Atkinson brothers too strong at Mt Buller downhill

Picton, Brosnan continue undefeated streak

Multiple world championship representative Bryn Atkinson pipped his younger brother Rhys Atkinson to win the elite men's downhill event at the Mt Buller round of the 2010-2011 Jayco Australian Mountain Bike Series on Sunday afternoon.

In other major results, Maffra rider Leonie Picton and world junior champion Troy Brosnan from Adelaide remain undefeated in the national series among the elite women and under 19 men respectively. The pair completed a hat trick of wins in their respective categories.

Bryn Atkinson, 28, was the fastest downhiller in qualifying (3:27.89) in the morning, and proved that he was a step above the rest in the final this afternoon, clocking another swift time of 3:28.21 on the wet and slippery track to take the win by eight seconds.

Twenty-one-year-old brother Rhys came through in 3:36.46 to take silver, whilst the much anticipated comeback of Nathan Rennie remained on course. The 2006 world championships bronze medallist notched up another encouraging ride of 3:37.35 to place third overall.

Bryn was thrilled that that the Atkinson brothers went one-two today. "I was stoked. Rhys is riding awesome," said Bryn. "To come down here and race with him when he's been smashing it every week is always a good thing. I push him, he pushes me, we learn a lot from each other.

"It was pretty difficult conditions today. The mud got pulled onto the rocks and logs and made it really slippery, especially in the final. It was nice to make it down the hill because it was pretty technical."

Tasmanian rider Rick Boyer, who placed fourth with a time of 3:37.75 retains the overall series leader jersey following his wins in Hobart and Mt Baw Baw

In the women's elite race, Leonie Picton took the honours in a time of 4:15.35, ahead of Julia Boer in 4:21.07 and Emma McNaughton in 4:30.01.

Fastest qualifier and outright favourite Jill Kintner from the United States only managed a seventh place in 4:52.18. The three-time world four cross champion crashed out on the final run.

World junior champion Troy Brosnan posted the second fastest time of the day overall with a 3:35.16, to snatch the men's under 19 win away from Connor Fearon by less than a second.

The ongoing battle between the pair sets up an enthralling showdown for the national crown at the upcoming 2011 Specialized Australian Championships in Adelaide on February 22 - 27.

