Rattray continues dominant run with win at Brunswick

Crosbie and Carey take podium positions

Lewis Rattray has continued his dominance of the Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Series, taking out the second race at Jackson Reserve, Brunswick on Sunday.

My Mountain’s Mat Gray led for the first lap, but Rattray was on his wheel from the get-go, and stole the lead from Gray on the second lap down the finishing straight. After his valiant effort Gray faded quickly through the pack, eventually coming home 4th. Newcomer Michael Crosbie from Swim-Bike_run, fresh from his scolding at the hands of the officials, caused a pile up when he tripped over the first barrier on the first lap, but rode strongly to take second place, with the recently promoted from B-Grade Simon Carey (Cycling Edge) taking out third.

Rattray’s second consecutive win means that he has placed a lock on the overall CX prize – he merely needs to show up and the coveted blue sash will be his.

Elite Women

In the women’s race, Emma Caddy was nowhere to be seen as Amy Bradley and Nadine Le Mescan battled it out for first place. The number one position changed hands a number of times during the race, but eventually Bradley took it out, with Le Mescan eventually fading to third as a strong finishing Diane Nelson blazed into second place. Jess Steger showed her spirit in this race, fighting her way around the course on a bike that Erle Pavlis dragged out of hard rubbish and threw together, and earning a one-year subscription to Treadlie for her trouble.

Full Results - A Grade : 40 Minutes
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lewis Rattray10 pts
2Michael Crosbie10 
3Simon Carey10 
4Matt Gray10 
5Andrew Blair10 
6Gary Wearmouth10 
7Steven Waite10 
8Allan Iacuore10 
9Nicholas Edwards10 
10Warrack Leach10 
11Daniel Macmunn10 
12Adam Trewin10 
13Kristjan Snorrason10 
14Cam Mckenzie10 
15Leigh De Luca9 
16Jeremy Soawyer9 
17Mark Hester9 
18Malachi Moxon9 
19Huw Vellacott9 
20Chris Carr9 
21Nicholas Cotterell9 
22Ashley Hayat9 
23James Kent9 
24Llewellyn Thomas9 
25William Gear9 
26Ken Moore9 
27Karl Pavey9 
28Justin Matthews9 
29Sam Mcgregor8 
30Troy Mckinna8 
31Hugh Watson8 
32Ben English8 
33Mikelee Godfree8 
34Joshua Mcdougal8 
35Gene Mills8 
36Ross Wilkinson8 
37Dwayne Meredita8 
38Stewart Howell8 
39Alistair Mcdonald8 
40Grant Edmonds8 
41Alex Geers8 
42James Royce8 
DNFBen Vlass7 
DNFTim Mcgrath5 
DNFCraig Towers4 
DNFRichard Kemp3 
DNFHayden Kerr3 
DNFDaniel Strauss2 
B Grade : 30 Minutes
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gary Jackson7 pts
2Steven Young7 
3Neville Bird7 
4Nick Grosso7 
5Chris Murphy7 
6Chris Rayment7 
7Thomas Coltrain7 
8Andrew Spencer7 
9Che Dungey7 
10Andrew Blake7 
11Jason Butler7 
12Rik Blazevic7 
13Jason Flaherty7 
14Lloyd Donovan7 
15Patrick Oliver7 
16Piers Morgan7 
17William Hartnell7 
18Reuben Ruiter7 
19Duncan Macgregor7 
20Damian Hodges6 
21Justin Hopkins6 
22Chris Black6 
23John Roy6 
24James Jurivech6 
25Kristan Baker6 
26Michael Dann6 
27Jonathan Gunn6 
28Paul Larkin6 
29Amy Bradley6 
30Tristan Bretherton6 
31Diane Nelson6 
32Nadine Le Mescam6 
33Damion De Soto6 
34Simon Wade6 
35Brent Wejendorp6 
36Nicholas Bark6 
37Mik Efford6 
38Thomas Kurka6 
39Jon Stanley6 
40Nick Lett6 
41Brad Clark6 
42Kirk Ratcliff6 
43Laura Choong6 
44Silvio Di Cocco6 
45Ash Scott5 
46Shane Ford5 
47Emma Caddy5 
48Tate Heiskanen5 
49Bryan Hester5 
50Dylan Warne5 
51Jessica Steger5 
52Emily White5 
53Wendy Reiter5 
54Justine Clear5 
55Ann Greenwood4 
56Anthony Burns4 
57Holly Lusher4 
DNFTim Rodrigo4 
DNFMurray Mckenny1 
DNSBronwen Baulch  
U15 Juniors : 15 Minutes
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liam Jeffries3 pts
2Sam Wilson3 
3Adam Blazevic3 
4Ryan Schilt3 
5Paddy Butler2 
6Corral Murphy2 
7Emily Hughes2 
8Hannah Campbell2 
9Georgia Wilson2 
10Otis Wilson2 
11Adam Boyd2 
12Darcy Guiliani2 
13Bella Soccio2 
14Jake Nelson2 
15Daniel Jackson2 
16Wiliam Deane2 
17Emily Jackson1 
18Mia Spencer1 
Open (No Bike Restrictions) : 30 Minutes
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrian Jackson6 pts
2Cameron Mckenzie6 
3Jarad Kohlan6 
4Duncan Murray6 
5Lee Floyd6 
6Joshua Mcdougall6 
7Adam Mitchell6 
8James Deane6 
9Anthony Fewster6 
10Nick Carter5 
11Amity Mcswan5 
12Jeremiah Vella5 
13Pearse Elton5 
14Anthony Netkow5 
15Michael Holder5 
16Brett Matson5 
17David Tynnon5 
18Chris Smith5 
19Hamish Smith5 
20Nazceno Gouislow5 
21Aaron Campbell5 
22Michael Cyach5 
23Darragh O’Donovan5 
24David Shackleford5 
25Chris Wilson5 
26Mal Doreian5 
27Mike Claytor5 
28Giovanni Mancini5 
29Adam Hodger4 
30Matt Thomas4 
31Dylan Warner4 
32J. Lamshed / S. Bach4 
33Sam Murphy4 
34Michael Sparke4 
35Timothy Findlay4 
36Ben Walkerden4 
37Catherine Fraser-Smith4 
38Phil Alach3 
39Lisa Jackson3 
40Dylan Reilly2 
DNFMark Edmondson4 
DNFMichael Spencer1 
DNSGlyn Edmunds  
DNSSimone Scott  


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