group. It's from Sky

  79. 16:41:50 CEST

    Less than 15 to go now and the road constantly going up and down. Normally this would perhaps suit a break but I'm not sure today, it's just too hard.

  80. 16:42:43 CEST

    But now it's Le Mevel that attacks. he goes passed Betancur.

  81. 16:43:12 CEST

    That's a brave all or nothing move from Le Mevel, he's basically risking his GC position for a shot at pink.

  82. 16:43:47 CEST

    The bunch are at 1:20 to Level. He's 1:19 on GC

  83. 16:46:29 CEST

    Moreno on another small rise with the crowds really turning out. Serpa takes a long pull for Androni. They do know Scarponi left the team, right?

  84. 16:47:16 CEST

    I jest, i'm sure they're working for Vicioso

  85. 16:47:49 CEST

    Not many riders are able or willing to help Le Mevel - why should they. Moreno is 25 seconds ahead.

  86. 16:49:23 CEST

    Konovalovas is now on the attack and he's closing on Moreno

  87. 10km remaining from 142km

    16:50:21 CEST

    Just ten to go and there's everything to play for, the stage and perhaps the race lead.

  88. 16:50:52 CEST

    The Movistar rider goes right passed Moreno.

  89. 16:51:10 CEST

    Still Androni on the front setting the pace.

  90. 16:51:33 CEST

    Moreno has got back up to the leader.

  91. 16:52:09 CEST

    Behind the leading duo it's really split up. Le Mevel is in the first chasing group.

  92. 16:52:29 CEST

    Less than 9km to go. At the moment pink is still with Contador.

  93. 16:53:06 CEST

    Le Mevel trying to get his companions to help.

  94. 16:53:47 CEST

    They're attacking Le Mevel.

  95. 16:54:48 CEST

    Two riders have jumped Le Mevel but he's trying to chase them. Androni are destroying the bunch behind.

  96. 16:58:51 CEST

    It looks like the two leaders will fight out the finish. Petacchi is leading the bunch. he's really on form, isnt he

  97. 17:00:00 CEST

    Le Mevel and co are still out there but the group he's with are really struggling. I dont think that was Petacchi on the front actually.

  98. 17:00:20 CEST

    Moreno out of the saddle leading up another small rise.

  99. 17:00:51 CEST

    And all the break has been caught minus the two leaders.

  100. 17:01:29 CEST

    Lampre now leading the bunch and setting a blistering pace.

  101. 17:02:16 CEST

    All for Scarponi now he's second in line with Contador on his wheel

  102. 17:02:17 CEST

    All for Scarponi now he's second in line with Contador on his wheel

  103. 17:02:28 CEST

    Pirazzi has attacked

  104. 17:02:56 CEST

    The two leaders have just voer 1.6km to and have 20 seconds. touch and go as to whether they'll be caught.

  105. 17:03:09 CEST

    The Colnago rider is caught.

  106. 17:03:25 CEST

    the gap is just 11 seconds. They'll be caught, surely.

  107. 17:03:35 CEST

    Lampre looking super strong.

  108. 17:03:54 CEST

    1km to go and they've got 10 seconds and it;s going to ramp up

  109. 17:04:09 CEST

    700 meters to go

  110. 17:04:19 CEST

    Moreno attacks.

  111. 17:04:40 CEST

    Liquigas leading the chase  500 meters to go

  112. 17:04:54 CEST

    Moreno is alone with 400 to go

  113. 17:05:09 CEST

    Gadret has gone!

  114. 17:05:22 CEST

    he's going to get it!

  115. 17:05:33 CEST

    Visconti and Rodriguez go too

  116. 17:05:59 CEST

    But Gadret gets it with a perfectly timed attack. Moreno caught and passed with less than 300 to go.

  117. 17:07:23 CEST

    Gadret opened up a big gap but it was Rodriguez who tried to chase him. He may have got second with Visconti taking third. Contador up there and it looked like he got 5th.

  118. 17:07:42 CEST

    Perhaps Serpa in 4th

  119. 17:08:45 CEST

    Menchov, Nibali, Scarponi all up there within the top 11.

  120. 17:10:30 CEST

    Le Mevel drops down a few seconds in the overall. He tried though, he gave it everything.

  121. 17:16:38 CEST

    Thanks for joining us today and remember we'll be providing live coverage from the TOC later this evening.