Lizzie Williams doubles up at Battle on the Border

Tessa Fabry retains overall race lead

Lizzie Williams (Specialized Securitor) continued her dominance in the sprints with victory in the after criterium at the Battle on the Border. Tessa Fabry finished safely in the bunch to retain her lead ahead of Williams and Anna-Leeza Hull (Racing Kangaroos).

Overall NRS leader Ruth Corset (Holden Women's Cycling Team) had attacked the peloton and looked like pulling off a solo victory, only to be caught by Williams on the final lap while Fabry's teammate Kendelle Hodges was third.

"It's been a dream this tour so far," said Williams. "Even though I didn't place in the time trial, I'm really happy with how I went coming sixth because it's definitely not my forte.

"I couldn't let someone take my pet event, criteriums are my thing so I had to steal it from Ruth," said Williams who is a former national criterium champion.

"Ruth went with a lap to go and she really went, I knew Bicycle Superstore were setting it up for Kristy [Glover], but they couldn't gain on her and I thought 'I've got to go myself, I've got to catch Ruth'".

"I caught her right at the end, I just had to grit my teeth and go for gold," said Williams.

The race concludes with a 77km road stage held at the Salt Resort, Casuarina.


Stage 3 Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (VIC) Specialized Securitor0:32:00 
2Ruth Corset (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
3Kendelle Hodges (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team  
4Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's0:00:03 
5Kristy Glover (VIC) Bicycle Superstore  
6Nicole Moerig (QLD) Individual Riders  
7Jenelle Crooks (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
8Alexandria Nicholls (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's0:00:05 
9Rebecca Heath (VIC) Bicycle Superstore  
10Sarah McLachlan (WA) Individual Riders  
11Tessa Fabry (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team  
12Lisa Antill (NSW) Boss Racing Team  
13Jasmin Hurikino (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
14Verita Stewart (VIC) Total Rush Hyster  
15Louise Betts (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
16Catriona Newell (QLD) Individual Riders  
17Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore  
18Laura Darlington (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's  
19Sophie Mackay (NSW) Specialized Securitor  
20Jessica Pratt (QLD) Individual Riders  
21Rachel Edwards (QLD) Individual Riders  
22Jessica Toghill (QLD) Total Rush Hyster  
23Anna-Leeza Hull (NSW) Individual Riders0:00:11 
24Cassandra Dodd (QLD) Specialized Securitor  
25Hollee Simons (NSW) Individual Riders0:00:14 
26Rachel Ward (VIC) Individual Riders  
27Gina Ricardo (NSW) Boss Racing Team  
28Jemma Brown (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
29Shannon Malseed (VIC) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
30Tegan Elferkh (ACT) Boss Racing Team0:00:23 
31Bridie O’Donnell (VIC) Total Rush Hyster0:00:26 
32Brittany Lindores (QLD) Bicycle Superstore0:00:51 
33Bethany Dunne (ACT) Boss Racing Team0:01:30 
34Ailie Mcdonald (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's  
35Marissa Madden (NSW) Individual Riders  
36Jane Walker (QLD) Individual Riders  
37Kate Perry (VIC) Total Rush Hyster  
38Jade Colligan (NSW) Individual Riders0:02:00 
39Carley McKay (VIC) Bicycle Superstore  
40Angela Smith (NSW) Individual Riders  
41Alice Wallett (ACT) Boss Racing Team  
42Claire Trembath (QLD) Specialized Securitor  
43Melanie Roach (NSW) Individual Riders  
44Corissa Smith (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
45Jahna Owen (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
46Tayla Hunt (NSW) Individual Riders  
47Jessica Large (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
48Emma Ferguson (QLD) Individual Riders  
49Emma Scott (VIC) Total Rush Hyster  
50Alicia Macdonald (NSW) Individual Riders0:03:00 
51Lara Batkin (NSW) Individual Riders  
52Belinda Chamberlain (ACT) Individual Riders  
53Nikolina Orlic (QLD) Individual Riders  
Intermediate Sprints - Stage Finish
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (VIC) Specialized Securitor3 pts
2Ruth Corset (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team2 
3Kendelle Hodges (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team1 
Teams Stage Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Suzuki Brumby's1:36:13 
