Kreder repeats 2011 victory in the Loire

Dutchman takes stage 2a, Modolo leads GC

One year after he claimed his first pro victory for Garmin-Barracuda, Dutchman Michel Kreder did it again in stage two of the Circuit de la Sarthe-Pays de la Loire, which finished in Angers prior to this afternoon's 6.8km time trial.

Already a double stage winner of the Tour of the Mediterranean this year, Kreder anticipated a bunch sprint in which race leader Denis Galimzyanov of Katusha couldn’t take part after being caught in a crash with 7km to go. Therefore, runner up Sacha Modolo took the overall lead in the GC.

“I almost crashed as well”, Kreder told Cyclingnews after the finish. “Our initial idea was to lead out my brother Raymond who is faster than me but that crash changed our plans. We decided that he’d do the same as at the Tour Med. He left a gap behind me at the exit of the roundabout with 500 metres to go. I took an advantage of 20 to 30 metres and never got caught.”

Modolo wasn’t very happy with the outcome. “Kreder sprinted from far out, he was very strong”, the Italian (Colnago-CSF) said. “Sonny [Colbrelli], my team-mate, opened the sprint very early with the hope to catch him but we never did.”

With two second places, Modolo became the race leader. “I would have preferred a stage win”, he made clear. “I’m here to do well. After the Circuit de la Sarthe, I’ll rest for a while and I’ll go for the Tour of Turkey and the Giro d’Italia with high ambitions.”

Modolo isn’t exactly tipped for keeping the yellow jersey at the end of the time trial, even though another Italian sprinter, Daniele Bennati, did so last year. One of the favourites, GreenEdge’s Luke Durbridge, informed Cyclingnews that he suffers tendonitis and isn’t sure about his near future on the bike.

Garmin-Barracuda is the team expected to perform during the 6.8km time trial, even in the absence of David Millar who has been a regular performer at the Circuit de la Sarthe in the past twelve years but is not racing this year due to a broken collarbone. “I’ll give it all”, said Kreder who has a chance to become the race leader after Modolo. “But in our team, we have David Zabriskie, Andrew Talansky and Thomas Dekker who can do better than me against the clock.”