"It's a good close battle between us two and we keep pushing each other more and more and we get faster and faster," Brosnan said. "You can tell that in the times because we're up there with the elite men. It's really good that the juniors are coming up through and there's at least five really fast riders."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bryn Atkinson (Transition Racing - Oakley)0:03:28.21 
2Rhys Atkinson (World Trail)0:00:08.25 
3Nathan Rennie0:00:09.14 
4Rick Boyer (Ogio)0:00:09.54 
5Timothy Eaton0:00:12.04 
6Aaron Bashford0:00:14.31 
7Aden Wyber (Kong)0:00:15.77 
8Kaine Cannan (Bike Ride)0:00:18.68 
9Jensen Woodcock0:00:21.32 
10Matthew Vincent0:00:21.54 
11Chris Barlin (Renegade Cycles)0:00:23.50 
12Cody Eichhorn0:00:23.73 
13Aaron Oates (Cyclingo)0:00:24.37 
14Ricky Lee (Monza Imports)0:00:24.63 
15Scott Grundy0:00:27.78 
16Clint White (Kona)0:00:27.94 
17Marcus Fairbanks0:00:28.07 
18Charlton Durie (Phantom Cycles)0:00:28.11 
19Cillian Kennedy0:00:32.93 
20Jeremy Powell0:00:34.83 
21Michael Watt (Mallard Cycles)0:00:37.35 
22Ben Munro0:00:38.10 
23Nathan Murphy (Gu Energy )0:00:38.17 
24Nathan Wicker0:00:38.33 
25Mathew Dodd0:00:39.17 
26Ben Goff0:00:41.32 
27Isaac Heppell (All Terrain Cycles)0:00:41.88 
28Ryan Hunt0:00:42.96 
29Dean Davies0:00:44.17 
30Eric Conliffe0:00:47.43 
31Brad McDonnell (Aldgate Bike Shop)0:00:47.90 
32Lachlan McKillop0:00:53.93 
33Ian Jones (Edge Cycleworks Cairns)0:01:02.74 
34Blake Nielsen (Apply Here)0:01:05.61 
35Daniel Horgan0:01:06.50 
36Ricky Clarke0:01:08.14 
37Chris Piribauer0:01:15.32 
38Alex Leech0:01:26.78 
39Michael Doria (SMBP)0:04:17.87 
40Tyson Schmidt  
DNFKye Hore  
DNSShaun O'Connor  
DNSEzra Bartholdt (Bicycle Centre Cairns)  
DNSDavid Hetherington  
DNSDean Gibson  
DNSChris O'Brien (Bicycle Recycle)  
DNSKent Hamilton (Morewood Bikes)  
DNSBruce Moir  
DNSMatthew West (MTW Media)  
DNSBenjamin Fairbanks  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leonie Picton (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:04:15.35 
2Julia Boer0:00:05.72 
3Emma Ncnaughton0:00:14.66 
4Shelly Flood0:00:15.44 
5Genevieve McKew (The Bike Shed Mortdale)0:00:17.15 
6Holly Baarspul (Kona Bicycles)0:00:26.68 
7Jill Kintner (Redbull)0:00:36.83 
8Julie Berry (Bikeology)0:00:39.43 
9Sarah Booth (Kona)0:00:57.60 
10Karen Edwards0:01:01.16 
11Trudy Nicholas0:01:02.94 
Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan (Monster Energy/Specialized)0:03:35.16 
2Connor Fearon (Kona Factory Team)0:00:00.94 
3Brandon Yrttiaho ( 
4Phillip Piazza (Fox)0:00:14.15 
5James Kelly (Torquay Cycling Factory)0:00:14.92 
6Ben Power (Banshee Bikes )0:00:20.36 
7Joe Vejvoda0:00:21.07 
8Conor Bullard0:00:21.66 
9Nicolas Bohle (The Bike Shed Mortdale)0:00:23.41 
10Henry Blake (Norco Bikes)0:00:23.88 
11David McMillan (Onyabike Civic)0:00:27.14 
12Lyndon Nugent (Spy Optics )0:00:31.68 
13Angus McCarthy (Onyabike Belconnen )0:00:33.87 
14Daniel Bender (Insane Cycles )0:00:34.57 
15Remy Adderston (Ride Bellerive)0:00:35.68 
16Tyien Haliy0:00:36.41 
17Ben Matthews0:00:38.05 
18Dean Evans0:00:39.26 
19Campbell McIver0:00:40.20 
20Oscar Ottesen0:00:43.63 
21Robbie Trotter0:00:48.13 
22Nelson Kreilis0:00:49.32 
23Stephen Matthews0:00:50.93 
24Jai Motherwell (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:00:51.01 
25Andrew Meagher (Croydon Cycleworks)0:00:51.94 
26Nathan Parsons0:00:53.29 
27Sam Tomasi0:00:53.96 
28Dylan Shea0:00:55.47 
29Josh Mitchell (Wheel King)0:01:00.78 
30Tom Morrison0:01:09.61 
31Rhys Shelley (Smx Optics)0:01:09.70 
32Zenon Murtagh0:01:12.21 
33Adam Flower0:01:14.52 
34Mitchell Janes0:01:19.26 
35Jasper Harkness Dunne ( 
36Andrew Weatherhead0:02:16.14 
37Elijah Marinov (Bike Edge)0:02:35.04 
38Mac West-moore0:03:24.26 
39Trent Piribauer  
40Tom Riley  
41Christian Stone  
42Ryan Connell (Cycle Logic)  
43David Wilkey  
DNSJack Moir (Giant Bikes)  
DNSJackson Crowe  
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Crimmins (Rouler Imports)  
2Dean Lucas (Bike Edge Wodonga)  
3Liam Towers (Spearman Cycles)  
4Brent Capel (Ulverstone Bikes)  
5Jacob Parker  
6Oliver Zwar  
7Luke Ellison  
8Ben Hill (Sprung, Vertigo Mtb)  
9Brent Smith (Twe Wheelsets)  
10Kaine Trevor  
11Alex Freeman  
12Liam Motherwell  
13Eddie Powell  
14Darcy Reynolds (Bike Culture Act)  
15Connor O'Dwyer  
16Benjamin Dengate (Bilt Bikes Dhdirect)  
17Dylan Clark  
18Max Keys  
19Jack Lynch  
20Matthew McCorkell (Cycle City - Lyneham)  
21Alistair Wood  
22Nicholas Greentree  
23Adam Dickson  
24Dylan Brown  
DNFKoe Bowmaker  
DNFAusten Hawkins  
DNSLachlan McLaren (Banshee Bikes)  
DNSCameron Schmidt  
DNSThomas Clarke  
DNSStephen Johnson (Bicycle Recycle)  
DNSLachlan Davies  
Under 17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gemma Greentree  
Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Crimmins (Rouler Imports)  
2Callum Morrison  
3Joel Willis (Insane Cycles)  
4Jackson Frew (Lennock Motors)  
5Dan Booker  
6Karl Van Goor  
7Tynan Cox  
8Baden Remmos (TCF)  
9Alex Dickson  
Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hardman (BSC Bikes)  
2Tom Riella  
3Max Janes  
4Kieran Reinboth  
5Grant Viney  
6Aaron Atkinson  
DNSHayden Meney  
Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karl Peel (Tekin Suspension)  
2Anthony Mitchell  
3Jarrod Zdrzalka (Torquay Cycling Factory)  
4Glenn Fairweather (Bike Edge (Wodonga))  
5Andrew Pannam  
6Gabe Sullens (Specialized)  
7Andrew Cleaver  
DNSMatthew O'Connor  
DNSJianjun Tao  
Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philippa Rostan  
Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Murnane (Cycle Worx)  
2Mark Keegan (Cyclelogic)  
3Steven Bullard  
Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
DNSLes Crowe  
Junior hardtail
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lawrence Prendergast  
DNSNicholas Greentree  
Senior hardtail
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt West  
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