Cory and Buchar conquer Cannon Ball run

Muddy conditions continue for downhill runs in Thredbo

On what is known as the longest and toughest downhill course in Australia, Ben Cory and Claire Buchar emerged victorious at the third round of the Australian Mountain Bike Series in Thredbo on Sunday. The esteemed 'Cannon Ball' run, with its 410m vertical descent, combined with muddy conditions made racing extremely challenging.

Defying the tough conditions, Cory flew down the track, completing the course in 7:15.66, more than three seconds quicker than Bryn Atkinson (7:18.79) and Shaun O'Connor (7:21.84).

With three riders still to come, Cory sat in the hot seat, patiently waiting the fate of top seeds Amiel Cavalier, Chris Kovarik and Joshua Button.

But they couldn't match the ferocious pace of Cory, the Canberra rider securing his second win of the series.

"I'm absolutely stoked," said the 27-year-old Cory. "There were some incredibly fast guys here today and some fellas who are probably more suited to the muddy conditions than I am, so I'm stoked."

Cory was one of only a handful of riders to improve on yesterday's seeding rounds.

"It's probably not the toughest track I've raced on but the conditions here today made it really, really hard."

In the women's race, Canadian Claire Buchar was once again a cut above the rest, claiming back-to-back victories in a time of 8.52.61, more than six seconds faster than Jill Kintner, who clocked 8:58.73. Julia Boer placed third with 9:08.14.

The under 19 men's event was taken out by Aden Wyber in 7:37.66. Rising star Troy Brosnan had a day he'd rather forget, finishing 20th, more than a minute slower than his result in yesterday's seedings.

