Degenkolb bests Craven in Gorey

Wetterhall remains in overall lead

Double Tour de Bretagne stage winner John Degenkolb (Germany Thuringer Energie) took his third win of the year when he sprinted to victory at the end of the sixth stage of the FBD Insurance Rás in Gorey. A big group containing yellow jersey Alex Wetterhall (Sweden - Team Sprocket) and all of the other contenders came in 50 seconds later.

The 21-year-old led home former race leader Dan Craven (Britain Rapha Condor Sharp)at the end of the 127 kilometre leg, which was the shortest of the race but crossed seven categorised climbs. Both riders active on several occasions during the stage and then joined up together in the closing kilometres to build a strong lead.

"It was a very good stage for me and my team," the German rider said. "We did some very good work today and in the end we got the win. The hills today were very hard. The first category climb was a four kilometre mountain. I had good legs today, my team too. They made the pace and then I attacked, going away with Dan Craven and winning the sprint."

Craven said that they tried to split things up going over the category one climb of Corabutt, but that other teams wouldn't work. He was then active towards the end, attacking twice and then getting into the decisive move.

"On the second last King of the Mountains, I was in a small break and then jumped away from them as they were caught, going away on my own," he said. "Then I realised, 'hey, maybe I am feeling better than I think I am, or maybe everyone else is feeling worse than I am feeling.'

"I realised that I wasn't going anywhere on my own as there was a bit of a headwind, so I sat up. The bunch caught me, and then on the last King of the Mountains, I saw John Degenkolp go straight from the bottom. Everyone around him wasn't really going, so I just gave it my all and got across to him.

Stephen O'Sullivan (Meath was best Irishman in eleventh, while Connor McConvey (An Post Grant Thornton M. Donnelly Sean Kelly) also finished in the same time and is top home rider in seventh overall.

His team-mate David O'Loughlin had a very strong performance on the stage, going clear early on with last year's winner Simon Richardson (Britain Sigmasport Specialized) and Wetterhall's team-mate Fredrik Johansson after approximately 30 kilometres of racing.

The Mayo rider took top points on four of the day's seven climbs, underlining his strength when he rode away from the other two on the first category Corabutt, and bolstered his lead in the King of the Mountains classification. He now has a 15 point advantage over Richardson and will aim to win that competition over the weekend.

The trio stayed clear until 30 kilometres from the end, being caught just before Carnew, and from there Craven and Degenkolb ramped up the pace and went on to fight it out for the stage win. Others tried to get across to them but were unable to do so. Wetterhall was composed at the end of the stage, knowing that neither rider was close enough to take yellow. However he admitted to being under pressure with 30 kilometres to go.

"A big group went away and as I was on the front myself at the time, I couldn't close it down. My team had done a lot of work before that and they were pretty cooked. I was up there for a few minutes, just chasing, chasing, chasing." However a team-mate returned and helped him get back in touch.

"There are more mountains tomorrow, and so I hope it goes well," he said. His closest rivals are Josef Kugler (Austria Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis), who is eight seconds back, and Peter Williams (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta), a further second behind. Craven's effort today moves the former race leader up to fifth overall, while Degenkolb progresses to twelfth. In all there are nine riders within two minutes of the yellow jersey.

Two stages remain including tomorrow's tough 151 kilometre race from Gorey to Kilcullen, and with the race being so notoriously difficult to control, there is still plenty of racing ahead. "It's hard to say who is the biggest threat, as there are a lot of strong riders here," he said.

"Of course I am worried about the guys who are next to me. There are two more days and everybody reacts differently on these stage races. Some guys might have good legs tomorrow, some may not. We will see."

Saturday's seventh stage travels over some of the toughest roads in Wicklow. Four categorised climbs are lying in wait, including the cat 1 Drumgoff and Wicklow Gap ascents.




