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Canadian Road Championships 2012

Date range:
June 21-23, 2012

June 21, Time Trials: 39km

Hughes dominates Canadian time trial championship

Cycling News
June 21, 2012, 18:46 BST,
June 22, 2012, 17:55 BST

Tuft repeats in men's test

Canada crowned its national time trial champions for 2012: Clara Hughes and Svein Tuft, both repeat champions. For Tuft, it was his fifth consecutive title and the eighth of his career.Svein Tuft Wins Canadian National Time Trial Championship

Tuft flew through the 39km route in Lac-Mégantic, clocking a 47:25 - more than two minutes faster than second placed Christian Meier.

"I wanted to defend the title, of course, but for me, my approach and the way I ride are more important to me than the result," said Tuft. "I'm not interested in only having a good ride today. I'm looking down the road at the World Time Trial Championships. It's a huge goal for the team, and I want to contribute to us having a good crack at it there. Every time I'm on the time trial bike, it's in preparation for that end of the season goal."

The hot, windy day made the rolling, open course more challenging for the field. While Tuft was careful to stay hydrated and limit his warmup, Meier realized the error of his ways halfway through.

"In the end, my result today was much better than my ride. The first lap of three went well for me, and by the midway point of the second lap, I could already feel my power dropping. From there, it was more damage control than anything else," Meier said.

"Svein was a real ripper out there," added Meier. "He truly showed his class with the time trial win."

Third placed Hugo Houle was the top U23 rider in the test.

"I knew I had the second fastest time in the second lap. I knew I was fine, but Tuft was just too strong today," said Houle. "The course was tough, and the heat was scorching. The course required a lot of concentration.

"Considering my young age, the podium with two WorldTour guys is very good. We have to be realistic, and I am really satisfied."

In the women's field, Clara Hughes once again showed her class with a commanding victory, 1:40 over Rhae-Christie Shaw.

The event took place on the day of the announcement of the country's Olympic team, with the committee having made its decision the previous week.

Shaw, not among the riders named for the team, overcame her disappointment to clock a time almost four minutes quicker than Canada's second rider for the Olympics, Denise Ramsden.

"I am happy to win the silver medal at the Canadian National Time Trial Championships. It was a very challenging course, with windy and hot conditions," Shaw told Cyclingnews.

"It has been a difficult week of preparation and travel, given that I was notified a week ago (but had to keep it quiet) that I was not selected for the Canadian Olympic Team, so I am proud of how I raced and handled myself this week.

"The time trial is called the "race of truth" for a reason. It is where athletes show what they are really made of. I am proud that I did that today and that the results of the National Championships reconfirm who the fastest riders in Canada are."

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Clara Hughes (Specialized-Lululemon) 0:39:42  
2 Rhae-Christie Shaw (Exergy TWENTY12 ) 0:01:40  
3 Julie Beveridge (Equipe Vienne Futuroscope) 0:02:54  
4 Jasmin Glaesser (Cycling BC) 0:02:59  
5 Joelle Numainville (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:03:47  
6 Annie Ewart (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:04:25  
7 Alizée Brien (Specialized-Mazda SGC) 0:05:25  
8 Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:05:34  
9 Annick Dufour (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 0:05:49  
10 Moriah Macgregor (Cycling BC) 0:06:24  
11 Allison Beveridge (Specialized-Mazda SGC) 0:07:30  
12 Cather Dessureault (Real Deal Racing / La Bicicletta) 0:08:09  
13 Evelyne Gagnon (Equipe du Québec) 0:08:10  
14 Adriane Provost (Equipe du Québec) 0:08:17  
15 Gabrie Pilote Fortin (Equipe du Québec) 0:08:19  
16 Virginie Gauthier (Specialized-Mazda SGC)    
17 Sarah Rasmussen (Team Ontario/Hamilton Cycling Club) 0:09:02  
18 Veronik Bourgon (Infinit/Cycle Power) 0:09:10  
19 Jozina Vander Klok (Powerwatts-FITTIME) 0:09:14  
20 Heather Shearer (Infinit/Cycle Power) 0:09:21  
21 Emily Flynn (Team Ontario/Tommy and Lefebvre Cycling) 0:10:01  
22 Ruth Mclean (Powerwatts-FITTIME)    
23 Josiane Boily (Alma Acura Ultraviolet Devinci) 0:10:08  
24 Nina Nesdoly (Infinit/Cycle Power) 0:10:27  
25 Audrey Bernard (Powerwatts-FITTIME) 0:10:52  
26 Ellen Watters (Outdoor Elements) 0:11:18  
27 Justine Dallaire (Powerwatts-FITTIME) 0:14:49  
28 Hélène Pilote Fortin (Equipe du Québec) 0:15:32  
29 Elyse Nieuwold (Team CHCH) 0:16:08  

