Hong Kong coup in men's madison, Aussie women seal team pursuit gold

Kiwi Dawkins wins men's sprint, Guo gets gold in women's madison

Honk Kong Pro Cycling claimed victory in the men's madison at their 'home' World Cup round in Beijing, China on Sunday. The duo of Ho Ting Kwok and Ho Choi Ki claimed just three points throughout the race, but were able to relegate the high scoring pairs from Italy and New Zealand to second and third, respectively, after they took a lap.

New Zealand's bronze in the madison was bettered by the country's Edward Dawkins as he took gold in the men's sprint final against Michaël D'almeida of France. Dawkins needed just two rounds to dispatch the Frenchman in a result that demonstrates his rapid ascention towards the top-level of men's track sprinting. In the all-Cofidis bronze medal race, François Pervis defeated Germany's Maximillian Levy in two sprints.

Following the Australian men's team pursuit victory a night earlier, the country's women's team pick up where their male colleagues had left off with victory over New Zealand in the final. Ashlee Ankudinoff, Sarah Kent and Josephine Tomic took a tight final, beating Allison Shanks, Jaime Neilsen and Lauren Ellis by less that one second in the Beijing Velodrome. Canada took bronze with a slightly more comfortable margin over the Lithuanian combination.

Shuang Guo sealed a successful weekend for the host nation with victory in the women's Keirin. The Chinese woman got the better of Miriam Welte (Germany) and Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong) in the final to mark a strong performance that saw China's women's sprint team claim four gold medals.

