Australia upset France in shock gold medal ride-off

Great Britain, Germany disqualified in qualifying

Australia caused a huge upset by beating France to the men's team sprint gold, the host nation’s first world title in the event since 1996.

It was a controversial competition with Australia upgraded from the bronze medal ride-off they were expecting after Great Britain and Germany were both relegated for transitioning outside the designated area on the track. Prior to the ruling, France had been expecting to face Germany while Australia had been set to line up against Great Britain.

The Australian team of Shane Perkins, Scott Sunderland and former pole vaulter Matthew Glaetzer edged ahead of France with Glaetzer making the slightest of gains against Michael D’Almeida on the final lap to clock a time of 43.266, a win by just 0.001.

Perkins celebrated by doing several laps of the track with his son, Aidan.

"All of us cut a tenth [of a second] off our time from qualifying!"he said.</p>

"Then Matty [Glaetzer] with his last lap brought it home for us. It's fantastic. It just worked really well as a team.

"I've definitely got to be happy with that. Especially the home crowd, a lot of pressure, home championships - and with the kind of week I've had," Perkins added, having been clipped by a car while training on the road last Sunday.

"I couldn't ask for anything better."

Gregory Bauge, who's violation of the whereabouts requirements forced France to lose their 2011 world title in the event, said that he was still satisfied with the team's performance.

"This is our absolute best time," he was adamant. "We're happy. It is a little bitter but more importantly, in a few months. The Olympics is the most important [event]."

Team Sprint Qualifying
 Gregory Bauge (France)  
 Kevin Sireau (France)  
 Michael D'Almeida (France)  
 Shane Perkins (Australia)  
 Scott Sunderland (Australia)  
 Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)  
3New  Zealand0:00:43.742 
 Ethan Mitchell (New Zealand)  
 Sam Webster (New Zealand)  
 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)  
 Kazuki Amagai (Japan)  
 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)  
 Seiichiro Nakagawa (Japan)  
 Changsong Cheng (People's Republic of China)  
 Lei Zhang (People's Republic of China)  
 Miao Zhang (People's Republic of China)  
 Sergei Kucherov (Russian Federation)  
 Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)  
 Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)  
 Roy Van Den Berg (Netherlands)  
 Teun Mulder (Netherlands)  
 Hugo Haak (Netherlands)  
 Cesar Mervin Marcano Sanchez (Venezuela)  
 Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)  
 Angel Ramiro Pulgar Araujo (Venezuela)  
 Maciej Bielecki (Poland)  
 Damian Zielinski (Poland)  
 Kamil Kuczynski (Poland)  
10Czech  Republic0:00:45.179 
 Adam Ptacnik (Czech Republic)  
 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)  
 Filip Ditzel (Czech Republic)  
 Hugo Barrette (Canada)  
 Joseph Veloce (Canada)  
 Travis Smith (Canada)  
 Mohd Fattah Amri Zaid (Malaysia)  
 Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)  
 Josiah Ng Onn Lam (Malaysia)  
 Amarjeet Singh (India)  
 Bikram Singh O. (India)  
 Amrit Singh (India)  
 Rene Enders (Germany)  
 Maximilian Levy (Germany)  
 Stefan Nimke (Germany)  
RELGreat  Britain  
 Philip Hindes (Great Britain)  
 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)  
 Chris Hoy (Great Britain)  
RELUnited  States  
 Michael Blatchford (United States of America)  
 Jimmy Watkins (United States of America)  
 Kevin Mansker (United States of America)  
 Christos Tserentzoulias (Greece)  
 Zafeirios Volikakis (Greece)  
 Christos Volikakis (Greece)  
Team Sprint Finals - Gold medal round
 Shane Perkins (Australia)  
 Scott Sunderland (Australia)  
 Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)  
 Gregory Bauge (France)  
 Kevin Sireau (France)  
 Michael D'Almeida (France)  
Team Sprint Finals - Bronze medal round
3New  Zealand0:00:43.812 
 Ethan Mitchell (New Zealand)  
 Sam Webster (New Zealand)  
 Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)  
 Kazuki Amagai (Japan)  
 Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)  
 Seiichiro Nakagawa (Japan)  
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