Full Results

1John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie2:59:58 
2Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
3Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand0:00:50 
4Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie  
5Mariusz Wiesiak (Pol) Japan - Nippo  
6Joseph Lewis (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche  
7John Anderson (Aus) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
8Alessio Signego (Ita) Japan - Nippo  
9Peter Williams (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
10John McEvoy (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
11Stephen O'Sullivan (Irl) Meath  
12Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
13Matt Cronshaw (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
14Kit Gilham (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
15Andrew Roche (Irl) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
16Mark Dowling (Irl) Meath  
17Pieter Ghyllebert (Bel) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
18David Pell (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche  
19Josef Kugler (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis  
20Masaaki Kikuchi (Jpn) Japan - Nippo  
21Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
22Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles  
23Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
24Tobyn Horton (GBr) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
25Niklas Gustavsson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
26Conor Murphy (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles  
27Matt Howe (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports  
28Rob Partridge (GBr) Wales  
29Thomas Martin (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles  
30Mark McNally (GBr) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
31Jon Mould (GBr) Wales  
32James Sampson (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
33Paul Griffin (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
34Roger Aiken (Irl) Team PlanetX  
35Stuart Shaw (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche  
36Aaron Gate (NZl) New Zealand  
37John Dempsey (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
38Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
39Maximillan May (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie  
40Christopher Newton (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
41Alexander Wetterhall (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
42Stephen Surdival (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge  
43Brendan Lacey (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back  
44Adam Armstrong (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team  
45Jon Tiernan-Locke (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
46Paul Esposti (GBr) Wales  
47James Williamson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
48Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
49Rhys Lloyd (GBr) Wales  
50Jakob Steigmiller (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie  
51Rory Wyley (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
52Ben Greenwood (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
53Conor McAllistair (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team  
54Westley Gough (NZl) New Zealand  
55Marc Ryan (NZl) New Zealand  
56Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
57Peter McDonald (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:01:06 
58Rhys Pollock (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:01:14 
59Lorcan Davoust (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin0:01:16 
60Bastian Burgel (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:01:22 
61Tony Brady (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly0:09:02 
62Tighernach Murphy (Irl) Ireland Development  
63Anthony Walsh (Irl) Dublin UCD  
64Stephen Barrett (Irl) Team PlanetX  
65Neil Delahaye (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team  
66Dane Dunlop (Irl) Ireland Development  
67Hannes Grundliger (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis  
68Stefan Probst (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis  
69David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
70Chris Coyle (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge0:14:15 
71David Brennan (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge  
72David Duke (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin  
73Alex Williams (Irl) Wexford0:14:55 
74Timothy O'Regan (Irl) Meath  
75Paul Giblin (Irl) Galway Bay  
76Diarmuid Carew (Irl) Kildare Newbridge  
77Michael O'Reilly (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back  
78Andrew Aherne (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
79Patrick Clarke (Irl) Ireland Development  
80Will Byrne (Irl) Wexford  
81John Crow (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports  
82Keith Gaitor (Irl) Wexford  
83Michael Reddan (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin  
84Philip Finegan (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn  
85Ciaran Clarke (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge  
86Mark Buchanan (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC  
87Sean Lacey (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back  
88Aidan Crowley (Irl) Kildare Newbridge  
89Keith Fox (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn  
90Eugene Moriarty (Irl) Meath  
91Odran Connors (Irl) Wexford  
92Michael Storan (Irl) Kildare Newbridge  
93David Peelo (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys  
94Kieran Keane (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys  
95Andrew Meehan (Irl) Meath  
96Owen Walker (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports  
97Colin Robinson (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly  
98Dominic Jelfs (Irl) Ireland Development  
99Michael Fitzgerald (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back  
100Ruaidhri Geraghty (Irl) Galway Bay  
101Colm Quinn (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly  
102Tim Barry (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
103Mark Lovatt (GBr) Team PlanetX  
104Mark Cassidy (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
105Michael Singer (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis  
106Owen Mc Donnell (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports0:28:36 
107Niall Brosnan (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly  
108Donal Kelly (Irl) Galway Bay  
109Philip Bremmer (Irl) Ireland Development  
110Adrian Hedderman (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles  
111Richard Prince (GBr) Team PlanetX  
112Mark McKinley (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team  