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michel Kreder (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda2:03:44 
2Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
3Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
4Raymond Kreder (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda  
5Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
6Daniele Colli (Ita) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
7Fabien Bacquet (Fra) Auber 93  
8Romain Hardy (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
9Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
10Romain Zingle (Bel) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
11Jimmy Engoulvent (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
12Jimmy Casper (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
13Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Movistar Team  
14Mikhail Ignatyev (Rus) Katusha Team  
15Jan Bakelants (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan  
16Pratick Gretsch (Ger) Argos - Shimano  
17Romain Matheou (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
18Maxim Belkov (Rus) Katusha Team  
19Alexandre Geniez (Fra) Argos - Shimano  
20Nelson Oliveira (Por) Radioshack-Nissan  
21Laurent Didier (Lux) Radioshack-Nissan  
22Julien Berard (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
23Julien El Fares (Fra) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
24Anthony Delaplace (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
25Ronan Racault (Fra) Auber 93  
26Alexander Efimkin (Rus) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
27Manuele Boaro (Ita) Team Saxo Bank  
28David Zabriskie (USA) Garmin-Barracuda  
29Ben Hermans (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan  
30Anthony Geslin (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
31Sébastien Rossler (Bel) Garmin-Barracuda  
32Geoffroy Lequatre (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
33Denis Menchov (Rus) Katusha Team  
34Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team  
35Ruben Plaza (Spa) Movistar Team  
36Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin-Barracuda  
37Luke Durbridge (Aus) Greenedge Cycling Team  
38Andy Schleck (Lux) Radioshack-Nissan  
39Jonathan Thire (Fra) Auber 93  
40George Bennett (NZl) Radioshack-Nissan  
41Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
42Martin Elmiger (Swi) Ag2R La Mondiale  
43Thomas Dekker (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda  
44Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
45Remi Cusin (Fra) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
46Andréa Pasqualon (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
47Florian Vachon (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
48Wim De Voght (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
49Matthieu Sprick (Fra) Argos - Shimano  
50Pierrick Fedrigo (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
51Vladimir Karpets (Rus) Movistar Team  
52Daniel Teklehaianot (Eri) Greenedge Cycling Team  
53Rudy Molard (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
54Mickael Buffaz (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
55Arnaud Gerard (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat0:00:20 
56Thierry Hupond (Fra) Argos - Shimano0:00:30 
57Rafaa Chtioui (Tun) Team Europcar  
58Mathieu Drujon (Fra) Auber 93  
59Paul Poux (Fra) Saur - Sojasun0:00:43 
60Nicolas Rousseau (Fra) Auber 93  
61David Lelay (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
62Steven Tronet (Fra) Auber 93  
63Jurgen Van Goolen (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
64Cyril Gautier (Fra) Team Europcar  
65Volodymir Gustov (Ukr) Team Saxo Bank  
66Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Team Europcar  
67Sébastien Duret (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
68Mathieu Halleguen (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
69Nicolas Edet (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
70Kevin Denis (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
71Pierre Rolland (Fra) Team Europcar  
72Franck Vermeulen (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
73Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Movistar Team0:00:57 
74Pieter Weening (Ned) Greenedge Cycling Team  
75Jonathan Castroviejo (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:43 
76Mathieu Perget (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale0:01:25 
77Tristan Valentin (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
78Sylvain Georges (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
79Oleg Chuzhda (Ukr) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
80Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
81Justin Jules (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U0:00:43 
82Benoît Jarrier (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
83Françis Mourey (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat0:02:02 
84Brice Feillu (Fra) Saur - Sojasun0:00:43 
85Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Katusha Team0:02:28 
86Thomas Damuseau (Fra) Argos - Shimano0:03:21 
87Johannes Frohlinger (Ger) Argos - Shimano0:03:42 
88Andrea Di Corrado (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:03:44 
89Amir Zargari (IRI) Ag2R La Mondiale  
90Marco Coledan (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
91Pavel Brutt (Rus) Katusha Team  
92Omar Lombardi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
93Johan Le Bon (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
94Grégory Habeaux (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
95Steven Caethoven (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
96Christophe Kern (Fra) Team Europcar  
97Event Verbist (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.0:06:08 
98David Tanner (Aus) Team Saxo Bank0:06:35 
99Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Team Saxo Bank  
100Matteo Pelucchi (Ita) Team Europcar  
101Takashi Miyazawa (Jpn) Team Saxo Bank  
General classification after stage 2a
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox6:53:02 
2Mikhail Ignatyev (Rus) Katusha Team  
3Raymond Kreder (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda0:00:06 
4Michel Kreder (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda  
5Daniele Colli (Ita) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
6Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
7Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Movistar Team  
8Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
9Jimmy Engoulvent (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
10Fabien Bacquet (Fra) Auber 93  
11Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
12Romain Matheou (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
13Romain Zingle (Bel) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
14Jimmy Casper (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
15Alexandre Geniez (Fra) Argos - Shimano  
16Ben Hermans (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan  
17Jan Bakelants (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan  
18Nelson Oliveira (Por) Radioshack-Nissan  
19Anthony Delaplace (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
20Pratick Gretsch (Ger) Argos - Shimano  
21Ruben Plaza (Spa) Movistar Team  
22Julien Berard (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
23Sébastien Rossler (Bel) Garmin-Barracuda  
24Daniel Teklehaianot (Eri) Greenedge Cycling Team  
