European Track Championships day 5: Trott rides away with omnium gold

Archibald claims individual pursuit title, Keleman wins keirin

Laura Trott rode away with the women's Omnium Sunday evening at the European Track Championships, finishing second in the 500m time trial, winning the flying lap an adding t her winning buffer in the points race Trott beat Denmark's Amalie Didericksen by 36 points and bronze medalist Ausrine Trebaite (France) by 46.

There was more success for Great Britain in the women's individual pursuit as Katie Archibald took the gold medal and Ciara Horne the bronze.

Reigning champion Archibald set a blistering time in the qualifying rounds and reproduced it in the gold medal ride, where she got off to a far superior start to her opponent Elise Delzenne of France. She was already 1.4 seconds up after 1km and that only increased to 3.5 seconds by the time she stopped the clock on 3:32.832.

Horne went up against Germnay's Mieke Kroger in the bronze medal ride and it soon became clear she was heading for bronze, finishing on 3:35.288.

Archibald scored gold again in the women's Elimination race, taking the European title ahead of Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy) and Irene Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain).

In the men's Keirin final, Czech Republic's Pavel Keleman upset world champion Francois Pervis to take the gold, with the French world champion having to settle for silver ahead of Russian Denis Dmitriev.

Netherlands Elis Ligtlee took the women's keirin gold, winning the final round ahead of Virginie Cueff (France) and Russia's Ekaterina Gnidenko.

Spanish riders Sebastian Mora and Albert Torres win the men's Madison race, coming in a lap ahead of Russia's Mikhail Radionov and Andrey Sazanov, followed by Morgan Kneisky and Bryan Coquard of France.

Morning session

Laura Trott's bid for a third gold medal at the European Track Championships in Grenchen continued strongly on Sunday as she extended her lead in the Omnium after the 500 metre time trial.

The Great Britain rider clocked 35.394 to finish second in the event behind France's Laurie Barthon (35.313), with Poland's Malgorzata Wojtrya in third.

Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) finished a disappointing eighth and as such Trott, now on 156 points, leads the omnium after four events by 24 points. Berthon is in third on 120 with the final two events coming up in the evening session.

Day 5 also saw the derny called into action for the opening rounds of the men's and women's Keirin.

World champion Francois Pervis (France) endured a nervy progression to the semi-final, having to resort to the repechages. The Frenchman was caught way behind in his initial heat but came back to show his class by winning the repechage. Only the winner of each heat would progress to the semi-final and Joachim Eliers (Germany), Nikita Shurshin (Russia), Christos Volikakis (Greece), Pavel Keleman (Czech Republic), Mateusz Lipa, and Krzysztof Maksel (both Poland) earned that privilege.

Britain's Jason Kenny was one of the men to advance from the repechages, along with Pervis and his French compatriot Michael D'Almeida, Thomas Babek of the Czech Republic, Denis Dmitriev of Russai, and Spain's Sergio Aliaga.

The women's Keirin was structured slightly differently in that the top two riders in each heat progressed to the semi-finals, with the top three from each repechage joining them.

German Kristina Vogel won the first heat, Elis Ligtlee of Holland the second, and France's Vigrinie Cueff the third, with second-placed riders Helena Casas (Spain), Ekaterina Gnidenko (Russia), and Tania Calvo Barbera (Spain) joining them in gaining swift qualification.

There were two repechage races, with Lyubov Basova (Ukraine), Urszula Los (Poland), and Katy Marchant (Great Britain) progressing from the first, and Anastasiia Voinova (Russia), Olivia Montauban (France), and Katarzyna Kirchenstein (Poland) from the second.

The morning session also saw the women's individual pursuit qualifying heats, with the riders competing for a spot in the gold or bronze medal rides later today.

Defending European champion Katie Archibald made a real statement of intent with a storming time of 3:31.959, and was joined in the final by her Great Britain teammate Ciara Horne (3:36.735).

Elise Delzenne of France set the second fastest time of 3:36.047 and will face Archibald for the gold medal, while Horne will go up against Germany’s Mieke Kroger (3:37.744) for bronze. 

Women's Individual Pursuit Qualifying

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katie Archibald (Great Britain)0:03:31.959 
2Elise Delzenne (France) 0:00:04.088 
3Ciara Horner (Great Britain)0:00:04.776 
4Mieke Kroger (Germany)0:00:05.785 
5Gudrun Stock (Germany)0:00:06.195 
6Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)0:00:07.199 
7Melanie Spath (Ireland)0:00:08.739 
8Tamara Balabolina (Russia)0:00:09.886 
9Coralie Demay (France)0:00:09.950 
10Edita Mazureviciute (Lithuania)0:00:10.137 
11Gloria Rodriguez Sanchez (Spain)0:00:10.355 
12Agata Drozdek (Poland)0:00:10.503 
13Silvia Valsecchi (Italy)0:00:10.674 
14Aleksandra Goncharova (Russia)0:00:11.960 
15Beatrice Batelloni (Italy)0:00:11.986 
16Irene Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain) 0:00:12.856 
17Katsiaryna Piatrouskaya (Belarus)0:00:13.189 
18Ina Savenka (Belarus)0:00:14.572 
19Doris Schweizer (Switzerland)0:00:14.653 
20Josie Knight (Ireland)0:00:15.269 
21Kaat Van der Meulen (Belgium) 0:00:15.777 
22Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)0:00:21.159 
23Sara Ferrara (Finland)0:00:23.327 
24Vaida Pikauskaite (Lithuania)0:00:23.490 
25Inna Metalnikova (Ukraine)0:00:23.776 