113Simon Williams (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team  
114Frazer Duncan (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles  
115Michael Brady (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn0:34:18 
116Murt Doyle (Irl) Wexford0:34:22 
117Eoghan Considine (Irl) Galway Bay  
118Colm Cassidy (Irl) Dublin UCD  
119Richard Malone (Irl) Kildare Newbridge  
120Colm Bracken (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys  
121Sean McGreevy (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC  
122Alan Burke (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys  
123Bryan Long (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town  
124Paul O'Keeffe (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin  
125Mark Campbell (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC  
126Drew McKinley (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC  
127Nathan Morgan (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC  
128Richard Hooton (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town0:38:53 
129Stephen Teeling-Lynch (Irl) Kildare Newbridge  
130Ciaran O'Conluain (Irl) Dublin UCD  
131Brian Canty (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town  
132Fiachra Rowan (Irl) Dublin UCD  
133Richard Keddy (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin  
134Fergus Ryan (Irl) Dublin UCD  
135Brian Murphy (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town  
136Stuart Cox (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly0:44:58 
DNFAlan Loftus (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back  
DNSPhilip Lavery (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn  
Mountain 1 - Knockdramagh (Cat. 3)
1David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly5pts
2Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised4 
3Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro3 
4Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta2 
Mountain 2 - The Heights (Cat. 2)
1David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly10pts
2Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised8 
3Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro6 
4Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp4 
5Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta3 
6Peter Williams (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta1 
Mountain 3 - Corabutt Gap (Cat. 1)
1David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly15pts
2Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro12 
3Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised10 
4Jon Tiernan-Locke (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp8 
5John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie6 
6Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly5 
7Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised3 
Mountain 4 - Corragh (Cat. 3)
1David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly5pts
2Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised4 
3Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro3 
4Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised2 
Mountain 5 - Carnew (Cat. 3)
1Pieter Ghyllebert (Bel) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly5pts
2Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised4 
3Jakob Steigmiller (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie3 
4David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly2 
Mountain 6 - Monaseed (Cat. 3)
1Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp5pts
2Rob Partridge (GBr) Wales4 
3John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie3 
4Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Britain Sigmasport Specialised2 
Mountain 7 - Laraheenhill (Cat. 3)
1Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp5pts
2John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie4 
3Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta3 
4Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised2 
International teams
1Germany Thuringer Energie9:01:34 
2Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
3Japan - Nippo0:00:50 
4Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
5Britain Sigmasport Specialised  
6Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro  
7Australia Drapac Porsche  
8Belgium An Post Sean Kelly  
9New Zealand  
11Ireland Subway National Team0:09:02 
12Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:17:14 
13Team PlanetX0:23:07 
14USA Inside-Out Sports0:29:00 
15Ireland Development0:31:19 
County teams
1Dublin Eurocycles9:02:24 
2Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
4Mayo Castlebar Western Edge0:26:50 
5Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin0:27:56 
6Limerick BDO Get Back0:28:10 
7Meath Martin Donnelly0:36:22 
9Kildare Newbridge  
10Galway Bay0:55:56 
11Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn1:01:38 
12Kildare Murphy Surveys1:01:42 
13Dublin UCD1:19:47 
14An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:21:09 
15Cork Kanturk Town1:49:38 
General classification after stage 6
1Alexander Wetterhall (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro17:46:18 
2Josef Kugler (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:00:08 
3Peter Williams (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta0:00:59 
4John Anderson (Aus) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro0:01:28 
5Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp0:01:32 
6David Pell (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:01:34 
7Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:01:45 
8Jon Tiernan-Locke (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp  
9Joseph Lewis (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:01:46 
10Rob Partridge (GBr) Wales0:01:49 
11Pieter Ghyllebert (Bel) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:02:04 
12John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:02:19 
13Stuart Shaw (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:02:35 
14Andrew Roche (Irl) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta0:02:57 
15Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta0:03:29 
16Mark McNally (GBr) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:03:36 
17Kit Gilham (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:03:43 
18Maximillan May (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:03:57 
19James Sampson (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  
20Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:04:28 
21Marc Ryan (NZl) New Zealand0:04:48 
22Adam Armstrong (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team0:04:53 
23Jakob Steigmiller (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:05:04 
24Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:05:18 