In the under 19 women's final, Holly Baarspul was too strong, crossing the finish line in 9:42.98.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Cory (Commencal,Fox Suspension)0:07:15.66 
2Bryn Atkinson0:00:03.13 
3Shaun O'Connor0:00:06.18 
4Chris Kovarik0:00:07.45 
5Amiel Cavalier (Gian Bicycles,Spearman Cycles)0:00:10.76 
6Joshua Button0:00:10.86 
7Rick Boyer0:00:18.30 
8William Rischbieth (Aldgate Bike Shop)0:00:29.55 
9Deon Baker0:00:31.76 
10Rhys Atkinson (World Trail, Specialized)0:00:32.49 
11Craig Yates0:00:36.27 
12Rhys Willemse0:00:37.34 
13Matthew Vincent (SCU Imports Turner Bikes)0:00:42.32 
14Grant Jones0:00:42.52 
15Ricky Lee0:00:44.07 
16Murray Dickson0:00:44.40 
17Lars Peyer0:00:44.60 
18Tom Patton0:00:45.28 
19Dylan Prohm (Endeavour Cycles)0:00:47.53 
20Daniel Paine0:00:50.59 
21Hugh Mansfield0:00:51.52 
22Brendan Moon0:00:51.69 
23Jesse Beare0:00:55.32 
24Jeremy Powell (Omya Civic Belconnen)0:00:56.07 
25Darcy Murrell (Supersports Tomac)0:00:57.19 
26Ryan De La Rue (Berettas Bike Hub)0:00:57.23 
27Justin Havukainen0:00:59.87 
28Camilo Sanchez0:01:01.19 
29Kaine Cannan (4 Shaw Agencies)0:01:01.45 
30Jarrah Davies0:01:06.71 
31Kent Hamilton0:01:09.67 
32Ben Goff (Santa Cruz Bikes, Drift Bikes)0:01:11.81 
33Tim Windshuttle (South East MTB Company)0:01:15.56 
34Michael Manning0:01:15.57 
35Dean White0:01:17.12 
36Laurie Dinham (Suspension Center)0:01:17.13 
37Luke Gowan0:01:17.83 
38Lindsay Klein0:01:20.05 
39Steven Gebert (KONA factory team)0:01:23.81 
40Anderson Camargo0:01:26.08 
41Adam Smithson0:01:30.25 
42Craig Van Haren0:01:31.60 
43Isaac Denny0:01:34.01 
44Chris Barlin0:01:34.96 
45Brendan Kovarik (KWT Maxxis)0:01:37.40 
46Graeme Pitts (Team Geronimo, Banshee Bikes)0:01:44.50 
47James McMillan0:01:59.08 
48Charlton Durie (Phantom Cycles, 
49Nathan Lucas0:02:03.56 
50Kye Hore0:02:07.26 
51Ryan Meader0:02:09.18 
52Ryan Hunt0:02:13.89 
53Scott Grundy0:02:14.62 
54Mikhail Chai0:02:49.60 
55Benjamin Fairbanks0:03:07.79 
56Nicholas Bailly0:03:13.58 
57Thomas Kerney (low intentions)0:03:25.03 
58Liam Paiaro0:05:03.85 
59Cillian Kennedy  
60Andrew Mills  
61Tim Harrington  
62Rodney Day  
63Oliver Smith  
64Ben Morrison  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Claire Buchar0:08:52.61 
2Jill Kintner0:00:06.12 
3Julia Boer (Onya Bikes Tuggeranong)0:00:15.53 
4Sarsha Huntington (Tomac Racing)0:00:38.75 
5Leonie Picton0:00:39.07 
6Claire Whiteman (Onya Bike Civic. Jet Black Products)0:00:45.69 
7Leigh Douglas (TASSAL, 4Shaw Agencies-Treadlies)0:01:06.92 
8Emma Lewis (Cyclingo)0:01:28.56 
9Joanne Muoser0:01:34.10 
10Shannon Chugg0:02:20.83 
11Michelle Crisp0:04:28.47 
12Shelly Flood  
13Kelly Hughes  
Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aden Wyber (Berattas Bike Hub)0:07:37.66 
2Phillip Piazza (Mal Ajusted, Commencal Bikes)0:00:11.89 
3Jake Newell0:00:13.30 
4Brandon Yrttiaho ( 
5Marcus Fairbanks0:00:17.17 
6Antony Moore (venture cycles, fitness plus)0:00:20.03 
7James Shepherd (Crime Cycles)0:00:21.21 
8Ben Barrett0:00:21.39 
9James Green (Downhill Direct)0:00:35.98 
10Blake Nielson0:00:37.22 
11Graeme Mudd0:00:37.31 
12Jesse Went (Demonic Custom Cycles)0:00:37.92 
13Will Hickman0:00:39.77 
14Aaron Oates (Cyclingo, Santacruz)0:00:43.25 
15Dean Evans0:00:43.98 
16Michael Bourne (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:00:44.63 
17Selby Press (Cyclingo)0:00:44.92 
18Ben Power (Team Banshee Australia)0:00:47.14 
19Sean Heywood-smith (Cue Power Billiards/Mitcham Bikes)0:00:49.07 
20Troy Brosnan (Monster Energy/Specialized)0:00:53.65 
21Matthew Mullins0:01:11.08 
22Samuel Jones (Speaeman Cycles)0:01:14.85 
23Kristofer Zids0:01:15.85 
24Grant Womersley0:01:17.77 
25James Wilson (Anaconda)0:01:25.64 
26Justin Gray0:01:32.99 
27David Manton (Spearman Cycles)0:01:36.37 
28Kieran Reinboth0:01:52.05 
29Adam Flower (TasMedia Films)0:02:01.80 
