Kulhavy claims Cyprus Sunshine Cup finale

Eiberweiser surprise winner in women's event

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Rubena Birell Specialized) didn't want to wait to see what strategies his competitors would employ during the men's event. After the first lap, the Czech went to the front, attacked and was never seen again until the race had finished. Kulhavy rode aggressively through the singletrack in the area near the Amathous archeological site and showed good early season form with his 3:05 victory over marathon World Champion Roel Paulissen.

This type of course suits me," said Kulhavy. "After my attack I could ride at my own pace and enjoy the race. I had a super bike and very good tires. At the moment I feel pretty good, and it was a perfect day in the sun."

As the gap to Kulhavy grew, Jan Skarnitzl (Dimp-Giant) and Thomas Litscher (MiG) tried to chase on the rocky 5.6km course.

Behind them Christoph Soukup (Merida) was looking strong, together with Frank Schotman (Stappenbelt-Specialized) and Russian Alexej Medvedev (Corratec). Soukup, however, would be hampered by a broken chain.

For a while René Tann (Germina) was riding in this group but he found the pace too difficult to handle.

Paulissen (Cannondale), however, would soon make his mark on the race. The marathon World Champion suffered a flat tire on the first lap and then put on a strong performance as he got back into the race. He soon passed Schotman and Medvedev and on the fifth of seven laps, he reached Litscher and Skarnitzl.

Litscher dropped off the pace and settled into fourth place, while Paulissen was able to drop Skarnitzl on the last lap to finish second.

"I'm disappointed with the flat tire but happy with the race itself," said Paulissen. "It’s difficult to pass on this course. It was warm weather again and the problems with my back are getting better. All in all I had a good feeling and I think that Cyprus was good training."

The Czech Republic's Skarnitzl was not unhappy with his third place because this meant he won the Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall title.

"I'm very happy, it's a perfect start to the season," said Skarnitzl. "I thought I could make it into the top five and now I'm the winner of the Sunshine Cup. That’s much more than I could expect.

"I enjoyed my two weeks on Cyprus. I'm still a student but this year I have a little break so I had more time to train."

Unexpected women's winner

Mona Eiberweiser was on nobody's list of likely winners in the women's event. It was her first race in the elite category and her first race in 2010, but the 2008 junior European champion attacked right after the start and soon found herself in the lead . The 19-year-old German got a lead of 15 seconds ahead of Denmark's Annika Langvad (HMTBK), who tried to close the gap, but was hindered by a puncture in her rear tire.

Eiberweiser extended her lead on the second of five 5.6km laps to one minute while her teammate Lisi Osl moved up from sixth position.

On the third lap the overall World Cup winner caught her other teammate Anja Gradl and when she was already close to Langvad, the Dane had to change her wheel.

The gap between Osl and Eiberweiser remained stable and so the young Bavarian grabbed the win and a perfect start in the elite category. Langvad was able to finish third and secured the Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall title.

"I was really surprised to be in front of the race," said Eiberweiser. "I had a pretty good start and then I tried to stay in that position. The course has a lot of narrow sections so I could ride my rhythm.

"I never thought I'd be able to win my very first race in the elite category, that’s great. This is a pretty good start to the season with my new team."

Eiberweiser's teammate Osl was pleased with her effort. "I'm satisfied but it was a hard race," said Osl. "After a lot of arduous training it was difficult, especially at the start. I needed two laps to recover. It was also my first time in singletrack this year and I made some mistakes.

"I'm also really happy for Mona. I think it’s a good motivation for her and it’s a perfect start in the elite category.

Despite having some bad luck with a mechanical, Langvad was satisfied with her overall win. "I'm very pleased with my ride," said Langvad. "I think I did the best I could. The other girls were very strong.

"I had a flat tire on the opening loop and I slowly lost air. I'm happy to win the overall. This is a really good start for the season."