25Matt Cronshaw (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp0:05:31 
26Rhys Lloyd (GBr) Wales0:06:18 
27Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:06:24 
28Niklas Gustavsson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro0:06:29 
29Paul Esposti (GBr) Wales0:06:40 
30Paul Griffin (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
31Mariusz Wiesiak (Pol) Japan - Nippo0:06:43 
32Conor Murphy (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:06:55 
33John Dempsey (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
34Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro0:08:18 
35Thomas Martin (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:09:04 
36Brendan Lacey (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back0:09:08 
37Westley Gough (NZl) New Zealand0:09:13 
38Stephen O'Sullivan (Irl) Meath 
39Ben Greenwood (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp0:10:26 
40Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:11:09 
41Tobyn Horton (GBr) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro0:11:13 
42Alessio Signego (Ita) Japan - Nippo0:11:18 
43Christopher Newton (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp0:12:27 
44Roger Aiken (Irl) Team PlanetX0:12:37 
45Masaaki Kikuchi (Jpn) Japan - Nippo0:13:07 
46Rhys Pollock (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:13:33 
47John McEvoy (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta0:13:57 
48Matt Howe (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports0:14:00 
49Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:14:19 
50James Williamson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:14:35 
51David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:14:45 
52Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand0:17:08 
53Mark Cassidy (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:18:47 
54Peter McDonald (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:19:14 
55Aaron Gate (NZl) New Zealand0:21:12 
56Neil Delahaye (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team0:21:33 
57Dane Dunlop (Irl) Ireland Development0:24:37 
58Mark Dowling (Irl) Meath 
59Chris Coyle (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge0:25:28 
60Stephen Surdival (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge0:25:55 
61Stephen Barrett (Irl) Team PlanetX0:26:56 
62Lorcan Davoust (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin0:27:09 
63Tony Brady (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly0:28:00 
64Conor McAllistair (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team0:28:29 
65Sean Lacey (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back0:29:20 
66Bastian Burgel (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:29:48 
67Tim Barry (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey0:31:34 
68Michael Fitzgerald (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back0:32:33 
69Hannes Grundliger (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:34:15 
70Stefan Probst (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:35:28 
71Andrew Aherne (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey0:35:50 
72Rory Wyley (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey0:36:30 
73Michael O'Reilly (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back0:37:13 
74Mark McKinley (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team0:37:35 
75Michael Reddan (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin0:38:37 
76David Brennan (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge0:38:53 
77Mark Lovatt (GBr) Team PlanetX0:39:48 
78Aidan Crowley (Irl) Kildare Newbridge0:40:30 
79Andrew Meehan (Irl) Meath 
80David Duke (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin0:42:25 
81Paul Giblin (Irl) Galway Bay0:42:30 
82Philip Finegan (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn0:42:48 
83Michael Storan (Irl) Kildare Newbridge0:42:55 
84David Peelo (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys0:43:31 
85Keith Gaitor (Irl) Wexford0:44:43 
86Timothy O'Regan (Irl) Meath 
87Michael Singer (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:49:33 
88Eugene Moriarty (Irl) Meath 
89John Crow (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports0:51:18 
90Simon Williams (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team0:51:22 
91Diarmuid Carew (Irl) Kildare Newbridge0:52:13 
92Keith Fox (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn0:53:56 
93Dominic Jelfs (Irl) Ireland Development0:55:33 
94Jon Mould (GBr) Wales0:55:59 
95Frazer Duncan (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:57:09 
96Tighernach Murphy (Irl) Ireland Development0:57:37 
97Kieran Keane (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys0:59:49 
98Alex Williams (Irl) Wexford1:03:24 
99Niall Brosnan (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly1:09:01 
100Ciaran Clarke (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge1:10:06 
101Patrick Clarke (Irl) Ireland Development1:10:44 
102Anthony Walsh (Irl) Dublin UCD1:12:03 
103Will Byrne (Irl) Wexford1:13:08 
104Colm Cassidy (Irl) Dublin UCD1:13:11 
105Richard Prince (GBr) Team PlanetX1:13:57 
106Adrian Hedderman (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles1:14:18 
107Colm Bracken (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys1:17:13 
108Odran Connors (Irl) Wexford1:17:22 
109Nathan Morgan (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:21:55 
110Colm Quinn (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly1:23:46 
111Paul O'Keeffe (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin1:26:16 
112Philip Bremmer (Irl) Ireland Development1:26:45 
113Michael Brady (Irl) Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn1:29:44 
114Sean McGreevy (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:30:13 
115Colin Robinson (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly1:36:13 
116Ruaidhri Geraghty (Irl) Galway Bay1:36:15 
117Murt Doyle (Irl) Wexford1:37:17 
118Mark Campbell (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:38:09 
119Mark Buchanan (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:47:19 
120Drew McKinley (Irl) An Dún Newry Whs. CC1:59:12 
121Stephen Teeling-Lynch (Irl) Kildare Newbridge2:02:08 
122Owen Walker (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports2:06:15 
123Richard Keddy (Irl) Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin2:08:46 
124Eoghan Considine (Irl) Galway Bay2:09:56 
125Bryan Long (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town2:10:01 
126Donal Kelly (Irl) Galway Bay2:12:59 
127Owen Mc Donnell (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports2:13:54 
128Alan Burke (Irl) Kildare Murphy Surveys2:23:45 
129Ciaran O'Conluain (Irl) Dublin UCD2:33:35 
