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Cancer Council Classic: blankkm

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Jane Aubrey
  1. 18:45:19 CST

    And we're live in Adelaide, welcome to our coverage for the Down Under Classic. If you want to tweet to us write to @janeaubrey or @al_hinds and use the hashtag #tdu.

  2. 18:47:00 CST

    Renshaw has been widely tipped in the media as an outright favourite for the race, but with the quality of the field in this year's race there are just so many possible winners.

  3. 18:48:59 CST

    We're still around 10 minutes away from the official start of the race. Earlier today we had the team presentation for the race.

  4. 18:53:38 CST

    Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett did a great job of giving every team some air time it must be said.

  5. 18:54:54 CST

    Big news for today is that Luke Durbridge (GreenEdge) crashed on the way to the event, and is out of the Classic. Nygaard said that they still expect him to be riding the stage race start for Tuesday.

  6. 18:56:18 CST

    Absolutely briliant evening weather in Adelaide. Really have nothing to complain about from my commentary box. Perfect vantage point complete with dorky white hat.

  7. 18:58:32 CST

    Greipel spotted wearing a skin suit. Someone's serious about winning this evening.

  8. 18:59:30 CST

    We're about to kick off. National Anthem has been sung. Excitement is palpable.

  9. 19:00:57 CST

    Adam Hansen also spotted wearing a skin suit. Really guys?

  10. 19:01:08 CST

    Bang! We're off!

  11. 19:01:44 CST

    GreenEdge lead the peloton early. Sedate pace.

  12. 19:04:09 CST

    Lap 1 just completed. Nothing to report - that must have been part of the extended team presentation.

  13. 19:05:09 CST

    There's an attack. 6 or 7 riders making it off the front. Doesn't look too serious though just yet.

  14. 19:05:28 CST

    And as I say that they're back together.

  15. 19:06:07 CST

    FDJ rider going solo.

  16. 19:10:50 CST

    Sprint prime to come. Group of five is now well established: Includes Dennis (UniSA), Coutillard (FDJ), Caruso (Katusha)

  17. 19:12:17 CST

    Gutierrez (Movistar) was also there. He takes the sprint solo.

  18. 19:12:38 CST

    Gutierrez will be an asset to this break if they want to try and stay away.

  19. 19:16:10 CST

    Break back together. Two riders now off the front.

  20. 19:18:00 CST

    Peloton back together.

  21. 19:18:24 CST

    Things are changing all the time it's hard to keep up with the race situation.

  22. 19:19:14 CST

    Another move. Will this one gets some leeway from the peloton. At the moment Lotto-Belisol and GreenEdge seem content to ride tempo.

  23. 19:21:05 CST

    Bernard Sulzberger, Haas, and four others have a reasonable gap.

  24. 19:21:40 CST

    Simon Gerrans is riding in his Australian road champion jersey. That's interesting - I guess officially this isn't a criterium.

  25. 19:23:57 CST

    Haas takes the second sprint prime. Good to see Haas showing himself in a WorldTour race. He told us just before the race that he was never going to be satisfied just being at the top tier of the sport - he wanted results. Well there we go.

  26. 19:24:11 CST

    19 laps to go. Nearly halfway through the race.

  27. 19:27:47 CST

    Nathan Haas (Garmin), Sulzberger, McCarthy (UniSA), Burghardt (BMC), Bonnet (FDJ), Montaguti (Ag2R), Machado (RadioShack) and 2 others.

    They have a 10-20 second gap.

  28. 19:29:22 CST

    Break is working really well together. 30 minutes in. No reason why these guys couldn't stay away.

  29. 19:29:57 CST

    Official gap is 21 seconds.

  30. 19:30:18 CST

    Burghardt has punctured. He'll be able to rejoin the break.

  31. 19:31:44 CST

    16 laps to go. Prime coming up.

  32. 19:32:00 CST

    Gap slightly down to 16 seconds.

  33. 19:32:57 CST

    Ouch. Pain on the faces of the break as they hit the slight uphill on the back end of the course.

  34. 19:33:24 CST

    Rabobank leading the chase. They aren't represented in the break. Obviously believe in Mark Renshaw.

  35. 19:34:04 CST

    Haas picks up another sprint. That's 1000 Euros for Haas.

  36. 19:35:55 CST

    A reminder - the sprint was Haas, Montaguti, and Salvaggi.

  37. 19:36:51 CST

    Burghardt meanwhile has rejoined the front of the race after his puncture. He did after taking his lap out.

  38. 19:38:25 CST

    Gap is down to around 10 seconds.

  39. 19:39:52 CST

    Machado is doing a huge amount of work on the front. He wants this break to succeed. There are a few passengers in there though.

  40. 19:40:16 CST

    12 laps to go. They are absolutely flying.

  41. 19:42:26 CST

    Still so much energy in this break. Bell for the final sprint prime.

  42. 19:44:08 CST

    Winding up.

  43. 19:44:57 CST

    Haas takes number three. This guys a little bit too quick. 1500 Euros now for Haas. Not bad for a day's work.

  44. 19:45:44 CST

    Vaughters has picked up a bargain in this young man that's for sure.

  45. 19:46:21 CST

    A rider just threw a bottle into one of the officials. By accident no doubt.

  46. 19:48:55 CST

    After the prime the break has been swallowed by the bunch.

  47. 19:50:28 CST

    GreenEdge leading the peloton setting up a bit of a train.

  48. 19:50:49 CST

    Gerrans leads ahead of the GreenEdge sprinters.

  49. 19:51:32 CST

    Front of the race is very crowded now. Lots of teams lining themselves up. Cameron Meyer and Gerrans trading turns and are keeping things strung out.

  50. 19:52:49 CST

    Rabobank have now swamped GreenEdge, looking a lot more organised at the front.

  51. 19:53:20 CST

    Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank) is driving it now.

  52. 19:54:36 CST

    Rojas has punctured. Don't know if he'll be coming back on.

  53. 19:56:12 CST

    Andre Greipel looks very comfy in the front 10.

  54. 19:56:50 CST

    Pace has just gone mental.

  55. 19:58:00 CST

    Lapping sub two minutes. 60+ kilometres per hour speeds being clocked.

  56. 19:59:03 CST

    Not long to go now. Complete shambles at the front. Noone has control.

  57. 19:59:33 CST

    A little over 3 kilometres to go.

  58. 20:00:21 CST

    Brown is going to be the lead-out man for Renshaw. Matthews in front of him.

  59. 20:00:51 CST

    Lotto-Belisol want this though. Still plenty of numbers for them at the front.

  60. 20:01:27 CST

    Sky just appeared out of nowhere. Lampre-ISD, Sky and Lotto all fighting for control.

  61. 20:03:03 CST

    There's the bell. Lotto-Belisol.

  62. 20:04:34 CST

    Andre Greipel win.s

  63. 20:04:57 CST

    Amazing sprint for the German. He made Boasson Hagen look like a slouch.

  64. 20:05:24 CST

    1:03:16 is a record time for the Down Under Classic as well.

  65. 20:06:06 CST

    Haussler third.

  66. 20:11:56 CST

    Thanks for joining us today! Bring on the Tour Down Under.