Elite men
1Jaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Rubena Birell Specialized2:02:23 
2Roel Paulissen (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:03:05 
3Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Dimp -Giant0:03:11 
4Thomas Litscher (Swi) RV Altenrhein0:03:44 
5Frank Schotman (Ned) Stappenbelt-Specialized MTB Team0:05:16 
6Alexey Medvedev (Rus) Corratec-Elettroveneta0:06:05 
7Periklis Ilias (Gre) ISD Cycling Team0:07:24 
8Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls0:07:40 
9Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:07:57 
10Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:08:05 
11Rene Tann (Ger) German National Team0:09:25 
12Anders Ljungberg (Swe) Team Firebike-Droessiger0:10:02 
13Andy Eyring (Ger) German National Team0:10:18 
14Jiri Friedl (Cze) Merida Biking Team0:10:48 
15Magnus Darvell (Swe) Team Kalas0:10:59 
16Sebastien Carabin (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:11:09 
17Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:11:15 
18Dries Govaerts (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:11:50 
19Fredrik Edin (Swe) Cykloteket Racing Team0:12:24 
20Ivan Smirnov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:12:45 
21Henrique Avancini (Bra) ISD Cycling Team0:13:03 
22Artem Orlov (Rus) Len. Obl0:13:05 
23Fabian Giger (Swi) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:13:27 
24Benjamin Wittrup Justesen (Den) Team T-Bikes0:14:12 
25Ondrej Cink (Cze) Merida Biking Team0:14:48 
26Konny Looser (Swi) Team Stöckli-Craft0:15:11 
27Mattias Nilsson (Swe) Team Kalas0:15:18 
28Nicolas Vermeulen (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:15:50 
29Marios Athanasiades (Cyp) Omonoia0:16:24 
30Jan Jobanek (Cze) Merida Biking Team0:16:25 
31Heiko Gutmann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube Mtb Team0:16:26 
32Lee Williams (GBr) Team Wiggle0:17:15 
33Alexander Blomqvist (Swe) Alingsas Ck0:17:27 
34Ivan Seledkov (Rus) Din-Moscow-Riga0:19:13 
35Anton Gogolev (Rus) Samara - Shvsm0:20:42 
36Ole Christian Fagerli (Nor) Raumerrytter -3laps 
37Nicolas Jeantet (Ita) ISD Cycling Team  
38Evgeniy Nikolaev (Rus) Primorskiy District  
39Emil Lindgren (Swe) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team  
40Oleksandr Gerashenko (Ukr) ISD Cycling Team  
41Pavel Priadein (Rus) Dinamo Moscow  
42Giorgos Fattas (Cyp) Limassol Club  
43Casper Saltoft Kristiansen (Den) Team T-Bikes  
44Johnni Nielsen (Den) Team T-Bikes  
45Christoph Soukup (Aut) Merida Biking Team -4laps 
46Marcel Fleschhut (Ger) German National Team  
47Felix Euteneuer (Ger) Rothaus-Cube Mtb Team  
48Chris Andrews (GBr)  
49Stepan Stepanov (Rus) Crimex - Loko - Mos  
50Maxim Gogolev (Rus) Lenob Din Focus  
51Nicola Rohrbach (Swi) SRM Stevens  
52Dmytro Titarenko (Ukr) ISD Cycling Team  
53Paul Beales (GBr) Orange Monkey Cycling Team  
54Timofei Ivanov (Rus) Primorskiy District  
55Michalis Kittis (Cyp) Pol  
56Evgeny Vitmanovskiy (Rus) Len Obl Pguor  
57Anatoliy Gavrilov (Rus) Dinamo Moscow  
58Timotheos Skettos (Cyp) Limassol Club  
59Kyriakos Sketos (Cyp) Omonoia  
60Alexey Leontyev (Rus) Dinamo Moscow -5laps 
61Dmitry Besingaliev (Rus) Primorskiy District  
62Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) ISD Cycling Team  
63Fabien Bourly (Fra) A C Bazansourt Rames  
64Anthony Morris (GBr) Evans Cycles RT  
65Alexander Ciupin (Cyp) Olymbiada  
66Igor Sorin (Mda)  
67Jiri Hudecek (Cze) Dimp -Giant -6laps 
68Volodymyr Zinovkyn (Ukr) ISD Cycling Team  
69Igor Bogdan (Ukr)  
70Loukas Theodorou (Cyp) Iraklitos  
71Michael Hutter (Swi) Rss Rheintal -7laps 
72Pascal Hossay (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team  
73Ivan Rybarik (Cze) Merida Bankin Team  
DNFKlaus Nielsen (Den) DMK  
DNFDmitry Medvedev (Rus) Corratec-Elettroveneta  
