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February 05, Downhill:

Brosnan and Hannah extend downhill dominance

Cycling News
February 06, 2012, 15:18 GMT,
February 06, 2012, 15:32 GMT

Favorites win round three at Stromlo Park

Troy Brosnan on his way to winning in Canberra

Troy Brosnan on his way to winning in Canberra

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After the first three races of the season, many are asking what it will take for someone to defeat Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah in a national-level downhill race. Both are consistently winning by significant margins ahead of quality fields. Just how far can these two racers go in 2012?

Conditions at Stromlo Forest Park were fantastic for racing this weekend, with a warm sunny day presented to riders. Strengthening winds threatened to offer some extra challenge through the air, but in the end only served to make the course ride faster. The track has always favoured riders with plenty of power, and the new changes the ACT government has made to the course have added challenge and enjoyment for the riders, returning the top section to a natural, flowing trail.

Brosnan did not disappoint the fans, showing clean, fast style through the spectacular favourite "Triple Treat" jumps mid-course. Coming down the hill last, teammate and triple downhill world champion Sam Hill was the rider to beat. Finishing pedalling hard, Brosnan's time (2:14.40) was 2.45 seconds in front of Hill and the field.

"To be winning the national rounds and also to be riding with Sam, it's just amazing," said Brosnan. "It's good training for us for the international season."

Brosnan talked of a progressive change in his approach both here and for the upcoming World Cup season based on his run of amazing form over the last 12 months. "I've learnt a lot, last year I wasn't really thinking too far ahead, I was just pretty keen to be out there and qualify, this year my head's turned around, and I want to go out there and win".

Second place again went to the ever-improving former three-time downhill world champion Hill as he recovers from shoulder injuries in 2011, and unheralded Tim Madsen had a breakthrough performance to secure third place. Local rider Ben Cory seeded into second place on the Saturday, but had two crashes in practice and did not race the finals.


In the women's field, Tracey Hannah has been simply exceptional through the season, with today being another dominant win for the former junior world champion.

"I think the track was very dry today, so it was loose and harder to ride, but it probably was quicker, too," said Hannah.

Hannah's performances have been standout, and necessitate a search for broader performance comparisons. Elite female riders often use men's times as a reference point. Looking at Hannah's times from this weekend on a comparative basis with Brosnan, there is little doubt Hannah is in world championships podium form.

When thinking of her year ahead, Hannah said, "I've gotten stronger over the years, I'm looking forward to it".

Second place in the elite women's field went to Lisa Mathison, a 2004 Olympian in the cross country side of the sport. Mathison has only owned a downhill bike for six weeks, and while she had a mechanical incident in Mt Buller, she enjoyed her race in Mt Stromlo.

"I am so, so happy with it, it's obviously a steep learning curve, but what have I been missing out on? Downhill is so much fun," said Mathison, who now seems likely to make a quick schedule adjustment and take a trip to Adelaide for the Australian Mountain Bike Championships later this month.

In the U19 men's race, Connor Fearon took over the series lead with a win (2:19.66) by over two seconds from second-placed Joey Vejvoda with Luke Ellison in third. Fearon was suffering from illness in Thredbo but has now has wins in both rounds since. "It feels pretty good, I didn't think I was going to do it but I pedalled pretty hard and had a great run".

In the U19 women's, Danielle Beecroft rode confidently to give her a time (2:50.11) that would have placed her second in the elite women's race.. Beecroft is clear in her goals in her first year in U19s. "My main goal is to win the world championships," she said.

In the U17 fields, Andrew Crimmins and Tegan Molloy had dominant wins in morning racing.

