Ferrier Bruneau wins alone

Longo second, De Saint Jean third

Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (Gauss) claimed the French national road race title in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, denying veteran Jeannie Longo her 59th title on a cold and rainy day.

Ferrier-Bruneau jumped away on a steep climb in the final 500m of the 109.6km race, leaving Longo behind. Magdalena de Saint Jean took the third spot from the three-rider breakaway.

The final lap was rife with attacks, with Ferrier-Bruneau and Longo each having a go, but the trio came together under the red kite to battle it out in the tough finale.

"I tried to attack on the first climb, but they came back," Ferrier-Bruneau said. "I thought I had to be careful because Longo is strong and has a lot of experience. The wall before the finish suited me and I gave it everything there."

Longo said she wasn't confident for the finish against the superior speed of Ferrier-Bruneau. "Tactically, I was positioned wrong because I found myself at the front in the final corner. I wanted to do what Christel did: to put in an attack from behind.

"Christel had a great race, It's good that she has the jersey."

A cold rain in the morning soaked the Boulogne-Sur-Mer course, making the early part of the race a nervous affair. It wasn't until the mid-point of the race that an attack finally went clear, with Joanne Duval gaining a maximum lead of 3:10 over the course of the next two laps.

With three to go, the chase began in earnest and Duval's lead slipped away as the furious pace broke the peloton to pieces behind.

Three strong women: St. Jean, Longo and Ferrier-Bruneau made the juncture to the fading Duval with two laps to go, and the escapee could not hold onto the trio's pace for long.

The three would go on to fight out the podium places, while Duval was joined by her teammate Beatrice Thomas to hold onto fourth.

Full Results
1Christel Ferrier Bruneau3:26:11 
2Jeannie Longo0:00:12 
3Magdalena De Saint Jean0:00:18 
4Joanne Duval0:04:12 
5Beatrice Thomas  
6Julie Krasniak0:05:10 
7Melanie Bravard0:07:15 
8Emilie Blanquefort  
9Emmanuelle Merlot  
10Nathalie Jeuland0:07:29 
11Marie Laure0:07:31 
12Audrey Cordon0:09:08 
13Amelie Rivat  
14Pauline Ferrand Prevot  
15Elodie Hegoburu  
16Marion Rousse  
17Aurore Verhoeven0:09:13 
18Marion Azam0:09:14 
19Eugénie Mermillod  
20Margot Ortega0:09:20 
21Céline Schuller0:09:30 
22Aodez Le Fourn  
23Julie Bresset  
24Marlene Petit0:09:39 
25Mélodie Lesueur0:09:42 
26Steffi Jamoneau0:12:32 
27Céline Wittek0:12:36 
28Charlotte Bravard0:13:02 
29Oriane Niay0:13:19 
30Louise Blot0:14:48 
31Vicky Fournial  
32Fanny Riberot  
33Nathalie Cadol0:14:52 
34Aurelie Bramante0:15:03 
35Marion Sicot0:15:04 
36Sandrine Baldassarre0:15:07 
37Angelique Goron  
38Lise Dodement0:15:08 
39Justine Macret0:15:10 
40Cynthia Huygens0:15:19 
DNFAudrey Gascon  
DNFNadege Prudhomme  
DNFCindy Morvan  
DNFDelphine Rousseau  
DNFMelanie Briot  
DNFCamille Darcel  
DNFAlessia Bugeia  
DNFSarah Thibaud  
DNFLucie Pader  
DNFElodie Le Bail  
DNFVeronique Paillard  
DNFSylvie Gaillon  
DNFAlexia Muffat  
DNFEdwige Pitel  
DNFFlorence Girardet  
DNFJennifer Mark  
DNFSandra Dos Santos  
DNFStephanie Viel  
DNFSandrine Bideau  
DNFLudivine Loze  
DNFAlna Burato  
DNFClotilde Lefort  
DNFJénifer Letue  


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