DNFFabian Strecker (Ger) German National Team  
DNFRyan Sherlock (Irl) Cycleways  
DNSBjorn Brems (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team  
DNSLars Bleckur (Swe) Cykloteket Racing Team  
DNSVladislavs Neroznak (Lat) Omonoia  
Elite women
1Mona Eiberweiser (Ger) Central Pro Team1:48:27 
2Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Central Ghost Pro Team0:01:03 
3Annika Langvad (Den) HMTBK0:01:52 
4Anja Gradl (Ger) Central Ghost Pro Team0:02:52 
5Janka Stavkova (Svk) CK Epic Dohnany0:03:45 
6Alexandra Engen (Swe) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team0:04:14 
7Ekaterina Anoshina (Rus) Primorskiy District0:04:54 
8Barbara Benko (Hun) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team0:05:25 
9Suzanne Clarke (GBr) Great Britain0:05:46 
10Githa Michiels (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:06:47 
11Hanna Klein (Ger) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team0:08:44 
12Monique Zeldenrust (Ned) Giant Benelux0:09:13 
13Melanie Spath (Ger) Cycleways0:10:29 
14Anne Terpstra (Ned) Stappenbelt Specialized Mtb Team0:14:18 
15Ksenia Chernykh (Rus) Orient Giant Russia0:15:02 
16Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) German National Team0:17:14 
17Elena Gogoleva (Rus) Lenob Din Focus0:18:23 
18Yana Klishina (Rus) Dinamo Moscow0:23:08 
19Maaike Polspoel (Bel) Belgian Cycling Team0:25:23 
20Alla Boyko (Ukr) ISD Cycling Team -1lap 
21Irina Malysheva (Rus) -2laps 
22Darya Zaytseva      (Rus) Karofilm  
23Maria Osl (Aut) Fischer BMC -3laps 
24Jelena Petrova (Lat) Omonoia  
Junior men
1Anton Stephanov (Rus)1:22:31 
2Artem Alexandrov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:01:58 
3Ben Roff (GBr) Orange Manky Cycling Team0:02:10 
4Egor Komin (Rus) Primorskiy District0:05:29 
5Zakhar Bulatov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:08:14 
6Ilya Dushakov (Rus)0:08:20 
7Alexey Krylov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:09:37 
8Alaxey Solovyev (Rus) Dinamo Moscow0:10:55 
9Eriksson Martin (Swe) Foreningen Cykloteket RT0:11:10 
10Ilya Bykov (Rus)0:14:33 
11Katsouris Leontios (Cyp) Pol0:15:28 
12Sergey Lahanov (Rus) Dinamo Moscow0:18:23 
13Andrey Shirobokov (Rus) Dinamo Moscow0:20:23 
14Koutsiou Eirinaios (Cyp) Iraklitos0:22:40 
15Kyriacou Mamas (Cyp) DOPI -2laps 
16Kyriacou Angelos (Cyp) DOPI -3laps 
17Rafail Finikaridis (Cyp) Omonoia  
Elite men's overall standings
1Jan Skarnitzl (Dimp -Giant)270pts
2Roel Paulissen (Belgian Cycling Team)250 
3Frank Schotman (Stappenbelt-Specialized Mtb Team)215 
4Periklis Ilias (ISD Cycling Team)200 
5Jaroslav Kulhavy (Rubena Birell Specialized)200 
6Emil Lindgren (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team)184 
7Henriqueavancini (ISD Cycling Team)184 
8Christoph Soukup (Merida Biking Team)152 
9Jiri Friedl (Merida Biking Team)148 
10Anton Gogolev (Samara - Shvsm)146 
11Thomas Litscher (RV Altenrhein)144 
12Maxim Gogolev (Lenob Din Focus)142 
13Platt Karl (Team Bulls)142 
14Nicolas Vermeulen (Belgian Cycling Team)141 
15Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)137 
16Fredrik Edin (Cykloteket Racing Team)129 
17Magnus Darvel (Team Kalas)126 
18Fabian Giger (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team)121 
19Henk Jaap Moorlag (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team)120 
20Ivan Smirnov (Primorskiy District)117 
21Timofei Ivanov (Primorskiy District)112 
22Alexander Vincent Blomqvist (Alingsas CK)112 
23Artem Orlov (Len. Obl)109 
24Ji?Í Hudecek (Dimp -Giant)105 
25Nicolas Jeantet (ISD Cycling Team)104 
26Bjorn Brems (Belgian Cycling Team)103 
27Ivan Seledkov (Din-Moscow-Riga)103 
28Evgeniy Nikolaen (Primorskiy District)101 
29Yamamoto Kohei (V.C.Lapomme Marseille)99 
30Marios Athanasiades (Omonoia)98 