25Florian Vachon (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
26Julien El Fares (Fra) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
27Jonathan Thire (Fra) Auber 93  
28Alexander Efimkin (Rus) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
29Geoffroy Lequatre (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
30Matthieu Sprick (Fra) Argos - Shimano  
31David Zabriskie (USA) Garmin-Barracuda  
32Anthony Geslin (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
33Laurent Didier (Lux) Radioshack-Nissan  
34Luke Durbridge (Aus) Greenedge Cycling Team  
35Manuele Boaro (Ita) Team Saxo Bank  
36Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
37Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin-Barracuda  
38Ronan Racault (Fra) Auber 93  
39Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
40Denis Menchov (Rus) Katusha Team  
41Martin Elmiger (Swi) Ag2R La Mondiale  
42Thomas Dekker (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda  
43Rudy Molard (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
44Romain Hardy (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
45Andréa Pasqualon (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
46Andy Schleck (Lux) Radioshack-Nissan  
47Maxim Belkov (Rus) Katusha Team  
48George Bennett (NZl) Radioshack-Nissan  
49Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team  
50Wim De Voght (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
51Remi Cusin (Fra) Team Type1 - Sanofi  
52Vladimir Karpets (Rus) Movistar Team  
53Pierrick Fedrigo (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
54Arnaud Gerard (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat0:00:26 
55Thierry Hupond (Fra) Argos - Shimano0:00:36 
56Mathieu Drujon (Fra) Auber 93  
57Rafaa Chtioui (Tun) Team Europcar  
58Benoît Jarrier (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U0:00:41 
59Justin Jules (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U0:00:49 
60Kevin Denis (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
61Mathieu Halleguen (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
62Nicolas Rousseau (Fra) Auber 93  
63Nicolas Edet (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
64Steven Tronet (Fra) Auber 93  
65David Lelay (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
66Jonathan Castroviejo (Spa) Movistar Team  
67Jurgen Van Goolen (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
68Pierre Rolland (Fra) Team Europcar  
69Sébastien Duret (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
70Brice Feillu (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
71Paul Poux (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
72Volodymir Gustov (Ukr) Team Saxo Bank  
73Cyril Gautier (Fra) Team Europcar  
74Franck Vermeulen (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
75Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Team Europcar  
76Mickael Buffaz (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.0:01:02 
77Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Movistar Team0:01:03 
78Pieter Weening (Ned) Greenedge Cycling Team  
79Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat0:01:27 
80Oleg Chuzhda (Ukr) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.0:01:31 
81Mathieu Perget (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
82Tristan Valentin (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
83Sylvain Georges (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale  
84Françis Mourey (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat0:02:08 
85Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Katusha Team0:02:34 
86Johannes Frohlinger (Ger) Argos - Shimano0:03:48 
87Steven Caethoven (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.0:03:50 
88Marco Coledan (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
89Christophe Kern (Fra) Team Europcar  
90Amir Zargari (IRI) Ag2R La Mondiale  
91Johan Le Bon (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
92Omar Lombardi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
93Andrea Di Corrado (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
94Pavel Brutt (Rus) Katusha Team  
95Grégory Habeaux (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.  
96Event Verbist (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.0:06:14 
97Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Team Saxo Bank0:06:37 
98Matteo Pelucchi (Ita) Team Europcar0:06:41 
99David Tanner (Aus) Team Saxo Bank  
100Takashi Miyazawa (Jpn) Team Saxo Bank  
101Freddy Bichot (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U0:07:01 
102Thomas Damuseau (Fra) Argos - Shimano0:08:24 
Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat220 pts
2Mikhail Ignatyev (Rus) Katusha Team130 
3Benoît Jarrier (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U120 
4Pierre Rolland (Fra) Team Europcar40 
5Rudy Molard (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.40 
6Matthieu Sprick (Fra) Argos - Shimano20 
7David Le Lay (Fra) Saur - Sojasun20 
8Mickael Buffaz (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.20 
9Tristan Valentin (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.20 
10Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Team Europcar10 
Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sacha Modolo (Ita) Cog400 pts
2Michel Kreder (Ned) Grm290 
3Raymond Kreder (Ned) Grm240 
4Daniele Colli (Ita) Tt1190 
5Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) FDJ180 
6Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Cog160 
7Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Sax160 
8Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Mov150 
9Matteo Pelucchi (Ita) Euc140 
10Benoit Jarrier RA Vru130 
11Mikhail Ignatyev (Rus) Kat110 
12Fabien Bacquet (Fra) Aub90 
13Jimmy Engoulvent (Fra) Sau80 
14Romain Hardy (Fra) Bsc80 
15Justin Jules (Fra) Vru80 
16Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) Cof70 
17Steven Caethoven (Bel) Acc70 
18Romain Zingle (Bel) Cof60 
19Romain Matheou (Fra) Vru50 
20Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ50 
21Jimmy Casper (Fra) Alm40 
22Daniel Teklehaianot (Eri) Gec20 
23Ben Hermans (Bel) Rnt10 
24Jan Bakelants (Bel) Rnt10 
Best young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Raymond Kreder (Ned) Garmin-Barracuda  
2Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
3Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
4Nelson Oliveira (Por) Radioshack-Nissan  
5Anthony Delaplace (Fra) Saur - Sojasun  
6Luke Durbridge (Aus) Greenedge Cycling Team  
7Rudy Molard (Fra) Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
8George Bennett (NZl) Radioshack-Nissan  
9Jesus Herrada (Spa) Movistar Team  
10Benoît Jarrier (Fra) Veranda Rideau-Super U  
11Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ-Big Mat  
12Johan Le Bon (Fra) Bretagne - Schuller  
13Omar Lombardi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
14Matteo Pelucchi (Ita) Team Europcar  
15Thomas Damuseau (Fra) Argos - Shimano  
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
2Colnago - CSF Inox  
3Team Type1 - Sanofi  
5Argos - Shimano  
6Katusha Team  
7Auber 93  
8Movistar Team  
9Cofidis,Le Credit En Lig.  
10Ag2R La Mondiale  
11Bretagne - Schuller  
12FDF-Big Mat  
13Saur - Sojasun0:00:43 
14Saur - Sojasun  
15Greenedge Cycling Team0:00:57 
16Veranda Rideau-Super U0:01:26 
17Team Europcar0:01:56 
18Accent Jobs-Willems Ver.0:02:08 
19Team Saxo Bank0:07:18 

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