Van der Ploeg wins Aussie short track title

Henderson victorious among the women

Paul van der Ploeg and Rebecca Henderson won the short track crowns at the 2012 Australian MTB Championships at Adelaide's Eagle MTB Park.

Van der Ploeg finished second to Dan McConnell in yesterday's elite men's cross country race, but the big Victorian reversed the result today in the short track.

A classic battle saw van der Ploeg pull away from McConnell on the last lap to win in a time of 23:40, 9 seconds ahead of his rival. Sid Taberlay was third, recording a time of 24:03.

"It was tough racing out there, really fast and we all kept each other honest," said van der Ploeg.

"It was on from the gun. I had an attack, then Dan had an attack and then Luke Fetch had one too. There were a lot of people switching off the front and Chris Jongewaard, who was the reigning national champ, had a flat tyre, so luck plays a part."

In the elite women's category, Henderson fought off a spirited Katherine O'Shea and Rowena Fry charge to collect her second national title of the weekend, after claiming the under 23 cross country race yesterday.

Henderson crossed in a time of 18:48, four seconds ahead of Fry.

"I was super happy to get today's win. I haven't won a short course against these girls before, so I couldn't think of a better time to do it than at the national championships," said Henderson.

"It was a bit of a three-way battle for the entire race. Kat and I were out in front for a while then Rowena clawed back on to us and I made a bit of a sneaky move on the outside of her. I had no idea I had a gap on them and I looked around at the start-finish and realised I had a gap and I just went for it."

Billy Sewell took out the under 19 men's category while Peter Kreilis was crowned the sport men's champ.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Paul Van Der Ploeg 0:23:39  
2 Daniel McConnell 0:00:09  
3 Sid Taberlay 0:00:23  
4 Lachlan Norris 0:00:28  
5 Luke Fetch 0:00:29  
6 Brenton Jones 0:00:40  
7 Jack Haig 0:01:05  
8 Robbie Hucker 0:01:30  
Lapped Joshua Carlson    
Lapped Cameron Ivory    
Lapped Michael Crosbie    
Lapped Adrian Jackson    
Lapped Daniel McDonald    
Lapped Nick Both    
Lapped Mark Fenner    
Lapped Sebastian Jayne    
Lapped Rowan Brown    
Lapped Blake Polverino    
Lapped Damon Willmore    
Lapped Sam Chancellor    
Lapped James Hanus    
Lapped Andrew Blair    
Lapped Robbie Rhodes    
Lapped Alexander Meyland    
Lapped Jarryd Jones    
DNF Chris Jongewaard    
DNS Matthew Fleming    
DNS James Downing    
DNS Ben Hogarth    
DNS Andrew Arthur    
DNS Dylan Cooper    
DNS Gregory Ellis    
DNS Nicholas Morgan    
DNS Jared Rando    
DNS Anthony Shippard    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rebecca Henderson 0:18:48  
2 Rowena Fry 0:00:04  
3 Katherine O'Shea 0:00:07  
4 Peta Mullens 0:00:34  
5 Jenny Fay 0:00:57  
6 Jenni King 0:00:57  
Lapped Rosemary Barnes    
Lapped Kelly Bartlett    
Lapped Lindsay Gorrell    
Lapped Sarah Tucknott    
Lapped Tory Thomas    
Lapped Holly Harris    
Lapped Nic Learmonth    
Lapped Rachel Weatherly    
U19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Billy Sewell 0:19:05  
2 Chris Hamilton 0:00:16  
3 Ben Forbes 0:00:17  
4 Reece Tucknott 0:00:32  
5 Jacob Langham 0:00:42  
6 Scott Bowden 0:00:57  
7 David Bleakley 0:01:00  
Lapped Simon Harrington    
Lapped Dean Madden    
Lapped Christopher Aitken    
Lapped Ethan Kelly    
Lapped Cameron Prosser    
Lapped Thomas Coach    
Lapped Jack Lavis    
DNF Ben Bradley    
DNS Ned Gaynor    
DNS Ben Comfort    
DNS Henry Baird    
Sport men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Peter Kreilis 0:20:04  
2 Darcey Pirotta 0:00:08  
3 Benjamin Gooley 0:00:51  
4 Kevin Harnett 0:00:54  
Lapped Josh Smith    
Lapped Tom Freeman    
Lapped Michael Hanslip    
Lapped Lucas Pitt    
Lapped Zale Ross-Willmore    
Lapped Stephen Weatherly    
DNF David Harris    
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