Van der Haar edges out Alaphilippe

Dutchman seals World Cup triumph

On a sloppy course in Hoogerheide, Lars van der Haar (Rabobank-Giant Off-road Team) wrapped up the overall win in the World Cup with a win on his home soil. The Dutch champion recovered from a miserable start and overtook Julian Alaphilippe (France) in a last-lap effort.

"It was my plan to sit back in the lead group but due to my bad start I couldn't move up. It took much longer than expected but I'm glad I pulled it off," Van der Haar said.

Italian champion Elia Silvestri powered first into the sharp left-hand corner for the hole shot, while top favorite Van der Haar ended up riding halfway back in the bunch. It took almost a lap before four riders separated themselves in front: Tim Merlier (Belgium), Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium), Arnaud Grand (Switerzland) and Julian Alaphilippe were the early leaders. Behind them was a chase group led by Silvestri, Gianni Vermeersch (Belgium) and a Dutch train of five with Van der Haar at the back.

A few riders caught up with the leaders but right at the end of the third lap Alaphilippe jumped away in front. Behind him the pace dropped and the French rider quickly gained a lead of eight seconds. By the end of the fourth lap Alaphilippe had eighteen seconds on a group with Vanthourenhout, Merlier, Grand, Michiel Van der Heijden (The Netherlands) and Van der Haar.

During the following lap Van der Haar started his attempt to catch the sole leader. "I was surprised by the gap he had but it happened because they didn't race behind him. I figured that because I'm one year older than him I should have more power so I could go faster than him on the road. Uphill I know I could handle him. That I knew since the race from last week where I rode on his wheel for one lap," Van der Haar said.

In the end it took Van der Haar about a lap to catch the French leader. With the first chasers at twenty seconds the winner was to be found among the leading duo and in the penultimate lap they rode together. Van der Haar led Alaphilippe and it turned out he pushed the French rider to the limit.

Halfway through the last lap Alaphilippe started making small mistakes and he lost contact with Van der Haar. "Probably I attacked too early," Alaphilippe said. "In the last lap I was at my limit. Lars was too strong and too smart." The Dutchman didn't make any mistakes and reached the finish line with a small gap over Alaphilippe.

Half a minute later Van der Heijden held off Vanthourenhout and finished third, securing his ticket for the world championships in the high-quality Dutch selection. "This is a great result. Normally this wouldn't be a course for me as it comes down to technical skills but then again due to the mud there's some power needed too. I started my cyclo-cross season later and maybe that's why I'm so fresh," Van der Heijden told Cyclingnews.

Merlier – not selected in the Belgian team for the world championships - completed the top five. The sixth place for Mike Teunissen (Netherlands) was enough to secure his second place in the overall World Cup ahead of Alaphilippe.

Half a minute after Teunissen, three under-23 champions rolled across the finish line. Italian champ Silvestri blasted past US champion Zach McDonald and Belgian champion Wietse Bosmans (BKCP-Powerplus). Being able to crack the top 15 after such a horrible start was really impressive and McDonald acknowledged that. "I'm happy with the outcome after my terrible start. From there I didn't want to wait but the traffic is there so I tried to be patient. It played in my advantage that I race with the pro's in the USA and I'm used to race for 60 minutes. In the final laps I had more left in my tank that many others. I moved up more than I did in Liévin last week," McDonald told Cyclingnews.

The riders in the Men Under 23 category battle it out for the world championship title on Saturday afternoon in Koksijde, Belgium.