Men's madison
1Hong Kong Pro Cycling (Kwok, Choi)3pts
2 -1lapItaly (Viviani, Ciccone)18 
3New Zealand (Simpson, Scully)18 
4Australia (Meyer, Howard)9 
5Great Britain (Rowe, Christian)8 
6Austria (Graf, Tazreiter)8 
7Denmark (Ranneries, Nielsen)8 
8France (Kneisky, Duval)8 
9Poland (Glowacki, Bujko)7 
10Belgium (Schetts, De Poortere)6 
11Lokomotiv (Kaikov, Ershov)4 
12Spain (Torrent Tarres, Miguel Parra)1 
13Netherlands (Van Der Zwet, Pieters)1 
14Ukraine (Popkov, Polatayko)  
15Catalunya (Escobar Roure, Herrero Nadal)  
16Russia (Serov, Markov)  
17Germany (Steigmiller, Reinhardt)  
18Katyusha (Savitsky, Petrovskiy)  
Men's sprint finals
1Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.84300:00:10.692
2Michaël D'almeida (France)  
3François Pervis (Cofidis)0:00:11.80300:00:11.372
4Maximillian Levy (Cofidis)  
Men's sprint semi-finals
1Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:11.05100:00:10.673
2Maximillian Levy (Cofidis)  
1Michaël D'almeida (France)0:00:10.85200:00:10.751
2François Pervis (Cofidis)  
Men's sprint quarter finals
1Maximillian Levy (Cofidis)0:00:11.05000:00:10.677
2Lei Zhang (People's Republic Of China)  
1Michaël D'almeida (France)0:00:10.90900:00:10.929
2Damian Zielinski (Poland)0:00:10.796 
1François Pervis (Cofidis)0:00:11.414 00:00:10.830
2Adam Ptacnik (Czech Republic)  
1Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.81200:00:10.757
2Miao Zhang (People's Republic Of China)  
Men's sprint qualifying
1Lei Zhang (People's Republic Of China)0:00:10.183 
2Michaël D'almeida (France)0:00:10.267 
3François Pervis (Cofidis)0:00:10.294 
4Miao Zhang (People's Republic Of China)0:00:10.325 
5Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.391 
6Sebastian Doehrer (Germany)0:00:10.392 
7Damian Zielinski (Poland)0:00:10.394 
8Maximillian Levy (Cofidis)0:00:10.421 
9Jason Niblett (Australia)0:00:10.423 
10Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Gdz)0:00:10.427 
11Adam Ptacnik (Czech Republic)0:00:10.467 
12Daniel Ellis (Jayco)0:00:10.486 
13Scott Sunderland (Jayco)0:00:10.498 
14Teun Mulder (Netherlands)0:00:10.525 
15Saifei Bao (Msp)0:00:10.528 
16Mathias Stumpf (Germany)0:00:10.540 
17Qi Tang (Msp)0:00:10.542 
18Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)0:00:10.553 
19Josiah Ng Onn Lam (Malaysia)0:00:10.555 
20Sam Webster (New Zealand)0:00:10.601 
21Azizulhasni Awang (Bta)0:00:10.623 
22Peter Lewis (Australia)0:00:10.643 
23Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)0:00:10.657 
24Joseph Veloce (Canada)0:00:10.674 
25Denis Dmitriev (Mtt)0:00:10.676 
26Sergey Kucherov (Mtt)0:00:10.697 
27Stéphane Cossette (Canada)0:00:10.698 
28Pavel Yakushevskiy (Russian Federation)0:00:10.730 
29Anton Lapshinau (Belarus)0:00:10.746 
30Zafeiris Volikakis (Greece)0:00:10.756 
31Giddeon Massie (United States Of America)0:00:10.762 
32Itmar Esteban Herraiz (Cat)0:00:10.797 
33Maciej Bielecki (Poland)0:00:10.833 
34Roy Van Den Berg (Netherlands)0:00:10.839 
35Sergey Polynskiy (Russian Federation)0:00:10.851 
36Clemens Selzer (Austria)0:00:10.852 
37Gennadiy Genys (Ukraine)0:00:10.891 
38Francesco Ceci (Italy)0:00:10.896 
39Luca Ceci (Italy)0:00:10.923 
40Artem Frolov (Ukraine)0:00:10.966 
41Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)0:00:10.980 
42David Alonso Castillo (Spain)0:00:11.045 
43David Askurava (Georgia)0:00:11.055 
44Michael Thomson (South Africa)0:00:11.206 
45Hodei Mazquiaran Uria (Spain)0:00:11.213 
46Oscar Ezker Martin (Fgn)0:00:11.274 
47Kristjan Gregoric (Slovenia)0:00:11.360 
48Javier Azcue (Fgn)0:00:11.439 
49Ho Ting Kwok (Hong Kong Pro Cycling)0:00:11.563 
50Konstantin Kuperasov (Kta)0:00:11.597 
51Adria Sabate Masip (Cat)0:00:11.637 
52King Lok Cheung (Hong Kong, China)0:00:11.651 
53Ki Ho Choi (Hong Kong Pro Cycling)0:00:11.828 
DNSGregory Bauge (France)  
DNSTomohiro Fukaya (Japan)  
DNSJimmy Watkins (United States Of America)  
Women's team pursuit
1Australia (Ankudinoff, Kent, Tomic)0:03:22.879 
2New Zealand (Ellis, Nielsen, Shanks)0:03:23.747 
3Canada (Brown, Roorda, Whitten)0:03:26.723 
4Lithuania (Pikauskaite, Sereikaite, Trebaite)0:03:28.332 
10Giant Pro Cycling  
Women's Keirin
1Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China)  
2Miriam Welte (Germany)  
3Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)  
4Agnes Ronner (Netherlands)  
5Olga Panarina (Belarus)  
7Clara Sanchez (France)  
8Willy Kanis (Netherlands)  
9Sandie Clair (France)  
10Monique Sullivan (Canada)  
11Emily Rosemond (Australia)  
12Junhong Lin (People's Republic of China)  
13Lulu Zheng (Gpc)  
13Yulei Xu (Msp)  
13Renata Dabrowska (Poland)  
13Cari Higgins (United States Of America)  
17Helena Casas Roige (Spain)  
17Di Mu (Gpc)  
17Zhao Juan Meng (Hong Kong, China)  
17Huang Ting Ying (Chinese Taipei)  
21Charlene Delev (Germany)  
21Victoria Baranova (Russian Federation)  
21Laura Mccaughey (Sal)  
21Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia)  
25Alba Diez (Cat)  
25Kaarle Mcculloch (Jayco)  
25Olga Streltsova (Russian Federation)  


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