2Bicycle Superstore  
3Specialized Securitor0:00:03 
4Holden Women's Cycling Team0:00:04 
5Total Rush Hyster0:00:23 
6Boss Racing Team0:00:29 
7Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:01:57 
General Classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tessa Fabry (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team3:13:00 
2Lizzie Williams (VIC) Specialized Securitor0:00:21 
3Anna-Leeza Hull (NSW) Individual Riders0:00:47 
4Jenelle Crooks (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:02:06 
5Ruth Corset (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:02:28 
6Rebecca Heath (VIC) Bicycle Superstore0:02:39 
7Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's0:02:53 
8Alexandria Nicholls (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's  
9Kristy Glover (VIC) Bicycle Superstore0:03:04 
10Lisa Keeling (ACT) Bicycle Superstore  
11Sophie Mackay (NSW) Specialized Securitor0:03:12 
12Lisa Antill (NSW) Boss Racing Team0:03:28 
13Verita Stewart (VIC) Total Rush Hyster0:03:33 
14Rachel Ward (VIC) Individual Riders0:03:37 
15Cassandra Dodd (QLD) Specialized Securitor0:03:38 
16Jasmin Hurikino (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:03:41 
17Bridie O’Donnell (VIC) Total Rush Hyster0:03:44 
18Louise Betts (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:03:45 
19Jemma Brown (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:03:50 
20Jessica Pratt (QLD) Individual Riders0:03:55 
21Nicole Moerig (QLD) Individual Riders0:04:05 
22Kendelle Hodges (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team0:04:15 
23Sarah McLachlan (WA) Individual Riders0:04:22 
24Jessica Toghill (QLD) Total Rush Hyster0:04:35 
25Catriona Newell (QLD) Individual Riders0:04:55 
26Rachel Edwards (QLD) Individual Riders0:05:02 
27Shannon Malseed (VIC) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:05:03 
28Kate Perry (VIC) Total Rush Hyster0:05:09 
29Hollee Simons (NSW) Individual Riders0:05:11 
30Laura Darlington (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's0:05:36 
31Gina Ricardo (NSW) Boss Racing Team0:05:54 
32Bethany Dunne (ACT) Boss Racing Team0:06:22 
33Brittany Lindores (QLD) Bicycle Superstore0:06:23 
34Marissa Madden (NSW) Individual Riders0:06:39 
35Melanie Roach (NSW) Individual Riders0:07:15 
36Jane Walker (QLD) Individual Riders0:07:20 
37Carley McKay (VIC) Bicycle Superstore0:07:31 
38Claire Trembath (QLD) Specialized Securitor0:07:52 
39Corissa Smith (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team  
40Jahna Owen (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:08:46 
41Tegan Elferkh (ACT) Boss Racing Team0:14:20 
42Ailie Mcdonald (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's0:14:43 
43Alice Wallett (ACT) Boss Racing Team0:15:33 
44Emma Scott (VIC) Total Rush Hyster0:16:34 
45Emma Ferguson (QLD) Individual Riders0:16:56 
46Nikolina Orlic (QLD) Individual Riders0:17:04 
47Jessica Large (QLD) Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:17:22 
48Belinda Chamberlain (ACT) Individual Riders0:17:44 
49Jade Colligan (NSW) Individual Riders0:22:16 
50Angela Smith (NSW) Individual Riders0:25:28 
51Tayla Hunt (NSW) Individual Riders0:26:51 
52Lara Batkin (NSW) Individual Riders0:31:01 
53Alicia Macdonald (NSW) Individual Riders0:31:26 
Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (VIC) Specialized Securitor6 pts
2Kristy Glover (VIC) Bicycle Superstore3 
3Jessica Toghill (QLD) Total Rush Hyster3 
4Alexandria Nicholls (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's3 
5Anna-Leeza Hull (NSW) Individual Riders2 
6Ruth Corset (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team2 
7Emma Viotto (ACT) Suzuki Brumby's2 
8Tessa Fabry (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team1 
9Kendelle Hodges (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team1 
10Shannon Malseed (VIC) Holden Women's Cycling Team1 
Hill Climb Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (VIC) Specialized Securitor5 pts
2Ruth Corset (QLD) Holden Women's Cycling Team3 
3Tessa Fabry (VIC) Jayco/Apollo VIS Women's Road Team2 
Teams General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Specialized Securitor9:46:31 
2Holden Women's Cycling Team0:00:37 
3Bicycle Superstore0:01:21 
4Total Rush Hyster0:02:40 
5Suzuki Brumby's0:03:15 
6Boss Racing Team0:06:37 
7Campos-Tele2 Cycling Team0:07:47 


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