Brosnan and Crisp win final round of Australian downhill series

Both riders claim overall series title

The 2014 Australian National Mountain Bike Series concluded in Thredbo on Sunday afternoon with Troy Brosnan and Michelle Crisp were crowned downhill series winners in Thredbo. Downhill racers battled it out on the iconic Cannonball Run track.

Elite men

In the elite men's action, the former two-time junior world champion Brosnan came into the round with an almost unassailable lead, but that didn't stop him from delivering on the day.

Close racing saw the fastest time fall repeatedly as the top 10 riders arrived at the finish, and Thomas Crimmins was second last down the hill, posting the then fastest time of the day for the elite field of 4:54.77.

Brosnan was last, and he didn't disappoint the massive crowd at Thredbo. He finished in 4:46.25, the fastest time of the weekend for the final race run of the series, a massive 8.52 seconds faster than Crimmins and the field, to give him both the race win and the national downhill series title.

"I'm really happy with the win, I just pedalled as much as I could and barely had any mistakes. I was a little bit surprised at how fast I actually went," said Brosnan.

Thinking about the series, Brosnan said, "It feels pretty good. I was taking it race by race, and I've come out with the win, another one to tick off and heading into the national champs."

Crimmins would ultimately finish second and David McMillanwould take third

Elite women

In the elite women's race, Michelle Crisp was third last down the track and set a great time of 5:59.22. She would face a nervous wait, with Kellie Weinert and favourite Danielle Beecroft left to finish.

Ultimately neither Beecroft or Weinert would manage to unseat Crisp, although it was Weinert that went frighteningly close to finish second by only 0.1s. Beecroft took the bronze.

Crisp was equal parts relieved and excited. "It's great - after such a terrible year last year with injuries. I still can't quite believe it - I'm so stoked to take out the race and the series in the one day."