130Stuart Cox (Irl) Meath Martin Donnelly2:45:00 
131Richard Hooton (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town2:45:51 
132Richard Malone (Irl) Kildare Newbridge2:45:56 
133Fiachra Rowan (Irl) Dublin UCD2:51:04 
134Fergus Ryan (Irl) Dublin UCD2:56:27 
135Brian Canty (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town2:58:33 
136Brian Murphy (Irl) Cork Kanturk Town2:59:30 
Points classification
1John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie42pts
2Peter Williams (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta40 
3Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp37 
4Joseph Lewis (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche30 
5Pieter Ghyllebert (Bel) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly29 
6Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised26 
7Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie26 
8Josef Kugler (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis23 
9David Pell (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche20 
10Alessio Signego (Ita) Japan - Nippo19 
11Jon Tiernan-Locke (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp15 
12Maximillan May (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie15 
13David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly15 
14Alexander Wetterhall (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro15 
15John Anderson (Aus) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro14 
16Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta14 
17Mark McNally (GBr) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly14 
18Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised14 
19Masaaki Kikuchi (Jpn) Japan - Nippo14 
20Andrew Roche (Irl) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta13 
21Mariusz Wiesiak (Pol) Japan - Nippo13 
22Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro13 
23Shane Archbold (NZl) New Zealand13 
24Mark Cassidy (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly12 
25Kit Gilham (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised10 
26Marc Ryan (NZl) New Zealand10 
27Tobyn Horton (GBr) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro8 
28Matt Howe (USA) USA Inside-Out Sports8 
29Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Britain Sigmasport Specialised7 
30Simon Williams (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team7 
31Rob Partridge (GBr) Wales6 
32John McEvoy (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta6 
33Bastian Burgel (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie6 
34Michael O'Reilly (Irl) Limerick BDO Get Back6 
35Stephen O'Sullivan (Irl) Meath 
36Peter McDonald (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche5 
37Frazer Duncan (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles4 
38Matt Cronshaw (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp3 
39Ben Greenwood (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp3 
40Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly2 
41Stuart Shaw (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche2 
42Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles1 
43Stephen Surdival (Irl) Mayo Castlebar Western Edge1 
Mountains classification
1David O'Loughlin (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly57pts
2Simon Richardson (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised42 
3Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro34 
4Dan Craven (Nam) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp29 
5Jon Tiernan-Locke (GBr) Britain Rapha Condor Sharp25 
6Wouter Sybrandy (Ned) Britain Sigmasport Specialised21 
7John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie19 
8Alexander Wetterhall (Swe) Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro15 
9Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly14 
10Pieter Ghyllebert (Bel) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly14 
11David Pell (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche13 
12Peter Williams (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta13 
13Mark Cassidy (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly12 
14Josef Kugler (Aut) Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis10 
15Rob Partridge (GBr) Wales10 
16Ian Bibby (GBr) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta8 
17Kit Gilham (GBr) Britain Sigmasport Specialised7 
18Peter McDonald (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche5 
19Marc Ryan (NZl) New Zealand5 
20Frazer Duncan (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles4 
21Jakob Steigmiller (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie3 
22Lucas Schadlich (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie3 
23Neil Delahaye (Irl) Ireland Subway National Team3 
24Andrew Roche (Irl) Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta2 
25Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Britain Sigmasport Specialised2 
26Mark McNally (GBr) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly1 
27John Dempsey (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey1 
U23 classification
1Connor McConvey (Irl) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly17:48:03 
2Joseph Lewis (Aus) Australia Drapac Porsche0:00:01 
3John Degenkolb (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:00:34 
4Mark McNally (GBr) Belgium An Post Sean Kelly0:01:51 
5Maximillan May (Ger) Germany Thuringer Energie0:02:12 
County rider classification
1Ryan Sherlock (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles17:52:42 
2Paul Griffin (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey0:00:16 
3Conor Murphy (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:00:31 
4John Dempsey (Irl) Tipperary Dan Morrissey  
5Thomas Martin (Irl) Dublin Eurocycles0:02:40 
International teams classification
1Belgium An Post Sean Kelly53:21:40 
2Britain Rapha Condor Sharp0:01:26 
3Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta0:02:01 
4Australia Drapac Porsche0:02:06 
5Sweden - Team Sprocket Pro0:02:38 
6Germany Thuringer Energie0:03:54 
7Britain Sigmasport Specialised0:06:17 
9New Zealand0:23:05 
10Japan - Nippo0:26:35 
11Ireland Subway National Team0:26:38 
12Arbö KTM-Gebrüder Weis0:50:24 
13Team PlanetX1:16:35 
14Ireland Development1:50:10 
15USA Inside-Out Sports2:49:04 
County teams classification
1Dublin Eurocycles53:38:39 
2Tipperary Dan Morrissey0:00:45 
3Limerick BDO Get Back0:42:41 
5Mayo Castlebar Western Edge1:10:18 
6Dublin Zilcom-South Dublin1:28:09 
7Kildare Newbridge1:55:43 
8Dublin Murphy & Gunn/Newlyn1:55:50 
9Meath Martin Donnelly1:58:01 
10Kildare Murphy Surveys2:10:14 
12An Dún Newry Whs. CC2:56:14 
13Galway Bay3:47:34 
14Dublin UCD4:30:35 
15Cork Kanturk Town7:26:57 


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