The Australian MTB season will return to Mt Stromlo next weekend (February 10-12) for the third round of the All Mountain Cup.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Troy Brosnan 0:02:14.40  
2 Sam Hill 0:00:02.45  
3 Todd Madsen 0:00:05.79  
4 Rick Boyer 0:00:06.25  
5 Timothy Eaton (Clint White Racing) 0:00:06.32  
6 Rhys Atkinson (Specialized) 0:00:07.94  
7 Graeme Mudd (Team Lusty Industries) 0:00:07.98  
8 Cillian Kennedy (Specialized Bicycle Components Australia) 0:00:09.46  
9 Kaine Cannan (Bike Ride) 0:00:10.63  
10 Cody Eichhorn 0:00:11.30  
11 Brendan Moon 0:00:12.28  
11 Angus Maddern    
13 Marcus Fairbanks (Cwr Boxxer Zerode Team) 0:00:12.43  
14 Chris Barlin (Renegade Cycles, Trek Bikes) 0:00:13.50  
15 Daniel Paine (Renegade Cycles, Trek Bikes) 0:00:15.11  
16 Jacob Hunter (Tripp Industries) 0:00:16.26  
17 Daniel Hallam 0:00:16.47  
18 Kent Hamilton (Kona) 0:00:17.25  
19 Phillip Piazza (Fox) 0:00:18.33  
20 Chris Martin 0:00:19.09  
21 Lewis Winton 0:00:19.52  
22 Nathan Murphy (Wolfpack Downhill Racing ) 0:00:24.69  
23 Sam Brownlie 0:00:25.47  
24 Ricky Clarke (Trailmix-Procon Racing) 0:00:26.26  
25 Kye Hore 0:00:28.79  
26 Oscar Ottesen 0:00:35.93  
27 Jesse Beare 0:04:17.30  
28 Damien Diskin (MSC Bikes) 0:04:59.35  
29 Ben Cory (Giant Bicycles)    
30 Regan Arthur    
31 Lachlan McKillop (Renegade Cycles, Trek Bikes)    
32 Dean Evans    
DNS Aaron Oates (Cyclingo)    
DNS Travis Frisby    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tracey Hannah 0:02:38.78  
2 Lisa Mathison 0:00:14.93  
3 Madeline Taylor 0:00:16.54  
4 Claire Whiteman (Onya Bike ) 0:00:19.33  
5 Michelle Crisp (Inner City Cycles) 0:00:21.86  
6 Trudy Nicholas 0:00:44.47  
DNS Natasha Bonney (Spokes NT)    
Under 19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Connor Fearon (Kona Factory Team) 0:02:19.66  
2 Joe Vejvoda (Red Ass) 0:00:02.36  
3 Luke Ellison (Musashi Mass Gain Products) 0:00:03.02  
4 Trent Pirribauer 0:00:03.07  
5 David McMillan (Specialized Bicycle Components) 0:00:03.47  
6 Brent Smith (TWE Wheels/Endeavour Cycles/Specialized) 0:00:03.85  
7 Henry Blake (CWR Boxxer Zerode Team Mitcham Cycles) 0:00:05.64  
8 Thomas Crimmins (Sacred Ride) 0:00:06.85  
9 Connor Bullard 0:00:07.47  
10 Jack Moir (Lusty Industries) 0:00:07.92  
11 Jordan Prochyra 0:00:08.65  
12 Dean Lucas (Kona Bikes) 0:00:10.57  
13 Daniel Bender (Insane Cycles Santacruz) 0:00:12.00  
14 Jai Motherwell (Yarra Valley Cycles) 0:00:12.50  
15 Stephen Mills 0:00:13.54  
16 Elijah Marinov (Bike Edge) 0:00:13.64  
17 Oliver Zwar 0:00:13.95  
18 Lyndon Nugent (Spy Optics Assisted By Bellys Bikes) 0:00:14.26  
19 Max Hughes (Bilt Bikes,) 0:00:14.34  
20 Remy Adderton 0:00:14.87  
21 Daniel Mikic 0:00:16.04  
22 Kenny Mills 0:00:16.36  
23 Zac Moss 0:00:16.94  
24 Mitchell Scott (Brickworx Erina) 0:00:17.20  
25 Liam Towers (Spearman Cycles) 0:00:17.47  
26 Mitchell Kristiansen 0:00:20.04  
27 Liam Daley 0:00:20.42  
28 Angus Bevan 0:00:22.69  
29 Angus Jackson (Iride Melbourne) 0:00:22.71  
30 Kaine Trevor 0:00:24.45  
31 Angus McCarthy (Onyabike Belconnen) 0:00:28.04  
32 Josh Mitchell (Total Rush, Wheel Demon) 0:00:29.39  
33 Christian Stone 0:00:39.26  
34 Damien McCormack 0:00:42.00  
35 Adam Dickson 0:00:47.77  
36 Patrick Neville 0:01:01.00  
37 Ryan Gill 0:01:21.30  
38 Mathew Dwyer (Rock'n'road Cycles) 0:04:25.11  
39 Cameron Ryan (Giant Bicycles)    
