Earle takes final stage and overall at Capital Tour

Wiasak wins stage, Corset claims overall

Nathan Earle (Huon-Genesys) has continued his stellar Subaru National Road Series (NRS) season to win the final stage and overall classification at the National Capital Tour on Sunday afternoon in Canberra. With family cheering from the sidelines in front the Parliament House, Earle did not disappoint, putting in a dominating display

"This and the Tour of Tasmania are the last races my family will see for quite some time," Earle said who is set to join Team Sky for 2014.

"It was pretty special to have them here to watch, and at least I didn’t make it boring for them today."

After Earle broke away with Blair Windsor and Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts) midway through the race, the trio quickly looked threatening as the peloton continued to shed riders with each lap of the hilly circuit.

Three became two when Windsor dropped away and the duo managed to maintain a strong lead that held till the end with Earle taking stage honours.

Nathan Elliot made a gallant effort to bridge from the peloton in the dieing moments of the race but fell short as Scott Law (GPM Data#3) won the bunch sprint for third.

The Huon-Genesys team capped a remarkable tour that saw them claim first, second and fourth on the overall classification with Earle, Jack Haig and Jai Crawford respectively. Earle also took the sprint jersey thanks to points gained in the final stage and Haig won the jersey for the best young rider. Huon-Genesys won the teams competition also with Jack Anderson (Budget Forklifts) proving the only thorn in the team's side by defeating Earle by just two points to take the King of the Mountains title.

Corset closes out Capital Tour in style

Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM) proved that not even a nasty crash in the finish of the mornings Stage 3 road race could hold her down by coming out and finishing fifth on the final stage to seal her overall title in style. Rebecca Wiasak made it two stages from two on the final day of the tour by winning the bunch sprint with Jessica Mundy (Jayco/Apollo VIS) and Sarah Roy (Bikebug) rounding our the podium for the final stage.

"I'm very relieved now it's all over," said Corset."I was very happy with yesterday's win. I love hilly tours especially hilltop finishes where I can just give it everything. So I really enjoyed this tour,"

"It was pretty unfortunate this morning with the crash, I wasn't really feeling that great afterwards, I was in a bit of shock because I haven't crashed in a while.

"But I just put that behind me and raced hard this afternoon."

The women's race was an aggressive affair with a reduced peloton of 22 riders coming into the final lap. As the final sprint unfolded it was Wiasak who proved strongest to take line honours

"I'm thrilled," Wiasak exclaimed. "It's just fantastic in a home tour to pull off a double victory."

"I was a triathlete a couple of years ago and we'd run up this hill every Wednesday night multiple times, so I know the pain that I'd felt as a runner."

Corset's win puts now her just two points behind rival Katrin Garfoot on the NRS aggregate with two races remaining in the women's series.