31Anders Ljungberg (Team Firebike-Droessiger)98 
32Medvedev Alexey (Dinamo Moscow)91 
33Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)91 
34Ondrej Cink (Merida Biking Team)90 
35Haimy Shlomi (Infotre-Leecougan)88 
36Konny Looser (Team Stöckli-Craft)87 
37Dries Govaerts (Belgian Cycling Team)79 
38Giorgos Fattas (Limassol Club)76 
39Alexey Medvedev (Corratec-Elettroveneta)70 
40Klaus Nielsen (DMK)68 
41Lars Bleckur (Cykloteket Racing Team)67 
42Williams Lee (Team Wiggle)65 
43Mattias Nilsson (Team Kalas)64 
44Ryan Sherlock (Cycleways)60 
45Tann Rene (German National Team)58 
46Pascal Hossay (Belgian Cycling Team)56 
47Evgeniy Vitmanovcky (Len OBL Pguor)56 
48Ivan Rybarik (Merida Bankin Team)55 
49Eyring Andy (German National Team)54 
50Facomprez Pierre Yves (Team Look)51 
51Andersen Henrik (HMTBK)50 
52Sebastien Carabin (Belgian Cycling Team)49 
53Casper Saltoft Kristiansen (Team T-Bikes)47 
54Nicola Rohrbach (SRM Stevens)45 
55Stepan Stephanov (Crimex - Loko - Mos)41 
56Benjamin-Wiitrup Justesen (Team T-Bikes)41 
57Christopher Andrews (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)38 
58Simon Tarp Jensen (HMTBK)36 
59Medvedev Dmitry (Dinamo Moscow)35 
60Jan Jobanek (Merida Biking Team)35 
61Gutmann Heiko (Rothaus-Cube Mtb Team)34 
62Lee Williams (Team Wiggle)33 
63Alexey Leontyev (Dinamo Moscow)32 
64Michael Kitis (Pol)32 
65Pryadein Pavel (Dinamo Moscow)31 
66Ole-Christian Fagerli (Raumerrytter)29 
67Philipp Maximilian Daum (Haibike)26 
68Kyriakos Skettos (Omonoia)25 
69Oleksandr Gerashchenko (ISD Cycling Team)25 
70Pavel Pryadein (Dinamo Moscow)24 
71Neroznaks Vladislavs (Omonoia)22 
72Johnni Nielsen (Team T-Bikes)21 
73Busk Kasper (HMTBK)21 
74Nielsen Johnni (Team T-Bikes)20 
75Fleschhut Marcel (German National Team)19 
76Michael Hutter (RSS Rheintal)19 
77Euteneuer Felix (Rothaus-Cube Mtb Team)18 
78Crone Claus18 
79Timotheos Skettos (Limassol Club)18 
80Anatoly Gavrilov (Dinamo Moscow)16 
81Paul Beales (Orange Monkey Cycling Team)16 
82Dmytro Titarenko (ISD Cycling Team)13 
83Bohme Tim (Team Bulls)13 
84Hansen Jens Gorm12 
85Pedersen Lasse Brun (HMTBK)12 
86Tachopoulos Nicolas (Greek National)10 
87Pattes-Toumanis Georgios (Greek National)9 
88Chioupin Alaxander (Olymbiada)9 
89Loukas Theodorou (Iraklitos)7 
90Dmitry Besingaliev (Primorskiy District)4 
91Mykhaylo Batsutsa (ISD Cycling Team)3 
92Fabien Bourly (A C Bazansourt Rames)2 
93Anthony Morris (Evans Cycles Rt)1 
94Wengelin Matthias (Team Firebike-Droessiger)1 
Elite women overall standings
1Annika Langvad (HMTBK)285pts
2Janka Stavkova (CK Epic Dohnany)245 
3Alexandra Engen (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)230 
4Suzanne Clarke (Great Britain)205 
5Melanie Spath (Cycleways)204 
6Ekaterina Anoshina (Primorskiy District)202 
7Githa Michiels (Belgian Cycling Team)184 
8Maaike Polspoel (Belgian Cycling Team)168 
9Anne Terpstra (Stappenbelt Specialized MTB Team)166 
10Yana Klishina (Dinamo Moscow)161 
11Elena Gogoleva (Lenob Din Focus)158 
12Elisabeth Brandau (German National Team)139 
13Darya Zaytseva      (Karofilm)135 
14Julie Krasniak (Team Look)130 
15Jelena Petrova (Omonoia)130 
16De Jager Nicoletta (Rijwielpaleis Mountainbike Team)114 
17Ksenia Chernykh (Orient Giant Russia)108 
18Barbara Benko (Rothaus-Cube Mtb Team)107 
19Mona Eiberweiser (Central Pro Team)100 
20Monique Zeldenrust (Giant Benelux)99 
21Shub Idit (City Cycling Club)97 
22Irina Malysheva93 
23Alla Boyko (ISD Cycling Team)93 
24Elisabeth Osl (Central Ghost Pro Team)90 
25Anja Gradl (Central Ghost Pro Team)80 
26Vanessa Mosch60 
27Hanna Klein (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)58 
28Vanessa Mosch56 
29Rieder Nadine48 
30Petrova Ekaterina47 
31Malysheva Irina45 
32Maria Osl (Fischer BMC)42 
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