Mantecon and Bigham win Club La Santa Four-Day Race

Stiebjahn enjoys celebrates stage victory on final day

Simon Stiebjahn and Sally Bigham won the final stage of the Club La Santa Four-Day MTB Race on Tuesday while Bigham and Sergio Mantecon, who was the runner-up on the final stage, captured the overall titles.

Having won the first three stages, Mantecon was the favorite for the final 80km stage, too, but he started with a puncture, and Tiago Ferreira and Simon Stiebjahn initially rode off the front and left him behind.

As the stage passed through the village of Soo, Ferreira and Stiebjahn led. They were followed by Carlos Coloma, Juan Pedro Trujillo, Jesus Del Nero, Pedro Romero and Christian Kreuchler. But soon, Mantecón caught up to the leaders.

Then Kreuchler attacked, and only three managed to stay with him: Mantecón, Ferreira and Stiebjahn.

Stiebjahn took a turn attacking on the uphill and as he could not see anyone behind, he kept going in the lead for many kilometers, completely on his own.

Later, Stiebjahn was caught by Kreuchler and Mantecón and the three stayed together for the finale. In the final sprint, Stiebjahn beat his rivals, with Mantecón in second and Kreuchler in third.

Ferreira was fourth and Coloma was fifth on the day.

Among the women, Bigham had nothing to fear. She spent most of the day alone as she decided not to try to follow the men and not to take any risks since she had a huge lead after the first three stages. She described her day as a long and hard journey, but promised to come back again for another edition of the race.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Stiebjahn (Ger)3:07:59 
2Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa)0:00:04 
3Christian Kreuchler (Ger)0:00:19 
4Tiago Ferreira (Por)0:02:51 
5Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa)0:03:43 
6Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez (Spa)0:03:45 
7Pedro Romero Ocampo (Spa)0:03:50 
8Jesus Del Nero Montes (Spa)0:03:51 
9Alejandro Diaz De La Peña Lopez (Spa)0:03:52 
10Patxi Cia Apetzteguia (Spa)0:06:01 
11Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa)0:08:10 
12Ruben Calvo Gomez (Spa)0:13:37 
13James Ouchterlony (GBr)0:13:51 
14Wolfgang Mayer (Ger)0:16:29 
15Joan Pons Palacios (Spa)0:17:43 
16Gerard Alvarez Ortega (Spa)0:19:15 
17Umbert Almenara Verges (Spa)0:19:31 
18Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa)0:22:08 
19Enrique Curbelo Gopar (Spa)  
20Fabián Molina Delgado (Spa)0:22:39 
21Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:25:01 
22Antonio Yeray Ramos Ramos (Spa)0:25:02 
23Simon Mollá Juan Jose (Spa)0:25:35 
24Jacob Reyes Mesa (Spa)0:25:55 
25Manuel De Leon Hernandez (Spa)  
26Israel Nuñez Baticón (Spa)0:26:20 
27Ruben Leon Blazquez (Spa)0:29:12 
28David Voll (Ger)0:29:46 
29Xavier Cuadrado Serrano (Spa)0:30:03 
30Gerardo Ojeda Ponce (Spa)0:31:00 
31Kris De Nef (Bel)0:33:50 
32David Puig Pujol (Spa)0:35:09 
33Jim Thijs (Bel)0:37:02 
34Néstor Rodríguez Díaz (Spa)0:37:31 
35Melcior Ubeda Larralde (Spa)0:37:37 
36Anthony White (GBr)0:38:38 
37Steve Ferguson (GBr)0:38:56 
38Ezequiel Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spa)0:39:01 
39Atle Hansen (Swe)0:39:57 
40Ricardo Rodriguez De La Sierra Trugillo (Spa)0:40:01 
41Oliver Medina Moreno (Spa)0:40:18 
42Thomas Nyvang Hansen (Den)0:40:26 
43Derek Waight (GBr)0:42:31 
44Albert Rovira Cenar (Spa)0:42:34 
45Rudo Pinckaers (Ned)0:42:48 
46Kasper Nielsen (Den)0:43:53 
47Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa)0:44:30 
48Laurent Gouverneur (Bel)0:46:06 
49Benoit Sépult (Bel)  
50Marco Almeida (Por)0:48:25 
51Marti Anglas Tarrats (Spa)0:51:08 
52Daniel Casanova Exposito (Spa)0:52:51 
53Niall Frost (GBr)0:55:19 
54Daniel Hausmann (Spa)0:56:11 
55Thomas Atkinson (GBr)0:58:04 
56Thomas Goossens (Spa)1:07:52 
57Paul Mccarter (Irl)1:08:46 
58Santiago Fernandez Facorro (Spa)1:12:29 
59Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)1:12:44 
60Kjell Friberg (Swe)1:17:37 
61Jaime Alexis González Cabrera (Spa)1:27:56 
62Clive Caldwell (Irl)1:29:14 
63David Picañol Villascusa (Spa)1:32:18 
64Juan Francisco Betancort Robayna (Spa)1:34:16 
65Juan Carlos Luis Ravelo (Spa)1:44:09 
66Francisco Jose Garcia Alonso (Spa)  
67Antonio José Gutiérrez Vasco (Spa)1:47:02 