Full results - elite and U23 men

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Svein Tuft (Orica GreenEdge) 0:47:26  
2 Christian Meier (Orica GreenEdge) 0:02:08  
3 Hugo Houle (Team Spidertech C10)* 0:02:49  
4 Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall) 0:03:25  
5 Francois Parisien (Team Spidertech C10) 0:03:26  
6 Zach Bell (Team Spidertech pwd by C10) 0:03:31  
7 Rob Britton (Team H&R BLOCK) 0:03:42  
8 David Boily (Team Spidertech C10)* 0:03:47  
9 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau- Quebecor-Norton Rose)* 0:03:58  
10 Ryan Roth (Team Spidertech C10) 0:04:13  
11 Jordan Cheyne (Team H&R BLOCK)* 0:04:29  
12 Antoine Duchesne (Garneau- Quebecor-Norton Rose)* 0:04:38  
13 Stuart Wight (Atlantic Cycling Centre)* 0:05:31  
14 Ed Veal (RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta) 0:05:46  
15 Cody Campbell (Cycling BC)* 0:06:11  
16 Kris Dahl (Team H&R BLOCK)* 0:06:36  
17 Adam De Vos (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes)* 0:06:52  
18 Bruce Bird (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments) 0:07:00  
19 Nathan Underwood (Ride with Rendall) 0:07:13  
20 Pierrick Naud ( / Gaspésien)* 0:07:16  
21 Charly Vives (Garneau- Quebecor-Norton Rose) 0:07:19  
22 Garrett Mcleod (Team H&R BLOCK) 0:07:21  
23 Émile Jean (Indépendant)* 0:07:42  
24 Ryan Aitcheson (Ontario/ Panther pb Competitve Cyclist)*    
25 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall) 0:07:44  
26 Bailey Mcknight (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)* 0:07:59  
27 Matteo Dal-Cin (Team Ontario/ Ride with Rendall)* 0:08:01  
28 Zach Hughes (Garneau- Quebecor-Norton Rose)* 0:08:23  
29 Robert Ralph (Medique p/b Silbet Investments)* 0:08:51  
30 Charles Bryer ( / Gaspésien) 0:08:53  
31 Simon-Pierre Gauthier (Equipe du Quebec)* 0:09:00  
32 Mike Sidic (Team H&R BLOCK) 0:09:06  
33 Kyle Buckosky (Cycling BC)* 0:09:14  
34 Jordan Brochu (Ekoï.com-gaspésien)* 0:09:16  
35 Michael Mandel (RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta)    
36 James Piccoli (Equipe du Québec)* 0:09:26  
37 Joël Desgreniers (Équipe du Québec)* 0:09:36  
38 Marco Li (Team Ontario/Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose) 0:09:46  
39 Matthew Degiacomo (Garneau- Quebecor-Norton Rose)* 0:09:59  
40 Kevin Massicotte (TEAM ONTARIO/NATIVO CONCEPT)* 0:10:11  
41 Andrew Buzzell (Fitworks) 0:10:32  
42 Raphaël Massé Viau (Equipe du Québec)* 0:10:35  
43 Dylan Cunningham (Cycling BC)* 0:10:36  
44 Logan Cornel (Real Deal Racing / La Bicicletta)* 0:10:40  
45 Brandon Spencer (Team Ontario/Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville)* 0:11:14  
46 Olivier Delaney (Ride with Rendall)* 0:11:20  
47 Jean Samuel Deshaies ( / Gaspésien)* 0:11:26  
48 Brad Clifford (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)* 0:11:39  
49 Jason Abbott (West Of Quebec Wheelers/Powerwatts-FITTIM) 0:12:07  
50 Jordane Gauthier Beaulieu (Equipe du Québec)* 0:12:31  
51 David Onsow (Quilicot-Elite)* 0:12:49  
52 Olivier Maltais (La Vie Sportive) 0:12:56  
53 Kiernan Orange (Ride with Rendall)* 0:13:28  
DNF Colter Young (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)*    
DNF David Stephens (Garneau Evolution)    
DNF Mathieu Roy ( / Gaspésien)    
DNF Jesse Reams (Cycling BC)    
DNF Jeffery Muise (Coastal Financial Credit Union)    
DNF Marc Freemantle (Espoir- Asia)    
DNF Trevor Connor (Team Rio Grande/BCSM)    
DNF Alexander Cataford (Cycling BC)*    
DNF William Blackburn (Medique p/b Silbet Investments)    

* denotes under 23 rider