40 Jacob Walker    
DNF Gary McIvor    
DNS Nicolas Bohle (The Bike Shed Mortdale)    
DNS Alex Freeman    
Under 19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Danielle Beecroft 0:02:50.11  
2 Gemma Greentree 0:01:25.91  
Under 15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jackson Frew 0:02:40.47  
2 Remy Morton 0:00:11.61  
3 Jackson White 0:00:23.12  
4 Alex Dickson 0:00:46.79  
5 James Findlay 0:00:47.78  
6 Christopher Findlay 0:00:52.15  
7 Sheldon George 0:00:52.16  
8 Riley Horsman 0:00:59.12  
Under 17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrew Crimmins (Sacred Ride) 0:02:28.04  
2 Aiden Varley 0:00:03.37  
3 Hamish Cowan 0:00:04.93  
4 David Maggs 0:00:06.34  
5 Fergus Cowan 0:00:07.79  
6 Callum Morrison (GT Bicycles) 0:00:08.49  
7 Ryan O'Linn 0:00:13.00  
8 Benjamin Dengate (Bilt Bikes Dh Direct) 0:00:14.96  
9 Darcy Reynolds 0:00:15.18  
10 Tom Gibson 0:00:15.25  
11 Connor O'Dwyer 0:00:16.14  
12 Timothy Kmetyk (Drift Bikes Singleton Motorcycles) 0:00:20.59  
13 Roan Dunstone 0:00:22.03  
14 Cosi Hofman 0:00:22.39  
15 Jackson Streeter 0:00:23.51  
16 Josh Pollock (Track X - Mtb Apparel) 0:00:27.11  
17 Tim Black (Bike Techniques Australia) 0:00:36.61  
18 William Clarke 0:00:38.20  
19 Karl Van Goor 0:00:42.82  
20 Jaiden Corrigan 0:00:49.64  
21 Dylan Brown 0:00:55.20  
22 Nick Bussmann 0:01:21.79  
23 Jack Innes 0:01:29.32  
24 Alex Butler 0:01:34.00  
25 Nicholas Greentree 0:01:59.95  
26 Joel Willis (Santa Cruz) 0:02:45.36  
27 Matthew McCorkell (Cycle City - Lyneham) 0:04:45.91  
28 Koe Bowmaker    
Under 17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tegan Molloy (South East MTB Co, Kona Bikes) 0:02:59.65  
Expert men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Michael Willis 0:02:34.89  
2 Kurt Moore 0:00:00.34  
3 Sebastien Deubel (Deubel Bycicles) 0:00:19.49  
4 Tom Morrison (Daktari Sport And Cycle Worx) 0:00:20.77  
5 Tim Threadgate 0:00:30.27  
6 Bromley Richards 0:00:31.39  
7 Liam Bower 0:00:36.61  
8 Pascal Zimmermann 0:00:39.17  
9 Robert Arnott 0:01:04.19  
10 Jake Hambridge    
Veteran men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ben Morrison 0:02:33.92  
2 Nicholas Bailly 0:00:05.42  
3 Daniel Taliana 0:00:09.58  
4 Mathieu Taris 0:00:11.94  
5 Rick Kehoe 0:00:12.78  
6 David Sharp 0:00:20.97  
7 Calvin McKinley 0:00:23.42  
8 Michael Rodokal 0:00:26.22  
9 Karl Zoechmann (Sacred Ride) 0:00:30.03  
10 Chris Henderson 0:00:32.97  
11 Andrew Pennington 0:00:34.70  
12 David Grupe (Jetblack Products) 0:00:40.90  
13 Craig Anger 0:00:44.02  
14 Shane Duce 0:00:45.93  
Veteran women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joanne Fox (Jet Black Products) 0:03:11.94  
2 Rosemary Barnes (Swell-Redshift) 0:00:26.85  
Master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 John Petersen 0:02:46.66  
2 Stephen Andreasen 0:00:05.72  
3 Justin Armstrong 0:00:45.95  
Super master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Steven Bullard 0:03:00.98  
2 Dean McIvor 0:00:06.53  
3 Roger Campbell (Trek, Palm Beach Supercycle) 0:00:24.37  
Junior hardtail
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alexander Ball 0:06:22.18  
Sport men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Cale Anderson (Moe Bike Hub. Bell Helmets) 0:03:27.40  
Sport women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Mandy Davis 0:03:26.28