Powers wins on day one of Baystate Cyclo-cross Weekend

White and Durrin round out podium

Jeremy Powers (Rapha – Focus) won the frigid UCI C2 Men’s race at Day One of the Baystate Cyclo-cross Weekend in Sterling, MA ahead of Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld.com’s Curtis White and Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies’ Jeremy Durrin.

White, just 18 years old, duplicated the early efforts of his younger sister, Emma, by also taking the hole shot and immediately opening a lead over the entire field.

White rode alone for most of the first lap until he was joined by Dan Timmerman (House Industries – Richard Sachs), Durrin, and Robert Marion (American Classic Pro CX Team). Further behind, Shawn Milne (KeoughCyclocross) led a chasing trio of Christian Favata (TRT Bicycles p/b Stan’s NoTubes) and Powers.

By the 3rd lap, the Powers group had connected with the leaders and the riders traded a few attacks, none of them successful. One lap later, however, White went on the offensive again by riding a steep section that most were forced to run and he opened a quick, five second gap over a hard-chasing Powers and Durrin.

White held off Powers until the 6th lap and the two leaders continued to keep a dangling Durrin in difficulty. Toward the end of the 7th lap, Powers and White rode the same steep section White had used to initiate the day’s final separation and they gapped Durrin, who was forced to run, for good.

Crossing the line with two laps to go, Powers took the lead from White and immediately pushed the pace, eventually causing the tenacious, youngster to submit. Powers crossed the line to take the win 15 seconds ahead of White and Durrin crossed the line another 30 seconds back.

“Seeing my sister do so well definitely motivates me,” said White after matching her 2nd place result on the day. “I felt good today,” he added, saying, “I always race to win, so I just went for it.”

When asked how he felt about the competition today, Powers said, “It’s nice to see young riders like Jeremy Durrin and Curtis White up there. This is a great race and it’s great to be challenged so close to home.”

Full results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeremy Powers (USA) Rapha-Focus 1:02:24  
2 Curtis White (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com 0:00:22  
3 Jeremy Durrin (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:00:46  
4 Shawn Milne (USA) Keough Cyclocross p/b Felt Bicycles 0:00:54  
5 Robert Marion (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team 0:00:58  
6 Christian Favata (USA) TRT Bicycles P/B Stans No Tubes 0:01:35  
7 Dan Timmerman (USA) House Industries - Richard Sachs - 0:01:54  
8 Anthony Clark (USA) JAM Fund / NCC 0:02:05  
9 Adam Myerson (USA) Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis 0:02:15  
10 Joachim Parbo (Den) Challenge Tires 0:02:29  
11 Jerome Townsend (USA) BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage 0:02:47  
12 Josh Dillon (USA) BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage 0:02:48  
13 Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) Trek Cyclocross Collective 0:02:58  
14 Travis Livermon (USA) Team Smart Stop pb Mountain Khakis 0:03:01  
15 Bradford Perley (USA) Champion System/cannondale    
16 Nate Morse (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com 0:03:48  
17 Brendan Rhim (USA) KMS/Start House Cycling Team 0:03:59  
18 Daniel Chabanov (USA) House Industries - Richard Sachs -    
19 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada 0:04:22  
20 Lewis Gaffney (USA) American Classic Pro Cyclocross Tea 0:04:28  
21 Charlie Schubert (USA) GPM Sport 0:04:30  
22 Michael Wissell (USA) CUPPOW/Geekhouse/B2C2 0:05:13  
23 Evan Murphy (USA) NYC Velo p/b The Cannibal 0:06:04  
24 Manny Goguen (USA) RACE CF | racecf.org @racecf 0:06:21  
25 Evan Huff (USA) crossresults.com 0:06:26  
26 (-1 lap) Thierry Laliberte (Can) Xprezo - Borsao    
27 Sean Pantellere (USA) Stampede! p/b Budd Bike Works    
28 Andrew Loaiza (USA) RMRC    
29 William Elliston (USA) Van Dessel factory Team    
30 (-2 laps) Kyle Russ (USA) Magnus    
31 Jesse Quagliaroli (USA) Expowheelmen    
32 Kurt Belhumeur (USA) BCD Racing P/B Bern Unlimited/Pedro    
33 Benjamin Coleman (USA) Pro Tested Gear    
34 (-4 laps) AJ Moran (USA) Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar    
35 Jules Goguely (USA) Rhode Island School of Design    
36 Alec Hoover (USA) Favata's TRT p/b Stan's NoTubes    
37 Adam Sullivan (USA) Embrocation / Gaulzetti Cicli    
38 Chris Algar (Can) Cape Cod Racing/C4    
39 John Burns (USA) Burns Racing    
40 Matthew Sousa (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2    
41 Cary Fridrich (USA) Mad Alchemy/ Verge Rider Cooperativ    
42 Andrew Lysaght (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2    
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