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2012 Subaru Cycling Australian Track Championship 2012

Date range:
January 26-29, 2012
  • 2012 Subaru Cycling Australian Track Championship, Adelaide, AUS, CN
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    • Session One

      Start location:
      Men: U19 3000m Individual Pursuit (qualifying), 4000m Individual Pursuit (qualifying), U19, Open Kilometre Time Trial
      End location:
      Women & U19 Team Sprint
    • Session Two

      Start location:
      Men: U19 3000m Individual Pursuit (final), 4000m Individual Pursuit (final), U19 Sprint (qualifying), Team Sprint
      End location:
      Women U19 2000 metre Individual Pursuit (qualifying), Women 500 metre Time Trial (final), Women U19 2000 metre Individual Pursuit (final), Women U19 7.5km Scratch Race (final)
    • Session Three

      Start location:
      Men U19 Sprint (¼ finals), Open Mens Teams Pursuit (qualifying)
      End location:
      Women 3000 metre Individual Pursuit (qualifying), Women U19 500 metre Time Trial (final), Women Sprint (qualifying)
    • Session Four

      Start location:
      Men: U19 Sprint (semi-finals), U19 Sprint (final), Sprint (round 1), Bill Young Men U19 Teams Pursuit (final), Southcott Cup Open Men Teams Pursuit (final), U19 25km Points Race (final)
      End location:
      Women U19 Keirin (qualifying), Women U19 Keirin (final), Women Sprint (¼ finals), Women U19 20km Points Race (final)
    • Session Five

      Start location:
      Men Sprint (¼ finals), Men U19 Keirin (qualifying)
      End location:
      Women U19 Sprint (qualifying), Women & U19 3000 metre Team Pursuit (qualifying)
    • Session Six

      Start location:
      Men: Sprint (semi-finals - final), U19 Keirin Repechage, Final, 15 kilometre Scratch Race, Men U19 10km Scratch Race
      End location:
      Women U19 Sprint (1/4 finals), Women Sprint (semi-finals), Women Sprint (final), Women U19 3000 metre Team Pursuit (final), Women 3000 metre Team Pursuit (final), Women 25km Points Race (final)
    • Session Seven

      Start location:
      Men U19 Team Sprint (qualifying, final), Men Keirin (qualifying)
      End location:
      Women Keirin (qualifying), Women Keirin (Repechage)
    • Session Eight

      Start location:
      Men U19 Madison (final), Men Keirin (Repechage, final), Men 40km Points Race (final)
      End location:
      Women U19 Sprint (semi-finals), Women U19 Sprint (final), Women Keirin (final), Women 10km Scratch Race (final)

January 26, Session One: Men: U19 3000m Individual Pursuit (qualifying), 4000m Individual Pursuit (qualifying), U19, Open Kilometre Time Trial - Women & U19 Team Sprint

Meares in new winning combination

Cycling Australia
January 26, 2012, 17:45 GMT,
January 26, 2012, 21:30 GMT

Shaw, Glasspool take kilo titles

Anna Meares and Rikki Belder clebrate their win.

Anna Meares and Rikki Belder clebrate their win.

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World champion Anna Meares celebrated Australia Day by claiming her 27th Australian title after pairing with Rikki Belder to win the elite women's team sprint at the 2012 Subaru Cycling Australia Track National Championships at the Adelaide Super-Drome.

The South Australian team of Meares, 28, and 18 year old Belder, were fastest in qualifying clocking 34.541, just three thousandths of a second quicker than Meares' world champion team sprint partner Kaarle McCulloch (NSW) who with Cassandra Kell recorded 34.554.

"I really wanted it," said Meares, "This is a national championship and there's only eight teams competing, but for me I haven't won a (national) team sprint title for three years," said Meares who last won in 2009 with Emily Rosemond racing for Queensland.

Meares and McCulloch, who have won the team sprint world title for the past three years and hold the world record, lined up in their rainbow stripes with Belder leading out Meares over the first lap in 19.849 seconds. That was just over a tenth of a second quicker than the first lap time of Kell.

Over the final 250m Meares edged out the time of McCulloch by 0.068 to give SA the gold in 34.156. NSW clocked 34.376 for the silver medal.

