Commonwealth Games Day 4: Glaetzer, Morton, Cure bring Australia more gold

Scotland's Stewart wins men's Points Race to close out track racing events

Australia finished the track cycling events on Sunday at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia, the same way they started on Thursday - winning three gold medals. This gave the host team a total of ten gold medals out of 16 that were awarded over four days of competition.

Australia's Stephanie Morton took her third title of the Games in the women's Keirin, which is appearing for the first time at the Commonwealth Games. Morton finished ahead of team mate Kaarle McCulloch, who had won gold the day before in the 500 metre time trial. Natasha Hansen of New Zealand took third.

Amy Cure followed that up with a second win for the home team in the women's Scratch Race. Unlike the world championships, the Commonwealth Games allow three starters per country, and Australia worked well to control the race and cover any breaks. Cure had finished second to team mate Annette Edmondson at the Glasgow Games, but went to the front for the last lap and a half to win ahead of Neah Evans (Scotland) and Emily Kay (England).

"It was amazing," said Cure. "I was a bit disappointed yesterday [finishing seventh in the Points Race] but I came out with a different mindset. The girls backed me and gave me the perfect ride. I can't thank the girls enough. We went with a plan and executed it perfectly."

The third Australian gold of the night went to Matt Glaetzer in the men's Kilo, who was looking for redemption after a stunning early exit in the Sprint the night before. Ed Dawkins of New Zealand set the early fast time of 59.928 seconds, breaking the Games record in the process. No other rider could go below one minute until Glaetzer, the final riders, who bested Dawkins by 0.588 seconds to tak the Games record even lower. Callum Skinner of Scotland took the bronze medal.

"The whole team got around me; support staff and parents, and a bit of prayer as well to get my headspace in the right area to feel like my best. I was absolutely shattered [after the Sprint]. I knew I needed to come back and rebuild because I knew I had another job to do."

"It was just a matter of staying positive when the negative thoughts come through, just dismissing them straight away and talking positive. If you speak life into the situation then you improve. Yes, I lost the cycle race yesterday and that was gut wrenching but life does go on, the sun rises the next day. I laid it all out there. It was a really high pressure moment when I came out. I prepared for that."

Australia looked ready to sweep the titles on the final day, with the last event the men's Points Race, and Australia's team of three led by the world champion Cameron Meyer. However, Meyer grew increasingly frustrated through the race as Mark Stewart of Scotland, Campbell Stewart of New Zealand and Ethan Hayter of England dogged his every pedal stroke. Meyer usually rides away from his rivals to take laps, seemingly at will. This time, the three riders were with him every time he tried to make a move. Mark Stewart managed to take three laps on the field to Meyer's two, plus outkicked him in the intermediate sprints. The 22 year Scottish rider took a well-deserved win, followed by Campbell Stewart and Hayter, with Meyer completely off the podium in fourth.

"I'm really proud," said Mark Stewart. "That was a lot of hard work and it has come together nicely. I am only 22 but I feel like I have been at this for ages and I feel like I've had a lot of good days and a lot of bad days but this is definitely one of the good days. I think when you ride against someone like Cameron Meyer, you can't play his game. He is the best in the world at what he does. You don't win all the world titles he has by chance. He's the best, so you have to take it to him and put him on the back foot. I think that is why he keeps winning because everyone follows him. But he can follow me."