Full results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Netherlands 0:50:09  
2 Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) France 0:00:03  
3 Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands 0:00:28  
4 Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Belgium 0:00:45  
5 Tim Merlier (Bel) Belgium 0:00:51  
6 Mike Teunissen (Ned) Netherlands 0:00:56  
7 Arnaud Grand (Swi) Switzerland 0:00:59  
8 Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Belgium 0:01:05  
9 Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) France 0:01:14  
10 Emiel Dolfsma (Ned) Netherlands-B 0:01:21  
11 Elia Silvestri (Ita) Italy 0:01:23  
12 Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States 0:01:24  
13 Wietse Bosmans (Bel) Belgium 0:01:32  
14 Micki Van Empel (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:34  
15 Corne Van Kessel (Ned) Netherlands-B    
16 Jan Nesvadba (Cze) Czech Republic 0:01:47  
17 Luca Braidot (Ita) Italy 0:01:53  
18 Marek Konwa (Pol) Poland 0:01:57  
19 Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Belgium 0:02:03  
20 Karel Hnik (Cze) Czech Republic 0:02:08  
21 Michael (Jr) Schweizer (Ger) Germany 0:02:13  
22 Tijmen Eising (Ned) Netherlands-B 0:02:14  
23 Tomas Paprstka (Cze) Czech Republic 0:02:15  
24 Jakub Skala (Cze) Czech Republic 0:02:16  
25 Radek Polnicky (Cze) Czech Republic 0:02:27  
26 Vinnie Braet (Bel) Belgium 0:02:32  
27 David Menut (Fra) France 0:02:47  
28 Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned) Netherlands 0:02:55  
29 Clément Venturini (Fra) France 0:02:56  
30 Kenneth Hansen (Den) Denmark 0:03:15  
31 David Van Der Poel (Ned) Netherlands 0:03:16  
32 Kenta Gallagher (GBr) Great Britain 0:03:19  
33 Stan Godrie (Ned) Netherlands 0:03:50  
34 Yannick Mayer (Ger) Germany 0:03:53  
35 Camille Thominet (Fra) France 0:03:58  
36 Michael Wildhaber (Swi) Switzerland 0:04:15  
37 Emil Arvid Olsen (Den) Denmark 0:04:19  
38 Jack Clarkson (GBr) Great Britain 0:04:28  
39 Fabian Lienhard (Swi) Switzerland 0:04:42  
40 Douwe Verberne (Ned) Netherlands-B 0:04:47  
41 Vojtech Nipl (Cze) Czech Republic 0:04:51  
42 Inigo Gomez Elorriaga (Spa) Spain 0:04:58  
43 Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Lux) Luxembourg 0:05:08  
44 Max Walsleben (Ger) Germany 0:05:18  
45 Lex Reichling (Lux) Luxembourg 0:05:19  
46 Kévin Bouvard (Fra) France 0:05:32  
47 Cody Kaiser (USA) United States 0:05:54  
48 Jonas Pedersen (Den) Denmark 0:05:56  
49 Steven James (GBr) Great Britain 0:06:06  
50 Jon Gomez Elorriaga (Spa) Spain 0:06:21  
51 Ludwig Söderqvist (Swe) Sweden 0:06:46  
52 Luke Gray (GBr) Great Britain 0:06:59  
53 David Hidalgo Garcia (Spa) Spain 0:07:01  
54 (-2 laps) Wojciech Malec (Pol) Poland    
55 Domas Manikas (Ltu) Lithuania    
56 Bartosz Pilis (Pol) Poland    
57 Patryk Kostecki (Pol) Poland    
58 Michel Vuelta Izquierdo (Spa) Spain    
59 (-3 laps) Kiernan Orange (Can) Canada    
60 (-4 laps) Talius Kalina (Ltu) Lithuania    
U23 Men World Cup final standings
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Netherlands 220  pts
2 Mike Teunissen (Ned) Netherlands 145  
3 Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) France 131  
4 Arnaud Grand (Swi) Switzerland 102  
5 Elia Silvestri (Ita) Italy 98  
6 Stan Godrie (Ned) Netherlands 95  
7 Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Belgium 95  
8 Wietse Bosmans (Bel) Belgium 88  
9 Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned) Netherlands 87  
10 Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands 87  
11 Micki Van Empel (Ned) Netherlands 81  
12 Tim Merlier (Bel) Belgium 79  
13 Vinnie Braet (Bel) Belgium 76  
14 Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States 68  
15 Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Belgium 67  
16 Jan Nesvadba (Cze) Czech Republic 63  
17 Vojtech Nipl (Cze) Czech Republic 54  
18 Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) France 54  
19 Tomas Paprstka (Cze) Czech Republic 48  
20 Karel Hnik (Cze) Czech Republic 48  
21 David Van Der Poel (Ned) Netherlands 47  
22 Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Belgium 46  
23 Clément Venturini (Fra) France 42  
24 Luca Braidot (Ita) Italy 36  
25 Marek Konwa (Pol) Poland 32  
26 Tijmen Eising (Ned) Netherlands 29  
27 Yannick Mayer (Ger) Germany 25  
28 Jens Adams (Bel) Belgium 24  
29 Radek Polnicky (Cze) Czech Republic 24  
30 Emiel Dolfsma (Ned) Netherlands 22  
31 Corne Van Kessel (Ned) Netherlands 16  
32 Diether Sweeck (Bel) Belgium 16  
33 Kenneth Hansen (Den) Denmark 16  
34 Jakub Skala (Cze) Czech Republic 13  
35 Stef Boden (Bel) Belgium 12  
36 Lubomir Petrus (Cze) Czech Republic 12  
37 Michael (Jr) Schweizer (Ger) Germany 12  
38 Igor Smarzaro (Ita) Italy 10  
39 David Menut (Fra) France 10  
40 Christophe Balannec (Fra) France 9  
41 Floris De Tier (Bel) Belgium 9  
42 Max Walsleben (Ger) Germany 7  
43 Lars Forster (Swi) Switzerland 7  
44 Sven Beelen (Bel) Belgium 6  
45 Michael Boros (Cze) Czech Republic 5  
46 Kévin Bouvard (Fra) France 4  
47 Bryan Falaschi (Ita) Italy 3  


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