Longden wins pro race

Anderson victorious in her first four cross race

A record entry of 143 riders raced round one of the British Four Cross series at the UK Bike Park on Sunday.

The weather had played havoc in the lead-up to the race, but with a whole load of new riders and three racers making the trip from Holland to race, the competition was definitely on.

Will Longden took the pro win after Scott Beaumont took a slam at the bottom of the start hill. Will Evans and Duncan Ferries took the other two top spots in second and third.

Nicola Anderson won the women's race in her first four cross competition. Kerry Wrigglesworth and Terry Anne Busbridge were second and third.

Talk on Bookface was of deep mud on the track and when the Dirt-Wars competition was cancelled, rumours spread of the race being cancelled, but organizers were determined that mud wouldn't stop the fun. The conditions came as a bit of a shock to the four cross racers, many of whom had to change their normal slick tyres to spiky mud tyres to race.

The track had the longest start straight of any four cross track, at nearly 300 meters long. Changes over the winter had added two new corners half way down to make racing closer. Other changes included new corners lower the track and new jumps and rollers these were soft from all the rain, thereby making the racing slower.

The racing started with four motos and with 10 categories racing, adding up to over 150 motos to get through before the quarter finals.

Racing ran like clockwork, and by the time finals rolled around, the track was drying into a gloop that made racing slow for younger riders.

The Dutch riders who made the trip across the Channel came to race because it was too wet in Holland. All three made the podiums and Van Steenbergen took home a win in the juveniles.

The next round will happen at Harthill in Chesire on Saturday, May 29, the day before round four of the Euro Fourcross Series on May 30.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Will Longdon (Lapierre Oakley)  
2Will Evans (Morewood/ Will Power SC)  
3Duncan Ferris (DMRbikes)  
4Scott Beaumont (Rocky Mountain)  
5Jordan Gould (Dialled Bikes)  
6Stephen Simms  
7Pete Warner (O'Neal/Fluck.com)  
8Dale Russell (Brooklyn Machine Works)  
9Scott Roberts (Team Nakedracing)  
10Kieran Mcavoy (Spank/Axo/Cruise tattoo/Burgtec/Goldtec)  
11Mark Milward (Swinnerton cycles)  
12Pat Campbell-Jenner (Team Identiti)  
13James Norton (BikeTart.com)  
14Tom Dowie (Chicksands bike park)  
15Aj Boardman (44 Racing)  
16Ryan Poolman  
17James Wilson (RAM Bikes)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nichola Anderson (Team Nakedracing)  
2Kerry Wrigglesworth (O’Neal Electric UK)  
3Terri-Anne Busbridge (Fox Europe/P.Yates Cycles)  
4Niki Patchett  
5Jessica Greaves  
6Rachael Burridge (wdmba)  
Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Knight (Team Identiti)  
2Jake Ward (44 Racing)  
3Alex Metcalfe (O’Neal/Solid Bikes)  
4Alec Henderon (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
5Daniel Bateson (wdmba)  
6Mike Yard (Freedombikes.co.uk)  
7Luc Harris  
8James Oliver (MTB Pursuits)  
9Luke Stanley  
10Adam Thomas  
11Jacob Grahah  
12Joe Billingham  
13Jethro Stride  
14Chris Keeeble-Smith  
15Oli Wakeman  
16Jack Hudson (44 Racing Talent Team)  
17Daniel Harwood  
18Ryan Turner  
Juvenile 12-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Van Steenbergen  
2Cai Mahon  
3Kyle Greenway (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
4Alex Ruther  
5Scott Dominguez (Dirt Bike Supply)  
6Connor Hudson  
DNFDylan Grell=Delsol  
DNFJordan Mulluck  
Fun 12-17
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harry Jay  
2Joe Wells  
3Cameron Rouse  
4Matt Caldwell  
5Neil Mackinnon  
6Joe Cockings  
DNFMatt Charter  
DNFJames Patrick  
Big Fun 18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Baars  
2Matthew Hillyard  
3Joe Davies  
4Jamie Askew  
5Ross Peterson  
6Martin Brown  
7Michael Finlayson  
8Ross Bartlett  
9Phil Hopg  
10Phil Neil  
11Andrew Mahon  
12Andrew Cooper  
13Zach Pollard  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isaac Mundy  
2Bas Van Steenbergen  
3Jono Jones (44 Racing)  
4Cameron Howard (Redman Rockstar)  
5Matt Jones (Identiti Bikes)  
6Philip Atwill (swiss and swallow)  
7Joe Buck  
8Thomas Denholme-Parker (Slam 69)  
9Harry Fowler  
10Moses Gerbrands  
11Blake Massey (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
12Dom Barden (Chicksands Racing / Spank)  
13Alfie Stephens  
14Josh Bremridge (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
15Adam Kirkland  
16Joe Stupple (Dialled Bikes)  
17Jake Lenton (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Parsons (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
2Michael Gray  
3John Hewitt (Brooklyn Machine Works)  
4Lee Feery  
5Dave Roberts (Team Nakedracing)  
6Rich Lane (Slam 69)  
7Robbie Rickman (Cotic)  
8Matthew Way (Utopia Optics)  
9Tim Pearson (splatshop.co.uk)  
10Mop Head (44 Racing Talent Team)  
11Scott Mclauchlan (Accidental Racing)  
12Davi Birks (One industries / sixsixone / nighttimesupplies.co.uk)  
13Peter Hosker  
14Martyn Green  
15Gareth Parr  
16Jamie Insley (Slam 69)  
17David Thomason (Wideopen magazine)  
18Frankie Hobbins (GSAvanti)  
19Andrew Hibberd (www.inbreddesign.com)  
20Tim Machin  
21Alastair Keen (O’Neal)  
22Martin Dorn (Urban Air)  
23Richard Holroyd (Dirt Bike Supply)  
24Ryan Forrest (Accidental Racing)  
25Max Page (DWP Racing development team)  
26Jamie Cuthill  
27Chris Kellett (Snap88.co.uk)  
28Matthew Sills (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
29Tom Gethin  
30Matt Tenpenny (RLS4X / Thebikeyard)  
31Arthur Gerbrands  
32James Lancashire  
33Aidan Corrigan  
34Daniel Baker  
35Tom Burch  
36Sam Brown  
37Mariusz Zuchowski (East St. Cycles)  
Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Ogden  
2Christian Hatcher (44 Racing)  
3Dave Richarson  
4Andrew Rickett (Dirt Bike Supply)  
5Shane Kluckow (Chicksands Racing / Spank)  
6Nigel Smith (O’Neal/Solid Bikes)  
7Rob Juanpera  
8John Lord (Slam 69)  
9Steve Williams  
10Keith Wilson  
11Lee Staples (GSAvanti)  
12Jason Mills (Hardcore Hobbies)  
13Paul Baker (Dialled Bikes)  
Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Rickett (Dirt Bike Supply)  
2David Herman (Dirt Bike Supply)  
3Ian Wherry (Dirt Bike Supply)  
4Billy Stupple (Dialled Bikes)  
5Mike Wong (Dialled Bikes)  
6Lee Allen (BAD BMX (barking and dagenham bmx club))  
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