Bobridge clocks second fastest pursuit in history

Bobridge betters Dennis in final to take national title

It may now be relegated to the realms of Olympic history but the individual pursuit rarely fails to capture the imagination of the cycling public, and at the opening day of competition at the Australian titles it continued to dazzle as Jack Bobridge came even closer to Chris Boardman's elusive world record.

The South Australian - and defending national champion in the discipline - rode the third fastest time ever in a sizzling qualifying ride over four kilometres. He posted a time of 4:14.427, knocking six tenths off the time set by Welsh cyclist Gerraint Thomas at the Manchester round of the World Cup in October last year.

It's also faster than the 4:16.304 time set by Britain's reigning Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins during his gold medal ride in Athens.

The only rider who has gone faster than Bobridge over the distance is Boardman, who set the world record time of 4:11.114 at the 1996 World Championships in Manchester. That mark was set using the aerodynamic 'Superman' position that has since been banned, which means Bobridge is effectively the fastest rider in the world over four kilometres under the current rules.

"It is fantastic, to come here and do that today, after my form prior to January was a bit off," said Bobridge. "To be able to set a new personal best and quickest time since the superman position is an awesome thrill.

"But to come away with the win is the goal at the end of the day," he said. "This year at the Tour Down Under, I held myself back a lot and came out here a lot fresher as I have shown that with my times I have produced here," added Bobridge. "Honestly I don't think I am 100 percent fit yet, still a little bit off, which is a good feeling for myself knowing I have 6-7 weeks until the World Championships in Copenhagen.

"Considering I have only done three sessions on the track leading into these Championships, I have come out today and surprised myself," said Bobridge who has been preparing on the Super-Drome for the past week. "It has been perfect conditions for track cycling, so that's why you have seen so many fast times delivered here."

The ride has also given Bobridge the Australian and All-Comers record, wiping Brad McGee's 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games time (4:16.358) and Germany's Robert Bartko's Sydney Olympic Games time (4:18.515) from the Australian record book.

The qualifying round saw another young South Australian shine with elite debutant, Rohan Dennis, 19, clocking 4:15.764 to earn a place in the gold medal final against Bobridge. Dennis, who rode the heat before Bobridge, briefly held the Australian, All-Comers and Championship records but 10 minutes later Bobridge stole the show.

"When Travis Meyer pulled out a 4.18, it got me a little worried, but I just stuck to my schedule of 4.19," said Dennis. "When I finished, I was just over the moon when I saw the 4.15 thinking it should get me in the final for the gold definitely.

"I just had to hope that Jack didn't pull out a better time, but he was on fire today and did a great time as well," said Dennis.

The gold medal final between the two South Australians provided the main highlight of the night's racing, as Bobridge led Dennis at every kilometre to record a time of 4:16.313 - not the heroics of the morning but still an entertaining effort.

Another South Australian, Dale Parker, topped the world with his U19 men's individual pursuit qualifying time of 3:13.958, wiping more than 1.5 seconds off 2009 junior world champion Michael Hepburn's mark of 3:15.586 recorded at last year's junior world championships in Moscow.

He dominated the gold medal final against New South Wales' Jackson Law, setting a time of 3:15.760, although the youngster wasn't worried that he hadn't bettered his mark recorded earlier in the day - he was ecstatic with what he had been able to achieve on home turf with the previous junior world record holder watching.

Meantime West Australian Travis Meyer also broke the 4:20 mark, posting a time of 4:18.607 to qualify for the bronze medal ride against Hepburn, whom he beat for third place with a 4:22.845.

In the women's three kilometre individual pursuit qualifying Sydney's Ashlee Ankudinoff knocked nine seconds off her personal best to set the fastest qualifying time of 3:34.769.

She met West Australian Sarah Kent in the gold medal ride in which Kent prevailed, claiming the national title and announcing herself as Australia's best female pursuiter with a winning time of 3:36.981. Fellow West Australian Josephine Tomic took the bronze after beating Victorian Tess Downing.

The women's team sprint was always going to be the Kaarle McCulloch show, and the young lady from New South Wales didn't disappoint, winning the event in which she's the current world champion, partnering U19 rider Madison Law to add a national title to the rainbow striped jersey she earned in Warsaw last March.