More to come

Men - Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers1:07:55 
2Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts  
3Scott Law (NSW) GPM Data#30:00:05 
4Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
5Jayden Copp (Qld) Pro Team Downunder  
6Luke Cridland (NSW) Good Brother Cafe  
7Jack Beckinsale (NSW) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
8Cameron Ivory (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
9Brendan Johnston (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager  
10Alistair Donohoe (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
11Jack Anderson (Qld) Budget Forklifts  
12Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
13Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing  
14Nicholas Yallouris (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
15Marc Williams (ACT) Budget Forklifts  
16Jai Crawford (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
17Jacob Kauffmann (NSW) Budget Forklifts  
18Brodie Talbot (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill  
19Timothy Cameron (ACT) Good Brother Cafe  
20Jesse Ewart (NSW) GPM Data#3  
21Nathan Elliott (Vic) Vie13 Kustom Appare  
22Craig Cooke (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
23Lucas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
24Jordan Davies (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
25Thomas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
26Josh Aldridge (NZl) Rydges Capital Hill  
27Rowan Dever (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team  
28Tamas Allenby (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
29Keegan Aitchison (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
30Jay Dutton (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
31Lachlan Edwards (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
32Oscar Stevenson (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
33Mark Crawford (NSW) Parramatta Race Team  
34Benjamin Harvey (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
35Nicholas Woods (NSW) Pro Team Downunder0:00:15 
36Patrick Sharpe (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:00:18 
37Matt King (Qld) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:00:20 
38Samuel Davis (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:00:24 
39Alex Edmondson (SA) Euride Racing0:01:23 
40Alastair Loutit (ACT) GPM Data#30:01:25 
41Josh Berry (NSW) Suzuki Bontrager  
42Blair Windsor (NSW) Budget Forklifts  
43Russell Gill (SA) Euride Racing0:02:44 
44Ronald Visser (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
45Daniel Bonello (NSW) GPM Data#3  
46Kyle Bridgwood (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
47Eric Sheppard (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
48Samuel Volkers (Qld) Pro Team Downunder  
49Tristan Cardew (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:04:06 
50Jake Magee (NSW) GPM Data#3  
51Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
52Cameron Bayly (SA) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
53Vaughan Bowman (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team  
54Alexander Morgan (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
55Matthew Rizzuto (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team  
56Kris Johnston (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager  
57James Swadling (NSW) Good Brother Cafe  
58Jacob Restall (Qld) Pro Team Downunder  
59Andrew Roe (SA) Euride Racing  
60Robert Mccarthy (SA) Euride Racing  
61Chris Filiatrault (ACT) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
62Jonathan Bolton (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
63Neil Van Der Ploeg (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:05:28 
64Joseph Cooper (NZl) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
65Cameron Harrison (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
66John Peppard (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
67Alex Hersey (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill  
68Daniel O'keefe (NSW) GPM Data#3  
69Michael Hosking (Vic) Vie13 Kustom Appare  
70Ivan Michelin-Beard (NSW) Vie13 Kustom Appare  
71Mark Jewell (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club  
72Brad Davies (SA) Euride Racing  
73David Bleakley (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
74Christopher Aitken (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
75Elliot Kippen (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
76Joshua Taylor (NSW) GPM Data#30:06:50 
77Mathew Marshall (Qld) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
78Dylan Cooper (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team  
79Jason Chalker (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
80Tristan Dimmock (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
81Harrison Bailey (NSW) Parramatta Race Team  
82Craig Hutton (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill  
83Thomas Patton (NSW) Parramatta Race Team  
84Guy Brown (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
85Stephen Isbel (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team  
86Ben Marshall (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
87Benjamin Carmody (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team  
88Kenneth Webster (NSW) Canberra Cycling Club  
89James Toole (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
90Tom Petty (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
91Stuart Shaw (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager  
92Michael Rice (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager  
93Stuart Smith (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
94Joel Strachan (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team  
95Mark Jamieson (Tas) Target Trek Racing Team  
96William Andersson (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill  
97Zachary Baker (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill  
