O'Shea claims men's Omnium championship

Ankudinoff wins women's Omnium title

In the elite men's omnium South Australia's Glenn O'Shea dominated across the two days, winning four of the six events in the points, elimination, pursuit and time trial and finishing runner up in the flying lap. His only lapse was a sixth place in the scratch race.

The omnium is a true test of stamina, speed and endurance with competitors racing in six events over two days - the flying 250m lap, points, elimination and scratch races, the individual pursuit and a time trial. Points are awarded to each rider based on placings in the events and the cyclist with the lowest tally at the end is the winner.

"The main reason I came here was to win obviously, but to also post some good times and I think I did that across the board in the two days," said O'Shea, who also claimed the title in 2008. "I only had one little slip up in the scratch race, so I am pretty happy."

He finished on 12 points, six points clear of reigning champion Scott Law (NSW) who posted wins in the flying lap and scratch races to take the silver medal on 17 points.

O'Shea's South Australian teammate Alex Edmondson (18 points) collected four second placings on his way to taking the bronze medal.

Since returning to the bike 12 months ago following bouts of chicken pox and glandular fever, O'Shea has continued to surprise himself and impress onlookers.

"Twelve months ago I wasn't even riding my bike so to where I have come now, I am pretty happy. It is definitely going in the right direction, that's for certain," said O'Shea who claimed the pursuit and Madison (with Edmondson) gold medals at last month's Astana round of the UCI Track World Cup.

"It's the old cliché of taking it one step at a time, but this year I really have been ticking the boxes and today is another one ticked.

"I have another next month in the World Cup and then after that, we will just see what comes of it," he said.

O'Shea now turns his attention to Saturday night's Madison championships where he will partner Edmondson in a strong field headlined by reigning world champions Leigh Howard and Cameron Meyer

"Alex is in good form as well, but we will be up against the world champs, but in saying that I have raced with and against them both and I have beaten them before, so we will of course be disappointed if we don't win," said O'Shea.

Reigning Oceania champion Ashlee Ankudinoff's return to competitive racing continues to gain momentum with the Sydney rider reclaiming the Australian women's title in a powerful performance.

Ankudinoff claimed wins in the flying lap, pursuit and time trial, third place in the points race and was fourth in the elimination. She also finished sixth in the scratch race.

"I couldn't ask for any better really, it is so good to see the hard work and no short cuts in training has really paid off," said Ankudinoff, who won three of six events across the two days.

Ankudinoff, a member of Australia's 2010 team pursuit world champion lineup and the 2010 Australian omnium champion, missed most of 2011 due to a sciatic nerve injury.

She returned to the international scene last month at the Astana round of the UCI Track World Cup where she contested the team pursuit, before winning the omnium and scratch race at the Oceania Championships in Invercargill last month.

"After the Commonwealth Games in 2010, I made the decision to have time off the bike if I wanted any chance of contesting the Olympics," said the twenty-one-year-old. "Now I have been training for about eight months for this and it was always going to be hard to come back into the team environment as there are so many riders now.

"I knew I had the whole year of 2011 to train and I had all the faith in Gary Sutton and he had the faith and backed me too.

"So to come back and really stamp my mark here, it just shows that I am back and ready for a good 2012," said Ankudinoff.

West Australian Isabella King and South Australian Annette Edmondson each finished on 21 points but with King awarded the silver medal due to a faster time when the pursuit, flying lap and 500 metre time trial times were tallied.

