Stage 5 Preview

Stage 5 map and profile

Into the Mountains

Three category two climbs make this stage scary - particularly when you consider the next two stages don't get any easier. It's up and down all day, and though the Dauphine won't be won today, it certainly could be lost. The final climb is 10.7km at an average of 4.7% making a move off the front difficult but not impossible to make late in the stage. The most likely scenario will see a select group contest the finish. Fedrigo, or even new US national champion Matthew Busche, with their ability to sprint and climb are strong contenders for the stage win.


Km 45.5 - Côte de Corlier - 6.4 km climb to 5.3 % - Category 2
Km 109.0 - Côte du Mont des Princes - 5.5 km climb to 7 % - Category 2
Km 210.0 - Montée des Gets - 10.7 km climb to 4.7 % - Category 2

Distance: 210km

Highest Point: 1167m (Finish in Les Gets)

Category: Mountain stage


<p>Crit&eacute;rium du Dauphin&eacute; - Stage 5 Profile</p>

Image ©: ASO


<p>Crit&eacute;rium du Dauphin&eacute; - Stage 5 Map</p>

Image ©: ASO

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