"I didn't really think we had much of a shot against the NSW girls, but when I saw 34.5 on the qualifying I was very impressed," said Meares who praised Belder who is ten years her junior.

"As exciting as it might be, lining up with a world champion in front of your home crowd, it's very daunting as well," said Meares. "Plus this is the first time Rikki has ridden a team sprint, (and) she's a first-year senior.

"I was giving her a bit of a gee-up for the final saying 'whatever you did in the first one, do exactly the same, we don't care about the time, just rip it up and put it all through the pedals'. She did that and pulled out another two 10ths for the lap.

"It's extremely special for her, which I think makes it a little bit more special for me, it's really nice," Meares added.

Meares was unnerved with facing her Australian partner in McCulloch with whom she has remained unbeaten in team sprint finals as a combination since 2009.

"Funnily enough, we didn't have any bets on, but after qualifying, we passed each other in the pits and I was doing the old 'pointing at my eyes, pointing at her and she says 'oh, it's on'.

"Kaarle and I have come out here I think with the same mindset that we'd have for a world cup, a world championship and an Olympic Games. Everything is geared towards London, but you can't focus on the end result," explained Meares. "If we can get ourselves into that (race mode) time and time and time again, by the time we come to the Olympic Games we're going to be so well-drilled in the practice and the mental space that we need to be in to perform, that it's all going to start falling into place.

Belder, who started cycling six years ago after taking part in a South Australian Institute of Sport Talent Identification program at her school, was ecstatic after claiming her first national title.

"(This is ) absolutely fantastic, it was such an honour to claim my first gold at a national titles," said Belder. "Also, it is such an honour to be able to ride with and against the likes of Anna and Kaarle, it is just amazing.

"I learnt a lot from just watching her, she is so cool, calm and collected and always know exactly what's she is doing and what she needs to do. But mostly, she is always enjoying it, she always seems to have a smile on her face no matter the situation," added Belder.

Like Meares, two-time defending champion McCulloch found it odd to see Meares on the other side of the track.

"It is obviously a little bit strange to look on the opposite side of the track and see a rainbow jersey in our event," said McCulloch. "But it is always a good contest when we shape up against each other.

"I think I did really well in qualifying, pacing in the first one to save my legs, but I gave it everything I could in the final and they just pipped us on the line," she said.

Victoria's Ziggy Callan and Adele Sylvester were too good for their younger rivals in the bronze medal ride, posting 35.566 seconds to defeat the West Australian under 19 team of Tian Beckett & Allee Proud (35.836) who set an All Comers and Australian Championship record for the under 19 women's.

Earlier in the session, South Australia collected its first gold of the championships when James Glasspool took gold in the elite men's kilometre time trial.

Riding the final pairing against defending champion Jackson Leigh-Rathbone (NSW), Glasspool was fastest at every time check, stopping the clock at 1:02.433.

Glasspool, runner up in the time trial to Rathbone in 2011, was pleased to break through for his first individual gold medal.

"This has been a long time coming, it has been a very long winter and long build up," said Glasspool who claimed the under 19 time trial title in 2009.

"From the disappointment of last year, we addressed a lot of the problems and had very good lead up competitions at Perth, Sydney and Oceania so I am very excited to kick off Australia Day with an Australian champion's jersey, you can't get better than that," Glasspool added.

New South Wales' Scott Law (1:02.524) took the silver medal, with Rathbone (1:02.961) claiming the bronze.

Zac Shaw gave Victoria its third consecutive victory in the under 19 kilometre time trial in an Australian Championship record time of 1:03.973 to better the previous mark of 1:04.051 set by Maddison Hammond in 2010.

Shaw, the cousin of 2010 National Road Series Champion Pat, finished almost one second ahead of South Australia's Alex Radikiewicz (1:04.667) and New South Wales' Reece Robinson (1:06.264).

"I am a little bit sore, but the feeling of being national champion makes it better," said Shaw after claiming his first Australian title.