Other categories

Tegan Molloy in the under 19s was yet again the fastest female rider of the day by over 12 seconds, an amazing achievement from the junior rider.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan (Specialized Racing)0:04:46.25 
2Thomas Crimmins (Giant Bicycles Australia)0:00:08.52 
3David McMillan (Swell-Specialized Team Thredbo )0:00:10.39 
4Graeme Mudd (Lusty Industries - Orange )0:00:14.73 
5Rhys Atkinson (Specialized)0:00:15.53 
6Brendan Moon (Bilt Factory Racing)0:00:15.80 
7Todd Madsen (Drift Helmet Cam's)0:00:16.19 
8Timothy Eaton (Giant Bikes)0:00:16.42 
9Ben Cory0:00:16.76 
10Brent Smith (TWE Wheels/Endeavour Cycles)0:00:17.91 
11Luke Ellison (Bilt Bikes)0:00:19.87 
12Luke Garnham (Thredbo MTB Petri)0:00:20.11 
13Ben Power (Ben Power Racing)0:00:20.40 
14Rick Boyer (Lusty Industries - Orange )0:00:21.20 
15Matt Hardwick0:00:21.52 
16Oliver Zwar (Pinner Designs, Yale Australia)0:00:22.60 
17Mark Conliffe0:00:24.44 
18Tim Windshuttle (Thredbo MTB, Trek)0:00:25.09 
19Angus Maddern0:00:25.46 
20Richard Kreuzer0:00:25.69 
21Regan Arthur0:00:25.75 
22Michael Willis0:00:28.50 
23Blake Nielsen0:00:29.05 
24Chris Barlin0:00:31.43 
25Kyle Bishop0:00:36.94 
26Murray Stephens0:00:40.29 
27Mathew Dodd (NSDynamics)0:00:41.18 
28Pedr Lapp0:00:48.10 
29Elliot Ried0:01:59.84 
30Joshua Button (GIANT Bicycles)0:02:08.77 
31Daniel Hallam  
32Conor Bullard (Bilt Bikes)  
33Kent Hamilton (Lusty Industries)  
34Dean Lucas (Rowny Sports)  
DNSGeoff Wilson  
DNSTan Hong Chun  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michelle Crisp (Norco Bicycles)0:05:59.22 
2Kellie Weinert0:00:00.10 
3Danielle Beecroft (JetBlack)0:00:03.14 
4Victoria Armstrong0:00:10.84 
5Brodie Chapman0:00:22.85 
U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Crimmins (Kona Factory)0:04:54.03 
2Matthew McCorkell (Cycles Devinci)0:00:07.71 
3Aiden Varley (YVC/Giant Race Team)0:00:10.12 
4Max Warshawsky (Planet Cycles)0:00:11.70 
5Joel Willis (Fox Suspension)0:00:12.80 
6Benjamin Dengate (Bilt bikes)0:00:13.83 
7Ben Hill (Swift Rocky Mountain)0:00:16.80 
8Jackson Davis (FJC)0:00:19.08 
9Alec Reid0:00:20.17 
10David Maggs (Deubel Bikes)0:00:26.85 
11Cody Love (DSW Designs)0:00:27.21 
12Dan Booker (Track X, Ride Bellerive)0:00:28.18 
13Darcy Day (POC)0:00:32.56 
14Timothy Kmetyk0:00:33.30 
15Brandon Maxwell0:00:35.32 
16Darcy Grooby0:00:36.24 
17Cosi Hofman0:00:36.43 
18Connor Mackne (Alltrack Bicycles)0:00:38.73 
19Connor Surgeoner0:00:39.03 
20Luke Donnelly0:00:39.86 
21Jarrod Wynn (Avanti Plus Wollongong)0:00:43.52 
22Callum Saxby0:00:46.29 
23Kieran Osborne0:00:48.22 
24Mathias Butcher (Dentbiz)0:00:56.15 
25Christopher Green0:01:00.07 
26Michael Roberts (Blonde Bikes)0:01:00.63 
27Jack Haugen0:01:00.65 
28Ryan O'Linn0:01:19.03 
29Jack McInnes0:01:36.20 
30Ryan Plunkett (Pushys Fyshwick)  
U19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tegan Molloy (Kona, Thredbo MTB)0:05:46.31 
U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Butler0:05:43.37 
2James Findlay0:00:00.14 
3Troy Weinert (Thredbo MTB)0:00:11.48 
4Bryce Heathcote0:00:11.52 
5Dylan Fraser0:00:11.77 
6Jackson Connelly0:00:22.07 
7Matthew Dinham0:00:22.23 
8Christopher Palser0:00:27.91 
9Tom Hansen0:00:48.16 
10Andy Beer0:01:51.90 
DNSMitchell Wynn (Avanti Plus Wollongong)  
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Remy Morton0:05:00.86 
2Jackson Frew (Giant Bikes)0:00:03.01 
3Harry Parsons (Red Hub)0:00:25.44 
4Harri Jones (Planet Cycles)0:00:26.93 
5Luke Butcher (Dentbiz)0:00:27.66 
6Jacob Mossner0:00:28.98 
7Jack Lumb0:00:31.51 
8Alex Dickson (Sacred Ride)0:00:31.68 
9Christopher Findlay0:00:35.23 
10Henry Hunt (Adelaide Independent Racing)0:00:36.76 