98Eamonn Bell (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club  
99Sean Whitfield (ACT) Pro Team Downunder  
100Joshua Cornish (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
101Thomas Palmer (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
102Anthony Murray (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
103Alexander Malone (NSW) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
104Jack McCulloch (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:08:12 
105Samuel Nelson (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team  
106Daryl Purches (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
107Nathan Booth (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
108Samuel Burston (NSW) Good Brother Cafe  
109Jared Greenville (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club  
110William Derham (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team  
111Alex Grunke (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
112Aaron Piper (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
113Scott Harrison (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club  
114David Parker (ACT) Vie13 Kustom Appare  
115Karl Michelin-Beard (NSW) Vie13 Kustom Appare  
116Dave Brown (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
117Peter Smith (Vic) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
118Douglas Freeburn (Qld) Pro Team Downunder  
119Mitchell Cooper (Vic) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
120Alex Quirk (Qld) Good Brother Cafe  
121Tristan Bauer (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
122Joel Walsh (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club  
123Alex Clements (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers  
124Brad Hannaford (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
125Simon Hammond (NSW) Parramatta Race Team  
126Kee Meng Ang (SIN) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
127Jing Long The (SIN) search2retain p/b health.com.au  
128Riley Maule (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team  
129Nick Bensley (Vic) Good Brother Cafe  
130Ian Gardiner (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
Intermediate Sprints - Sprint 1 - Lap 10
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jayden Copp (Qld) Pro Team Downunder3 pts
2Russell Gill (SA) Euride Racing2 
3Eric Sheppard (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au1 
Sprint 2 - Lap 20
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts3 pts
2Blair Windsor (NSW) Budget Forklifts2 
3Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
Sprint 3 - Lap 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts3 pts
2Blair Windsor (NSW) Budget Forklifts2 
3Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
Sprint 4 - Lap 40
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers3 pts
2Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts2 
3Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing1 
Sprint 5 - Lap 50 (stage finish)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers5 pts
2Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts3 
3Scott Law (NSW) GPM Data#32 
4Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team3:23:55 
2Budget Forklifts  
3St George Skoda HP Team0:00:05 
4Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
5GPM Data#30:01:25 
6Pro Team Downunder0:02:54 
7Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:02:57 
8Euride Racing0:04:02 
9Good Brother Cafe0:04:06 
10Suzuki Bontrager0:05:26 
11Rydges Capital Hill0:05:28 
12Vie13 Kustom Apparel0:05:43 
13search2retain p/b health.com.au0:06:45 
14Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:08:07 
15Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:09:29 
16Target Trek Racing Team0:10:51 
17Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:12:13 
18Parramatta Race Team0:13:35 
19Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:16:14 
20Tiffen Cycling Team0:17:36 
21Canberra Cycling Club0:20:20 
22Illawarra Cycle Club  
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers6:26:20 
2Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:01:31 
3Brodie Talbot (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill0:01:48 
4Jai Crawford (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:02:16 
5Jack Anderson (Qld) Budget Forklifts0:02:36 
6Nathan Elliott (Vic) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:02:54 
7Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts0:02:59 
8Jordan Davies (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:03:22 
9Jayden Copp (Qld) Pro Team Downunder0:03:33 
10Timothy Cameron (ACT) Good Brother Cafe0:03:43 
11Brendan Johnston (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:04:22 
12Marc Williams (ACT) Budget Forklifts0:04:43 
13Blair Windsor (NSW) Budget Forklifts0:04:45 
14Jesse Ewart (NSW) GPM Data#30:05:02 
15Oscar Stevenson (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
16Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing0:05:03 
17Cameron Ivory (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
18Josh Aldridge (NZl) Rydges Capital Hill0:05:41 
19Eric Sheppard (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:06:19 
20Patrick Sharpe (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:06:33 
21Tamas Allenby (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:06:34 
22Lachlan Edwards (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:07:06 
23Craig Cooke (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:07:11 
24Jacob Restall (Qld) Pro Team Downunder0:07:38 
25Alistair Donohoe (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:08:44 
26Joseph Cooper (NZl) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:09:17 
27Jacob Kauffmann (NSW) Budget Forklifts0:09:46 
28Luke Cridland (NSW) Good Brother Cafe  
29Cameron Bayly (SA) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:09:54 
30Alex Edmondson (SA) Euride Racing0:10:06 
31Mark Crawford (NSW) Parramatta Race Team0:10:38 
32Benjamin Harvey (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:10:46 
