Bouchard and Berkenpas win Canadian eliminator championships

Canada holds first-ever eliminator championship

Léandre Bouchard (Équipe du Québec-Cyclones d'Alma) and Jean-Ann Berkenpas (Xprezo-Borsao) are Canada's first-ever eliminator champs after the title races on Thursday.

Bouchard and Berkenpas both took the first Canadian titles for the new mountain bike discipline, which consists of an elimination-type format, with the top two of each heat moving on to the next rounds until the gold medal race.


In the men's race, Leandre Bouchard rode to the gold medal in an exciting race, edging at the finish line junior rider Peter Disera (Team Ontario/CSAJCC p/b Norco LG) and Mitch Bailey (Trek Canada Mountain Bike), second and third respectively.

"It's always a pride to wear the red and white colors. I have a lot of speed in me right now, and I'll be ready to apply this speed to the cross country race on Saturday. There are some very good riders in the U23 category in Canada, and that's what this race has demonstrated," said Bouchard, beaming of joy after crossing the finish line.

"The race [eliminator] is much shorter. It happens very quickly, hence the start is very important. Sometimes there are strategies to apply. With high speeds, the slightest mistake can be very costly, so you constantly have to be very careful."


Jean-Ann Berkenpas took the women's title, winning the ultimate race in front of Andreane Pichette (Opus-OCG) in second place and Cindy Montambeault (CVM 2 Vals) in third place.

"I am thrilled about this win. I had good luck with the heats with attacking in the start, and getting a small gap in the first section entering the technical forest. In the final, my plan didn't quite work out as I entered third in the forest. After that, I just had to pass. I was lucky to have that opportunity in the BMX features, and after that I just went as hard as I could, and managed to hold them off," said Berkenpas, who was taking part in her first ever eliminator race.

"The eliminator is a very spectator-friendly event, focussing on speed and action. There are usually some technical features, but it really favours the rider who is powerful and can sprint well. It's quite different from the cross country which would normally favour a better climber, with endurance who will be strong at the end of the race. This race suits me very well, and it's a very fun event to participate in."

The crowd-pleasing race was held on a short 1-km course. Earlier in the day, riders qualified for the elimination heats in a time trial format to determine the final seeding.

The fast-paced race is organized for the first time on the UCI World Cup as a full event.

Full Results

Men eliminator finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Léandre Bouchard (Équipe du Québec : Cyclone d’Alma)  
2Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)  
3Peter Disera (Team Ontario : CSAJCC p/b Norco LG)  
4Patrick Martin (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Procycle)  
5Bretton Matthews (Norco Evolution)  
6Kevin Massicotte (Ride with Rendall)  
7Samuel Tremblay (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team)  
8Marc-André Fortier  
9Raphaël Gagné (Équipe du Québec : Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory)  
10Julien Gagne (Dalbix Sherbrooke)  
11Andrew L`Esperance (Norco Factory Team)  
12Felix Burke (CVM 2 VALS)  
13Vincent Belhumeur  
14Alexandre Vialle (Équipe du Québec : Espresso Sports)  
15Felix Belhumeur (Lessard Bicycles)  
16Isaac Niles (Team Alberta)  
17Guillaume Larose-Gingras (Équipe du Québec : CVM Subway Sigma)  
18Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba)  
19Raphaël Auclair (CVM Subway Sigma : Pivot)  
20Peter Glassford (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)  
21Marc-André Daigle (Garneau Québéc)  
22Stephan Boily (CVM 2 VALS)  
23Neil Symington (Opus Atlantic)  
24Olivier Lapointe (Skinouk-VDM)  
25Ari Robinson (Team Manitoba)  
26Antoine Caron (Équipe du Québec : Specialized Racing Canada)  
27Jake Allaire  
28Eric Johnston (Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club)  
29Spencer Skerget (Team Yukon)  
30Luke Di Marzo (C4 Cycling Club)  
31Mike Smith (Quadzilla Racing)  
32Luc Boily (CVM 2 VALS)  
33Aaron Thomas (Team Ontario : Velikonja)  
34Paul Guenette (Wolfpack Racing/Walden MTB Club)  
35Benjamin Boucher (CVM 2 VALS)  
36Kaleb Hellreich (TUF RACK Racing)  
37William Clarke (Team Bikeland)  
38Chris Fruetel (Trek Store C.C. : Peterborough Cycling Club)  
39Charles Reid (Wolfpack Racing/Walden MTB Club)  
40Brendan Arnold (Team Ontario)  
41Charles Faucher Robert (Lessard Bicycles)  
42Drew Romanovych (Team Manitoba)  
43Colin Chenail (CVM 2 VALS)  
44Massey Baker (Team Yukon)  
45Émile Farrell-Dessureault (Skinouk-VDM)  
46Kristian Skromeda (Devo Manitoba)  
47Jared Fawcett (Team Manitoba)  
48Andrew Savard (Team Yukon)  
49Patrick Chartrand (Équipe du Québec)  
DNFQuinton Disera (Team Ontario : CSAJCC p/b Norco LG)  
Women eliminator finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jean Ann Berkenpas (XPREZO-BORSAO)  
2Andréanne Pichette (Opus / OGC)  
3Cindy Montambault (CVM 2 VALS)  
4Rachel Pageau (Équipe du Québec : Devinci)  
5Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)  
6Laurence Harvey (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Procycle)  
7Catherine Fleury (Équipe du Québec : Cyclone d’Alma)  
8Maghalie Rochette (PowerWatts - Nord)  
9Karlee Gendron (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)  
10Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Opus / OGC)  
11Anne-Julie Tremblay (Acidose Lactique : Cyclone d’Alma)  
12Marine Lewis (Équipe du Québec)  
13Sarah-Claudie Dostie-Ménard (Équipe du Québec)  
14Valérie Meunier (Équipe du Québec : Devinci)  
15Anna Schappert (Team Manitoba)  
16Siobhan Kelly (Team Ontario : AdrenalineRacer / ToWheels)  
17Laurie Arseneault (CVM 2 VALS)  
18Ashley Barson ( Velikonja)  
19Kayla Morin-Blanchette (CVM 2 VALS)  
20Veronica Huggard (Team Yukon)  
21Frédérique Trudel (Équipe du Québec : Specialized Racing Canada)  
22Catherine Harnden  
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