Elite Men - Flying Lap
1Scott Law (NSW)0:00:13.470 
2Glenn O'Shea (SA)0:00:13.488 
3Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)0:00:13.544 
4Edward Bissaker (SA)0:00:13.622 
5Luke Parker (VIC)0:00:13.646 
6Alex Edmondson (SA)0:00:13.958 
7Benjamin Harvey (NSW)0:00:14.014 
8Peter Loft (TAS)0:00:14.031 
9Luke Ockerby (TAS)0:00:14.049 
10Bradley Robson (WA)0:00:14.080 
11George Tansley (SA)0:00:14.403 
12Scott Mcphee (SA)0:00:14.442 
13Kyle Franson (SA)0:00:14.874 
Elite Men - 30km Points Race
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)36pts
2Alex Edmondson (SA)31 
3Bradley Robson (WA)29 
4Peter Loft (TAS)29 
5Scott Law (NSW)23 
6Luke Ockerby (TAS)20 
7Edward Bissaker (SA)7 
8Benjamin Harvey (NSW)7 
9Luke Parker (VIC)4 
10Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)3 
11Scott Mcphee (SA)1 
12Kyle Franson (SA)-20 
DNFGeorge Tansley (SA)-18 
Elite Men - Elimination
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)0:08:56.510 
2Alex Edmondson (SA)  
3Peter Loft (TAS)  
4Scott Law (NSW)  
5Edward Bissaker (SA)  
6Bradley Robson (WA)  
7George Tansley (SA)  
8Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)  
9Benjamin Harvey (NSW)  
10Scott Mcphee (SA)  
11Kyle Franson (SA)  
12Luke Parker (VIC)  
13Luke Ockerby (TAS)  
Elite Men - 4000m Individual Pursuit
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)0:04:23.607 
2Alex Edmondson (SA)0:04:29.931 
3Peter Loft (TAS)0:04:31.334 
4Scott Law (NSW)0:04:33.584 
5Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)0:04:34.452 
6Bradley Robson (WA)0:04:39.371 
7Luke Ockerby (TAS)0:04:41.316 
8Edward Bissaker (SA)0:04:46.910 
9Scott Mcphee (SA)0:04:48.318 
10Luke Parker (VIC)0:04:49.905 
11Kyle Franson (SA)0:04:49.920 
12Benjamin Harvey (NSW)0:04:52.015 
Elite Men - 15km Scratch Race
1Scott Law (NSW)0:19:06.030 
2Alex Edmondson (SA)  
3Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)  
4Luke Ockerby (TAS)  
5Bradley Robson (WA)  
6Glenn O'Shea (SA)  
7Peter Loft (TAS)  
8Luke Parker (VIC)  
9Kyle Franson (SA)  
10Edward Bissaker (SA)  
11Scott Mcphee (SA)  
12Benjamin Harvey (NSW)  
Elite Men - 1km Time Trial
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)0:01:03.866 
2Scott Law (NSW)0:01:04.381 
3Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)0:01:04.636 
4Alex Edmondson (SA)0:01:04.855 
5Luke Ockerby (TAS)0:01:05.214 
6Edward Bissaker (SA)0:01:06.162 
7Luke Parker (VIC)0:01:07.018 
8Peter Loft (TAS)0:01:07.466 
9Bradley Robson (WA)0:01:07.840 
10Benjamin Harvey (NSW)0:01:08.296 
11Scott Mcphee (SA)0:01:10.620 
12Kyle Franson (SA)0:01:12.194 
Elite Men - Final Omnium Standings
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)12pts
2Scott Law (NSW)17 
3Alex Edmondson (SA)18 
4Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)32 
5Peter Loft (TAS)33 
6Bradley Robson (WA)39 
7Edward Bissaker (SA)40 
8Luke Ockerby (TAS)44 
9Luke Parker (VIC)51 
10Benjamin Harvey (NSW)58 
11Scott Mcphee (SA)64 
12Kyle Franson (SA)68 
DNFGeorge Tansley (SA)  
Elite Women - Flying Lap
1Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)0:00:14.482 
2Emily Rosemond (QLD)0:00:14.514 
3Annette Edmondson (SA)0:00:14.690 
4Isabella King (WA)0:00:14.702 
5Josephine Tomic (WA)0:00:14.904 
6Amy Cure (TAS)0:00:14.912 
7Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:00:15.046 
8Sarah Kent (WA)0:00:15.274 
9Rebecca Doolan (ACT)0:00:16.087 
10Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)0:00:16.396 
