Ferrand Prevot repeats as French time trial champion

Cordon, Lesueur on podium

Pauline Ferrand Prevot demonstrated that her victory in last year's French time trial championship was no fluke: the 21-year-old repeated her success in both the elite and U23 women's titles, beating last year's runner-up Audrey Cordon by 20 seconds in the 27km test in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux.

Ferrand Prevot, the last rider to start as defending champion, struggled with a malfunctioning earpiece in the race, and unable to hear her splits relied upon bystanders calling out gaps.

"I saw very quickly from the first intermediate I was about ten seconds ahead," she told FFC.fr. "I also knew that Jeannie Longo was present, and I told myself that if it came to that, that she was in shape.

"I stayed focused on me, on my race, my effort. Now that I've won here, my goal is to win the road race."

For Cordon, who posted the fastest time before Ferrand Prevot came through, second place was at first a profound disappointment, but then a satisfying finish.

"I'm a competitor and I like to win, so immediately, I was not satisfied, but afterwards it was better. I am pleased with this second place, I appreciate it and more so, I'm glad that it was Pauline who won. I do not despair, one day it will be me who mounts the highest step of the podium."

In a thinly veiled reference to 54-year-old Jeannie Longo, an 11-time French national time trial champion who last won in 2011, and this year only managed 9th place, Cordon said, "We, the younger generation, have proven that our takeover of last year was not a coincidence."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pauline Ferrand Prevot (Rabo Women Cycling Team)0:38:32 
2Audrey Cordon (Vienne Futuroscope)0:00:20 
3Mélodie Lesueur (Ile De France)0:01:02 
4Elise Delzenne (Bourgogne Pro Dialog)0:01:08 
5Lucie Pader (Bourgogne Pro Dialog)0:01:11 
6Edwige Pitel (S.C. Michela Fanini - Rox)0:01:12 
7Aude Biannic (Bretagne)0:01:25 
8Coralie Demay (Bretagne)0:01:44 
9Jeannie Longo (Rhone Alpes)0:02:15 
10Aléxia Muffat (Lointek)0:02:22 
11Magdaléna De Saint Jean (Provence)0:03:29 
12Charlotte Bravard (Poitou Charentes)0:03:32 
13Mathilde Favre (Lointek)0:03:33 
14Laurie Berthon (Rhone Alpes)0:03:35 
15Marine Strappazzon (Rhone Alpes)0:03:38 
16Sandrine Bideau (Vienne Futuroscope)0:03:41 
17Roxane Fournier (Ile De France)0:03:48 
18Ludivine Loze (Midi Pyrenees)0:04:24 
19Emmanuelle Merlot (Vienne Futuroscope)0:04:26 
20Alna Burato (Ile De France)0:05:07 
21Céline Ondet (Languedoc Roussillon)  
22Marie - Aline Bera (Bourgogne)0:05:51 
23Eloise Bec (Languedoc Roussillon)0:05:52 
24Mélanie Pette (Bourgogne Pro Dialog)0:06:16 
25Pauline Cantele (Languedoc Roussillon)0:07:18 
U23 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pauline Ferrand Prevot (Rabo Women Cycling Team)0:38:32 
2Lucie Pader (Bourgogne Pro Dialog)0:01:11 
3Aude Biannic (Bretagne)0:01:25 
4Coralie Demay (Bretagne)0:01:44 
5Aléxia Muffat (Lointek)0:02:22 
6Charlotte Bravard (Poitou Charentes)0:03:32 
7Mathilde Favre (Lointek)0:03:33 
8Laurie Berthon (Rhone Alpes)0:03:35 
9Marine Strappazzon (Rhone Alpes)0:03:38 
10Roxane Fournier (Ile De France)0:03:48 
11Céline Ondet (Languedoc Roussillon)0:05:07 
12Eloise Bec (Languedoc Roussillon)0:05:52 
13Pauline Cantele (Languedoc Roussillon)0:07:18 


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