Women's Individual Pursuit Finals

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katie Archibald (Great Britain)0:03:32.832 
2Elise Delzenne (France)0:00:04.499 
3Ciara Horner (Great Britain)0:00:02.456 
4Mieke Kroger (Germany)0:00:03.540 

Men's Keirin Finals 1-6

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pavel Kelemen (Czech Republic)  
2François Pervis (France)  
3Denis Dmetriev (Russia)  
4Krzysztof Maksel (Poland)  
5Michael Dalmeida (France)  
6Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)  

Men's Kierin Finals 7-12

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
7Christos Volikakis (Greece)  
8Jason Kenny (Great Britain)  
9Nikita Shurshin (Russia)  
10Sergio Aliaga Chivite (Spain)  
11Mateusz Lipa (Poland)  
DNFJoachim Eilers (Germany)  

Women's Kierin Finals 1-6

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elis Ligtlee (Netherlands)  
2Virginie Cueff (France)  
3Ekaterina Gnidenko (Russia)  
4Lyubov Basova (Ukraine)  
5Kristina Vogel (Germany)  
6Olivia Montauban (France)  

Women's Kierin Finals 7-12

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anastasiia Voinova (Russia)  
2Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain)  
3Helena Casas Roige (Spain)  
4Katy Marchant (Great Britain)  
5Katarzyna Kirschenstein (Poland)  
6Urszula Los (Poland)  

Men's Madison

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Spain12 pts
 Sebastian Mora Vedri  
 Albert Torres Barcelo  
 Mikhail Radionov  
 Andrey Sazanov  
3France24 pts
 Morgan Kneisky  
 Bryan Coquard  
4Italy23 pts
 Elia Viviani  
 Simone Consonni  
5Belgium19 pts
 Kenny de Ketele  
 Moreono de Pauw  
6Austria7 pts
 Andreas Muller  
 Andreas Graf  
7Germany5 pts
 Kersetn Thiele  
 Leon Rohde  
8Ukraine5 pts
 Vladyslav Kreminskyi  
 Roman Gladysh  
9Czech Republic4 pts
 Martin Blaha  
 Vojtech Hacecky  
10Poland3 pts
 Wojciech Pszczolarski  
 Mateusz Nowack  
11Switzerland2 pts
 Thery Schir  
 Stefan Kueng  
12Great Britain6 pts
 Chrstopher Latham  
 Oliver Wood  
 Mikhail Shemetau  
 Yauheni Akhramenka  
 Ivo Oliveira  
 Rui Oliveira  
 Casper Von Folsach  
 Mathias Moller Nielsen  
 Wim Stroetinga  
 Roy Eefting  

Women's Elimination Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katie Archibald (Great Britain)  
2Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)  
3Irene Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain)  
4Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)  
5Kaat Van Der Meulen (Belgium)  
6Tamara Balabolina (Russian Federation)  
7Fiona Dutriaux (France)  
8Lucja Pietrzak (Poland)  
9Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)  
10Lisa Klein (Germany)  
11Iryna Semionova (Ukraine)  
12Kristina Jakubovskaja (Lithuania)  
13Lauren Creamer (Ireland)  
14Sara Ferrara (Finland)  

Women's Omnium 500m Time Trial

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laurie Berthon (France)0:00:35.313 
2Laura Trott (Great Britain)0:00:00.081 
3Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)0:00:00.178 
4Dorronsoro Olaberria (Spain)0:00:00.806 
5Anna Knauer (Germany)0:00:00.905 
6Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)0:00:01.176 
7Simona Frapporti (Italy)0:00:01.252 
8Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)0:00:01.308 
9Lydia Boylan (Ireland)0:00:01.315 
10Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)0:00:01.532 
11Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)0:00:01.568 
12Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republic)0:00:01.692 
13Gulnaz Badykova (Russian Federation)0:00:02.213 
14Anita Stenberg (Norway)0:00:02.258 
15Virginie Pointet (Switzerland)0:00:02.440 
16Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)0:00:02.565 
17Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)0:00:02.571 
18Pia Pensaari (Finland)0:00:03.540 
19Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)0:00:04.318 

Women's Omnium Flying Lap

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Trott (Great Britain)0:00:14.068 
2Laurie Berthon (France)0:00:00.091 
3Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)0:00:00.242 
4Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)0:00:00.263 
5Anna Knauer (Germany)0:00:00.353 
6Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)0:00:00.380 
7Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)0:00:00.502 
8Lydia Boylan (Ireland)0:00:00.521 
9L. Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)0:00:00.576 
10Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)0:00:00.638 
11Simona Frapporti (Italy)0:00:00.698 
12Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)0:00:00.705 
13Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republic)0:00:00.765 
14Gulnaz Badykova (Russian Federation)0:00:00.925 
15Anita Stenberg (Norway)0:00:00.963 
16Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)0:00:01.004 
17Virginie Pointet (Switzerland)0:00:01.530 
18Pia Pensaari (Finland)0:00:01.845 
19Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)0:00:02.002 

Women's Omnium overall

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Trott (Great Britain)231 pts
2Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)195 
3Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)185 
4Laurie Berthon (France)158 
5Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)155 
6Simona Frapporti (Italy)154 
7Anna Knauer (Germany)146 
8Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)145 
9Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)143 
10L. Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)140 
11Gulnaz Badykova (Russian Federation)127 
12Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)102 
13Anita Stenberg (Norway)85 
14Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republic)84 
15Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)68 
16Lydia Boylan (Ireland)68 
17Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)22 
18Virginie Pointet (Switzerland)-16 
19Pia Pensaari (Finland)-72 


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