Eneco Tour 2010

August 17-24, 2010, Steenwijk (Ned), Various, Road - UPT (ProTour)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

The Eneco Tour takes on the hills southern Limburg today, for the “Little Amstel Gold”. It could be an exciting 204 kilometres today! There are 18 climbs along the way to keep things interesting.

  1. 14:30:19 CEST

    Welcome back to the Eneco Tour. Today's fifth stage takes us 204 kilometres from Roermond to Sittard. Much of the course today should look very familiar – does the name “Cauberg” ring a bell? Today is a day for the Classics specialists.

  2. 99km remaining from 204km

    14:36:37 CEST

    With 99 km still to go, we have an 11 man escape group: Kenny Dehaes (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Maxim Gourov (Astana), Mauro Da Dalto (Lampre-Farnese Vini), Ruben Perez Moreno (Euskaltel-Eusakadi), Jack Bobridge (Garmin-Transitions), Kevin Hulsmans (QuickStep), Dominique Nerz (Milram), Yauheni Hutarovich (FdJ), Thomas De Gendt (Topsport Vlaanderen), Michael Van Staeyen (Topsport Vlaanderen) and Gorik Gardeyn (Vacansoleil).

  3. 14:39:03 CEST

    And let us not forget that this group has 3:35 on the field.

  4. 14:45:32 CEST

    The weather is cooperating today, as the high is only expected to be 24°C/ 81°F. We expect some rain this afternoon, with the possibility of thunderstorms overnight, but hopefully it will stay dry until the stage is done.

  5. 14:51:26 CEST

    We have lost a number of riders today, one way or another.  Maybe they should have read their maps better?  No no, not that kind of lost.....

    Markus Eichler (Milram),  Lieuwe Westra (Vacansoleil) and Robert Hunter (Garmin-Transitions) all decided early to take the day off and did not

    Since then, Jurgen Van De Walle (QuickStep) and Juan Soler (Caisse d'Epargne) have abandoned the race.

  6. 14:54:18 CEST

    MIlram now has only four riders left in the race:  LInus Gerdemann, Wim De Vocht, Dominik Nerz and Peter Wrolich.

  7. 86km remaining from 204km

    14:55:36 CEST

    With 86 km to go, the gap is 3:18, and dropping.  The field is flying along in single file, led by Team Sky.  They are still trying to get the victory for Edvald Boasson Hagen.

  8. 15:01:23 CEST

    In case anyone has forgotten, Tony Martin (HTC-Columbia) leads the race, with Koos Moerenhout (Rabobank) second at 10 seconds and Edvald Boasson Hagen (Team Sky) in third at 1:24.

  9. 15:02:27 CEST

    Sky is riding so hard it has split the pleoton.  They are now leading a group of 40-50 riders, including lots of HTC-Columbia and Rabobank.

  10. 62km remaining from 204km

    15:08:34 CEST

    The gap continues to drop, now down to 2:12.

  11. 15:11:11 CEST

    Did Sky set too high a pace?  They have all fallen back now, except for Boasson Hagen.  The peloton has split again, in fact.

  12. 60km remaining from 204km

    15:12:33 CEST

    The gap is now under two minutes. The first chae groupb is about to be caught by the second chase group, which will give us nice-sized peloton again.

  13. 15:13:46 CEST

    Oh dear, the rain has apparently decided not to wait until this evening.  We see our first raindrops.

    There are some changes in the make-up of the lead group now, let's see if we can get them.

  14. 15:15:13 CEST

    We understand that Hutarovich has dropped out of the group.  Gourov has had some problems but is still hanging on.

  15. 15:17:18 CEST

    HTC-Columbia has moved into the lead of the chasing peloton, with sprinter Andre Greipel and former time trial World Champion Bert Grabsch pulling for Tony Martin.

  16. 51km remaining from 204km

    15:23:51 CEST

    The leading group has started up the Cauberg for the second time.  Their lead has gone back up to 2:32.

  17. 15:24:45 CEST

    Nerz and De Gendt have pulled away from the leading group.

  18. 15:25:31 CEST

    HTC-Columbia and Rabobank have taken over the lead work of the peloton. Sky is barely visible.

  19. 15:26:46 CEST

    Richie Porte of Saxo Bank attacks out of the field.

  20. 15:28:36 CEST

    Lars Boom (Rabobank) joins him.  They have only a few seconds lead.

  21. 45km remaining from 204km

    15:31:18 CEST

    Boom and Porte have built up a bit more of a lead now.

  22. 15:31:51 CEST

    Well, they had a nice lead, but now have been caught again.....

  23. 15:33:49 CEST

    That must have only been an isolated brief rain shower, as it appears to be dry again.

  24. 43km remaining from 204km

    15:34:31 CEST

    Nerz and De Gendt have been caught again by the lead group.  The gap is yo-yoing around and is now at 2:16.

  25. 15:36:44 CEST

    The peloton lead is firmly in HTC-Columbia's hands.  Sky is nowhere to be seen, but we assume that at least Boasson Hagen is still in the group.