Men's individual pursuit final
1Jack Bobridge (SA)0:04:16.313 
2Rohan Dennis (SA)0:04:20.557 
3Travis Meyer (WA)0:04:22.845 
4Michael Hepburn (QLD)0:04:25.329 
Men's individual pursuit qualification
1Jack Bobridge (SA)0:04:14.427 
2Rohan Dennis (SA)0:04:15.764 
3Travis Meyer (WA)0:04:18.607 
4Michael Hepburn (QLD)0:04:22.163 
5Michael Freiberg (WA)0:04:22.863 
6Cameron Meyer (WA)0:04:24.379 
7Luke Durbridge (WA)0:04:26.200 
8Leigh Howard (VIC)0:04:27.988 
9Peter Loft (TAS)0:04:28.969 
10Richard Lang (NSW)0:04:31.044 
11Mitchell Mulhern (QLD)0:04:31.107 
12Benjamin Harvey (NSW)0:04:35.342 
13James Langedyk (VIC)0:04:36.729 
14Silas Fisher (VIC)0:04:41.401 
Women's individual pursuit final
1Sarah Kent (WA)0:03:36.981 
2Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)0:03:38.033 
3Josephine Tomic (WA)0:03:40.451 
4Tess Downing (VIC)0:03:43.868 
Men's individual pursuit qualification
1Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)0:03:34.769 
2Sarah Kent (WA)0:03:37.442 
3Josephine Tomic (WA)0:03:39.700 
4Tess Downing (VIC)0:03:41.029 
5Alexis Rhodes (SA)0:03:42.820 
6Amber Halliday (SA)0:03:44.083 
7Helen Kelly (VIC)0:03:44.418 
8Rachel Neylan (SA)0:03:44.648 
9Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:03:47.622 
10Miranda Laidlaw (VIC)0:03:51.411 
11Sophie Ootes (SA)0:03:51.864 
U19 men's individual pursuit final
1Dale Parker (SA)0:03:15.760 
2Jackson Law (NSW)  
3Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)0:03:22.531 
4Edward Bissaker (ACT)0:03:28.528 
U19 men's individual pursuit qualification
1Dale Parker (SA)0:03:13.958 
2Jackson Law (NSW)0:03:19.918 
3Edward Bissaker (ACT)0:03:20.406 
4Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)0:03:20.958 
5Jordan Kerby (QLD)0:03:21.883 
6Alexander Edmondson (SA)0:03:24.160 
7Mitchell Benson (WA)0:03:24.179 
8Damien Howson (SA)0:03:24.182 
9Oliver Le Grice (VIC)0:03:24.304 
10Julian Bissett (WA)0:03:26.083 
11Luke Ockerby (TAS)0:03:26.317 
12Harry Crothers-Bade (VIC)0:03:28.362 
13David Edwards (QLD)0:03:28.369 
14Angus Tobin (NSW)0:03:31.030 
15Shaun O'callaghan (VIC)0:03:31.224 
16Bradley Robson (WA)0:03:33.165 
17George Tansley (SA)0:03:34.248 
18Jared Triggs (NSW)0:03:35.368 
19Trent Hudson (QLD)0:03:36.695 
20Tatham White (QLD)0:03:38.510 
21Joshua Cornish (NSW)0:03:39.224 
22Nicholas Graham-Dawson (WA)0:03:40.038 
DSQBrent Nelson (VIC)0:03:23.143 
U19 women's individual pursuit final
1Amy Cure (TAS)0:02:25.661 
2Michaela Anderson (WA)0:02:25.675 
3Isabella King (WA)0:02:26.073 
4Jessica Allen (WA)0:02:30.021 
U19 women's individual pursuit qualification
1Amy Cure (TAS)0:02:25.283 
2Michaela Anderson (WA)0:02:25.754 
3Isabella King (WA)0:02:27.165 
4Jessica Allen (WA)0:02:29.601 
5Letitia Custance (SA)0:02:32.328 
6Sinead Noonan (SA)0:02:34.010 
7Natalie East (QLD)0:02:34.319 
8Shannon Mccurley (VIC)0:02:35.184 
9Kirsty Mills (NSW)0:02:38.257 
10Briannon Moloney (NSW)0:02:45.322 
Men's sprint qualifying
1Daniel Ellis (ACT)0:00:10.266 
2Jason Niblett (VIC)0:00:10.351 
3Scott Sunderland (WA)0:00:10.373 
4Peter Lewis (NSW)0:00:10.490 
5Alex Bird (ACT)0:00:10.496 
6Gary Ryan (ACT)0:00:10.532 
7Andrew Taylor (NSW)0:00:10.629 
8James Glasspool (SA)0:00:10.635 
9Paul Fellows (NSW)0:00:10.801 
10Mark Glowacki (SA)0:00:11.356 
11Michael Robinson (QLD)0:00:11.370 
12Benjamin Wibberley (WA)0:00:11.492 
Men Sprint Round 1
1Daniel Ellis (ACT)0:00:12.251 
2Benjamin Wibberley (WA)  
1Jason Niblett (VIC)0:00:12.280 
2Michael Robinson (QLD)  
1Scott Sunderland (WA)0:00:11.196 
2Mark Glowacki (SA)  
1Peter Lewis (NSW)0:00:10.951 
2Paul Fellows (NSW)  
1Alex Bird (ACT)0:00:11.103 
2James Glasspool (SA)  
1Andrew Taylor (NSW)0:00:11.066 
2Gary Ryan (ACT)  
Men Sprint Repechage
1Paul Fellows (NSW)0:00:11.496 
2Gary Ryan (ACT)  
3Benjamin Wibberley (WA)  
1Michael Robinson (QLD)0:00:11.194 
2James Glasspool (SA)  
3Mark Glowacki (SA)  
Women's team sprint qualification
1Annette Edmondson/Stephanie Morton (SA)0:00:35.769 
2Madison Law/Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)0:00:35.953 
3Apryl Eppinger/Jessica Laws (VIC)0:00:36.161 
4Holly Williams/Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:00:36.265 
5Catherine Culvenor/Clair Todd (ACT)0:00:37.195 
6Rikki Belder/Sinead Noonan (SA)0:00:37.828 
7Sarah Cure/Emma Lawson (TAS)0:00:38.315 
8Cassandra Flugge/Samantha Wood (WA)0:00:39.288 
Women's team sprint final
1Madison Law/Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)0:00:35.675 
2Annette Edmondson/Stephanie Morton (SA)0:00:36.066 
3Holly Williams/Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:00:35.823 


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