68Jose Luis Martinez Fernandez (Spa)  
69Daniel Kafunek (Den)1:54:29 
70Russell Findlay (GBr)1:56:19 
71André Van T'hof (Ned)2:01:41 
72Elwin Van Groningen (Ned)  
73Marco Doorn (Ned)  
74Wim Wolfert (Ned)  
75Rene Vis (Ned)  
76Valentin Huerta Garcia (Spa)2:02:41 
77Jes Steen (Den)2:05:31 
78Robert Baxter (GBr)2:05:49 
79Geir Ole Reiakvam (Nor)2:05:50 
80Jean Marie Colla (Bel)2:09:50 
81Carles Mitja Sarvise (Spa)2:20:49 
82Darragh Mccarter (Irl)2:49:38 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (GBr)3:35:15 
2Sandra Santanyes (Spa)0:48:30 
3Mar Franco Peñuela (Spa)1:08:12 
4Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)1:18:08 
5Judith Sanchez Sanchez (Spa)1:43:55 
6Maria Del Cristo Lugo Alonso (Spa)1:50:02 
7Tove Andersen (Den)2:15:46 
Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa)7:37:49 
2Christian Kreuchler (Ger)0:02:55 
3Tiago Ferreira (Por)0:04:30 
4Simon Stiebjahn (Ger)0:05:22 
5Jesus Del Nero Montes (Spa)0:08:02 
6Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez (Spa)0:09:44 
7Pedro Romero Ocampo (Spa)0:13:54 
8Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa)0:14:06 
9Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa)0:17:19 
10Alejandro Diaz De La Peña Lopez (Spa)0:18:18 
11Patxi Cia Apetzteguia (Spa)0:24:58 
12James Ouchterlony (GBr)0:30:30 
13Joan Pons Palacios (Spa)0:43:28 
14Wolfgang Mayer (Ger)0:45:58 
15Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:48:08 
16Umbert Almenara Verges (Spa)0:48:27 
17Jacob Reyes Mesa (Spa)0:49:02 
18Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa)0:52:56 
19Ruben Calvo Gomez (Spa)0:53:31 
20Gerard Alvarez Ortega (Spa)0:56:00 
21Enrique Curbelo Gopar (Spa)0:56:12 
22Fabián Molina Delgado (Spa)0:57:37 
23Israel Nuñez Baticón (Spa)0:58:48 
24Manuel De Leon Hernandez (Spa)1:02:26 
25Antonio Yeray Ramos Ramos (Spa)1:03:25 
26Simon Mollá Juan Jose (Spa)1:05:59 
27David Voll (Ger)1:10:55 
28Ruben Leon Blazquez (Spa)1:15:35 
29David Puig Pujol (Spa)1:17:29 
30Xavier Cuadrado Serrano (Spa)1:18:33 
31Gerardo Ojeda Ponce (Spa)1:19:40 
32Oliver Medina Moreno (Spa)1:19:47 
33Jim Thijs (Bel)1:22:03 
34Kris De Nef (Bel)1:22:31 
35Albert Rovira Cenar (Spa)1:25:51 
36Anthony White (GBr)1:26:05 
37Steve Ferguson (GBr)1:26:53 
38Atle Hansen (Swe)1:26:55 
39Néstor Rodríguez Díaz (Spa)1:30:39 
40Thomas Nyvang Hansen (Den)1:31:00 
41Melcior Ubeda Larralde (Spa)1:32:12 
42Kasper Nielsen (Den)1:37:45 
43Rudo Pinckaers (Ned)1:41:14 
44Ezequiel Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spa)1:42:01 
45Ricardo Rodriguez De La Sierra Trugillo (Spa)1:44:19 
46Derek Waight (GBr)1:44:41 
47Marco Almeida (Por)1:50:45 
48Laurent Gouverneur (Bel)1:52:57 
49Benoit Sépult (Bel)1:54:34 
50Marti Anglas Tarrats (Spa)1:55:32 
51Niall Frost (GBr)1:56:31 
52Daniel Hausmann (Spa)2:02:08 
53Thomas Atkinson (GBr)2:03:17 
54Daniel Casanova Exposito (Spa)2:04:14 
55Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa)2:10:48 
56Thomas Goossens (Spa)2:14:42 
57Paul Mccarter (Irl)2:27:40 
58Santiago Fernandez Facorro (Spa)2:28:10 
59Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)2:45:13 
60Kjell Friberg (Swe)3:01:48 
61Juan Francisco Betancort Robayna (Spa)3:13:32 
62Jaime Alexis González Cabrera (Spa)3:16:37 
63Clive Caldwell (Irl)3:19:15 
64David Picañol Villascusa (Spa)3:26:04 
65André Van T'hof (Ned)3:33:27 
66Elwin Van Groningen (Ned)3:38:07 
67Antonio José Gutiérrez Vasco (Spa)3:43:20 
68Juan Carlos Luis Ravelo (Spa)3:43:55 
69Jose Luis Martinez Fernandez (Spa)3:49:33 
70Marco Doorn (Ned)3:51:00 
71Daniel Kafunek (Den)3:58:19 
72Francisco Jose Garcia Alonso (Spa)3:59:51 
73Wim Wolfert (Ned)4:05:27 
74Jes Steen (Den)4:10:15 
75Rene Vis (Ned)4:17:44 
76Russell Findlay (GBr)4:19:17 
77Geir Ole Reiakvam (Nor)4:27:18 
78Valentin Huerta Garcia (Spa)4:27:28 
79Robert Baxter (GBr)4:31:21 
80Darragh Mccarter (Irl)4:37:52 
81Jean Marie Colla (Bel)5:03:33 
82Carles Mitja Sarvise (Spa)5:06:30 
Women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (GBr)8:43:52 
2Sandra Santanyes (Spa)1:41:23 
3Mar Franco Peñuela (Spa)2:20:18 
4Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)2:48:09 
5Judith Sanchez Sanchez (Spa)3:39:51 
6Maria Del Cristo Lugo Alonso (Spa)4:03:22 
7Tove Andersen (Den)4:49:45 

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