Full Results

Men's Time Trial - 1000m
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Glaetzer (Australia)0:00:59.340 
2Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:00.588 
3Callum Skinner (Scotland)0:00:01.660 
4Zac Williams (New Zealand)0:00:01.792 
5Jonathan Wale (Scotland)0:00:01.921 
6Patrick Constable (Australia)0:00:02.098 
7Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)0:00:02.206 
8Joseph Truman (England)0:00:02.455 
9Nicholas Paul (Trinidad and Tobago)0:00:02.559 
10Nicholas Yallouris (Australia)0:00:02.605 
11Muhammad Fadhil Mohd Zonis (Malaysia)0:00:02.733 
12Kian Emadi (England)0:00:02.739 
13Lewis Oliva (Wales)0:00:02.858 
14Stefan Ritter (Canada)0:00:02.999 
15Daniel Bigham (England)0:00:03.351 
16Ethan Vernon (Wales)0:00:03.595 
17Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sahrom (Malaysia)0:00:03.913 
18Aidan Caves (Canada)0:00:03.984 
19Irwandie Lakasek (Malaysia)0:00:05.300 
20Sahil Kumar (India)0:00:06.198 
21Ranjit Singh (India)0:00:06.331 
Women's Scratch Race - 10km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amy Cure (Australia)  
2Neah Evans (Scotland)  
3Emily Kay (England)  
4Katie Archibald (Scotland)  
5Kirstie James (New Zealand)  
6Eleanor Dickinson (England)  
7Allison Beveridge (Canada)  
8Lydia Boylan (Ireland)  
9Manon Lloyd (Wales)  
10Michaela Drummond (New Zealand)  
11Megan Barker (Wales)  
12Elinor Barker (Wales)  
13Ju Pha Som Net (Malaysia)  
14Annette Edmondson (Australia)  
15Racquel Sheath (New Zealand)  
16Amber Joseph (Barbados)  
17Ashlee Ankudinoff (Australia)  
18Ariane Bonhomme (Canada)  
19Yiwei Luo (Singapore)  
20Stephanie Roorda (Canada)  
21Emily Nelson (England)  
22Eileen Roe (Scotland)  
DNFSonali Mayanglambam (India)  
DNFMonorama Tongbram (India)  
Women's Keirin - First Round, Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)  
2Robyn Stewart (Northern Ireland)  
3Lauren Bate (England)  
4Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Malaysia)  
5Aleena Reji (India)  
Women's Keirin - First Round, Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Morton (Australia)  
2Lauriane Genest (Canada)  
3Eleanor Coster (Wales)  
4Deborah Deborah (India)  
5Olivia Podmore (New Zealand)  
Women's Keirin - First Round, Heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)  
2Kaarle McCulloch (Australia)  
3Emma Cumming (New Zealand)  
4Rachel James (Wales)  
5Amelia Walsh (Canada)  
Women's Keirin - First Round, Repechages, Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Bate (England)  
2Rachel James (Wales)  
3Emma Cumming (New Zealand)  
4Aleena Reji (India)  
Women's Keirin - First Round, Repechages, Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Olivia Podmore (New Zealand)  
2Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Malaysia)  
3Amelia Walsh (Canada)  
4Deborah Deborah (India)  
5Eleanor Coster (Wales)  
Women's Keirin - Second Round, Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaarle McCulloch (Australia)  
2Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)  
3Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Malaysia)  
4Emma Cumming (New Zealand)  
5Lauriane Genest (Canada)  
6Lauren Bate (England)  
Women's Keirin - Second Round, Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Morton (Australia)  
2Olivia Podmore (New Zealand)  
3Amelia Walsh (Canada)  
4Robyn Stewart (Northern Ireland)  
5Rachel James (Wales)  
6Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)  
Women's Keirin - 7-12 Finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
7Lauriane Genest (Canada)  
8Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)  
9Rachel James (Wales)  
10Lauren Bate (England)  
11Emma Cumming (New Zealand)  
12Robyn Stewart (Northern Ireland)  
Women's Keirin - 1-6 Finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Morton (Australia)  
2Kaarle McCulloch (Australia)  
3Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)  
4Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Malaysia)  
5Amelia Walsh (Canada)  
6Olivia Podmore (New Zealand)  
Men's Points Race - 40km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Stewart (Scotland)81 pts
2Campbell Stewart (New Zealand)69 
3Ethan Hayter (England)68 
4Cameron Meyer (Australia)50 
5Christopher Latham (England)50 
6Oliver Wood (England)46 
7Jon Mould (Wales)45 
8Kelland O'Brien (Australia)45 
9Regan Gough (New Zealand)43 
10Tom Sexton (New Zealand)43 
11John Archibald (Scotland)29 
12Marc Potts (Ireland)7 
13Joe Holt (Wales)6 
14Matthew Bostock (Isle of Man)3 
15Muhammad Edy Suhaidee (Malaysia)2 
16Jay Lamoureux (Canada)2 
17Muhamad Othman (Malaysia)1 
18Steven Van Heerden (South Africa)  
19Samuel Harrison (Wales)  
20Kyle Gordon (Scotland)-37 
21Leigh Howard (Australia)-38 
DNFDavid Maree (South Africa)  
DNFNolan Hoffmann (South Africa)  
DNFMichael Foley (Canada)  

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