Full Results

Open Women 2 laps Team Sprint Qualification
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rikki Belder (SA) 0:00:34.541  
  Anna Meares (SA)    
2 Cassandra Kell (NSW) 0:00:34.554  
  Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)    
3 Ziggy Callan (VIC) 0:00:35.693  
  Adele Sylvester (VIC)    
4 Tian Beckett (WA) 0:00:35.975  
  Allee Proud (WA)    
5 Cassandra Flugge (WA) 0:00:36.297  
  Holly Williams (WA)    
6 Caitlin Ward (VIC) 0:00:36.388  
  Imogen Jelbart (VIC)    
7 Stefanie Fernandez-Preiska (QLD) 0:00:36.644  
  Rebecca Stevenson (QLD)    
8 Rebecca Dunn (NSW) 0:00:38.282  
  Holly Heffernan (NSW)    
Open Women 2 laps Team Sprint Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rikki Belder (SA) 0:00:34.156  
  Anna Meares (SA)    
2 Cassandra Kell (NSW) 0:00:34.376  
  Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)    
3 Ziggy Callan (VIC) 0:00:35.566  
  Adele Sylvester (VIC)    
4 Tian Beckett (WA) 0:00:35.856  
  Allee Proud (WA)    
Men U19 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tirian McManus (NSW) 0:03:18.369  
2 Alexander Morgan (VIC) 0:03:18.520  
3 Trent Derecourt (WA) 0:03:19.822  
4 Nicholas Schultz (QLD) 0:03:20.896  
5 Miles Scotson (SA) 0:03:21.179  
6 Jack Cummings (VIC) 0:03:22.286  
7 Evan Hull (VIC) 0:03:22.763  
8 Nicholas Yallouris (NSW) 0:03:23.509  
9 Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SA) 0:03:24.436  
10 Jesse Kerrison (QLD) 0:03:25.205  
11 Bradley Linfield (WA) 0:03:25.683  
12 Jack Mcculloch (NSW) 0:03:26.191  
13 Owen Gillott (QLD) 0:03:26.790  
14 Sam Croft (SA) 0:03:27.045  
15 Joshua Harrison (SA) 0:03:28.165  
16 Jake Mcmahon (TAS) 0:03:28.628  
17 Theodore Yates (WA) 0:03:30.718  
18 Nathan Hinkley (TAS) 0:03:32.459  
19 Luke Vitler (WA) 0:03:33.105  
20 Jacob Restall (QLD) 0:03:33.944  
21 Oliver Martin (TAS) 0:03:39.215  
DSQ Matthew Nicholson (TAS)    
Men U19 3000m Individual Pursuit Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alexander Morgan (VIC) 0:03:19.909  
2 Tirian McManus (NSW) 0:03:20.918  
3 Trent Derecourt (WA) 0:03:23.485  
4 Nicholas Schultz (QLD) 0:03:26.786  
Men U19 1000m Time Trial Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Zac Shaw (VIC) 0:01:03.973  
2 Alex Radzikiewicz (SA) 0:01:04.667  
3 Reece Robinson (NSW) 0:01:06.264  
4 Alistair Donohue (VIC) 0:01:06.732  
5 Michael Astell (TAS) 0:01:06.741  
6 Sam Croft (SA) 0:01:07.339  
7 Mitchell Barry (VIC) 0:01:07.837  
8 Nathan Lyons (WA) 0:01:08.485  
9 Douglas Torr (QLD) 0:01:09.154  
10 Dylan Newbery (QLD) 0:01:09.236  
11 Drew Popperwell (WA) 0:01:09.733  
Elite Men 1000m Time Trial Final
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 James Glasspool (SA) 0:01:02.433  
2 Scott Law (NSW) 0:01:02.524  
3 Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW) 0:01:02.961  
4 Zac Deller (QLD) 0:01:05.187  
5 Rick Sanders (VIC) 0:01:05.281  
6 Ben Abels (VIC) 0:01:05.400  
7 Jackson Law (NSW) 0:01:05.706  
8 Alexander Trumble (WA) 0:01:05.765  
9 Daniel Ellis (ACT) 0:01:05.866  
10 Jungyeol Kim (KOR) 0:01:05.965  
11 Jaron Gardiner (VIC) 0:01:06.051  
12 Alex Bird (ACT) 0:01:16.024