11Liane Hammond (VIC)0:00:16.550 
12Megan Bagworth (ACT)0:00:16.787 
13Sorelle Bowman (ACT)0:00:16.895 
14Grace Phang (VIC)0:00:16.917 
15Ailie McDonald (ACT)0:00:16.974 
16Emma Waldron (VIC)0:00:17.214 
Elite Women - 20km Points Race
1Josephine Tomic (WA)47pts
2Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)35 
3Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)13 
4Amy Cure (TAS)10 
5Annette Edmondson (SA)7 
6Isabella King (WA)6 
7Melissa Hoskins (WA)3 
8Sarah Kent (WA)3 
9Sorelle Bowman (ACT)2 
10Emily Rosemond (QLD)1 
11Megan Bagworth (ACT)1 
12Rebecca Doolan (ACT)  
13Ailie McDonald (ACT)  
14Laine Hammond (VIC)-20 
15Emma Waldron (VIC)-20 
16Grace Phang (VIC)-20 
Elite Women - Elimination
1Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:09:49.920 
2Isabella King (WA)  
3Amy Cure (TAS)  
4Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)  
5Sarah Kent (WA)  
6Annette Edmondson (SA)  
7Josephine Tomic (WA)  
8Emily Rosemond (QLD)  
9Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)  
10Sorelle Bowman (ACT)  
11Rebecca Doolan (ACT)  
12Laine Hammond (VIC)  
13Emma Waldron (VIC)  
14Grace Phang (VIC)  
15Megan Bagworth (ACT)  
16Ailie McDonald (ACT)  
Elite Women - 3000m Individual Pursuit
1Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)0:03:38.086 
2Isabella King (WA)0:03:38.342 
3Annette Edmondson (SA)0:03:39.021 
4Josephine Tomic (WA)0:03:39.817 
5Sarah Kent (WA)0:03:40.540 
6Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:03:41.816 
7Amy Cure (TAS)0:03:43.032 
8Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)0:03:47.388 
9Emily Rosemond (QLD)0:03:53.245 
10Ailie McDonald (ACT)0:03:55.497 
11Megan Bagworth (ACT)0:03:56.880 
12Rebecca Doolan (ACT)0:03:57.494 
13Laine Hammond (VIC)0:04:05.321 
14Sorelle Bowman (ACT)0:04:06.896 
15Grace Phang (VIC)0:04:08.142 
16Emma Waldron (VIC)0:04:27.707 
Elite Women - 10km Scratch Race
1Annette Edmondson (SA)0:13:10.440 
2Emily Rosemond (QLD)  
3Isabella King (WA)  
4Melissa Hoskins (WA)  
5Amy Cure (TAS)  
6Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)  
7Rebecca Doolan (ACT)  
8Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)  
9Sarah Kent (WA)  
10Sorelle Bowman (ACT)  
11Ailie McDonald (ACT)  
DNFLaine Hammond (VIC)  
DNFMegan Bagworth (ACT)  
DNFGrace Phang (VIC)  
DNFEmma Waldron (VIC)  
Elite Women - 500m Time Trial
1Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)0:00:35.967 
2Emily Rosemond (QLD)0:00:36.300 
3Annette Edmondson (SA)0:00:36.494 
4Isabella King (WA)0:00:36.496 
5Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:00:36.573 
6Amy Cure (TAS)0:00:37.647 
7Sarah Kent (WA)0:00:38.348 
8Sorelle Bowman (ACT)0:00:39.446 
9Laine Hammond (VIC)0:00:39.595 
10Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)0:00:40.045 
11Megan Bagworth (ACT)0:00:40.390 
12Rebecca Doolan (ACT)0:00:40.861 
13Ailie McDonald (ACT)0:00:41.965 
14Grace Phang (VIC)0:00:42.453 
Elite Women - Final Omnium Standings
1Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)16pts
2Isabella King (WA)21 
3Annette Edmondson (SA)21 
4Melissa Hoskins (WA)30 
5Amy Cure (TAS)31 
6Emily Rosemond (QLD)33 
7Sarah Kent (WA)42 
8Rebecca Wiasak (ACT)47 
9Rebecca Doolan (ACT)63 
10Sorelle Bowman (ACT)64 
11Ailie McDonald (ACT)78 
12Laine Hammond (VIC)82 
13Megan Bagworth (ACT)85 
14Grace Phang (VIC)101 
DNFEmma Waldron (VIC)  
DNFJosephine Tomic (WA)  
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