33Jonathan Bolton (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:11:17 
34Kyle Bridgwood (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:11:20 
35Nicholas Woods (NSW) Pro Team Downunder0:12:35 
36Lucas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team0:13:09 
37Mark Jamieson (Tas) Target Trek Racing Team0:13:21 
38Jack Beckinsale (NSW) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:13:22 
39Samuel Davis (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:13:42 
40Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:13:52 
41Alexander Morgan (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team0:14:12 
42Ronald Visser (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:14:22 
43Keegan Aitchison (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:14:38 
44Jay Dutton (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:15:06 
45Samuel Nelson (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:15:36 
46Stuart Smith (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:15:47 
47Scott Law (NSW) GPM Data#30:16:12 
48Josh Berry (NSW) Suzuki Bontrager0:16:44 
49Daniel Bonello (NSW) GPM Data#30:17:29 
50Robert Mccarthy (SA) Euride Racing0:18:34 
51Mitchell Cooper (Vic) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:18:38 
52Samuel Volkers (Qld) Pro Team Downunder0:19:10 
53Alastair Loutit (ACT) GPM Data#30:19:11 
54Vaughan Bowman (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team0:19:26 
55Thomas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team0:20:15 
56Stuart Shaw (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:20:23 
57Thomas Palmer (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:20:31 
58Elliot Kippen (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:21:47 
59Samuel Burston (NSW) Good Brother Cafe0:22:57 
60Craig Hutton (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill0:23:16 
61Rowan Dever (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team0:23:22 
62William Andersson (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill0:23:24 
63Matthew Rizzuto (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team0:23:41 
64Jack McCulloch (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:23:52 
65James Swadling (NSW) Good Brother Cafe0:24:52 
66Andrew Roe (SA) Euride Racing0:25:12 
67Daniel O'keefe (NSW) GPM Data#30:25:18 
68Brad Davies (SA) Euride Racing0:25:40 
69Tristan Cardew (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:26:27 
70John Peppard (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team  
71Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:28:18 
72Dylan Cooper (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team0:28:24 
73Alex Quirk (Qld) Good Brother Cafe0:28:29 
74David Parker (ACT) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:29:05 
75Thomas Patton (NSW) Parramatta Race Team  
76Michael Hosking (Vic) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:29:29 
77Nicholas Yallouris (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:29:30 
78Guy Brown (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:30:05 
79Stephen Isbel (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team0:30:13 
80Jason Chalker (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:30:17 
81Scott Harrison (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club0:30:23 
82Alexander Malone (NSW) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:30:43 
83Mathew Marshall (Qld) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:31:49 
84Michael Rice (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:32:08 
85Nathan Booth (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:34:44 
86Chris Filiatrault (ACT) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:35:05 
87Ivan Michelin-Beard (NSW) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:36:09 
88Christopher Aitken (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:36:20 
89Joel Strachan (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team0:37:00 
90Russell Gill (SA) Euride Racing0:37:07 
91Tristan Dimmock (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:37:24 
92Joshua Cornish (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:37:36 
93Kenneth Webster (NSW) Canberra Cycling Club0:37:43 
94James Toole (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:37:54 
95Eamonn Bell (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club0:38:28 
96Brad Hannaford (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing  
97Joel Walsh (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club0:39:07 
98Jared Greenville (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:39:35 
99Tom Petty (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:39:37 
100Benjamin Carmody (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team0:39:47 
101Sean Whitfield (ACT) Pro Team Downunder0:40:02 
102Tristan Bauer (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:40:07 
103Kris Johnston (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:40:18 
104Peter Smith (Vic) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
105Daryl Purches (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:41:39 
106Mark Jewell (NSW) Illawarra Cycle Club0:42:05 
107David Bleakley (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:42:33 
108Jake Magee (NSW) GPM Data#30:42:46 
109Alex Hersey (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill0:43:05 
110Neil Van Der Ploeg (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:43:22 
111Alex Clements (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers0:44:09 
112Harrison Bailey (NSW) Parramatta Race Team0:44:12 
113Ian Gardiner (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:45:12 
114William Derham (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team0:47:11 
115Cameron Harrison (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:49:08 
116Anthony Murray (NSW) Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team0:49:38 