11Matt Kelly (Aldgate Bike Shop)0:00:37.20 
12Jarrod Murphy0:00:37.47 
13Riley Horsman (Sacred Ride)0:00:38.61 
14Lachlan Gibson0:00:39.58 
15Patrick O'Connor (O'Connor Civil Construction)0:00:40.08 
16Aidan Wynn (Avanti Plus Wollongong)0:00:42.35 
17Matt Ellison0:00:46.58 
18Harry Ewings0:00:49.06 
19Grant Christesen0:01:00.02 
20Logan Quinn0:01:17.29 
21Harry Donald (planet cycles)  
DNFSheldon George  
DNSOlly Moeller  
U17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Weinert0:07:02.14 
Elite men final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan330 pts
2David McMillan211 
3Thomas Crimmins204 
4Dean Lucas171 
5Joshua Button170 
6Connor Fearon165 
7Graeme Mudd158 
8Rhys Atkinson132 
9Brendan Moon114 
10Luke Ellison108 
11Timothy Eaton105 
12Brent Smith83 
13Mathew Dodd64 
14Ben Cory63 
15Matt Hardwick62 
16Oliver Zwar58 
17Todd Madsen55 
18Liam Panozzo53 
19Rick Boyer50 
20Richard Kreuzer49 
21Chris Barlin43 
22Peter Knott39 
23Ben Power37 
24Henry Blake35 
25Angus Maddern34 
26Mark Conliffe29 
27Luke Garnham28 
28Luke Ball26 
29Tim Windshuttle23 
30William Rischbieth23 
31Alex Swann21 
32Ben Crundwell19 
33Phillip Piazza19 
34Conor Clancy18 
35Kent Hamilton15 
36Regan Arthur14 
37Michael Willis14 
38Luke Reynolds14 
39James Maltman13 
40Brad McDonnell13 
41Blake Nielsen12 
42Ngari Jenkins10 
43Mikael Amberntsson10 
44Kyle Bishop9 
45Jared Rando9 
46Murray Stephens8 
47Angus Jackson8 
47Steven Hauck8 
49Joel Barrington8 
49Kieran Jenkins8 
51Elliot Ried7 
51Pedr Lapp7 
53Daniel Hallam7 
54Conor Bullard7 
Elite women final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michelle Crisp295 pts
2Danielle Beecroft215 
3Sarah Booth210 
4Victoria Armstrong183 
5Kellie Weinert165 
6Shelly Flood140 
7Brodie Chapman124 
8Carrie McLachlan79 
9Philippa Rostan50 
U19 men final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill256 pts
2Andrew Crimmins253 
3Max Warshawsky247 
4Aiden Varley218 
5Matthew McCorkell208 
6Joel Willis175 
7Benjamin Dengate152 
8Dan Booker138 
9Jackson Davis133 
10Darcy Grooby83 
11Dru Berryman80 
12Connor Mackne79 
13Matthew Taylor79 
14Cody Love72 
15Ryan O'Linn59 
16Alec Reid58 
17David Maggs53 
18Luke Donnelly43 
19Darcy Day42 
20Jarrod Wynn40 
21Ryan Plunkett38 
22Josh Lea36 
23Hayden Stead33 
24Cody Barker27 
25Drew Gartery24 
26Cosi Hofman21 
27Connor O'Dwyer20 
28Benjamin Kelaart20 
29Timothy Kmetyk20 
30Connor Surgeoner19 
31Brandon Maxwell16 
32Tim Black16 
33Joshua Dierickx15 
34Callum Saxby13 
35Kelcie Howie13 
36Nick Bussmann13 
37Corey Booth13 
38Rong Min12 
39Kieran Osborne11 
40Mathias Butcher11 
41Christopher Green11 
42Jack Haugen10 
43Brad Greenham9 
44Jack McInnes8 
44Michael Roberts8 
46Jack Parsons8 
46Jack Stewart8 
46Wade D'arcy8 
49Joshua Hughes6 
U19 women final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tegan Molloy360 pts
2Ellie Wale163 
U17 men final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Remy Morton338 pts
2Jackson Frew315 
3Harry Parsons219 
4Harri Jones169 
5Jacob Mossner155 
6Jarrod Murphy114 
7Harry Donald113 
8Lachlan Gibson106 
9Henry Hunt100 
10Logan Quinn98 
11Riley Horsman91 
12Matt Kelly90 
13Christopher Findlay80 
14Jackson White79 
15Harry Ewings73 
16Alex Dickson67 
17Luke Butcher65 
18Aidan Wynn52 
19Jack Lumb50 
20Ben Silkstone48 
21Matt Ellison44 
22Ben Zwar34 
23Max Heizer30 
24Leyton Barker28 
25Jackson Howie26 
26Patrick O'Connor25 
27Cameron Wale21 
28Sheldon George20 
29Grant Christesen17 
30Sebastian Barbour17 
31Kyle Longmore16 
32Louis Stevens15 
33Callum Dawes13 
34Harry Lukasz13 
35Samuel McNaughton12 
U17 women final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Weinert120 pts
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