Sutton wins in Cronulla

Australian tops final standings in criterium series

Chris Sutton produced a great finish to claim the Cronulla Grand Prix and wrap up the inaugural NSW Grand Prix Cycling title.

The well-performed Sky team rider, who finished second by centimetres to Ben Kersten last year, produced a whirlwind finish to defeat Tom Palmer of Drapac.

Starting the final round of the five race series on equal points to Tasmanian Bernard Sulzberger, Sutton was never far from the lead and relied heavily on his Sky team mates Simon Gerrans, Matthew Hayman and New Zealander Greg Henderson to be well placed.

In the final 300 metres, Palmer, a former junior world champion and winner of the opening round at Bathurst and Coogee, jumped clear of his rivals and seemed certain to claim his third win of the season before Sutton flew home and grabbed the win in the final 50 metres.

"It was one of the greatest thrills I have experienced, winning Cronulla, my home turf, in front of my family and friends and defeating a world class field," said Sutton.

Sutton amassed 50 points in the five race series and was never out of contention in the five race series.

Sulzberger, who had experienced a win in the Australia Titles at Cronulla two years ago, raced with a hairline fracture in the race and finished in 8th place to claim second place overall.

Alex Servos, the powerful Russian claimed third place at Cronulla with World Under 23 road champion Michael Matthews finishing in fourth just ahead of Garmen star Tom Scully from New Zealand.

World champions and Commonwealth Games stars Jack Bobridge and Cameron Meyer made concerted efforts in the final few laps to gain a breakaway on the field but each time they were reeled in by the strong Sky team.

Palmer produced his best form ever and despite two victories failed by just one point in claiming second place overall.

Gilmore takes women's series

Rochelle Gilmore delivered a similar whirlwind finish to the men's race when she took the lead in the Honda Insight Women's Grand Prix over the final 200 metres and out-sprinted dual Australian champion Kate Bates to claim the title.

Gilmore, who was trailing teammate Peta Mullens prior to the final event, was at her best in the sprint home but was once again reprimanded by the Chief Commissaire for riding off her line in the final 100 metres; Vigar took no action however, considering that the result would have been the same regardless.

Bates claimed second place and dual Australian criterium champion Kirsty Broun riding for Virgin Blue managed a well-timed third place.

The surprise package from the series was New Zealand star Emily Collins, who managed fourth place at Cronulla and second place overall in the series.

Trudy Van Der Straaten finished fifth in the final race and wrapped up fourth place overall just behind Mullens.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sutton (Aus) Sky12 pts
2Tom Palmer (Aus) Drapac10 
3Alex Servos (Rus) Russia8 
4Michael Matthews (Aus) AIS7 
5Tom Scully (Aus) Garmin Transitions6 
6Greg Henderson (Nzl) Sky5 
7Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers4 
8Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) Vaustralia3 
9Graeme Brown (Aus) Rabobank2 
10Michael Phelan (Aus) Drapac1 
Vaustralia NSW Grand Prix overall standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sutton (Aus) Sky50 pts
2Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) Vaustralia41 
3Tom Palmer (Aus) Drapac40 
4Michael Matthews (Aus) AIS33 
5Graeme Brown (Aus) Rabobank27 
6Wes Sulzberger (Aus) FDJ14 
7Joe Lewis (Aus) Drapac14 
8Alex Servos (Rus) Russia14 
9Tom Scully (Aus) Garmin Transitions11 
10Greg Henderson (Nzl) Sky7 
11Rico Rodgers (Aus) Budget Forklifts5 
12Alex Markov (Rus) Russia5 
13Ed Clancy (Gbr)5 
14Joel Pearson (Aus) Genesys Wealth Advisers5 
15Phil Grenfell (Aus) Blake4 
16Michael Freiburg (Aus) Vaustralia4 
17Richard Lang (Aus) Jayco AIS4 
18Dean Windsor (Aus)3 
19Alexander Ray (Nzl) Total Rush New Zealand3 
20Michael Phelan (Aus) Drapac1 
Honda Insight Women's Grand Prix
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rochelle Gilmore (Aus) Honda Dream Team12 pts
2Kate Bates (Aus) AIS10 
3Kirsty Broun (Aus) Virgin Blue RBS8 
4Emily Collins (Aus) Cyclosport/Swabol7 
5Trudy Van Der Straaten (Aus) Bicisport6 
6Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Honda Dream Team5 
7Skye-Lee Armstrong (Aus) RBK4 
8Therese Ryan (Aus)3 
9Nikolina Orlic (Aus) Bellavelo2 
10Sue Forsyth (Aus) North Sydney1 
Honda Insight Women's Grand Prix final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rochelle Gilmore (Aus) Honda Dream Team36 pts
2Emily Collins (Aus) Cyclosport/Swabol29 
3Peta Mullens (Aus) Honda Dream Team27 
4Trudy Van Der Straaten (Aus) Bicisport24 
5Melissa Hoskins (Aus) Honda Dream Team22 
6Evgenia Romanuta (Rus) Russia20 
7Kate Bates (Aus) AIS18 
8Kate Chilcott (Aus) North Harbour16 
9Sue Forsyth (Aus) North Sydney14 
10Tiffany Pezzulo (USA) Vanderkitten12 
11Liz Georgouras (Aus) Virgin Blue RBS10 
12Nikolina Orlic (Aus) Bellavelo8 
13Kirsty Broun (Aus) Virgin Blue RBS8 
14Liza Rachetto (USA) Vanderkitten7 
15Jess MacLean (Aus) Virgin Blue RBS7 
16Emily Kachorek (USA) Vanderkitten6 
17Courtney Lowe (Aus) Touranga5 
18Rebecca Domange (Aus) Vic4 
19Josephine Tomic (Aus) Honda Dream Team4 
20Laura Luxford (Aus) Virgin Blue RBS4 
21Skye-Lee Armstrong (Aus) RBK4 
22Therese Ryan (Aus)3 
23Starla Teddergreen (USA) Vanderkitten2 

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