117Dave Brown (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:50:54 
118Karl Michelin-Beard (NSW) Vie13 Kustom Appare0:51:48 
119Zachary Baker (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill0:52:54 
120Joshua Taylor (NSW) GPM Data#30:53:44 
121Ben Marshall (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club0:54:29 
122Douglas Freeburn (Qld) Pro Team Downunder0:54:33 
123Alex Grunke (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:57:42 
124Jing Long The (SIN) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:59:39 
125Nick Bensley (Vic) Good Brother Cafe1:05:01 
126Riley Maule (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team1:09:56 
127Aaron Piper (Qld) Data#3 Cisco Racing Team1:11:21 
128Simon Hammond (NSW) Parramatta Race Team1:15:53 
129Kee Meng Ang (SIN) search2retain p/b health.com.au1:22:21 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers15 pts
2Andrew Roe (SA) Euride Racing14 
3Eric Sheppard (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au12 
4Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts11 
5Mark Jamieson (Tas) Target Trek Racing Team9 
6Jayden Copp (Qld) Pro Team Downunder9 
7Dylan Cooper (ACT) Tiffen Cycling Team7 
8Scott Law (NSW) GPM Data#35 
9Jai Crawford (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers4 
10Blair Windsor (NSW) Budget Forklifts4 
11Jack Anderson (Qld) Budget Forklifts3 
12Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers3 
13Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing3 
14Russell Gill (SA) Euride Racing2 
15Kenneth Webster (NSW) Canberra Cycling Club2 
16Joshua Taylor (NSW) GPM Data#32 
17Brodie Talbot (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill1 
18Cameron Bayly (SA) search2retain p/b health.com.au1 
19Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers1 
20Vaughan Bowman (Vic) Target Trek Racing Team1 
21Thomas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team1 
22Jake Magee (NSW) GPM Data#31 
King of the Mountains
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Anderson (Qld) Budget Forklifts11 pts
2Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers9 
3Jai Crawford (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers7 
4Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers5 
5Cameron Bayly (SA) search2retain p/b health.com.au5 
6Brodie Talbot (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill2 
7Joseph Cooper (NZl) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers2 
Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers6:27:51 
2Jesse Ewart (NSW) GPM Data#30:03:31 
3Oscar Stevenson (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team  
4Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing0:03:32 
5Patrick Sharpe (NSW) Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:05:02 
6Lachlan Edwards (NSW) St George Skoda HP Team0:05:35 
7Jacob Restall (Qld) Pro Team Downunder0:06:07 
8Alistair Donohoe (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au0:07:13 
9Alex Edmondson (SA) Euride Racing0:08:35 
10Lucas Hamilton (Vic) Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team0:11:38 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team19:22:14 
2Budget Forklifts0:05:32 
3Pro Team Downunder0:12:15 
4St George Skoda HP Team0:12:24 
5search2retain p/b health.com.au0:20:47 
6Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:23:53 
7Rydges Capital Hill0:25:05 
8Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team0:25:08 
9Good Brother Cafe0:26:44 
10Euride Racing0:27:16 
11Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:28:44 
12GPM Data#30:33:14 
13Suzuki Bontrager0:35:06 
14Target Trek Racing Team0:36:02 
15Vie13 Kustom Apparel0:48:17 
16Paradice Investment Cycling Team1:07:57 
17Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team1:11:19 
18Tiffen Cycling Team1:16:23 
19Data#3 Cisco Racing Team1:19:15 
20Canberra Cycling Club1:19:42 
21Parramatta Race Team1:20:41 
22Illawarra Cycle Club1:28:14 
NRS teams aggregate after round nine
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team200 pts
2Budget Forklifts146 
3Euride Racing112 
4Drapac Cycling77 
5search2retain p/b health.com.au68 
6CharterMason Drapac Development Team42 
7Pro Team Downunder38 
8Satalyst Giant Racing Team38 
9African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team33 
10Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program31 
11St George Skoda HP Team24 
12Jayco/Apollo VIS Men's Road Team24 
13Target Trek Racing Team18 
14GPM Data#317 
15Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team10 
16Sydney Uni Velo Racing9 
17Seight Test Team p/b The Biomechanics9 
18Team Polygon Australia8 
19Suzuki Bontrager7 
20Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team7 
21Parramatta Race Team7 
22Pensar SPM Racing5 
23Paradice Investment Cycling Team5 
24Data#3 Cisco Racing Team5 
25Subaru/Albion Cycles NRS Development Team4 
26Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part3 
27Bianchi Lotto Arbitrage2 
28Essendon Skoda Cycling Team1 
29Bikebug.com/Aussie Pallets1 
30DHBC Racing1 
NRS aggregate after round nine
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1.Nathan Earle (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers76 pts
2.Jack Haig (Vic) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers69 
3.Jack Anderson (Qld) Budget Forklifts48 
4.Alex Edmondson (SA) Euride Racing48 
5.Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budget Forklifts40 
6.Jai Crawford (Tas) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers36 
7.Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers36 
8.Joseph Cooper (NZl) Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers28 
9.Harry Carpenter (SA) Euride Racing25 
10.Ben Dyball (Huon-Genesys)24 
11.Neil Van Der Ploeg (Vic) search2retain p/b health.com.au22 
12.Thomas Palmer (ACT) Canberra Cycling Club20 
13.Cameron Bayly (SA) search2retain p/b health.com.au19 
14.Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Cycling)17 
15.Brodie Talbot (NSW) Rydges Capital Hill16 