  26. 15:37:12 CEST

    Now we see Sky near the middle of the group.

  27. 15:37:48 CEST

    Hulsmans has dropped out of the lead group and is about to be caught by the field.

  28. 15:39:15 CEST

    A Rabo ridr leads the field past Hulsmans.

  29. 15:41:12 CEST

    Looking at the other classifications going into today's stage, we have Robbie McEwen (Katusha) leaings the sprint classification with 72 points,
    ahead of Boasson Hagen (66 points) and Allan Davis of Astana at 65 points.

    Martin is best young rider, leading Boasson Hagen and Rabobank's Lars Boom.  Rabobank leads the teams classification.

  30. 15:43:09 CEST

    Eight men in the lead group now, not sure who else has dropped out.

  31. 15:44:27 CEST

    De Haes of Omega Pharma-Lotto is no longer in the lead group.

  32. 36km remaining from 204km

    15:45:51 CEST

    The gap has jumped to nearly three minutes again, at 2:54.

  33. 15:46:38 CEST

    Nerz just tried to take a can of Coke from a soigneur, but the transfer didn't work out.

  34. 15:50:17 CEST

    We are in a flat section at the moment, and a handful of riders take advantage of that fact to catch back up with the peloton.

  35. 30km remaining from 204km

    15:51:36 CEST

    Geraint Thomas of Sky falls back to the team car to stock up on drinks for his teammates.

  36. 15:52:11 CEST

    A RadioShack rider has now moved to the head of the peloton.

  37. 27km remaining from 204km

    15:55:40 CEST

    The lead group tackles another climb, led by the two Topsport Vlaanderen riders.

  38. 25km remaining from 204km

    15:59:11 CEST

    The gap is now down to 2:07. Will this group come through?  Or not?

  39. 16:00:57 CEST

    And the gap drops to under two minutes.

  40. 22km remaining from 204km

    16:03:04 CEST

    The lead group starts up the St. Pergamijn climb with a gap of 1:48.

  41. 20km remaining from 204km

    16:04:57 CEST

    The race had a very similar, if not identical, stage last year.  It was won by Lars Bak of Saxo Bank, who sprinted out of a lead group to win by two seconds over Boasson Hagen, then riding for Columbia-HTC with Lampre's Francesco Gavazzi finishing third.

    The stage win was enough to give Boasson Hagen the overall lead, which he held on to until the end of the race.

  42. 16:07:21 CEST

    Da Dalto is the next to fall back out of the lead group.  He is only about 30 seconds ahead of the peloton.  The peloton crosses the finish line to take off again on the 19km circuit course only 1:44 behind the leaders.

  43. 16:10:04 CEST

    The chances look bad for the lead group to stay away.  With 17 km to go, it is down to 1:36.

  44. 12km remaining from 204km

    16:15:11 CEST

    1:18 for the leaders.  It is still possible for them to get through to the end.

  45. 16:16:40 CEST

    Van Stayen attacks out of the lead group.  Moreno and Bobridge go with him, and the others aren't far behind.  In fact they are all together again.

  46. 16:17:20 CEST

    We are having some technical problems here, sorry about that.

  47. 16:18:09 CEST

    Moreno looks deteremined to get awy, but the others don't find that such a good idea.

  48. 10km remaining from 204km

    16:18:53 CEST

    The gap is at 1:08 now.

  49. 8km remaining from 204km

    16:21:40 CEST

    the lead group is now on the Schatsberg, the penultimate climb of the day.

  50. 7km remaining from 204km

    16:23:18 CEST

    The field is tearing along, looking to catch the escape group.  Their chance to do so looks good, as the gap is now only 40 seconds.

  51. 16:24:49 CEST

    Omega Pharma-Lotto has taken over the lead work of the chase, with some help from Skil-Shimano.

  52. 16:27:27 CEST

    The lead group has split with an  attack from one of the Topsport riders.  All but Gourov are able to counter.

  53. 16:28:18 CEST

    Three riders have split from the chase group, but we don't have their names.

  54. 2km remaining from 204km

    16:28:43 CEST

    The gaps are all very small now.

  55. 16:29:17 CEST

    Bobridge has a slight lead over his break mates, and is pulling away.

  56. 16:30:11 CEST

    He has maybe 10 seconds on the break, with the peloton another 20 seconds or so back.  Moreno takes off in chase.

  57. 16:30:57 CEST

    It is enough for Bobridge!  He takes the stage win some five seconds ahead of Moreno.

  58. 16:31:41 CEST

    A RadioShack rider leads the first chase group over the finish line about 15 seconds later.

  59. 16:33:21 CEST

    Congratulations to 21-year-old Jack Bobridge on his first pro win!

  60. 16:40:23 CEST

    Martin still leads the race. 

    Meanwhile another group of riders crosses the finish line nearly 10 minutes down.

  61. 16:40:50 CEST

    Thanks for joining us today.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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