30Luke Adams (Zumbi Cycles Standish Cycles)0:02:17.27 
31Robbie Trotter0:02:33.64 
32Tyler Ludkin (Ashgrove Cycles)0:03:00.42 
33Ben Hefferan0:03:15.61 
34Matt Dalton0:03:24.44 
35Rhys Shelley0:03:25.58 
36Stephen Reinhart0:04:40.38 
37Sean Fitzpatrick (The bike shed mortdale)  
38Ed O'Connell  
39Oscar Ottesen  
Under 19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Holly Baarspul (Kona Bicycles)0:10:34.28 
2Emily Hockey (Cove Bikes)0:00:00.29 
3Tegan Molloy (South East MTB co.)0:01:18.06 
4Christie Batt0:02:02.93 
5Katelyn Humphris (Yarravalley Cycles)0:03:00.41 
Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shelly Kamevar0:11:21.13 
DNSSusan Forrester  
Under 17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danielle Beecroft0:10:19.12 
Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Hobby0:08:28.87 
2Mark Skroblin0:00:05.50 
3David Sharp0:00:15.52 
4Daniel Chermak (Auto Lab/Bike Addiction)0:00:33.84 
5Angus Coombe0:00:46.43 
6John Petersen0:01:02.30 
7Glenn Fairweather0:01:14.11 
8Mark Sullivan0:01:18.21 
9Calvin McKinley0:01:30.24 
10Mitchell Turner0:01:41.56 
11Michael Dopson0:02:13.24 
12Jason Stalker0:02:20.93 
13Tim Cowey0:03:12.49 
DNSAdrian Forrester  
DNSDaniel Segeri  
Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steven Bullard0:10:25.00 
2Peter Maggs0:00:05.37 
3Neil Davis0:00:35.41 
4Peter Cranage (snowgum wodonga)0:01:03.56 
5David Badman0:01:03.66 
6Bernard Shaw0:01:18.08 
DNSJustin Burnes (Supreme Cycles)  
DNSMichael Chance  
DNSSergio Lavermicocca  
Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Lovie0:10:42.95 
DNSTony Nicholson (I wish!)  
Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyson Schmidt0:08:31.55 
2Brad Ardern0:00:01.27 
3William Brook0:00:46.08 
4Adam Ugrinov0:00:50.77 
5Clint White0:00:52.68 
6Steven Charnock0:01:04.66 
7Max Janes0:01:10.54 
8Louis Pijpers0:01:34.60 
9Callum McCartney (Crime Cycles)0:01:58.11 
10Scott Millett (farkin,)0:02:48.89 
11Takaki Adachi0:02:59.16 
DNSBrynn Llewellyn  
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Crimmins (The Sacred Ride)0:07:43.88 
2Connor Fearon (Cove Bikes Bicycle Express)0:00:15.35 
3Henry Blake0:00:30.45 
4David McMillan (OnyaBike Civic DH)0:00:36.44 
5Joey Vejvoda0:00:42.81 
6Liam Towers0:01:05.71 
7Conor Bullard0:01:17.55 
8Dean Lucas0:01:18.95 
9Kaine Trevor0:01:27.46 
10Max Hughes (DH Direct, Bilt Bikes)0:01:31.87 
11Matthew Smith0:01:33.92 
12Wade Budden (Drift Bikes)0:01:36.25 
13Nelson Kreilis0:01:37.64 
14Mathew Dwyer (Rock'n'Road Cycles Testel)0:01:44.78 
15Mac West-moore0:01:45.35 
16Nicolas Bohle0:01:59.77 
17Elijah Marinov0:02:08.41 
18Max Nielsen (Adelaide hills cycles)0:02:15.09 
19Jake Adams (Zumbi Cycles Standish Cycles)0:02:20.15 
20Jacques De Vries0:02:27.46 
21Angus Jackson (Bike barn,Scott Goggles)0:02:34.72 
22Angus McCarthy0:02:50.49 
23Alexander McKinlay0:02:52.74 
24Tom Rogers0:02:56.78 
25Josh Mitchell0:03:37.01 
26Lawrence Jacobsen0:04:21.53 
27Jordan Higgs0:04:45.74 
28Liam Sieler0:06:58.57 
29Danilo Gualtieri0:07:08.77 
30Jake Sanders0:07:35.52 
DSQScott Weber  
Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Maggs0:09:13.36 
2Ben Hill0:00:19.59 
3Andrew Crimmins (The Sacred Ride, Rouler Imports)0:00:20.57 
4Jack McCosker0:00:49.55 
5Matthew McCorkell (Quattro Consulting, South East MTB Co.)0:01:00.56 
6Jackson Frew0:01:28.05 
7Darcy Reynolds (Bike Culture ACT)0:01:38.31 
8Benjamin Dengate0:02:42.89 
9Damon Higgs0:05:27.26 
10Tim Black0:05:48.63 
DNSMarcus Slack  
Senior Hardtail Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew West0:10:59.20 
Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Vogel0:10:32.79 
2Michael Rtshiladze0:01:53.36 
3Cale Anderson0:02:28.35 
4Peter Denyer0:04:48.64 
5James Gebler (Universal Walking frames Big Bob's Bandage Barn Cru)0:04:53.52 
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