Women - Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager1:04:06 
2Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team  
3Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug  
4Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar  
5Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing  
6Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing  
7Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore  
8Joanne Tralaggan (NSW) Target Trek Racing Team  
9Rebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant  
10Rebecca Heath (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team  
11Justyna Lubkowski (Vic) Liv / giant  
12Nicole Moerig (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing  
13Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore  
14Sophie Mackay (NSW) BOSS Racing Team  
15Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing  
16Laura Meadley (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:00:10 
17Kirsten Howard (NSW) Siren Bar  
18Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team0:00:22 
19Cassandra Dodd (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:00:32 
20Brittany Lindores (ACT) Team Bikebug  
21Chloe McIntosh (Vic) Suzuki Bontrager0:00:34 
22Ellen Skerritt (Qld) Team Bikebug0:00:35 
23Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:01:30 
24Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant  
25Lauretta Hanson (Vic) Ancare Australia0:02:00 
26Rachel Ward (Vic) BOSS Racing Team0:03:00 
27Shannon Malseed (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team  
28Annabel Cox (SA) Team Bikebug  
29Josie Simpson (Vic) Total Rush Hyster  
30Ailie McDonald (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:03:30 
31Kelly Bartlett (Vic) Total Rush Hyster  
32Deciana Speckmann (ACT) BOSS Racing Team  
33Alice Wallett (ACT) Target Trek Racing Team  
34Helene Blackwell (ACT) Ancare Australia  
35Carley Mckay (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:04:00 
36Lisa Barry (NSW) Bicycle Superstore  
Intermediate Sprints - Sprint 1 - Lap 10
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team3 pts
2Rebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant2 
3Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore1 
Sprint 2 - Lap 20
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team3 pts
2Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore2 
3Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant1 
Sprint 3 - Lap 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Heath (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team3 pts
2Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore2 
3Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing1 
Sprint 4 - Lap 40 (stage finish)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager5 pts
2Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team3 
3Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug2 
4Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing3:12:18 
2Suzuki Bontrager0:00:44 
3Team Bikebug0:01:07 
4Liv / giant0:01:30 
5Holden Women Cycling Team0:03:22 
6Bicycle Superstore0:04:00 
7BOSS Racing Team0:06:30 
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing7:06:47 
2Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar0:00:54 
3Rebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant0:02:23 
4Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:02:33 
5Rebecca Heath (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:02:41 
6Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:02:43 
7Sophie Mackay (NSW) BOSS Racing Team0:02:58 
8Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore0:03:07 
9Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:03:42 
10Laura Meadley (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:04:11 
11Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team0:04:32 
12Cassandra Dodd (Qld) Specialized Securitor0:04:34 
13Kirsten Howard (NSW) Siren Bar0:04:53 
14Joanne Tralaggan (NSW) Target Trek Racing Team0:05:04 
15Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:05:08 
16Nicole Moerig (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:05:09 
17Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug0:05:13 
18Ellen Skerritt (Qld) Team Bikebug0:05:52 
19Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:07:07 
20Lisa Barry (NSW) Bicycle Superstore0:08:27 
21Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:08:46 
22Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant0:09:35 
23Justyna Lubkowski (Vic) Liv / giant0:13:43 
24Rachel Ward (Vic) BOSS Racing Team0:19:37 
25Carley Mckay (Vic) Bicycle Superstore0:23:12 
26Annabel Cox (SA) Team Bikebug0:23:14 
27Shannon Malseed (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:23:44 
28Chloe McIntosh (Vic) Suzuki Bontrager0:25:21 
29Lauretta Hanson (Vic) Ancare Australia0:27:56 
30Kelly Bartlett (Vic) Total Rush Hyster0:29:45 
31Deciana Speckmann (ACT) BOSS Racing Team0:32:15 
32Brittany Lindores (ACT) Team Bikebug0:34:14 
33Josie Simpson (Vic) Total Rush Hyster0:36:42 
34Ailie McDonald (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager0:37:09 
35Helene Blackwell (ACT) Ancare Australia0:37:12 
36Alice Wallett (ACT) Target Trek Racing Team0:38:14 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug21 pts
2Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager14 
3Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing12 
4Rebecca Heath (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team8 
5Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team8 
6Rebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant7 
7Jemma Brown (Qld) Holden Women Cycling Team6 
8Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar5 
9Ailie McDonald (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager4 
10Brittany Lindores (ACT) Team Bikebug3 
11Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore3 
12Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager3 
13Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore2 
14Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing1 
15Laura Meadley (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager1 
16Naomi Williams (Vic) Liv / giant1 
Queen of the mountains
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing17 pts
2Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar11 
3Rebecca Heath (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team6 
4Rebecca Locke (Vic) Liv / giant3 
5Sophie Mackay (NSW) BOSS Racing Team2 
6Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing1 
7Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing1 
Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team7:10:29 
2Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing0:01:26 
3Ellen Skerritt (Qld) Team Bikebug0:02:10 
4Shannon Malseed (Vic) Holden Women Cycling Team0:20:02 
5Lauretta Hanson (Vic) Ancare Australia0:24:14 
6Alice Wallett (ACT) Target Trek Racing Team0:34:32 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing21:28:29 
2Bicycle Superstore0:06:14 
3Suzuki Bontrager0:11:18 
4Holden Women Cycling Team0:16:23 
5Liv / giant0:17:42 
6Team Bikebug0:24:00 
7BOSS Racing Team0:37:31 
NRS teams aggregate after round seven
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing149 pts
2Suzuki Bontrager78 
3Holden Women Cycling Team69 
4Bicycle Superstore68 
5Team Bikebug  
6Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team35 pts
7Team Polygon Australia34 
8BOSS Racing Team24 
9Specialized Securitor23 
10Specialized Securitor17 
11Building Champions Squad13 
12Team Breeze9 
13Target Trek Racing Team6 
14Total Rush Hyster2 
NRS aggregate after round seven
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Garfoot (Qld) Siren Bar99 pts
2Ruth Corset (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing97 
3Felicity Wardlaw (Vic) Bicycle Superstore40 
4Rebecca Wiasak (ACT) Suzuki Bontrager37 
5Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)26 
6Grace Sulzberger (Polygon)25 
7Amy Cure (Polygon)19 
8Jenelle Crooks (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing17 
9Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore17 
10Taryn Heather (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team)16 
11Zoe Watters (Qld) Pensar SPM Racing14 
12Judith Betts (Bikebug)14 
13Samantha de Riter (Holden Women Cycling Team)13 
14Jessica Mundy (SA) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team12 
15Sarah Roy (NSW) Team Bikebug12 


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